Admin Bar Everywhere

We are happy you liked our new admin bar design, but we are even happier to make it better.

Here are two little improvements, based on your feedback:

The admin bar is visible in your admin panel, too.

The Admin Bar is visible in the admin panel

The admin bar used to show only on blog pages. Not any more.

There is a link to your Stats page in the admin bar.

Stats link in admin bar

The link in My Account takes you to to the Stats page on your Global Dashboard, where you have access to the pageviews and other stats of all your blogs.

It’s little things that make us smile.

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Nikolay Bachiyski


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  1. Caminante


  2. Teguh Iman Prasetya


  3. aclibrary

    I thank you. My wrist thanks you. Happy happy! :)

  4. Gabriel Ziks

    cool !
    very great !

  5. Moon

    O.K. :)

  6. Manny Z


    unfortunately the latest dashboard tweaks mean that it no longer works in older versions of Safari… the browser crashes instantly.

    but good to know you guys listen to feedback.

  7. Ricky


  8. m@q

    I think it is a redundancy as we already have all the option Tabs in our dashboard, but… well… some time this redundancy seems very useful. Suppose from the DESIGN option now I can directly go to the STATS option! Well another good addition. Thanx WP team.

    Don’t you have any plan to allow the java scripts in Is there any new gorgeous theme is coming for

  9. Aafke

    :D Stats page is one of my favorites! :D

  10. Banana

    aww getting better! thank you! :lol:

  11. Sonic30132

    Cool! It really is the little, cool things that make us smile!

  12. Teck

    Thank you for the improvement can we get a search box
    added to the admin bar please… :)

  13. Loving The Word

    You guys just like to spoil us. :-)

  14. Cross

    That’s great ^^ I’ts usefull. Continue with this great job!

  15. Khyri

    Both these two changes make me a very happy blogger. :)

  16. dandelionsalad

    Yes, very good improvements. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work!

  17. Gerald Ford

    Very cool, thank you. :)

  18. museditions

    Re: #1, Thank you! That does make things easier. We do like to be plugged in all the time. #2, I didn’t see that in the menu until you pointed it out. For the gazillion of us obsessed with stats, you have fed our semi-addictions. ;) Nice!

  19. Chittaranjan

    I luv stats! And now I luv the Admin bar even more :P

    Thank u Nikolay & WP!

  20. Entar


  21. legoless

    Cool idea adding it to the dashboard! :)

  22. Johnny Scharonne

    Great! Now I’m waiting for the posibility to have my links to open in a new window/tab by default :)

  23. M. C.

    Thanks a lot!!
    And easy acces to the stats is an improvements many of us will salute! :)

  24. wellgoncho

    It’d be cool to have a sort of admin bar (only smaller) as a browser plug in.

  25. Sakib

    Nikolay, thanks for the updates ;-)

  26. jewaira

    WordPress just keeps getting better and better

  27. Joshdj14

    Nice navigation improvements. It helps since I’m still getting used to the dashboard redesign.

  28. leokid

    nice! =)

  29. Brad Beaman

    This is cool, maybe I will finally check my stats now.

  30. Zack Katz

    Great! I’ve been wanting to access my stats from the bar for a long time, and I know that was one of the major feedback items you received.

    Thanks for such quick improvements!

  31. Arqueòleg Glamurós


  32. dyyyyy

    SUPER AWESOME!!!! Thanks man!

  33. Mak Ossa

    This is a good improvement. Another WordPress relentless innovation…keep up the good work. We love you guys.

  34. Aguair


    Cute updates :mrgreen:


  35. darvish

    Most excellent, as usual :)

  36. Konstantinos

    Yeah it’s better!

  37. marialectrix

    Thank you for enabling our stats addiction. :) Seriously, these are very nice and useful tweaks.

  38. Niki

    Been waiting for the bar-anywhere feature, thanks!

  39. the rufus

    This saves my day – I need these 1-click stats :lol:

  40. Darko

    Admin bar is about 2 pixels smaller in height, than it’s background — I can even click on “Dashboard” link beneath it. Hope you’ll fix it… or I’ll just Stylish-it ;)

    (Firefox, XP SP2)

    p.s. thanks for the Stats link in the bar!

  41. Vashti

    Hurray! Good work guys.

  42. Will Rhodes

    Cool! I wanted the stats there! :)

  43. iamthelostgirl

    This is sooo handy.

    I love that I can check my stats direct from my actual home page!



  44. Gurindam Jiwa

    I like the stats shortcut. I used to have to bookmark it.

  45. LaBelleProvince

    This is lovely, thank you

  46. noonathome

    This is what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  47. fajro

    Nice :)

  48. Raycher

    I like it…

    it’s small and easy to use.. :)



  49. Grace

    Yay! Thanks, guys.

  50. Nevis

    Cool. Keep up the good work!

  51. Amit

    Great!!! Thanks. :D

  52. Arun Shanbhag

    Heh! Nice update with the Stats on the Admin Bar!

    Why are you making us get our stats fix so easily?

