WordPress Party in San Francisco

For those of you in San Francisco or the Bay Area, you should join us this Tuesday, May 27, for a birthday party to celebrate the 5th year since the first release of WordPress.org, the software that powers this site.

You can see the official announcement on WordPress.org and RSVP on Upcoming or Facebook.

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  1. philj

    Too bad… Not in at this date.
    Enjoy guys!

  2. Amir

    wow . nice

  3. unseen

    happy birthday WP!!! :)

  4. DM

    Thanks for the invite. Discovering WordPress is without the doubt one of the best things that happened to me in 2007 ! You guys continue to rock

  5. withmalice

    Lemme know when you’re having a party in Japan…

  6. andrewong2024

    Will you guys come to Singapore? :)

  7. Shakan97

    Ahh man! I cant come, I live in England!

  8. O

    that’s half way round the world from here : )

  9. karlan08

    Happy anniversary for 5th WP.org.

  10. Mak Ossa

    Congratulations! You guys are changing the world, making life easy for us. No doubt, without WordPress I wouldn’t be a blogger….”More grease to your elbow” and keep up the great work. We shall be looking forward to your 100th anniversary as well. Hopefully I would still be alive by then…

  11. krishnamachari ragavan

    Thank you for the invitation .Iam in U.A.E ,Wishing Word Press Many more years to Celebrate.Yours is a Powerful Press.I joined your family Recently.
    United Arab Emirates.

  12. hellopayton

    Wow, no way! Too bad I’m not there or I would bring the bus. :D

  13. penguincloud

    cool, it seems fun…

  14. Brent

    Dude, when are you coming to Chicago or St. Louis? I’m in Peoria, IL –the Heartland of America.

    We have many good bloggers here too. Come party with us sometime. We’d love to have you! I’ll even buy you a cold beer!

  15. Ceone

    yeah congratulations…

    is too far to my… but i hope very big party….

    for many more years….


  16. Cristian Giménez

    I live in Argentina :(
    May 27: Happy birthday WP.org!!!

  17. afruj

    I miss the party

  18. mudge

    Can’t make the party, but thanks for the invitation, and thanks immensely for WordPress.org, and WordPress.com. Continuingly wonderful work.

  19. Mr\'James

    happy Birthday WordPress hoohoohoohoohoohoo

  20. Matt

    If anyone wants to plan a meetup in another place I’d be happy to blog about it.

  21. Raycher


    that’s half way round the world from here : )


  22. Brent

    If anyone wants to plan a meetup in another place I’d be happy to blog about it.

    But we want you to do all the work…

  23. wowo822

    cool i really want to go but oh well i cant!

  24. Mak Ossa

    New York City should be the next meet-up destination. I will attend that.. it’s my back yard.

  25. broncomadness

    I live in San Fran but I can’t make the date!

  26. mclearskin

    Happy Birthday!
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!
    Bon anniversaire!

    Millions of big kisses to everyone of the WP Team.

  27. dharms

    happy birthday wordpress, best regards from germany!!!

  28. sinac

    Mattی عزیز متاسفانه بنده قادر به شرکت در این مهمانی نیستم چون ویزا ندارم :)
    خودتان خوش بگذرانید جای ما را هم خالی کنید، از مهمانی و دوستان حاضر فیلمی گرفته و برای دوستان به اشتراگ بگذارید
    Don’t forget that get Picture and Move from this Party and share whit WordPressian :)

  29. Los Havros

    I can’t go as far as planning a meetup, but I’d happily attend a meetup in the UK at some point!

  30. Linda

    YAY! I’m an hour away!

  31. jimhearthelen

    Happy Birthday, Word Press! You folks are great! :D

  32. gabbyy

    ooo men is grate :D

  33. windwhisperer

    Thx , have fun !!! happy B day,:):) long live wordpress :)
    (_)> cheersssssssssssss

  34. brotherpeacemaker

    My apartment’s backyard would be a good place. That is, if my landlord would approve it.


  35. Paulo - Bugiganga Digital

    Happy Birthday WP.org! I cant’ come too… :(

  36. Paulo - Bugiganga Digital

    And filming the party and posting in, is a good idea?

  37. Cross

    It would be cool 2 go, cuz I can’t s**t I live in Spain…

  38. 94stranger

    Too bad, I’m in Baltrax Minor in the Horsehead Nebula – tried to make it but didn’t manage to hitch a ride – all Vogon ships grounded for a Planetary Poets Day – several deaths reported among pilots BTW.

    Anyhow, what can I say except have fun and DON’T PANIC

  39. Guymed

    Darn I live in PA, USA! I WOULD come if I was anywhere near there!

  40. Ann

    Happy 5TH Birthday, WordPress. I joined in late 2006, after leaving Blogger, and I have not looked back since. WordPress is Da’ Bomb!

    When are you coming to the greatest state in the Union with the best city in Texas. . . .Houston?

  41. hellopayton

    I’m going to crash a blimp into the party that says “WordPress!”

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  43. barueriemdia

    Happy Birthday WordPress “WordPrees No Stress”


    ammmmm happy


    hey muchass graciass a todos y a wordpress por este espacio se agradece amigos saludos desde mexico,chiapas,tuxtla gutierrez,

  46. billbaumgartner


    Wish I could be their to celebrate with you.

    East Coast Bill

  47. Mad Scientist

    Well, it sounds like Matt and I will be the only ones there. It’s just a short ferry ride away, for me. I’m not generally very big on online social networks, is an RSVP necessary?

