iPhone Updates: Prologue and Mdot

If you’re an iPhone user — and I expect there will be a few more of you on July 11th — these latest updates are for you.

First we’ve updated our mobile interface, which you can reach at m.wordpress.com, to be much more iPhone friendly. It’s still not sexy, but it’s quite snappy and is great for checking your stats, posting an entry, or posting a bookmark on the go.

Second we’ve updated the Prologue theme to be much friendlier to iPhones both for browsing and posting. We now have about half a dozen Prologues that we use internally at Automattic to coordinate our development, support, and even communication with contractors, so I’ve been testing this out pretty heavily over the last few days and it’s quite handy.

I think the iPhone is a pretty exciting new platform, and I think we’ll do more to embrace it in the future. Having such a powerful browser available on the phone really opens up what you can do. I recently picked up a N95 because I’ve heard people compare it favorably to the iPhone, but the web experience is terrible! Once you get used to that touchscreen, it’s hard to go back.

Here are two snapshots of the features in action:

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  • Jul 4, 2008 @ 6:31 pm
  • Mobile


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  1. Craig Hodgkins

    Can’t keep up with these improvements, Matt. Take a day off to enjoy the Holiday!

  2. juliust68

    this is a great new to me because I post
    from an iPod touch and sometimes is very hard to write

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  4. A7

    Nice updates.
    A WordPress iTouch app would be terrific.

  5. Manny Z

    damn, that looks sweet!

  6. scionunderground

    Nice! Hopefully we can expect a WordPress Native iPhone application when the iPhone Firmware 2.0 comes out… :cough cough:

  7. ClapSo

    First we had the internets on computers, now we have the internets on phones.

    I can’t wait till we have the internets on toasters and microwaves!

    Love and kisses from a non-iphone user hehehehe

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  8. legoless

    Cool. I don’t have an iPhone, but that mobile phone WordPress gadget will come in handy.

  9. Ned Raggett

    Even though it’s still basic, the general m.wordpress.com interface looks great — was just using my iPhone a lot on my recent vacation for posting things on the fly and while I was able to manage nicely this looks much more nicely designed for that kind of work. Just updated the appropriate page on my phone to reflect it!

  10. macblogg08

    When will it be launched?

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  12. macblogg08

    Sorry, my misstake, it has already been launched, saw that now. One feature that would be great is the possebility to edit the posts you make. This would be great and for the record, I love WordPress!

  13. Author

    Sounds fantastic! WordPress just gets better and better!

  14. ramcosca

    Awesome. Here’s hoping you can get an app on the App Store when or after it launches! As simple as what the new mobile page is maybe coupled with offline posting (for those of us stuck with an iPod touch)… that’d be perfect!

  15. amomentsthought

    Like it a lot.

    Make one for the App Store and have it compatible with online and offline usage for multiple blogs. Keep up the fantastic work!

  16. Raul

    And on a non-iPhone related comment, Matt – the themes library for WordPress.com needs more environmentally-focused themes. I’m just saying :)

  17. nicereddy

    That’s cool though I’m a kid with no cell phone it’s still cool!

  18. lnxwalt

    Hope it also looks good on the Insight. I’ll try it out later today.

  19. Weston Deboer

    can’t wait!

  20. oh2btigger


  21. Shakan97


  22. jcesarmo

    This is very cool! Going to grab my iTouch and I’ll try this out!

  23. Julio Fragoso

    i still having no iphone !

  24. sobrikay

    thanks just this little size tweak is really good!

    here’s hoping someday the iphone will get a clipboard and actually be useful for blogging.

  25. Gautham

    Doesn’t google Android also use WebKit ? So this means even future android phones will be able to enjoy the fruits of the hard work.

  26. Chirag

    Is that also called ‘mobile’ blogging?

  27. mekhami

    How about a developed application for the iPhone using the SDK, released (for free) through the AppStore? Has this been looked into?

  28. "Maggie"

    Great usage for Prologue.

  29. Kartik Mistry

    Now, waiting for 11th July :P

  30. Yuval Levy

    The iPhone can also display VR panoramas, but I’d rather use it as a modem and connect to it via bluetooth from a UMPC with a higher resolution display.

  31. Red Kid

    But it would be cooler (and useful) if I had an iPhone! :(
    Any chance that WP will provide its users with iPhones? :P

  32. blogulp.buddy

    thanks for this update. i hope my iphone works better after this.

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  34. Judy O'Connell

    This iPhone update looks awesome to me. As a new iTouch user, and likley devotee of the iPhone any time soon now, this is just what I need. Thanks very much!! Bonza!

  35. blackheathbugle

    That looks good, but m.wordpress.com still completely confuses my (admittedly crappy) Nokia S40 browser… It constantly re-requests login info… m.facebook.com seems to work fine on the other hand…

  36. G

    Niiiiice! :-)


  37. marielsgarden

    Been pretty happy even with a click pointer in my Nokia E61i but can’t wait to get my hands on an iPhone if its as the fun experience you say. Of course i trust you but still waiting for iPhone in Asia. Hurry up Apple.

