The Image Uploader — Now With Captions

WordPress bloggers love to share their photos and images with each other, so perhaps it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that when we removed the boring, old image icon that you wrote to us lamenting its disappearance.

But if you haven’t noticed already, there’s nothing to fear, for in its place is the Add an Image button in the Media Toolbar, which has been around for a bit but is now more robust than ever — making it the only thing you’ll need to add and organize photos.

Among its newest features is an easy-to-add caption tool. Just write your caption in the caption field before inserting an image and, voila, the caption displays below the photo inside a tasteful frame.

Adding an Image and Caption

Adding an Image and Caption

Image as it Appears in the Post

Image as it Appears in the Post

To add captions to an image you’ve already uploaded, select the image in the Visual Editor and click the landscape icon for Edit Image. You’ll be presented with the Image Editor, which lets you resize, realign, edit the title, add a caption, and change the image link URL.

The Image Editor

The Image Editor

Prefer the HTML editor? There’s a shortcode* for it, too.

*(Check out this page of the FAQ for a definition of “shortcode” and a list of more handy embeds.)

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  1. jimconnolly

    The original image facility worked better, was easier to use and didn’t need to be ‘fixed.’

    I would have rather seen you work on something that’s REALLY needs fixing – The tiny number of widgets you allow people with hosted blogs to use! The inability to use 99% of widgets is extremely frustrating and dramatically reduces the user experience of those visiting our blogs.

    I’m guessing it’s done deliberately – to force us to move our blogs to your favoured ‘paid for’ hosts?


    Jim Connolly

  2. Heather

    jimconnolly – The new Add an Image tool has a lot more options, with greater flexibility. Please post to the Ideas Forum if you’d like to suggest additions to its functionality. In regard to widgets, our options on will always be somewhat limited for the sake of both security and simplicity. Again, the Ideas Forum is a great place to suggest new widgets.

  3. sugali

    Thank you.

  4. Mario A.

    Why an explanation so late?

  5. asupremenewyorkthing

    Whoa, Heather is sexy. And uhhhh… what? caption? Right, great idea. But Heather…. sexy

  6. soccerofpc

    ok cool.

  7. ClapSo

    This is really keen! Thanks.

    Shortcode? Real bloggers don’ neeeeeed no stinkin’ shortcode!

    Keep this up and you’ll make blogging so easy, even g’dubya bush can do it! That goes double for nobama and mcPain!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  8. Shakan97


  9. Peter A. Mello

    Excellent! Thanks!

  10. Craig Hodgkins

    I’ll get plenty of use out of this. Thanks!

  11. Moon

    Nice :)

  12. Angele

    Hello! I’ve been using the Mistylook theme and if I add a caption, there is a double border that isn’t that nice. Are there any ways to take the original border off?

  13. WindowsNET - Marlon

    Very nice :)

  14. Heather

    Angele – Default borders around the images can be removed by setting the border to 0 (zero) on the advanced settings tab.

  15. rltjs

    Nice modification just what I’ve always wished. I’ve been inserting captions the hard way but surely not next time.

  16. nicereddy


  17. cpwoton

    Cool! It’s awesome to be able to do this! I haven’t really done much with the Image Editor, but I think I’ll try it out!


  18. herb32427

    Good Idea.

  19. m@q

    Noticed it earlier and thank you very much! A very handy and cool item….

  20. Gabriel Ziks

    This is new ? :D
    I like this, perfect…congratulations !

  21. Turkey

    wow so cool.

  22. zwan

    Well, but what we need really is to be able to use our own favicon ;)

  23. solusloqui

    well, this is an interesting & useful ‘small’ feature update! :)
    thanks for the continuing good work guys..!

  24. admin

    Thanks, is a new great feature for our blogs…

  25. stranger

    Nice one! I aways dream for one of this! :)

  26. {[(Limeboy11)]}


  27. iamthelostgirl

    Great new add; I use a lot of images, so this will be very handy. Thanks!


    thanks but I really like the little quick version of adding an image,

    its now gone, can u also bring that back

    i forgot what it was called but it was quicker.

  29. moo

    Actually, I hate the add a caption, because it automatically comes up as “null” and if I forget to change it, then my caption says null under the photo. Annoying!

