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Today we launched a redesigned admin bar, the handy toolbar you see at the top of every blog when you’re logged in. We’ve retired the old flat blue look in favor of something that better matches the swanky new dashboard.

The new admin bar is designed to command less attention — the previous blue bar had a tendency to clash with some themes. With the new design, the admin bar should recede into the background — available when you need it, not too noticeable when you don’t.

We’ve also included a few extra touches of style for users of the latest-generation browsers with the best CSS support.

A before-and-after view

A before-and-after view

Is there a feature of you’d like to see in the admin bar? Would you like the admin bar to be displayed in your dashboard? Leave a comment and let us know how we can make this feature more useful for you.

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Matt (Thomas) Miklic


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  1. Paulo Antunes

    For me is very nice the new. ;)

  2. ismailimail

    I’d like to go to the Stats page directly via the Admin bar, if possible.

  3. Konstantinos

    Ok. That’s nice. I need an html editor. ;)

  4. fmwatkins

    I just noticed this lol I prefer it actually. Makes me think of doing something like that for a website. I wonder if it can be given opacity?

  5. Muffin

    ~Adam! :)

  6. madcapCupcake

    The new admin bar looks fantastic – good move!

  7. Giovanni Spina

    I’d think it be cool if we could customize the colour ourselves; the one now seems to be made for Safari.

  8. cjwriter

    I like it but it’ll take a little getting used to for me. I like the more fluid look much more than the blue, though.

    A link to the admin comments page might be a good feature. And if the search could be incorporated into it somehow that would be great! We could search from our browsers then.

  9. Graser 8

    Cool! I don’t think ye need any changes ;)

  10. dyxlxcl


  11. BookGirl

    I notice the change, the old one didn’t bother me much, but I like the new one.

  12. Chris Dornan

    Ahem. I am sure it looks much better on a Safari on MacOS, being perfectly color-coordinated–what about FireFox on XP? Is there any chance of having the color controlled by a configuration switch in the control panel?

  13. MAV

    nice job

  14. Ken

    This new admin bar looks much better! Thanks for the asthetic update!

  15. Sor. N.S.


    Thanks to all you WordPress guys. That old blue bar was a real eyesore, and I’m glad to see it go. The gray one is much less obtrusive, especially for my blogs since I tend to favor dark themes.

    Good work!

  16. dodka

    Much better. Thx : )

  17. Finicky Penguin

    Pretty swanky.

  18. Muslimah

    Hi Matt,

    Yeah, this new admin bar looks cool. When it releases?


  19. Moon

    Difficult to get used :)

  20. hturtdekan

    FANTASTIC, u guys are the coolness!

    Now… for more free themes :D

  21. Muslimah

    It just did, wow my eyes!

    Thanks to the team.

  22. themean

    Yep, super nice. Better on the eyes. Like it.

  23. Manny Z

    stats would be good too.

  24. lizwired

    As always WordPress…LOVE IT! It does blend so much more nicely with my theme than the blue. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You all are the best.

  25. eibhlinn

    I really like the new color, it is a lot less noticeable. I think it would be more convenient if you put the Blog Surfer feature in the tool bar, so we don’t have to go searching for it.

  26. raysonsanchez

    I LOVE IT!!!

  27. whyvonne

    love the new admin bar, loathe the “possible related posts” {automatically generated}…

  28. Angry Chinese Driver

    The colour really depends on the page, as the old blue suited my website much better than the new grey, which stands out in a not-so-good way…

    And like ismailimail said, a stats link would be great! Perhaps even the option to add other dashboard tools.

  29. dontbesadblog

    May must be the busiest moth yet on WordPress!…

    @fmwatkins I agree, perhaps the menus could be given some opacity. That would really finish off a really clean look.

    What option I’d really like on the dashboard- some sorts of stats info would be cool.

  30. Will Rhodes

    I have to agree with ismailimail and CJ both those ideas would be a great help.

    I do like the new bar though. Looks much better.

  31. 3baid

    Add a “New Page” link. Posts aren’t everything you know :P

  32. stilllifeinbuenosaires

    I LOVE the steel gray bar. Nice choice.

    Can we edit our guests’ comments again? I miss this feature.

    Thank you. : )

  33. Farijs van Java

    good look!



  34. Johan Swarts

    great stuff, guys :-)


  35. Troy

    This is great. Very nice.

  36. scott

    I agree.
    It’s tres pretty.
    The opacity thing would be cool, too.

  37. Mardies

    Not a significant improvement, actually. Would you make direct link to stats page? :)

  38. annachronic

    Looks good so far, but I have yet to use it.
    Thanks for your work!

  39. Gerald Ford

    Everythign looks cool in a soft-silver look. Just ask the wacky folks at Apple. :)

  40. sobrikay

    i’d like to be able to see when there’s spam. something small like a little trash bag or “recycle” icon. click to go to the spam page.

  41. Kenneth Moyes

    I agree with Chris Dorman. It looks a little flat almost like the screen has not finished loading. Can we get a choice of colors? Also, I appreciate the page views info, but I would really like to see how long someone spends on a page. Is wehat i am writing interesting or causing them to click off quickly?

  42. lastletterwriter

    love it.

  43. iaoj

    Sounds good new admin bar.
    Thank you
    (Indus Asia Online Journal)

  44. kj

    I second the recommendation to add a link directly to the stats page.

    Love the gray.

