New York Usability Testing

Or rather, usability testing in New York. If you’re reading this you’re probably a WordPress user. If you also happen to be in New York City and have some free time you may be able to influence development and get some free WP stuff at the same time.

We’ll be testing the WordPress interface over the next few weeks in New York City, and are looking for some volunteers to help us with this research. We’re looking for a range of WP users, from novice bloggers to experienced multi-site creators.

The first round of test sessions will take place later this week, Wednesday through Friday, with a follow-up round the next week on Thursday and Friday. If you are in New York and are available at these times to be at the testing facility in Union Square, you may be eligible to participate.

If so you’ll receive a $75 WordPress gift certificate, which can be redeemed for WP upgrades and/or merchandise in appreciation for your time. If you’re interested in participating, [link removed, we got everybody we need. Thanks!]. If you are lucky and get a golden ticket, someone will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a session.

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  3. Douglas Bell

    It’s a shame that San Francisco got left out of this one… :(

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  5. human3rror

    Darn… i’m going to miss it by a couple days…!

  6. Kevin Paquet

    Awww… How I wish I’d be at least from the US, Philippines is a little far.

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  9. more....

    l just lookingarround,,,

  10. JD Hartley

    Douglas–You already got the first Wordcamp! It is time a few other areas of the world to have their ‘shining’ moment.

    I am glad that WordPress is getting out there more and being tested by people to make it more “people friendly”. Great to see that people are being compensated for it, though I hardly think if they are WP lovers, they wouldn’t need to be. :)

    Will be waiting for more updates!
    -JD Hartley

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  12. Aguair


    Small typo: and/or says ard/or. Last paragraph.


    (Thanks! Typo fixed – Mark)

  13. jululi

    hi matt, why dont you make some gadget that can show all our photos hosted in wordpress database, in radom or selective system? it looks like a simple thing…and will be very nice…today we have to use the flickr gadget only, but my newest pics are in wp system. tks.

  14. dracil

    Yeah, phooey. If it was in SF I’d definitely participate!

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  16. unseen

    great if I could come to NYC!!!
    lucky people who can come! :)

  17. Muffin

    Sounds cool, i wish i was in NY!

  18. Chewy Pup

    0r Washington Dc.

  19. Chewy Pup

    wish it wasnt left out lol

  20. madnessletters

    agreed…no love for the Bay Area?

  21. markgorman

    Hey, some of your users live in Europe. Or is that Yoorp? How about scheduling some time/testing here? Fact is we love WordPress and are using it as a web platform on many of our sites.

  22. ClapSo

    Having been born and raised in NYC, I can tell you that my fellow native New Yorkers do test to failure better then anybody!

    Unfortunately, I now live six hours north of my hometown and will be unable to take part.

    However, for my ongoing and insightful WP feedback:

    I can has $75 in WP goodyz?

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  23. zachsb

    I’ll let my friends in NY know

  24. raincoaster

    Possibly related posts are amusing on this one.

  25. maryelawson

    I’ll take a survey for WordPress. I dont live in NYC though.

  26. Orkut 123

    cool..i think this is great!;)

  27. gammablog

    I’m guessing you will be tracking eye movements. I need my glasses for reading. Otherwise I’d come.

  28. grownANDsexy

    I don’t quite understand why you want NYCers only but I’m willing to give it a try.

  29. Lady

    I would love it if you guys gave away some free swag sometime. Whatever is laying about, stickers, buttons, etc. Everyone would love them! (Have people send in self-addressed, stamped envolopes, so you save money.)

    Plus, it’d be nice since not everyone can help you guys out all the time, especially if we’re located in the middle of nowhere…

  30. yasir maqosid

    No. 5

  31. mardoto

    How about Yogyakarta (Indonesia) usability testing? Join please ….

  32. مجید مهرتـاش

    این چی می گه ، این بالا ؟!!

    کسی فهمید به ما هم بگه !!

    Hi Big Matt .
    You are best in the World .

    Majid Mehrtash

  33. Gerard

    Its also a shame that Toronto isn’t in this as well. Hopefully in the future.

  34. jorgipogi


  35. scorpi2000

    Hey, what about chicago

  36. monsterbox

    Oh no! The survey! It is closed! I have missed it! (gasps… dies)

  37. solitude

    I’m a Test Engineer and would love to take part, but I live in India. If any offshore testing requeired let me know.

  38. helloworldbea

    New York? Argh, too bad.

  39. kholio

    ooh please let me do it … :)

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  41. Shakan97


  42. nilspetternilsson

    To bad i am not in New York right now, but i been there many years ago, exactly in 1988, so to bad, i would love to be a volunteers anyway….

    Feel welcome to visit my “WordPress” WEblog……


    Nils Petter Nilsson


  43. nilspetternilsson


    I would love to be a volunteers anyway…, but of course is impossible, i meant to write!

  45. nurulamerikaserikat

    wow! thts good,,,

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  47. just4ikarus

    Are you planing usability tests in Austria too? Then I would be perfect for that!