  48. artnexus

    May 27 happens to be my birthday too :)
    Wish I could be there, but don’t live in the Bay Area any more…
    Happy Birthday from New Mexico! You guys rock!

  49. Nita

    I think we need a wordpress party in India. :)

  50. p4ndu_454kura©

    Even I live in Indonesia, but I’d like to say:
    Happy Birthday wp.org, your services are great… :mrgreen:

  51. rankinimages

    Congratulations and Thank You

  52. danielmms

    Happy anniversary for 5th WP…longevity safe of we say, longevity safe of we pray for hopefully wordpress remain to be successful on the way in network world… God Bless us

  53. Loretta

    10 minutes from my house…hmmmm I’ll have to check my calendar…
    thanks for the invite and happy bday WP!

  54. brigidafraioli

    next time in Rome… ok? :)

  55. ineedluv

    congratz!!! WordPress is the best…

  56. Lady

    Is there anything special happening on the websites for the fifth birthday?

  57. Ilan


  58. zacca

    Happy Birthday WordPress!

  59. widya

    happy birthday wp… :)

  60. raincoaster

    Dude, if I wasn’t running an event in Vancouver that night I’d be there.

    Happy to do a WP meetup in Vancouver some other time.

  61. choandab

    welcome to Bali…Live Online Training Session

  62. MsChefous

    Have a flaming party! :)

  63. RYan

    happy bEzday worpress hehehehehe

  64. chirag155

    Happy birthday WP!! Thanks for providing the best service possible.

  65. finczi

    Happy birthday wordpress, joyeux anniversaire !!!!
    I would like to be there, but I’m in Lissabon with Darjeeling Limited JOB.
    So with you with words: Parabens, Bravo, J’aime beaucoup wordpress,
    c’est bien et efficace, et drôle.
    Have a nice time , la fête !!!

  66. new4me

    Congratulations guys! I’ve just discovered you and hope for many more years (for me and you!) in which to explore all that WordPress offers.

  67. whyamistilltyping

    London baby (*nudge nudge) :) !!

  68. axinia

    Wordpress is really great, i would not blog without it, guys!

    hey, Why not to make a Wordpres party IN EUROPE???????
    How many european Bloggers do you have?
    I hope their number is enough to make this destiantion attractive for you, Matt :)


    Happy Birthday WordPress ;-)

  70. kangtutur

    Selamat Ulang Tahun. Jaya Selalu :lol:

  71. Tara R.

    Happy Birthday!

  72. nirmalamagazine

    ops maybe HK :) cud be the next…

  73. whitemist101

    awesome! Happy Birthday WordPress! I can’t come thought. I live on the other side of the country!

  74. parentsunderground

    Oh I wish I could join you but I’m in the middle of North America – Winnipeg Manitoba. Have fun and drive safely after the party eh!
    parentsunderground – watching out for you

  75. parentsunderground

    I forgot to say Congratulations and I hope you will be around until something better than blogging on the internet comes along- this is the best blogging site ever and it’s free

  76. L B

    A very very happy birthday!!!

  77. djunaedird

    Happy birthday WP.org from Indonesia :P

  78. macopc

    what about Spain? nice weather… beach, nice girls… think about it. ;P

  79. jadeworld

    Happy fifth anniversary!

  80. kaal2000

    I would not miss the party for nothing in the world but I am in Morocco.
    thank you for the invitation.
    Happy birthday WordPress.com
    See you by the 6th year celebration .

  81. Amanda

    Aww, in San Francisco? =(

    I would totally go if it were in Vancouver. Sighs! I work in the publishing industry, so this would be the perfect excuse for me to party for work-related purposes. Hehehe. =)

  82. Michael Graham Richard

    I won’t be able to attend, but have fun and congrats on the 5 years!

  83. mrtomate

    Wow! the party of WordPress…great!!

    Happy birthday!!! WordPress….

    Bye bye!

  84. youdntbelive


  85. Marek Barański

    Happy Birthday! Five good years…

  86. ultrasuoni

    I want a wp party in Milan for all wp italian users

    By Ultrasuoni, very good mark in Europe ..for all party !

  87. malctg

    A Very Happy Fifth Birthday. I wish I could be there. But living in England it’s a little too far for now. But may I Thank Word Press for giving me the chance of putting my thoughts on the World Wide Web. Though not many people have read my blog. It’s an amazing 580 more than ever would have done. Thank You. Good luck for the future. Malctg. The Foureyed Poet.

  88. hitwiser

    Matt , Let’s meet in Milton Keynes , UK!
    hehe! :P

  89. santiagodelrio

    Cuándo en Argentina, che. Los esperamos.

  90. gabrielstagebuch

    germany? maybe. ;-)

  91. leakelley

    How about Seattle?
    Unless you want an outdoor party, of course.
    That would take a BIG umbrella.
    Happy Birthday WP!

  92. Mema

    WordPress is the reason I became a blogger.
    Congrats to your 5th…it was well-deserved!

  93. Rod E. Smith, MSMFT

    …. you have assisted me enormously and I thank you — if you ever have a party in the Midwest I will be there…..

    Rod Smith

  94. callister

    guys.i cant make it. i live in malaysia.. but enjoy k.

  95. dennycharter

    Happy Birtdhay honey… from Indonesia

  96. Angry Chinese Driver


    Toronto, preferably. ;)

  97. arily.vinnie


    Too bad >.> I’m staying in Singapore. *bleh*

  98. artpredator

    happy birthday!

  99. forevergreen

    Have a nice party! Congratulations, happy birthday WP.org!

  100. ircopcito

    On Argentina, for example :)



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