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We’ve always been vigilant about keeping your data backed up and up-to-date. You deserve to have that kind of control, too.

That’s why there’s Post Revisions, which keeps a copy of the post or page you’re editing each time you save it. Even cooler, it allows you to look back at the five most recent saved changes and revert to an earlier version if you need to.

Post Revisions originated as a plugin called blicki by Ryan Boren. We improved the code and user experience for inclusion in WordPress 2.6, and have now enabled it for everyone on

Post Revisions improves several things in WordPress…

Multi-author blogs: You can see who made changes to posts, and when.

Undo: If you accidentally delete a paragraph and then hit the save button, don’t worry! That old information is still there for you to reference or revert to.

Autosave: Autosave is now enabled for all posts and pages, not just drafts.

And it’s got pretty colors, too.

To try out Post Revisions, select a revision date in the Post Revisions section under the text editor. Select another date in the revisions list, click Compare Revisions, and you can check out the two versions of your post side by side, with changes clearly highlighted.

If you like what you see in a prior post better, just click Restore for that date and the post is reverted back (with a new version stored next time you save, of course).

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Mike Adams (mdawaffe)


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  1. cpwoton

    Wow! This totally rocks! One time I accidentally deleted something and then saved the post and couldn’t get it back! This rocks!



    Wow, it is just getting better and better!

  3. Don

    Eh, that’s cool.

  4. mahasiswamath

    otomatic bro…

  5. Sonic30132

    Cool. That’s neat. It will make things a lot easier when I delete a paragraph.

  6. Manuel Reis

    It’s like Wikipedia on blogging!

  7. dandelionsalad

    That is incredibly useful, thank you so much.

  8. Ratnakar Garikipati

    This is quite a useful feature. Thanks!

  9. danmurray01

    Nice feature

  10. trollboy


  11. Robert Dall

    Awesome thanks again WordPress. One of the best blogging platforms around.

  12. m@q

    Very useful idea… Like it very much… I had several cases where I accidentally deleted a paragraph and then hit the save button… what a nightmare!!

    Thanx to WP!

  13. Prabu Pandu Asakura®

    Wow, another extraordinary update. Thank you so much… :D

  14. arti47

    Nice feature! That’s what I love about WP!!

  15. ®é∂çøwz

    Great Idea!

  16. Julio Fragoso

    one word !


  17. Moon

    Good. :)

  18. Sunili

    Thanks team! It’s so great how you are always thinking of more ways to make things EVER BETTERER!!! for us :)

  19. pkab

    Cool feature.
    How to control the ultimate decision maker of revisions (if there are multi authors)?
    Does it take our space? Can I disable this feature if I don’t want it?

    Million thanks and cheers,

  20. mdawaffe

    Any author that can edit a particular post can see that post’s revisions and revert back to one of those revisions. We don’t police the authors on your blog, that’s up to you :)

    The feature doesn’t take any of your upload space: 100% free.

    You can’t turn it off, but you can choose to ignore it :)

  21. Nibu Thomas

    Wow this is great stuff! WordPress is improving day by day, good going guys and three cheers from my side.

  22. claudio

    Of course, I keep track of my revisions, but the method is very rough (one version after other without timing). So I do appreciate your way. Thanks

  23. destinee baker

    thank god. :)

  24. susan2009

    Thank you for this latest update. I appreciate the work you guys do to help us have the best tools for our blogs.

  25. midclass

    Great future! Thanks for improving every day WP!

  26. rere

    Thanks to Word Press, that more and more intresting day by day………

  27. Manny Z

    awesome! this is the most useful update you guys have come up with!

  28. syymza

    Great Feature!

  29. iamthelostgirl

    Great new feature, I noticed it a little while ago. I am forever deleting things by accident, so very useful. Thank you.

  30. geekgrrrl

    I love this feature! It saved me earlier today :)

  31. cenya95

    wow, it’s great feature. Thanks

  32. hal786

    this is great, i noticed it too, brilliant

  33. Joanne at Frutto della Passione

    Doing a happy dance!

  34. Jan Derrer

    Thank you very much, great feature!

  35. yungchin

    Thanks, that’s really a priceless feature!

  36. Zeezat

    Great feautre.. It really suits blog with multiple authors.

    I like it very much..

    Keep growing guys.

  37. sulochanosho

    Really a very enhanced facility from the WordPress.

  38. Sahil Bhalla

    I like this feature very much. Thanks guys for adding it!

  39. the rufus

    Wow – a new experience here. Now I can trace my 1.000 revisions of those posts which are usually under construction for some month. ;)

    Btw, did you know that it does not show correctly in IE 7 but only in “THE OTHER” …

  40. Ricardo Homsi

    Congrats to WP for bringing up useful tools such as this (and three cheers to Ryan Boren for coming up with the plugin that got this particular ball rolling). This is something that really gives an extra sense of security to our day-to-day posting — a professional-grade editing feature that’s bound to set further apart from the competition. Keep up the good work!

  41. Chirag Jain

    In this feature, does it mean that all search engines are pinged for new posts, and consequently it shows up in wordpress as a new post?

  42. mdawaffe

    The search engine ping behavior has not changed.

    Also, doesn’t ever create new posts for you, only new revisions of posts and only when you click the “Save” (or “Publish”) button on the Write Post screen.