  48. tian0625


  49. choandab

    did you everseen music consert??

  50. The Bagel of Everything

    Will you be there, Matt?
    If yes, will you be giving out free hugs?

    (I’d like to touch your freckles, please)

  51. pebblepub

    No New Yorker…
    I want more visits to my web log. How can I get it?

  52. Stuart

    When you come to Melbourne, Australia, I am there!

  53. Nishu

    When are you guys testing in India?

  54. Nita

    Why don’t I live in New York city!!

  55. ircopcito

    Why only in NY City?


  56. bubbler

    Hmm, it’s telling me that the survey is closed. Full up already?

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  58. dragonmm2010

    i hope i was in newyork
    tell me nothing in egypt:)

  59. ian in hamburg

    If I travel to New York City to test your interface, I sure hope that cholera epidemic of 1832 has been taken care of.

  60. djunaedird

    Me, next time, Matt :mrgreen:

  61. Ali ÇAĞLAYAN

    or brother derivative language turkish blog post to be all square on the accounts Turkish language what are your aiming at ? we want to turkish announcement

  62. teenscoops

    ma 3am bet hainouwa wlo! ma bet 5alo shi ybayin metl el 5ale2!
    w ana assadet e7ke 3arabe
    (translate if you can, its arabic)

  63. Vashti

    Let me know when you’re testing in New Zealand… heh heh… :-D

  64. noertz

    Thanks for article…

  65. Paulo - Bugiganga Digital

    fine, but they can make in other cities/countries?

  66. the rufus

    When do you test in Austria? ;)

  67. tinkerwho

    What type of testing and research would need to be done?

  68. bobrjb


  69. riveroflifelisajoy

    lol!!!! I never get picked for nothin!!! Thanks anyway!!

  70. ladybeams

    I hate to say this, but I hope your testing against other blog platforms as well. The new dashboard and widgets, while I’m sure the intent was good, has made WordPress less usable for me. I admit I am no computer tech, but the blog platform when I started a new blog, was much more appealing usability wise, somewhere else. I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep it here.

  71. bathroomsuites

    I would be interested in taking part in your research. Keep me posted please.

  72. Cross

    Great Maybe we can see the results!

  73. elquebin

    Next time you are doing something like this in NY, count me in.

  74. 4milebranch

    I would if I could but i’m in Texas I’m afraid. Yes being in Texas is scary. Ok just kidding. Yeah right.

  75. unnikuttan

    I support your usability testing of new york. I like the city.

  76. Mr W

    Never mind San Francisco being left out… at least you’re on the right continent! ;)

  77. jd2718

    What times are we talking about?

  78. Jessa Hezyel

    i want to join how do i sign up

  79. sunnypa

    This is a test

  80. mpb

    This is tremendous advance for users. I hope that the suggestions resulting from earlier mistakes will be included in the draft changes for user review. (public involvement works and saves money)

  81. mpb

    So, how will people know when and where to try to use the design?

  82. Marshall Sponder

    HI, I live in New York City and I use WordPress on 3 blogs I write to – so yes, I’d like to participate – how do I do that?

  83. ريموا

    اعقدك خخخخ

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  85. danoreef

    I am in New York, and I am interested.

  86. visionarymarketing

    Shame you’re not doing this in Europe. While the new interface is a lot prettier, I must admit that quite a few new features are mind-boggling in their implementation. The insert new image/media feature for instance is certainly a lot more powerful but it is also very quirky and sometimes I even have to switch between flash and html mode in order to just make it work. Bit of a shame, the old interface was certainly not as pretty, and even sometimes downright ugly, but it did the job. After all, this is what is really required from an interface isn’t it? Come what may, I still believe that WordPress is one of the best if not THE best, and I’m sure you’ll soon be able to overcome these little issues. Keep up the good work, and if you want to organise some usability test in Europe, please let us know.

  87. Vincent

    @Douglas – ehm, didn’t the whole world except for NY get left out on this one?

  88. yadi2007

    Sorry, I don’t understand what is it Usability, because I am working at Indonesia. Would you mind to give me a little dine of this?

  89. axisos

    SHOOOOTTTTT i was in new york, im back in Massachusetts now…

  90. tbinh82n

    rang ke tu nay
    xoa loi toi hua truoc
    em ve cung non nuoc
    dong doi ma xuoi nguoc
    moi dua mot con duong
    tinh tinh ta oi la duong
    cai noi doan truong co mat ma nhu dui

  91. danielmms

    I am medium is not in America, and thank for bargain which you has given. God Bless Us

  92. SAMAN UI

    Let try its

  93. Jonny
  94. Eneya

    Hmm, any chance for us, on the Balkans? :)

  95. Ilan

    My blog rockz the red cowz sockz be sure to check it out

  96. Mick

    Always improving… innovating…

  97. ultrasuoni

    and when .. we do the Milan Usability Testing?

    by wordpress – ultrasuoni

  98. rahsansdht


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  100. Scott

    I am in New York City, would love to help you out, how do I get involved?


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