  45. Guymed

    We should have the ability to customize the colors, it gets too boring after a while.


  46. Loving The Word

    Thank you, kindly. Sure it’s a small detail, but it’s going that extra mile when clearly you don’t have to that shows us how much you care about this site and all of us who use it. I for one appreciate that a lot.

  47. infosky

    This is much better…bravo. Good job.

  48. ratna ariani

    Yeah… I like the new bar better. Is it possible to add the stats under My Account?
    Tx so much.

  49. misterclu

    It is really nice!
    I’d also like to go to the Stats page directly via the Admin bar, if possible.

  50. laurel

    I like to read after I’m done managing my blog, so a button to go to home would be a nice feature in the admin bar.

  51. seraglioletters

    Agreed about changing the color if possible; I’d also like to go straight to the blog stats page. I never know about these comments, and whether I’m asking y’all if I can please have a bicycle that will take me to Mars . . . (aka unrealistic requests.) But anyway. :D

  52. Paul

    I like it! A lot less distracting for sure…

  53. blackmist100

    wow the new admin bar is awesome. awesome job! It would be cool to go directly to the stats page or comments. If you could go directly to comments, it would be very easy for me.

  54. Vulcano

    Great! Thank you folks!

  55. nenyok

    So cool, i Love it :)

  56. Kevin King

    nice… I like it, and yes it does match my Mac OS with Safari. However, I think we all like to “personalize” things, so a way to choose the color (maybe in your profile?) would be a great addition.

  57. Fred9992

    Now I feel wordpress is complete

  58. Eru

    Maybe Option to select a Smaller Bar :D

    But great color.. simple is good :)

  59. Vinícius P.


  60. ketanitem

    I like the new one better, not too strong .. yet still available ..

  61. Ady

    I like it… better then the previous one

  62. Ilan

    Thanks WordPress buddys!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let me give you a hug, laugh

  63. Bike Boy93

    That’s awesome! I think that wordpress is awesome the way it is right now, and very helpful for information!

    ~Bike Boy93~ ;)

  64. jonsquared

    I like this change especially as it relates to the Safari browser. Thanks!

  65. Roberto García

    It’s Good for me, in the future Web 3.0 you can make a bar that matchs with each blog

  66. ФHi

    the gray is cool ;)
    thx, i love dark themes too !!

  67. Orkut 123

    so cool !!is more cool

  68. dreamzmedia

    nice one!
    wanbel ;-)

  69. Reginald Johnson

    Thanks Word Press Guys. I like the new design. Who knows where can go now!

  70. Ana Pires

    It’ll take some time getting used to, but it looks nice. :)

  71. Ridzwan

    The old blue one never really bothered me, but this one looks great on a MacOS platform. It actually looks pretty decent on XP too. :D

  72. grayshade

    nice :)

  73. The Bagel of Everything

    The blue was jarring.

  74. hrnl08

    nice! it really suits my logo.

  75. TVTechGrl

    Looks great. Thank you!

  76. David Norris

    Always have the feature Dashboard available whereever you are. It would make things a whole lot easier.

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  78. Robert

    I like it – even if it is Safari-centric.

    One possible suggestion: if you have more than one blog, then when you click on ‘My Dashboard’ you see all the blogs on your account. It would be great if you could just see the one whose dashboard you are currently logged in on. It would save you from accidentally clicking on the wrong dashboard.

  79. Maz Glemboh

    yes, its nice! a creative step.

  80. Dave

    I, too, would like to have control over the color scheme myself. Otherwise–I like it–even though blue is my favorite color!

  81. Jim

    I’ll add my voice to the growing chorus asking for a link to the stats page. (Or, even better, some sort of statistics information straight in the bar itself.)

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  83. Rowjie

    i like both actually. hehe. :)

  84. Hexadecimal

    I like the new color. The option to change the colors would be nice, as well as the option to have it appear in the dashboard :)

  85. hyorinmaru

    …With the new design, the admin bar should recede into the background — available when you need it, not too noticeable when you don’t…

    Oh, smart idea… :-D

  86. glaize

    Swanky indeed. Great work, guys!

  87. Lương Ngọc Quý

    so great! I love it

  88. hemidemisemiquaver

    Nice bar, but it must have put bugs into the image loader. it is all black and I can only see half of the image loading screen when I go to insert a picture in the post. As it was it was coming up as an error on the page before. Anyone else having these issues?

  89. stevendraper

    Matches my “mac” very nicely. Search function would be neat.

  90. nick

    i like it. but, it would be even more useful if you could customize it. like being able to put blog stats or something like that

  91. mrgnome
  92. trugiaz

    blue to graphite eh? cool

  93. Tyas

    Thank you Matt…
    Just like what some have said, a direct link to the Stats page would be very nice.

  94. Kate

    the new admin bar is nice. gradient is great, look great within safari.

  95. worshipcity

    LOVE the gray look! I sounded so lame when I got a new banner and muttered…”uh, the blue wordpress admin bar clashes with my new banner!” NOT ANYMORE! HAHAHA.

  96. creeping

    blog stats link or even better a widget in the admin bar displaying todays page views

  97. mon@rch

    I would love to see in the stats the number of unique visitors along with the number of hits!

  98. pkab

    Subtle colour, love it.
    I would like to have number of comments (akismet and user’s comment) in the dashboard.
    Thanks and keep creative!

  99. Al-Faqir Cahyo

    i love it


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