May Wrap-up

Another day turns into another month and brings us another wrap-up post. I’m currently in a remote undisclosed location but nothing could stop me from blogging to you. It’s not all bad — here’s my desk at the moment:

Laptop at pool by beach

What more could you need?

Here’s the action from last month:

  • 221,343 blogs were created.
  • 245,156 new users joined.
  • 2,638,958 file uploads
  • About 1,074 gigabytes of new files.
  • 417 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 3,415,871 posts and 1,120,407 new pages.
  • 4,865,114 logins.
  • 693,555,035 pageviews on, and another 441,241,199 on self-hosted blogs. (1,134,796,234 pageviews total across WordPress blogs we track.)
  • 71,351,276 pageviews in RSS feeds.
  • 965,041 active blogs, where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 156,693,165 unique people visited blogs.

We introduced some cool stuff in May including the Monotone theme, Identicons, a new admin bar, and threw a bitchin’ party to celebrate WordPress’ fifth. What’s in store for June? I don’t know, but it’ll be hawt.

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  • Jun 2, 2008 @ 1:05 pm
  • Wrapup


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  1. ClapSo

    You kids sneeked into my yard AGAIN? How many times I gotta chase you? Now you’re posting pictures of my pool on the internets? &*%#$@$%%$#!!! Make sure you keep that cat off my lawn…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. MeFeKa

    good : )

  3. unseen

    really nice! keep going!

  4. Shirley

    A pity to be forced into work at such a location.

  5. tivlepo

    isn’t that an (undisclosed) greek island? lucky you!

  6. Eduardo

    I’m sure it’s not all bad hahaha, nice place

  7. clintonskakun

    Hi, I’m a new user this month:) 245,156 in one month is a lot.

  8. M. C.

    Well, I take a desk like that anytime!!
    Keep up the good work! :)

  9. Paulette

    Woo hoo — you guys rock!!!!!!!!!

    Damn I’m jealous — it looks like you’re in a tropical paradise!


  10. enreal

    Is that a cat on the seat… not a bad place to work…

  11. Leonardo Moreno

    Very Good. ;)

  12. José Playo

    Cool, man; buena onda, chango.

  13. Craig Hodgkins

    nice office, Matt. laptop? check. iPhone? check. iced tea? check. But a cat? c’mon.

  14. goodfruit

    does this place come with the marmalade cat? or is that a rental:)

  15. Sonic30132

    Cool. What is that orange cat’s name? The one in the chair.

  16. Gerald Ford

    Life is hard, no? :)

  17. cowgalutah

    The cat sure looks glad to be at work with you.

  18. Brian

    It’s a tough, tough job Matt. So glad you have the servants fan you when you’re out in the hot sun. ;)

  19. Yohandry Fontana

    Muy interesante

  20. Gabriel Ziks

    Cool !
    Good estatics WP !

  21. hellopayton

    Is that a kitty I see in that chair beside you? Gimme gimme gimme. :)

  22. Moon

    Beautiful cat (or dog)…

  23. lepoulpe

    And hopefully no cats have been harmed during this month, only one fell asleep next to your chair :-)

  24. G

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiice stuff!

    We want more, ok? :-)


  25. angie

    Love the kitty!

  26. Teck

    Awww look at the cat in the chair… =)

  27. johnyzar

    I am so glad you love the Greek Way!

  28. Phat^Trance

    sweet :)

  29. Charlene Farber


  30. Jeff Lloyd

    Awesome news!

  31. Jennifer

    I’m guessing Greece or Turkey, but was the cuddly cat extra?

    (Ha! it IS Greece; since you’re in the neighborhood, come by and say hello.)

  32. joimson

    I was not impressed with monotone – did anyone win anything for trying it?

  33. 40>0

    i’m a new user \o/

  34. gabacha

    Nice location. The cat seems to be enjoying it…

  35. hyperface

    lol i wish i had a desk like that. I dont got a desk at all! Im still in school haha

  36. zeynepankara

    Hi Matt!! That picture, hımmm, I am jealous about you now. Sun, sea, drink, food and a laptop. I wanna to die! Zeynep xx

  37. zeynepankara

    Pool is okay too! :(

  38. David Ker

    Great, Matt. I loved the Monotone theme and devoted an entire blog to artsy hippos:

  39. macopc

    hmmm nice place… but to drink with a cat is a bad idea, cats allways win at drinking challenges. ;P

    I hope u enjoy that wonderfull place. I wish to be there argh…

  40. tr3ndy

    Really gooooood vibrations!!!

  41. elainey ❤

    The Monotone theme is AWESOME! Loves it.

    Keep the good things rolling! :)

  42. ian in hamburg

    like, hey

  43. trollboy

    Did you bring your cat on vacation with you?

  44. Karma-Doc

    WOW! Now that’s a desk we should all have!

  45. riveroflifelisajoy

    As always…I am honored and if I did not say thankyou for creating an outlet for me to express myself …..well, here goes…Thank you WORDPRESS FOLK…you may have saved a life with your great site!

    till next blog…


  46. Ceone

    Congratulation :D

  47. ruslantrad

    Waw! fantastic statistics :)

  48. markgorman

    Hey, enjoy your break Matt but I question this. How came there are more new users than new blogs?

