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It is hard for search engines to grasp the tens of millions posts at WordPress.com, so we’re giving them a hand.

I’ve always wished to start the week with a new SEO feature. That’s why we have an early Monday surprise for you — XML Sitemaps for all WordPress.com blogs.

From the Sitemaps.org website:

Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling.

Translated that means that search engines have a better idea of your content and might start to send more traffic to you.

The funny thing is that you don’t have to inform anybody, because we will do it automatically for you. A sitemap file is available to every search engine that supports the protocol including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask.com, and others.

Now, feel free to write a new post to deserve the increased attention by the search engines. ;)

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Nikolay Bachiyski


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  1. tasithoughts

    Great news. Thanks for the sitemaps feature

  2. the rufus

    I realized already yesterday – hopefully I’ll get some views each day now :lol:

  3. Craig Hodgkins

    Sounds very cool for an eclectic blog such as mine. Let’s see if visits go up…

  4. Bri

    Great Feature. thanks. wordpress Rock!!

  5. Benjamin

    Hurray! Thank you!

  6. akhdian

    Great Idea… Thanks..

  7. Zeezat


    Nice and awaited feature. Keep growing.

    Best smile,

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  9. Sunili

    Well why thank you, WordPress people! Y’all are awesome!

  10. thomay


  11. Gurindam Jiwa

    Oh thank you. Keep up the good work.

  12. Charlene Farber


  13. kecebongsoft

    now its great! :D

  14. Johnny

    That’s awesome :-)

    Now, if you only make importing post from a self-hosted wordpress blog easier (ie. support for auto-importing images) a lot of people would be eager to move and stop mantaining their self-hosted solution.

  15. unseen

    nice! very cool feature :-D

  16. MadMark


  17. ttvhcs


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  19. Trance4you

    Thank you very much!!! It’s cool new opportunity!


    nice )

  21. Carlos Jumbo G.

    Excellent, congratulations!!!. Good news :)

  22. Julio Fragoso

    i´m on my way !

    Just good stuff !

    TX once again

  23. rheine

    Great thanks a lot for this feature

  24. Lunken

    Nice nice…

  25. Darius

    Hi! What does this new feature mean exactly? That I don’t have to “install” by myself a sitemap.xml on my blog anymore? It’ll be automatically installed?

  26. Matt

    Darius, you don’t have to do a thing, a sitemap is automatically generated, enabled, and promoted for your blog.

  27. Sebastian

    Nothing pretty, but useful nonetheless. Thanks, guys!

  28. omarabid

    Really nice and helpful! Thanks to you WordPress Team

  29. Dilip Prakash

    Good to Hear from wordpress again with a new Feature….

  30. M. C.

    Thanks for the good news and all the efforts!!
    Indeed this is a great Monday!

  31. مسعود قاسمی

    thanks a lot

  32. Chaitanya Varma Mudunuri

    Thanks a lot…
    On more great feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. BiB

    Ah, so that’s why I never had any visitors! (Only joking.) Thanks for another innovation.

  34. Boopeh-Nator

    Awesome! :D

  35. Георги

    I don’t like it. I wouldn’t like you do this automatically. The better solution is to add an option that will allow to switch on/off this possibility. In fact I don’t care about SEO and I don’t want my blog to appear in search engines.

  36. Gianluca Sgalambro

    Thanks, good stuff. And good to know we have to do nothing :)

  37. Matt

    Георги, you can exclude yourself from search engines under Settings > Privacy.

  38. Dopey Cowboy

    Nice. Look forward to the attention.
    You guys rock,

  39. aporia

    That’s interesting.

  40. MAV


  41. Moon

    O.K. :)

  42. Kamen

    Sounds interesting :D. Thank you on the update.

  43. Suluh

    Cools!! Another Great Job! Thanks

  44. Emanuele Cipolla

    That’s good. Using RSS feeds as sitemaps was not a piece of cake. Thanks :)

  45. Teck

    Thank you!!! :)

  46. streetsofdublin

    This is good news … thanks

  47. sheepoo

    I like it :)

  48. Fr Renzo di Lorenzo

    Thanks for that. Highly appreciated.