  30. Heather

    Moo – If “null” appears in the caption field for images without a caption when opening the “Edit Image” dialog, some of the JavaScript files that make it work may need to be refreshed. If you’re using Gears, try to disable it and re-enable it after reloading the page. If not, right-click in the pop-up and select “This frame – Reload” for Firefox or “Refresh” for Internet Explorer. Please contact support if you’re still having trouble after trying those solutions.

  31. Ry Cooder

    Great idea! Keep on codin’ this way!

  32. El Santo

    Yes! Needless to say, I love it. I’ve needed an actual caption thingamajig for a while now.

  33. bodge101

    cool! nice job as usual guys!

  34. juleslife

    You guys are the best! Cheers mates!

  35. Chittaranjan

    Yep! I’ve been using it since a while now!

    Initially I had trouble finding the ‘border’, ‘horizontal/vertical space’ etc options and almost thought *gasp* they’ve done away with it! But they’re hidden from view…maybe a little too well hidden :mrgreen:

    BTW, I thot the gray lines in the image editor was my browser problem! Now I understand its universal…. :D

  36. Alexandre Gamela

    awesomeeee! that’s why i say you’re the best! Thanks and keep up the good work.

  37. Manuel Reis

    This makes WordPress, as always, the best blogging software existent. Great feature!

  38. muccamargo

    Nice! So Beautifull!! Thanks!

  39. 7aki Fadi

    COOOOOL I heart wordpress :D

  40. Dark Crow200

    Hey. Good job WordPress, your really becoming better and better.

  41. Cristian Giménez

    Good Feature!!!
    Tanks!! :)

  42. il

    Nice feature. I’ve used it for some ridiculous captions at

  43. sora9n

    Interesting. I always did caption manually with smaller fonts, though. This is a big help. :)

  44. Author

    Fabulous. As the Queen of posting photos I can’t wait to use this. Thanks. It’s brilliant!

  45. Willy Picard

    Nice feature! However, I would like to suggest two potential improvements to WordPress related with the support for images:
    1) it would be extremely useful to add support for a default image for a given category: each time a post related with a given category is sent, an image (icon) associated with the category could be displayed. Currently I do this manually.
    2) a simpler feature: currently images are sorted according to their submission date. I would like to be able to reorganize the order of my picture in the Media Toolbar.

    BTW, I would like to thank the team for their wonderful work. Million thanks…

  46. Julio Fragoso

    cute !

  47. Mookie

    What took so long to put this up? I love the feature and will use it soon.

  48. Bruno Tsubouchi Yporti

    Very Cool!

  49. iaoj

    WordPress gets better and better day by day. Most Impressive.
    Thank you
    Indus Asia Online Journal

  50. Vivek

    I like! It will relieve me of the hassle of html coding a table everytime I wanted a caption :)

  51. Jason Dragon

    What would be really cool is to have some default settings. One thing I always do is add 3 pixels of room on the horizontal level. I think it just makes it look better. But I can’t do this when I add the photo. I have to add the photo THEN go back and edit it, then go to advanced settings and make this minor change. But I do it to all my photos, so it would be really great if I could set this as a default preference for any new photo somewhere.

    Another thing that would be cool is a download from URL thing. If I find a photo I want to use I have two choices I can save it on my drive then re upload it, or I can just link to the URL and hope they don’t move the photo. It would be really good if I could just put in a URL and click a box to have it saved on my wordpress so that even if they move it I am ok.

    What do you think?

    Jason Dragon

  52. Editor

    good new feature!

  53. oxfordfilmfreak

    YAY! Captions!

  54. Jimmy

    Yeah, I saw that a few days ago. It is a realy good idea. That’s what was missing! ;)

  55. Daniel

    Love it!

  56. danmurray01

    Also you can make them SEO friendly just by adding a keyword to the image. click on the following link to find out how to add your images to google search:

    This will bring you more free tartaged traffic to your blog :)

  57. archiearchive FCD

    WordPress still rocks! This is a good innovation – because it is all about presentation. The only thing needed now is an easy way to wrap text 5 or 10 or 20 pixels away from the image. Then it will be almost like having our “tree” back.

  58. trollboy

    cool. the image editor looks interesting, i’m gonna have to try it out!

  59. Gina

    Thanks WP!

  60. gregornot

    Thanks for the New Feature, gregor

  61. Rahul

    Cool! The ‘caption’ thing Rocks!!
    Thanks a Lot!

  62. The Pissed Off Tree Rat

    Is there an effort to add an autosize feature that prevents the ‘border push’ to the right when images are too large?