  38. Shae

    That’s really sweet. ^^

  39. Khürt

    This is awesome! I am tapping out this comment on my iPod Touch.

  40. Armando Netto


  41. Teguh Iman Prasetya


  42. {[(Limeboy11)]}

    That’s so cool!!!

  43. kyleteachman

    Thanks for this update! It is deffinately an improvement and a start in the right direction! I love what you guys are doing keep up the amazing work!

  44. Hotea

    Good news

  45. allantverslendroit

    that’s a greeeeeaaaaaat news !

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  47. dokidok

    This is great!

  48. thebeatles94

    Wierd… the first (well, second) name on that first snapshot is my name… Barry.

  49. ®é∂çøwz

    cool that is awesome

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  51. Mr E

    I like it! Hopefully come the 11th July I’ll be among the masses getting to try out these features :)

  52. Jeff Ventura

    Well, I am among those who will join the iPhone fold come July 11. I’m moving from Verizon (and a BlackBerry Pearl) to AT&T. I love seeing all the iPhone-specific mobile sites and applications coming to the platform. It’s going to be huge.

  53. bassedition


  54. udom

    wow so cool.

  55. Kunal

    great, just get me a iPhone to use all these features :P

  56. Hameedullah Khan

    I really doubt you people are reading our minds somehow through WP maybe ;). Offcourse many of us are waiting for new iPhone to be released. Hope to see WordPress on my own iPhone soon. Let these new innovations coming in.. great work guys.

  57. mirolub

    thats cool.
    but om still waiting for a separate app for iPhone to use wordpress.com :)

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  60. Editor

    Excellent. Once again WordPress comes up trumps! (And Greetings from the UK…Wimbleton has us on the edge of our seats!)

  61. Steve A Furman

    Thanks guys. Big iPhone user. This will come in handy.

  62. popodoni

    good job for again more excited again

  63. fmatt

    heck, the interface looks good enough to me!

  64. rizkivmaster

    Cool………….! Yeah just cool.

  65. afruj

    I really miss it, caz I dont have an iPhone.

  66. only1rob

    Huge thanks from me!

    Ive been using my Iphone to write some of my stories and then emailing them to myself to post, so this will make it easier!

    Thanks again!

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  68. compie

    Cheers guys. We’re going to be first in the world got get the new iPhone (at painful price plans), but will be looking at using this straight away. Thanks a lot, as said before, it’s almost impossible to keep up with you guys.

  69. cpwoton

    Sweet! :D WP keeps getting better… ;)

  70. cap

    great. another reason to want the iphone! =)


  71. darmawanku

    java application for wordpress please, thanks before

  72. Kyle Maxwell

    I hope this portends upgrades to the “regular” mobile interface as well.

  73. admin


  74. RoPiNi

    Nicely implemented. I was wondering why it was so difficult to post from the iPhone before. I just tried this one out and it went through wonderfully.

    Great work.

  75. dandurazo

    Wow, that’s great! I can’t wait to access my blog on my iPhone.

    Dan Durazo

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  77. Mario

    Got an N95? Try Opera Mini. That might improve your experience with what is easily the best non-touchscreen phone available.

  78. PKBM

    cool… I,m waiting it

  79. govjobs

    This is a great news thanks, I’m Excited about the New iPhone coming soon to Indian Market this will definitely help all of us..

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  82. Mr.Rockmantico


  83. allantverslendroit

    maybe you’ll add a surprise in the appstore ?

  84. poonanaja

    yaa! Good

  85. Bauyrzhan

    hey good new news !!! great////

    but is this supports utf8 (unicode)???

  86. emelia

    When will it be possible to post pictures from the iPhone? Or from another phone with a camera?

    It would be great if it was possible to send an MMS from your mobile phone to your blog. That is possible with Blogger but not with wordpress…

  87. coconutgirl

    thanx for keepin up and makin this all fun n ez! hoping, besides posts, it’ll also be easy (possible?) to update pages. I do a daily surf report but it has its own page…. aloha!

  88. lnxwalt

    Tried it out today. It works great with the Samsung Insight (on Sprint). So, great phone, great network, great site, all working together. That’s grrrrrrrrreat!

  89. Jennifer

    I’m glad that wordpress.com is keeping up with the trends, but there are so many more of us who don’t have and won’t have iPhones in the near future; I hope the regular m.wordpress.com interface continues to be developed. i <3 wp.com

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  92. عرفان

    tanx :)

  93. Alexio

    good job!

  94. Scarybooster

    This has helped me a lot I blog everyday with my iPhone.

  95. josepheulo

    Damn! I need to get an Iphone, too bad the service is with At&t. They act like your bothering them whenver you ask them a question about the iphone. Damn!

  96. alcanarha

    thats nice..

  97. zonixsoft

    Wonderful, Thats great !!!

  98. graffiticreator


  99. kingapron

    nice work;)

  100. msite

    Thanks! This looks good on my iPhone! And even on my Blackberry!


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