  49. teliczan

    I love WordPress! Since launching my blog I’ve recommended WordPress to several friends and clients. All have been very happy with WordPress. I’ve noticed that since the changes you made in May, my web traffic has increased. Thanks!

  50. Mad Scientist

    I have to say, I enjoy Identicons more than anything. They make (my) posts look much more interesting and involved. I know it seems like a little thing, but anonymous comments looked… well, boring until Identicons. Keep up the great work, guys!

  51. Tea

    Nice going for WordPress.
    Fascinating stats!
    I’m proud to be part of them.

  52. memsaab

    who is the cute little doggy curled up in the chair?????

  53. Lady

    Nice kitty.

  54. feww

    You rascal! Watch out for mosquitoes.

  55. pKay

    Statistics are the awesome!

  56. sunshineforlife

    hi Matt, it looks like you are in a far-away paradise. :)

    Good luck more to wordpress!

  57. krysjez

    May was awesome.

  58. Tanuki I

    Sweet. Is that an iPhone?

  59. Teguh Aditya

    wonderful! keep the good job! thx!

  60. Nevis

    More themes! :) Pretty pleases? With sugar on top?

  61. Hélio

    And I’m making one of 5,862,783 comments. How!

    I blog in brazilian portuguese

  62. miamicarpetcleaning

    WOW those are some really big stats keep up the good work!

  63. abrianna

    They even supply you with a cat! Must be some place.

  64. wespeakrealestate

    Great Status, but a little jealous of your desk location.

  65. leylander


  66. judyrose

    Very impressive. Two years ago, WordPress opened a new world for me. In August ’06, you found one of my posts and mentioned it on your blog. The reaction was incredible. Then and there I learned the power of blogging.
    Thanks, Judy Rose (

    By the way, maybe I shouldn’t mention it, but your “office cat” is sleeping on the job.

  67. apollo

    congratulations fr finland;)

  68. Paul

    Congratulations, Matt! Those are some awesome figures. I migrated to WordPress in December and have fallen in love with my platform and the company. You rock!

  69. tasithoughts

    Congratulations! As a new blogger…. I am impressed and feel like I just joined this big movement, party, celebration!

  70. Anirudh Bhati

    Hurray for WordPress!

  71. denissepangan

    wow! you look like you’re in a really nice resort… i envy you…

  72. daba


  73. Paul Weiss

    Great work. How about a widget that would add a reddit button to your posts, similar to what you have going with Digg?

  74. yorgyb

    The statistic are growing in each of every month……

    Hope that it will be more space to write in here…….


  75. Tony

    That’s a relief, I read the title WordPress “may wrap up” as WordPress “may be shutting down*….
    It’s ok I can relax now

  76. Mr President

    You guys rock! Keep up the good work.

  77. Sue

    there’s a kitty cat sleeping on the chair! so cute…

  78. masbadar

    Keep watching the growing numbers Matt :D Hey, is that ur cat? a cat lover too r u?

  79. Durga Prasad

    Thank you so much.

  80. Eru

    COOL!!! As always… :D

    pretty please
    threw a party in another country too :sob:

  81. santhanam87

    hurray…! great data base..

  82. dragonmm2010

    Nice Numbers large really i hope more services and hope there will be adsense

  83. eeshan

    I like your desk :)

  84. thealphanerd

    That’s a lot of status. Maybe we will see a trillion blogs in the not-to-distant future.

  85. Alpay

    Arrrgh, that was what I was doing last week. And I even left back the laptop. A sole PDA was all I needed.

    You, Matt, on the other hand seem to need a veeery thin Mac :)

    Enjoy your time there…

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  87. kangtutur

    Hebat!!! Sukses Selalu Matt :lol:

  88. heyru

    See that cat, Matt!

    Matt uses the laptop; the cat, iPhone. Kewl!

  89. Mak Ossa

    Hi Matt, I admire your vacation desk; it is well deserved. The resort looks mountainous, and by the way, what is your sleeping cat’s name?

  90. Katyayani

    These numbers speak more than words could ever !!

    Keep it up WordPress !

  91. Gints Plivna

    Quite stunning numbers :)

  92. Dilip Prakash

    Its good to see wordpress going every month…
    Happy to use WordPress…. and thanks for the wordpress for their

  93. jaggedrain

    Are you in South Africa? The view looks very familiar.

  94. Vigants

    :) I see you are iPhone user… welcome to club!

  95. chris

    Matt, would you please stay out of my back yard! :p

  96. delhi4cats

    Hey….is that my cat in the chair?????


    American Bedu

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  98. coolienne

    Spain ?

  99. sulochanosho

    Good great going and march a head at WordPress there. May as always the WordPress reach and go to newer and higher glories. The cute remote desk at once invites ‘envy’!

  100. mclearskin

    Hey, Happy King of the World!
    I wish I could be in your shoes, Matt! The swimming pool is so wonderful bacardi blue!


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