The Image Uploader — Now With Captions

WordPress bloggers love to share their photos and images with each other, so perhaps it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that when we removed the boring, old image icon that you wrote to us lamenting its disappearance.

But if you haven’t noticed already, there’s nothing to fear, for in its place is the Add an Image button in the Media Toolbar, which has been around for a bit but is now more robust than ever — making it the only thing you’ll need to add and organize photos.

Among its newest features is an easy-to-add caption tool. Just write your caption in the caption field before inserting an image and, voila, the caption displays below the photo inside a tasteful frame.

Adding an Image and Caption

Adding an Image and Caption

Image as it Appears in the Post

Image as it Appears in the Post

To add captions to an image you’ve already uploaded, select the image in the Visual Editor and click the landscape icon for Edit Image. You’ll be presented with the Image Editor, which lets you resize, realign, edit the title, add a caption, and change the image link URL.

The Image Editor

The Image Editor

Prefer the HTML editor? There’s a shortcode* for it, too.

*(Check out this page of the FAQ for a definition of “shortcode” and a list of more handy embeds.)

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  1. pkab

    Nice feature.
    Can we adjust the background color, width/ thick of the caption?
    Please put extra little dot or character x after [/caption] so we do not to switch between Visual or HTML mode to continue writing the article.

    Two thumbs up. :D

    Warmest Regards,

  2. Lance Wiggs

    Please bring back the tree as well – this new method is too slow, complicated and frustration for the simple linking of pictures from flickr/photobucket etc..

  3. sulochanosho

    The Photo caption facility indeed is a great need. Thanks to the innovative team and minds at the WordPress.

  4. Supreeth Rajan

    loading multiple images in a post with captions seems to mess up things in the post… just check it out…

    try all possibilities of messing up… :)

  5. dyyyyy

    AWESOME!! been waiting for this!!!!! :D

  6. ukrainiac

    For me, a beginner at any of this, I am encouraged by all that wordpress does to make our blogs look great! Thanks for this explanation of the “caption” line. I had seen it, but just didn’t know what to do with it! You can bet that TODAY’s pictures will have a caption!!

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  8. Harsukh Thanki

    very usefull.

  9. Rowjie

    i like it!

  10. masbadar


  11. intlxpatr

    Wooo Hooooo! Resizing right in the upload process? Wooo HOOOOO! Love it!

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  13. deftoned

    Interesting feature. I’ve got a system for adding captions to images that I’ve been using for a couple years now, so we’ll see if this feature is worthwhile or not.

  14. Joanne at Frutto della Passione

    I really like this addition. Thanks

  15. ssk1parag

    hello i wants to upload the image how i do?

  16. macopc

    Very nice and usefull, thank’s.

  17. adriaani001

    this is great, thanx

  18. WendySkeleton

    GUYS! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this. Wondering when you we’re going to put it up.

  19. Deborah

    You’re champions, WordPress folks. Thank you.


    It’s awesome updates and I like it. Thanks ;-)

  21. Dilip Prakash

    Thanks for the update….

  22. almostinfamous

    way cool. thanks… this will be more useful for directly uploading photos to WP

  23. Sigrid


  24. dreamzmedia

    Thanks heaps for this. I always like to add atleast one image for all my posts. And adding captions can be a tedious task at times, trying to get the font size right to be uniform with previous posts, and so forth. This enhancement really is a huge help.

    Once again thanks!

  25. Bauyrzhan

    hey I cant see that edit button in my blog

    think with Caption works fine!!! thanks! :)))

  26. Shae

    Thank you!!

  27. krysjez

    Very nice. Saves a lot of messing with align when adding descriptive text.

    Although robust, the media manager is still pretty slow to load, and it would be great if we could select what items to put in the one-click-Gallery-insert instead of only the items uploaded in one particular batch.

  28. brownidegirl74

    Thank you soo much! I have already used this feature and love it!!

