Theme Updates: Tags and Categories for All

Tags and categories are an increasingly popular means of search and discovery. If you tag it, they will come.

That’s why we rolled out updates to include the display of tags and categories alongside posts — a task that’s now been completed on the few themes that we missed.

The result for you is increased traffic to your blog and a way for readers to find related items, which keeps them coming back. The result for your readers is easy navigation and a richer, more coherent experience throughout our more than 60 themes.

And because consistency is just as key as customization, we’ve also added the image alignment CSS classes to all themes so the images you lay out in the editor more closely match the results of your published post.

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Nick Momrik


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  1. Teck

    Thank you… :)

  2. lastcrazyhorn

    So I take it that there’s no way to going back to having them hidden?

  3. Tim Rueb

    That will help. Thanks. Now if you could just add the Meta keywords code as fields also, that would be great.

  4. g

    Much Appreciated!

  5. Nibu Thomas

    Thanks mate!

  6. Charles

    Thanks Nick… :D

  7. startlingmoniker

    Thank you for this. I appreciate your hard work!

  8. Craig Hodgkins

    Just saw those tags and categories earlier today. My theme never had them before, so they stood out. Thanks.

  9. sugali

    Thank you very much. Good Job!:)

  10. Kunal

    great :)

  11. mudshark

    Thanks. just went back to a previous theme, that didn’t have them, a couple days before they showed up.

  12. thegands

    thanx… :D

  13. Dori Doreau

    no thanks for this as long as we can’t chose if we want tags and categories at the bottom of our posts or not. some bloggers prefer a clean look and feel of their blogs over a handful of more visitors. like the bloggers who chose deliberately themes without that stuff on the bottom.

  14. cankey


  15. hoh

    “…display of tags and categories alongside posts ”
    sounds spectacular!

    being a blogging novice – i have to say i have no idea what yr talking about!
    what do you mean by “alongside”?
    does that you are moving the tags and cats. from the bottom of the post to the margins?
    the theme i’m using places them at the bottom of each post
    before and after pic with yr blurb would be marvellous!

  16. Nick

    Some themes display them at the top of a post, others at the bottom, and others in the sidebar.

  17. mysoresharath

    Thanks Nick. I am greatful to you.

  18. Manny Z

    is there any chance that you could make it so that only ‘tags’ were global, and ‘categories’ were just for your own blog categories?

    it’s really confusing at the moment, because at the top of the post the categories actually act in the same way as tags, but at the bottom of the page the categories act in a different way, just for the blog.

    categories should not redirect to tags… categories should be their own thing…. it’s much more helpful and a lot of people have been askinf for this
    if people want to browse globally they can click on the tags. but if people want to see what else you’ve written on a particular subject they can click categories.

  19. Nick

    Currently there is not a way. We are discussing some options.

  20. Belinda

    sweet … enjoy your summer!

  21. fauzanb

    thanks a lot

  22. Tiziano Solignani

    You should add the author of the post too, to every theme, a feature which is really important in blog where many people cooperate, there are many of them around…

    Thank you for your marvellous work.

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  24. Ratnakar Garikipati

    good stuff :)

  25. bodge101

    sounds good! ive always been a big fan of tags!

  26. fpbw

    THANK YOU. I am very happy by wordpress !

  27. tokjan

    nice… thank a lots

  28. কাপালিক

    Excellent..a feature I was missing most at wordpress :)

  29. theblackrat

    Thanks for the hard work and rolling updates


    Different updates and awesome ;-)
    Thanks WordPress Team.

  31. Sharon

    You guys are superb! Thanks

  32. adamsemail

    Keep up the good work.

  33. ClapSo

    Youse guyz is wizardz!

    I can haz feed statz next?

  34. Nevis

    Great, thanks! :)

  35. SyrFox

    It would be great to show the author of a post as well (at least for multi authors blogs), with tags and categories…

  36. iaoj

    Very nice. It will help the readers and the visitors of the blogs to find the information on different perspectives and it also helps to get/search information quickly. I have nothing to offer you great guys but to say “thank you.”

  37. Dark Crow200

    Hey. Thank’s! :)

  38. aly

    thank you :D

  39. cindybin

    I’m a middle-aged woman and don’t understand what you’re talking about.

  40. robertstevenson


  41. krysjez

    This is hypothetical, but what if I want them hidden?

  42. Nick

    Depending on the theme, you might be able to hide the area using Custom CSS. It just depends on what CSS classes are available around the area.

  43. sarsen56

    It’s still a black art to me, tags, css, keywords, meta (which sounds like a food additive…) I don’t know how half this stuff works but thanks anyway!

  44. panca

    thanks for the info

  45. cpwoton


  46. salute

    Thank you Nick. That’s great!

  47. yorgyb

    I really love wordpress tags…

    Really good tools for bloggers…

  48. veronikab

    Why not give us the choice to switch them off?! One can switch off snapshots and automatic “related” links without paying for the upgrade, why not the tags as well? If I prefer not to clutter my blog in exchange for not increased traffic, that should be my decision. This is the first time I am unimpressed with what WP is doing.

  49. em

    Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf.

    Since starting more than 18 months ago, I have learned so much here and been able to share much more of my expertise due to your expertise!