  49. grinder

    Simply fantastic…

  50. Víctor Azuaje

    Great! Is there any way for us to have access to the file?

  51. Manuel Reis

    Cool feature! Thanks, Nick!

  52. plugginaway4him


  53. Ilan

    Really? their are site maps now. Oh cool. First one here to?

  54. afruj

    Have to check

  55. mudge

    Once again, WordPress.com shows that it is absolutely the best! Thanks!

  56. muccamargo

    Nice Nikolay! Very nice!

  57. tippsundtricks

    Very good idea!


  58. cap

    great surprise! thanks guys!


  59. Gerald Ford

    A good feature to have, thank you. :)

  60. tvblogg

    :) great work!

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  62. George Pearce

    Awesome move guys!
    It’s a pity that Google and such don’t support submissions unless you’re verified on their webmaster tools or similar, but i’m sure they’ll find them.
    I presume that links to the blogs sitemap will be added to the site footer, so websites like Google can find them?

  63. Matt

    George, we’ve made the sitemaps auto-discoverable in the robots.txt feed.

  64. grantman

    again …thank you …you guys & gals are the best

  65. deerhunttips

    Thanks Nick.

  66. Harshad Joshi

    Is it enabled by default?

  67. Harper

    Yes! It gets frustrating at times not having the full .org functionality of plugins and user-modifiable code for the .com blogs, but this helps in one area. Thanks much!

  68. Orlando

    Thank You!

  69. wanton me

    Yeah! Good job guys!

  70. Phil Groom

    Way cool, guys: thank you. Can we access our site maps ourselves, please? I’ve always fancied myself as a spider, see, and I want to see how things look from a SE spider’s POV…

  71. Mariano Andrés

    This is great!

  72. Brent

    So now what do I do? How can I access it or view the address? Please advise on where to go from here. Thanks by the way, but please explain in more detail.

  73. torontocondo

    Great, look forward to positive results from more search engines!!

  74. thaitravelinfo

    Thanks you

  75. Guymed

    That’s a pretty good feature ;)
    But give us the ability to turn it on and off. In case there is a blog that doesn’t want to be seen on search engines. The feature is awesome, I can tell you that. :D

  76. Tim Wilson

    That’s fantastic. What’s the address for it going to be?

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  78. josephmallozzi

    Great addition. Thanks.

  79. jimmyjames91

    yay! gotta love something out there just doing it’s thing for ya!

  80. vonpip

    Lovely !! I like you guys!

  81. vanscott

    Thanks! We need all of the help we can get to achieve greater readership!!

  82. docliptz

    Great idea, thanks!

  83. DP

    So sweet! thanks!

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  85. boyo

    Does this apply retroactively to all of my prior posts or does it solely apply to posts from here on out?


  86. anna1978

    Awesome feature! Thanks!

  87. collaborativeinformation

    Thanks a lot. SEO is the latest buzzword and this will definitely help to pick up the posts amongst the myriad of posts and blogs out there.
    Way to go and keep on improving

  88. MondoFree

    Thanks a lot

  89. Roberto Malfatti


  90. solusloqui

    Come on, this is just great, people! You know at the very first moment you put something on the net it will be available to be searched.. and now it’s even better through this facility! Thanks WP! ;)

  91. iamthelostgirl

    Thanks, very useful.

  92. mikecane

    WordPress was already startlingly-good for getting my blog posts into search engines. I’ve had my posts pop up first in Google on more than one occasion.

  93. Florian Huber

    Sounds good to me. Keep on working.

  94. richard brisebois


  95. Dont be sad

    “The funny thing is that you don’t have to inform anybody, because we will do it automatically for you.”

    Funny (:

  96. djcytheria

    that is great news!!

  97. riddax

    This is just awesome, great work!

  98. mposey

    I love it. I have been trying to optimize my site for search engines; now you’re doing it for me on my blog. Thanks!

  99. missionlog

    Thanks for the sitemaps!

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