  63. the rufus

    I’ve seen this already a while ago but did never use it up to now. Anyhow it allows a clean presentation of the images – thanks.

  64. gvitkova

    The Image Uploader is great, but I am afraid I won´t be able to use it.

  65. Merri Williams

    Thanks *SO* much for this! A *lot* less frustration involved! Hurray!

  66. DAVE ID

    This is an AWESOME feature :)

    Thank you WP Gods :D

  67. happyatom

    It’s a tiny feature, but I swear, I’ve been waiting for this forever! Thanks, WordPress!

  68. Heather

    A great idea for bloggers who post a lot of pictures.

    The problem is, I don’t use captions myself, and I like to put a 10px horizontal space around the pictures I have on my posts. I upload the image minus a caption and all is OK. When I click on the picture to add the 10px hspace (which needs a second step – something you could add to the original uploader page to streamline things), “null” comes up automatically in the caption line and subsequently gets displayed under my picture.

    This means that not only do I need to use two steps to put a picture in my post, I also need to delete an attribute that I didn’t put there. Half the time I forget to delete the “null” line and have to go back in a third time. It’s all a little wearisome.

  69. doanchi

    Great, and comfortable. Thanks so much…

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  71. dinosaur

    What about category?

  72. tshuck

    Sounds great! My wife just took 2,000 photos of a trip to Israel-mostly desert shots:) I am willing to but maybe 20 on my blog to satisfy her. Thanks,

  73. skywalkerismydaddy

    This is a fantastic addition.

  74. happyquark

    It’s about time. This is going to be a really nice feature.

    Thanks much!

  75. Bill

    A much-welcomed addition. Getting the captions where I wanted them by fiddling with the HTML was annoying, and often I settled for sloppy work or none at all simply because I was in a hurry. This tweak rocks!

  76. Stiletto

    Very cool!

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  78. Calvin

    holy cow. this is nifty, im gonna try it out!

  79. Eduardo

    Interesting ;)

  80. wildeny

    I notice this new feature. It’s really nice, though it’s a bit slower to pop up than the old & simple image window. :|

  81. zarkaslog

    omg! every day wordpress improves… i dont know how people can be using other suport for blogging….

    un saludo muy fuerte.

    y gracias!

  82. keithcarpenter


  83. yojoe

    Very cool. This is something I have been waiting for.

  84. thegrip

    How convenient!

  85. wattsupwiththat

    Great feature! But I really think a 50% size should be there.

    At 50% pixels are equally divided, making a cleaner small image. And, 50% is the most common reduction size. The percentages that you have available in the slider are not in sync with standard reductions.

    100% 75% 66% 50% 25% 10% are very common

  86. udom

    I find this feature last week. So cool.

  87. Gerry Sell

    Captions are good – but they should be optional. Having to delete “null” from the caption field is a pain . . . and as for the “tasteful frame” – sorry, it looks more like an old Polaroid photo border. Other stuff working well, though, and free software still a good value!

  88. kfsone

    It would be nice if it didn’t add a caption of “null” to uncaptioned images when there is no caption…

  89. sani

    very useful. thank to the team.

  90. coolsmurf

    very cool feature! thank you wordpress!

  91. Jan Shim

    Whoa! this is a neat feature. Well done!

    Although, I’m really hoping to see a feature that allows multiple images from the Media Library to be inserted into post at one go and applying defaults such as “Full Size” and “Link URL: None” (ones we likely dont ever change). This would be the single biggest improvement for users who manage large number of images and want to spend the shortest possible time in doing so over and over.

    Thank you!

  92. david

    that’s nice!! thanks a lot

  93. Chaitanya Varma Mudunuri

    Thanks wordpress !!!!!!!

  94. Scope

    Wonderful… If there a choice not to have caption.
    You see, sometimes, a pic may be better off without that caption design for that bit of size-up.

  95. M.·. M.·. Jose David Santana Alaniz

    Ok Im Check it.

  96. just Me

    This is cool stuff , is it me or Bloggers are getting Hot!!

  97. riveroflifelisajoy

    I like the look…but I am still having trouble getting pic.s to upload. Help!

  98. Kunal


  99. Paul Weiss

    Great! This is really great for posts with multiple photographs that are difficult to put into context based on the great lengths of some paragraphs.

  100. sachinkraj



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