  50. ninamazing

    excellent :)

  51. Moon

    Great :)

  52. Christine

    Thank you for updating my very favorite feature. :)

  53. secondchancetolive

    Thank you Nick. I appreciate you showing how to upload an image through the mpg, instead of just telling us how to upload an image. I am a visual learner, so showing me how to “do” enhances my learning process.

    Thank you for your time and kindness. Have a simply phenomenal day and God bless you Nick!


  54. dragonmm2010

    Good News Thanks

  55. Will Hicks

    Awesome, possum.

  56. Guineapig119

    Sound good! :mrgreen:

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  58. sawungjati


  59. hiscrivener

    So, what’s the chance of offering up additional themes? All these other Sites with Free WP Themes are in the 100s?! What’s up with that? Some of those look sweet.

  60. Mr.k

    Yes, indeed :D

  61. musicadelbarrio

    Thanks a lot! I agree with Tim Rueb: could you just add the Meta keywords code as fields also?

  62. Mr. Anonymous®

    Thank You Nick. You guyz (& Galz) are a blessing in disguise. KUDOS to everyone for such dedication and STELLAR RESULTZ !!!!!!!!!!

  63. QC

    @Manny Z:
    I agree. The categories should link to the blog’s categories.

  64. Metal Fury 2


  65. besserEsser

    Thank you! Great thing.

  66. Angela Brett

    Cool! I was wondering why I had to add align=”right” to images which already had the CSS right-alignment thingy. I guess I don’t have to any more. Thanks!

  67. Muslimah

    I got very disappointed when seeing my blog today. I prefer a clean look as my blog has many tags, so it looks bad to display categories and tags alongside posts. That’s why I picked ChaoticSoul by Bryan Veloso as my theme. I’ll be glad if there is an option of choosing whether or not we want to display categories and tags alongside posts.


  68. HeiligeDamon

    Great Improvement!


  69. Chittaranjan

    Good job extending display of Tags n Categories across all the themes. I would have liked it even more if the placement of these T & C’s vis-a-vis the post can be controlled by the user. Is there a way by which they can be chosen to display above the post or below it?

    BTW, if Tags are so good for search n traffic, why is there a ‘Limit’ on the No. of Tags we can add to a post?

  70. Nick

    There actually isn’t a limit on the number of tags and categories you can use with your posts, but there is a limit for how many can be used so that your post still shows up in the public listings. If we allowed too many it would be an easy way for people to spam tags that don’t match up to their content.


    woot woot

  72. chrysler

    very much appreciated!

  73. Julien

    Thanks, I appreciate it :-)

  74. tinarathore

    great! i’ve been reading sbout ppl not “happy” with wp… may be this will help! themes… that sounds great. had a gruelling time zeroing it to one of my choice.

  75. katesjc6189

    Anything that helps drive traffic to the blogs is a good idea; as blogs need to feed and cross-fertilise eachother and the wider cyberspace.

  76. the rufus

    Oh, my theme already had them – can you make someone come thruugh another door? :)

  77. cleanupmyspacelayouts


  78. danmurray01

    It always nice to have more traffic.

    Thanks Nick.

  79. Gayonese

    thanks u … WordPress Is The Best

  80. barok

    Really cool, it was kinda annoying how my theme had no such options before. But now… thank you. :)

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  82. cenya95

    Thanks, :)

  83. Nestor the Chronicler

    rock on

  84. notjustpretty

    cool! i love new stuff

  85. that girl again

    I suppose your next step is to tamper with the html so we can’t hide them with CSS on any themes? It’s already next to impossible on some.

  86. sankpoetwo

    i like it

  87. billbennettnz

    “That’s why we rolled out updates to include the display of tags and categories alongside posts”

    Hmm, I can see the categories, that’s great thanks. I can’t see tags alongside posts. There are tags underneath. Is that what you’re referring to?

  88. wuryan

    Thanks, a good information

  89. Dilip Prakash

    Thanks Nick…. its really cool….

  90. pkab

    nice feature. four thumbs up.


  91. jasechong

    Thanks! I only started using tags more seriously a few weeks ago, so this is a welcome change.

  92. Spot Light

    Nice Work Nick :)

  93. karl032301

    Good job!

  94. lafangamb

    Veryy Gooodd


  95. Vasudha

    Thanks much! :)


    Thank you very much. WP rocks. That’s why I am in love with this simple yet sophisticated blog engine.

  97. Gdedouy

    Thank you

  98. N.R.

    Yes, driving traffic to your blog is one thing, but category links that go to the global category list, instead of my own – that I don’t like.

    Good that the category list in widgets still goes to my own categories.

  99. octavpelin

    Thanks,it is a good ideea.

  100. John

    I know WordPress is bound and determined to keep categories and tags (in the actual posts themselves) global instead of local (unless you choose to go private and shut yourself off from the rest of the universe).

    I sent a suggestion to WordPress about a month ago that I’d be will to pay — as I do for the CSS upgrade — for the privilege to make the categories and tags in my posts local without shutting myself off from search engines.

    I think a lot of people would prefer that to the current system, and it would be an extra source of revenue. Everybody wins. Please consider it, WordPress. You’d have my $15 in a heartbeat.


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