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Today we launched a redesigned admin bar, the handy toolbar you see at the top of every blog when you’re logged in. We’ve retired the old flat blue look in favor of something that better matches the swanky new dashboard.

The new admin bar is designed to command less attention — the previous blue bar had a tendency to clash with some themes. With the new design, the admin bar should recede into the background — available when you need it, not too noticeable when you don’t.

We’ve also included a few extra touches of style for users of the latest-generation browsers with the best CSS support.

A before-and-after view

A before-and-after view

Is there a feature of you’d like to see in the admin bar? Would you like the admin bar to be displayed in your dashboard? Leave a comment and let us know how we can make this feature more useful for you.

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Matt (Thomas) Miklic


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  1. photographerno1

    I would like a link that takes me directly to the stats page…you guys are always experimenting and have become a yardstick of comparison to all your competitors, on second thought , you have beaten all competition…black and blue..thank you !

  2. FaNZ

    i want it :D

  3. nicereddy

    cool! can’t wait to see what else you unvail this month!

  4. k

    i like this heaps better!

  5. g

    It’s the most beautiful gray colored admin bar I’ve ever seen.

  6. krisha martzall

    it’s love it to open directly into our dashboard or stats first.

  7. gettothechoppa

    The new bar rocks — noticed it immediately and love the redesign. Quite slick.

  8. Peter Parkour

    I’d like to see the admin bar scroll along with me, so I don’t have to go back up to the top of the page to get to it. It would just remain at the top of the page while I’m signed it. I think that would be a really cool feature. ;) As for the new design, it’ll do. :)

  9. Catshade

    Can you make it more customizable in color (like Blogspot’s navbar) and content (being able to insert (and regroup) your own command like ‘My Stats’ or ‘Manage Post’ and delete your least favorite commands (I personally never click ‘Global Dashboard’))?

  10. ThiagoOAK

    it’s much better! i hated that blue thing hanging on my web browser! XP

  11. Thomas

    I like the new admin bar. Blends in well. Nice!

  12. Hi Yo Guys


    Yeah, I totally agree with jonsquared as Safari has now become my favorite browser. Anyways, Thanks guys!

    ~ Hi Yo Guys

  13. Jason Rodriguez

    Looks good, although it blends into the top blue too much – could be slightly more distinguished.

  14. Josh

    I think it looks good, but the dark grey doesn’t match my blog’s theme as well, and to my eye, it pops out a little too much on Firefox for Mac (the Firefox toolbars are much lighter grey than Safari). If it were a little smaller, it would be less obtrusive.

    I agree that a link directly to stats would be helpful. Thanks!

  15. Jo

    It looks great! Love it! =)

  16. adhecs

    nice nice,,,,,^^

  17. gallifreyan

    I like it a lot; thanks.

    but here’s a random little suggestion: would it be possible to optionally enable rollover access to the features you want from the admin bar? like, if you rolled over “stats” you could get a little preview of your stats right there?

    Just a suggestion ;-).

  18. Hashim

    Great but works more for mac people or safari browser users. I find it ok on Opera too.

  19. ganu

    nice one.

  20. Vanessa

    I could use a button that goes straight to my blogs or blogroll or both even!
    But i love the new sleak look!

  21. brblife

    I like it

  22. Angie


  23. zombie z

    I love grey. Thanks, yo.

  24. wweadam

    I would like the Admin bar to be shown on the dashboard. It’s perfectly fine without it though. I also think there should be a button to go directly to your site that you made your main blog from the profile section.

  25. williampcoleman

    Yikes! I can see how the change would be a big improvement for many themes. However, for mine ( ”White as Milk“ ) the old blue color was absolutely perfect — whereas the new gray fades away and leaves my pages looking anemic and visually unbalanced. I vote with the others who’ve asked for a choice of colors. . . . I do, however, always appreciate your efforts to improve things.

  26. jhOy imPeRiaL

    it’s nice :)

  27. Ken

    You guys have changed the history of :D

  28. oRiDo

    I still like the blue one.. :D

  29. alex

    Cool! :mrgreen:

    But to display the admin bar in the dashboard errr… I don’t think so :P

  30. robellie

    Something looked different, I like it

  31. Uncle Crappy

    Like it a lot. Maybe a direct link to site stats?

  32. Garrick

    Like the new look… very low key!. Having a ‘help’ / ‘FAQ’ link in the dashboard would be great. Thanks

  33. faridyuniar

    nice one. Like it.

  34. ferresurf

    not bad.. ;)

  35. Maverick

    The second most page I visit in my dashboard is blog stats, so it would be great if you can provide a link to it directly frm the admin bar.

  36. Johan

    It’s way cooler than the previous one. Good job. :D

  37. carey

    how about allowing users to add favourite links (such as stats, comment or any other part of admin) to the bar themselves?

  38. Vish

    Oh! Um, now I notice it. Thanks! :-)

  39. itodyaso

    Wow! How…. grey…

  40. Little old me

    I knew there was something different, just couldn’t put my finger on it. I like it


  41. Madelene

    Nice :)

  42. Sunnite

    Sorry but is there any difference apart from the colour? I feel like Im missing something. Apart from the colour I cant see any difference to the old one, yet the message says you’ve “redesigned” it and people are all excited. What is it that I fail to notice?

  43. norktimes

    Ta fino,Me gusta Mucho..Muchas Gracias..!

  44. the tourist

    i’d also like to go to the stats bar directly from the admin browser.

  45. jimconnolly

    I REALLY like the new look.

    That said…………. I am becoming a massive fan of all things WordPress. The Ideas Blog salutes you!