  53. Doriard

    Great… well, I’ve never cared a lot for the Admin Bar but now I find it useful-desu :P
    (Dun care ’bout my otaku-based words, but I can’t avoid ‘em)

    >.> Stats rulz! *3*

    I always start my day watching my stats, but I always get depressed as soon as i get to see em T_T

    Well, now the process anxiety -> Depression, will come quicker…

    Thanks for working on that and making our blogging days easier nyo n.n

    Arigato Gozaimazu! n.n

  54. udom

    Good job ;-)

  55. Kyle

    So now I’ve got another bar which doubles up on links I have on my dashboard?

    It’s not better at all! I can do most of the stuff on that bar from clicking a link on my dashboard, and it just makes annoying clutter. Anywhere else but the dash would be good

  56. raincoaster

    Oooh, more juice for stats addicts! This takes me to my happy place.

  57. jellopenguin

    Pretty cool! A lot more convenient. :D

  58. missesparker

    i definitely love the stats link..nice improvement

  59. erander

    Cool :cool:

  60. Prasanna Pandit

    You guys can read minds! I was just thinking yesterday how great it would be to have stats on the admin bar!!

  61. intlxpatr

    I totally love it. Makes getting around so easy!

  62. tasithoughts

    Thanks for the notes on the new features

  63. Бу

    I saw the new admin bar yesterday, if I’m not mistaken. Found it very useful, thank you.

  64. Kunal

    little things do help….

    it would be great if you add another functionality – to toggle the visibility of the admin bar…

  65. akhdian

    Good Idea. i’ts Great!

  66. Nita

    This is useful. Thanks.

  67. zeynepankara

    Thanks for the info. What a handsome guy you are Nikolay, lol.

  68. Dhimas L N ---- (^-^)v

    yup,, little thing but this useful.

  69. webmastah

    I Like it!

  70. Rob Rockitt

    Very Cool! Thank You!!

  71. artofmulata

    finally a quick way to get to stats! thank you.

    never could figure out why all the admin were separated from one another;
    this goes a long way to making this app so much better.

    looking forward to everything else you folks have up your sleeves.
    how about rolling some cool plugins into the mix?


  72. deftoned

    Sweet. Thank you for this!

  73. Little old me

    Thanks, that is a big help.

  74. LeeDee

    You are doing a great job, here !
    I’m a begginer blogger and I’m fascinated how easily worked out the registration of my own blog !
    Thank you and Good luck !

  75. Oma Els

    That’s really cool, keep up the good work!

  76. Sagaro

    Whoa! when the first admin bar came long back, I had requested for the stats page to be included in the bar… and finally it is here. Save a lot of time for people like me, who visit stats page more often than the number of visitors to the blog :P

  77. qmutz

    An interesting tool for navigation … and thanks … ;)

  78. Mr.Rockmantico

    good widgets :_D bye live of rock & roll ^^

  79. sulaaquila

    Great, great, great idea! And very helpful too.

    Thanks so much.


  80. creeping

    At first glance this appears almost useless.

    The global stats page not really valuable to us. First, if you have more than one blog – what do you see on the global stats page? For us, it isn’t the stats of the blog we want.

    Second, to get what you want – Stats – you have to click numerous times – what’s the point? Where’s the value?

    For those who want blog stats, ie, how many hits today – why not just add a widget to the admin bar that displays the # of hits 24/7? No clicks, always available and when you click on the # it then takes you to the full stats page. Get there and you’ll have created time savings & value. Yes your total internal page hits will go down but who cares – your customer sat will go way up.

  81. Zeezat

    Wow… Link for the stats page in admin bar is very useful. I can access my stats anywhere no matter what blog am reading. Its a nice feature. I like it very much.

    WordPress is the best in every way, that’s for sure. Keep growing…

    Best smile,

  82. *~{š†ΣLLªr}~*

    WOW, thanks for those adds. They are awesome. This is just getting better and better. ;)

  83. W.H. Winegarden

    Fantastic, glad to see you are listening to us…

    Now if you could just add some social networking widgets to allow people to book mark our entries we would really be cooking!

  84. O-S

    cool …

  85. Mick

    I love how we request the little stuff and it happens.
    You guys ROCK!

    Thanks heaps for this…

  86. Wespa

    That is grat news. :)

  87. snowdobby

    Nice!! Great Work WordPress!!

  88. Jak

    nice intuitive touch. skips a couple steps for me and i am sure others.

  89. G

    Niiiiiiiiiiiice! ;-D


  90. RoPiNi

    Nice, good to see the push for continual refinement.

  91. hanggadamai

    is good :)

  92. munggur

    Thanks WP. Actually, often I open the Stats first before doing other thing in WP admin pages.

  93. Sirton

    Thanks :)

  94. 8zone

    WOW! This is wonderful!

  95. F4154LMAN


  96. Daniel Corbett

    Very good improvements, thanks!

  97. solarees


  98. asqfish


  99. b*

    You deserve oatmeal raisin cookies.

  100. Ratssafwevbn

    wow nice :P


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