  29. Anathema

    Yeah, actually I saw it, and seems like a Polaroid pic!! It’s really cool, thanks!

  30. egghead23

    Is there any way to resize photos you put in your blog?

  31. Teguh Iman Prasetya


  32. Bombero King


  33. Lauren

    This is such a wonderful improvement. Photo essays now are possible without chasing down captions.

  34. Abul-Fadl Nadr al-Atrabulusi

    okay, now give us the old button.

  35. Nick Plowman

    Personally, I find the captions annoying.

  36. isadora williams

    why is the caption text used for alt text? it would be nice to have those separate.

  37. r4f4

    Heather is cute.

  38. mormonsoprano

    I love this new feature! I discovered it a couple of days ago. I use a lot of images on my site, and this really makes things look classy. thank you.

  39. Dr. Nayyar Hashmey

    Ya, it should b wonderful but I have been inserting the caption for ma images. However, when there is a caption carrying more than 8 words, caption appears as null. I wish your newer addition can handle a caption for more than 8 words, because for portraits a short one word caption does suffice, but landscapes, mountains and other photographs do demand a detailed caption by the viewers so that they can then find the background of the picture standing in relation to the text of the story presented.

  40. phreaked

    First off, I feel this post should have come out when the actual changes did. It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to post a photo after you took away that button! lol

    Secondly, I do have one complaint about the captions function itself. Personally when I try to put in another photo after the one I put in with the caption it will lump them both together with that caption. It’s pretty annoying. I have experimented with the caption function but decided not to use it. For some reason my format always gets messed up and it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

    If you have any suggestions for something I may be doing wrong please throw it my way! Thanks!

  41. Andra

    I’ve tried it

  42. leoavalon

    Great advance!

  43. w

    Hooray! Thanks so much!!!

  44. Jim


  45. Quilly

    When composing my post the day the image button disappeared I had about two seconds of freak! Then I thought, there is no way they removed it. They’ve just moved it! So I looked — and found — and fell in love. I have added captions, borders and links to my photos. The new improved button is truly new and improved. Thank you!

  46. nakedbones

    Uploader for me has broken since 2.6 booooo

  47. twilightspath

    Ugh I think this might have messed up all of my blog’s pictures. They were fine until I checked today. Now my blog’s image header has dissapeared and the pictures in my post are, for the most part, not showing up in the post. Is there a quick fix or do I have to go back in and redo all the pictures? I was able to reupload my site header and now it’s fine but I’d really rather not have to redo all the post’s pictures.

  48. aarondewinter

    I can’t wait for a photo album feature (so you can post multiple pics/slide show in a post).

  49. StyleIT

    I really like this feature, although when I insert an image and left align it, I have to make sure that it’s after I’ve written my text, otherwise my text is entered into the caption.

  50. Rodger Jacobs

    You guys are the bomb! I cannot wait to try out this feature.

  51. Konstantinos

    Nice! but I’m still waiting for the HTML Edit?

  52. sssaam


  53. Philippe

    cool :D

  54. fawnahareo

    I noticed the new “captions” feature a couple days ago — LOOOOVE it!

  55. sarah walston


  56. munggur

    Great! Thanks, WP.

  57. Lilja

    A bit late explanation. I struggled with this at first (error and stuff) but it’s alright now.
    I haven’t thought if it’s better or worse than the older feature, because it’s working fine as it is. I’ll check out the caption thing though…
    Thanks :)

  58. bonar

    oh, I used to think it’s an old feature. apparently it’s new.
    great job!! :D

  59. rammal

    Thanks for the feature..

  60. ®é∂çøwz

    Great job! Really appreciate it!

  61. egza

    it is much time this feature is on

  62. temazostraducidos

    i’m gonna prove it… thanks…

  63. temazostraducidos

    i mean… i’m gonna try it… :)

  64. saranicole

    The feature is really cool! My only question is…. can you make it so that when you go in to edit pictures menu, the caption doesn’t default to “null”….. because sometimes I don’t WANT a caption, and I have to manually delete the word “null” every time I go into the menu to resize a picture or add a border or change the alignment………….