  43. ClapSo

    Having had a few scary moments where I lost stuff and had to troll the browser cache to find what I lost, this upgrade is just what a doddering old fool like me needs!


  44. madsilence

    Helpful and Thank you.

  45. ebrown

    Nice. I cannot tell you how helpful this will be. I have had the occasional brain-glitch and deleted or saved by accident — now I can retrieve the older version and keep moving. Keep up the good work.

  46. da|v|ned

    wonderful feature..thanks for the good work.

  47. Narayanan Aier

    Nice work! Keep up the good work!

  48. Guineapig119

    Nice. It sounds very helpful

  49. empressofdrac

    thanks for this..

  50. Kunal


  51. youcantcallitit

    We do need this! I always seem to have more than one working window open at a time, because when you go to “view this post” and then edit from that page, you wind up having multiple windows open, and sometimes I have edited on both of them simultaneously. So this is a very welcome feature for me, thank you!

    ~Baby Name Blogger.

  52. Mas Kopdang

    Recents Posts Revisions List with chronological update make me easy to make the other history… ;)

  53. frances

    Nice. That would work well for the group blogs my students have to write.
    Btw, when are you guys going to add new themes? It’s been a long time.

  54. laudu

    I appreciate the newest update. Thanks for all the work you do to make our work in blogging just a tad easier…if not more fun. :)

  55. riveroflifelisajoy


  56. maiideas

    That’s a valuable feature you added. Thanks! Where do I find “text editor” to get to the “post revisions”? I didn’t see it in “Write”.

  57. bubbler

    Keep up the great work; WordPress is enabling non-technical users to articulate their passions and thoughts in a way never before seen. We appreciate it.

  58. Pumps And Gloss

    Awesome feature.

  59. thespiritdog

    Always Thinking. You gotta love that.

  60. iaoj

    Very niiiiiiiice.

  61. andrewong2024

    Thanks guys for making wordpress a great place to blog =)

  62. buzu

    Great. That’s something we needed! Thanks for beeing at the top of everuthing.

  63. Scope

    Good… job. :D

  64. Rollin

    This is veeerry useful for editorials. And i need all the help i can get with those. Good stuff, keep it up.

  65. vpalmu

    Nice one !

  66. april22

    I just came across this new feature. Really useful.

  67. hymes

    This is great, I have lost posts too many times due to slips of my fingers, this will save me so much work!

  68. loquehumaine

    Great job guys!! Thanks a lot!!!

  69. lapbooking

    What lovely people you are, WordPress! I use it plenty. Thanks.

  70. DAVE ID

    You guys kick ass. That’s all I can muster

  71. Mike

    Cool! That’s an excellent new feature. One more reason to stay with WP!

  72. Gdedouy

    thank you wordpress team
    good work

  73. Johnny Scharonne

    Simply fab!

  74. Tony Whitson

    What level of blog member can use this (Admin, Editor, Author) ?

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  76. yuechan

    Nice and useful. Thanks for it!

  77. Nita

    This has happened to me several times…I mean deleting and then saving and regretting it. So this will be a useful feature. Not used often, but even then useful!

  78. cekka

    it’s cool.. and very useful too.
    Your efforts to improve WP really appreciated.

  79. patrioticwisdom

    Making our lives a bit easier. Thanks for a great feature.

  80. Vish

    Congrats guys. I always edit stuff and mess it up considerably. Thanks for another great feature. :-)

  81. Jimmy

    Really nice. It looks like a wiki. That’s a really great feature.

  82. Really Robin

    Oh yes! Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve deleted, saved, then cursed because I had no way to get it back!

    Great improvement. Thanks guys!!

  83. Wwe Adam

    Yup! I’ve see a lot of this already.

  84. M. C.

    Oh thanks! Yet another great improvement and source of relief!!
    We’ll soon be out of compliments for you guys! :)

  85. fauzanb

    good job :-)

  86. Vasudha

    This is totally cool! :)

  87. Shirisha

    Yup, I noticed it sometime back and it is great :-) Thanks.

  88. ChaotiX66

    Still proves WordPress is the best versatile blog-platform there is ;-)

  89. oldswimmer

    I have to say that you are really staying on top of a blogger’s needs … especially one with not a lot of experience, technically speaking. It is a pleasure to spend time in the learning curve, and that’s saying a lot!

    Thank you!

  90. chill24

    like the picture!

  91. কাপালিক

    Excellent feature. Thnx for the wonderfull job. Now it will be easy to find a previous version of the post. Well done!

  92. blogscapes

    Great, thanks, guys!

  93. alexisband

    Awesome.. this saves me when I have ReWrite-itis..

    Go WordPress Go!

  94. Sakib

    it’s awesome updates ;-)

  95. victualling

    As a new WordPress blogger I have to say I am very impressed with the progressiveness and high quality of the whole operation. Thank you!

  96. questionabletopic

    thanx a plenty!

  97. Gorgo

    AWESOME! I heart wordpress! I do love the autosave as well.

  98. munggur

    I never thought before that a blogging platform can have this kind of cool feature. Well done, WP!

  99. Angela Brett

    Excellent! I had been looking for this feature, since I’m used to it from things like wikipedia and software version control systems.

  100. edwintcg



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