    Jim Connolly

  46. Hynavian

    The make over of the bar is great. :)
    However, if the “Recent Comments” is available on the bar, it’ll be better. It’ll be more convenient for users as we can directly check for comments and reply to any comments as soon as possible.

  47. Greypowered

    I see no problem! For me, it’s perfectly fine as it is now! Keep up the good job and thank you for all your efforts to make WordPress such an enjoyable place!

  48. cherryhoney

    cool!! i love it :D

    PD: please i need to put VeohTV videos

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  50. BoltClock

    Hot damn this looks way better now. Indeed the new color scheme makes it less obtrusive and attention-demanding. Thanks for the redesign.

  51. Kunal

    there should be a option where I can
    1) Choose color for the admin bar
    2) Toggle its visibility.

  52. baurdotnet

    “Would you like the admin bar to be displayed in your dashboard?”

    Admin bar, don’t reomve it!!!
    it’s been very helpful to save time.

  53. Aram

    I love it. The old one would stand out too much. This one is great!

  54. Nanang Suryana


  55. Dario

    Looks much better.

    And for all those people who feel it is too strongly attached to safari, try either:
    -> Safari 3 for windows
    -> Firefox 3 beta 5

    Both suit the new admin bar really well.

  56. Christian

    looks good with safari

  57. Ale

    I really like it, very very nice!

  58. Mrs. Fortynine

    looks nicer with safari ;)

  59. JB'lOg

    wooow, c’est magnifique ca
    j’adore !!
    I Like it
    Wordpress c’est plus bien, Saya suka itu…..

  60. submarine

    Nice, really.

  61. Jonathan

    Very sweet.

  62. pKay


    more updates more more more!!!! :)

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  64. Author

    Cool. I like it.

  65. lila

    It’s Super!

  66. KitchenGoddess83

    Much better. I love it :)

  67. aminhers

    It’s nice news agains

  68. Jozii

    My first reaction was “Gray? How boring!” My second reaction was “Hey, that doesn’t look too bad!”

    I like it, but I’d like more options in it. Perhaps stuff like “New page” wouldn’t be needed, but I’d like to quickly be able to visit and switch between my actual blogs, not just the dashboards. And in general, I would like color options both for this bar and the dashboard in general.

    Anyway, good job :D

  69. Hameedullah Khan

    Superb! Another great job as always.

    Thanks for doing hard work for us.

  70. Kyle

    Awesome! Looks really cool. I wouldn’t want it on the Dashboard though – can’t see how it would be useful, but it’s great on blogs!

  71. J.R.

    you guys rock I get sexual turned on when you do updates (just kidding). Keep up the good work and never, PLEASE GOD don’t sell to Google. Blogger was terrible and so neglected

  72. mon2x4ever

    Love it dude..!!! Keep Going for the Best…!! I can’t wait to have it in my blog.. the design is simple yet great…!!

  73. garymurning

    Goes great with my theme :) Nice work, guys.

  74. hurricanewheels

    Better look. I Like

  75. legoless

    Great work, but I kinda miss the blue one.
    I have a suggestion how to improve it, though I’m not sure if it’s possible; maybe you guys could make it half transparent? Sometimes it might block things at the top of the page.

  76. paulynramirez

    looks good to me!

  77. egzact

    Nice! Much easier now, thanks.

  78. Manny Z

    also, it might be useful for some if the admin bar was fixed… in other words, even if you scroll down the page you can still see the admin bar at the top of the window.

    this would mean people can edit their post or go to another section easily, without having to scroll back to the top of the page.

    of course, it would be best if this was optional. “Fixed admin bar” or “Scrollable admin bar”

  79. bonar

    love it! :D

  80. vjc3

    It’s pretty good. Love it :)

  81. pinkdivision

    Perfect with my current theme :D

  82. Alessio in Asia


  83. Chewy Pup

    I think its a great idea.

  84. Ish

    I like the new admin bar design, thanks.

  85. krishna Raj

    Looks cool and pretty simple. Is there any thing you can add there? It was real surprise for me, while I woke from my bed this morning.
    One final word from me. “AMAZING”

  86. lucisavu

    Love it:D Good job next improvement opacity… hope to see it soon

  87. Jeremy Horn

    would like to see a link to ‘Blog Stats’ in the admin bar

  88. codeproject

    Awesome, Simple and Sober.

  89. Blinky

    Uhmm … uhhh … iihtszz too duull andd borriinggg.

    bhutt i guess ii whill livvee .


    ~The Blinkkstuherr

  90. Mario A.

    How about no bar at all?

  91. Nishu

    nice .. it makes it totally out of focus .

  92. upuaut

    Love it! :D
    It blends perfectly whit my theme (Freshy).

  93. crazyloveman

    much better,….
    looking nice…

  94. Gints Plivna

    I’d also add my voice for direct link to stats.

  95. MaGiC TrEs CaZzEgGiAtOr

    very very nice…. “fantastica” (in italian)………bye!! :)

  96. intlxpatr

    I actually like the blue better. I might get used to the grey. . .

    Having Stats on the Admin Bar would save the step of having to go to Dashboard and then to States.

  97. sunburntkamel

    what, so you’re trying to encourage people to use safari now? emulating OS chrome is a weak design move.

  98. ismailimail

    The new flyover newsfeed bar in the dashboard is also very cool. I’d love to get the same functionality for my blog itself.

  99. Roberto Malfatti

    Very very very good! Thanks from Italy. Roberto.

  100. Milla

    Love it. Thanks a lot, Matt!


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