  65. sinac

    Hi Dear, thans for teaching.

  66. Zain Abdullah

    I have noticed it earlier when I wanted to upload my images. However I find it very difficult to navigate especially when i want to insert text after uploading images. I think I prefer the previous image insert button – simpler and more convenient. Anyway thanks for adding another cool feature.

  67. tiiz

    Once you get used to it it’s absolutely a nice addition to the Web 2.0 era. I love its ease of use and functionality once I got use to it!
    Don’t get mad at me I’m just Tellin’ it Like it T-I-Tiiiz!

  68. Lazza

    Maybe the old icon was simpler, but at least it permitted me to align images in whatever manner i wanted, without the need to modify html code. :-(

  69. Teguh Iman Prasetya


  70. Herbert Springer

    Thank you! Now I just need to use it!!

  71. Fabio Santos

    great too !! NOW I UNDERSTOOD.

  72. joetaxpayer

    I’ve started to use it, and agree it’s a great feature.
    It saves me an FTP to load images to my server and then link.

    WordPress continues to get better and better.
    Thanks to the team.

  73. sastre

    Qué buena idea. It´s good, very good.
    Eduardo Sastre

  74. mjfaustino

    That’s great! Thanks!

  75. faithquest75

    Thanks wp

  76. scratchbags

    I have always felt that wordpress is more classy than the rest of the blog softwares in interweave. But I’d really request if you could do something about the Java thing. There are so many widgets that we are not able to put on our website becasue of this constraint.

    This was excellent.

    Scratch Bags

  77. ana peluso

    Very cool!

  78. Richmond

    Yeah, I used the last time.

  79. M. C.

    Thanks for improving WP!
    I noticed it last month and found it difficult to use. I was not sure wether that was because of my browser (FF & IE7) or my computer, because some features would not appear on one browser but on the other one and vice-versa.
    I hope I have a better luck next time!

  80. Mercedes

    I like this. I have been using it for awhile. I am still waiting to have many galleries on one page-like photo albums with themes. I like Matt’s photo blog. Maybe one day! ;)

  81. Cassandra

    this looks really classy. Awesome job! I wonder if there is a way to use this nifty feature even when posting pictures hosted on third-party sites, such as Flickr. Regardless, I like.

  82. bip mistry

    Good idea but you have to sort the need to fix the image size once its been crunched to death!

    Bip Mistry

  83. fortsmithrealestate

    I know I am glad to see it! Thanks so much!

  84. dvdcomplex


  85. hamidbibby


  86. goadhiyya


  87. pluc

    Works for me ! Great feature !

  88. zacca

    Great new feature.
    Just used it! Makes it easier.

  89. Netty

    That is great. You are making lots of improvements for us. Thank you! :)

  90. gwischhusen

    That great! Very nice touch.

  91. Slider 466

    cool!! This rocks!

  92. teliczan

    I started using this feature by accident about a week ago and love it. My blog is primarily HDR photos and I had been having problems importing them into my posts and keeping them the size I wanted. Since this upgrade photo imports are working perfectly for me. Thanks!

  93. Mark Abramson


  94. bamdadi

    Thanks a lot. I have been dreaming about this feature since long ago. The wonderful wordpress is fully compatible with right-to-left languages, like Persian (Farsi). This new feature also perfectly works with Farsi :)

    Really cool… Thanks!

  95. graffiticreator

    I have been using this tool a lot more recently… thanks! … the only improvement I would make to the imageupload-majig overall would be to auto remove hyphens from the text pulled from image name and put in the image title text box.
    One Love,

  96. mbelGedez™

    And Thanks…

  97. Sarah

    I do like this feature, but doesn’t work so great with little tiny pictures.

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  99. achonu

    This is exactly what I have looking for-a webpage where I will be free to express myself

  100. undercover

    good job fren! very nice…


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