Announcing 24-7 Support

It’s 10 o’clock on a Saturday. Do you know where your WordPress support team is?

Logged on and answering your questions!

Blogging on WordPress is easy, but sometimes you need a hand. Enter the Happiness Engineers, a team of support staff dedicated to answering your questions and tackling any problems you may have.

Not long ago, our team was online 9 a.m to 4 p.m. PDT to answer your questions and keep your blog running smoothly. That was lame. Soon after, we brought it up to 24-hour support, five days and week, so those across the country and across the globe wouldn’t have to wait for their answers. Better, but still lame.

The time has come for help without delay. We hereby announce 24-7 support on

We’ll try our best to reply to every request within 24 hours — usually much less. How fast can we really go? Send us a request to find out (but please only if you have a question).

Cheers! And happy blogging.

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Heather R.


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  1. gizzy1019

    very cool

  2. wowo822

    Wow! You guys are awesome!

  3. cpwoton

    Cool! Wow, you guys are awesome!

  4. allforblue

    Good staff, great team

  5. marcosland

    cool, indeed! cheers!

  6. sjk

    Thanks for adding this. Hopefully I’ll finally get an official response to my previously unanswered questions. :)

  7. m@q

    Thanks a lot!!

  8. belafleck

    You’re so beautiful heather :)

  9. Teck

    Awesome thank you very much… :)

  10. Vitaliy


  11. ClapSo

    WOW! This joint is getting to be like a real business…

  12. Christine

    Thanks so much. I look forward to your words of wisdom. :)

  13. migli2007

    Thanks! you’re a great Team!

  14. catalincrimu


  15. museditions

    Wahoo! This is very much appreciated, given world-wide usership!!!

  16. Paulette

    We appreciate it! Thank you!

  17. legoless


  18. trollboy

    happy engineers! awesome. you should copyright that

  19. Lubi :)

    I knew it! Moving to WordPress was the Best decision I’ve made concerning blogging! :) Thank you so much all that you do! God bless! :)

  20. morris108

    It’s the thought that counts, thank you.
    Of course one gets a little bit, and then wants more, like asides and other plugins.
    Keep up the good work!
    It’s a flawless operation, touch wood.

  21. jimconnolly

    WordPress is excellent.

    This is yet another reason why we WordPress users should not only USE WordPress, but recommend it to everyone!


    Jim Connolly

  22. Ridgeliner

    “Happiness Engineers” LOL !

    Kudo’s on the 24/7 support, but please tell me you didn’t pay consultants to come up with that descriptor…….

  23. The Editor

    Now if only comments on the blog got approved faster.

  24. Wendy

    having experienced this fabulous support very recently I say kudos to you all!

  25. Rob Rockitt

    That is awesome! Thanks!

  26. axinia

    great job, happy engineers! – and yes, you are fabulous!!

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  28. Deb

    Awesome! Thanks!

  29. mormonsoprano


  30. Ricardo Homsi

    The margin of professionalism that places head-and-shoulders above the rest just keep getting bigger. This is wonderful news. Thanks, guys!

  31. MM0NDX

    Very nice news!

  32. Charlene Farber

    Dude, Totally awesome!!

  33. papaioannou


  34. umacitrasari


  35. vjp

    That’s great!

  36. mclearskin

    Gold Olympic Medal 2008 for WP !

  37. Guymed

    Awesome! Now I don’t have to wait sooo long for support to wright back.

  38. annant

    wow, a very good snews tho i never ask for help =.=

  39. Quản trị

    WordPress is excellent. Thanks!

  40. Werner Trotter

    Great service, thank you.

  41. {[(Limeboy11)]}


  42. hoh

    incase yr not aware of it – yr pic is very dark – infact i’d call it a silluette!
    IT & blogging jargon is the big issue with me
    people help and i don’t know what they are talking about!
    i’m dim but nice and jolly cleaver in other ways!

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  44. Dont be sad

    WordPress continues to impress me with how much it works for its bloggers. Thank you, once again*

  45. vettiliveinnorthcote

    sweet! thank you!

  46. gypsy-heart

    That’s good news…you continue to evolve!!!

  47. iamthelostgirl

    Great news, even better customer service :D

  48. aerosol

    Thanks, people. You always come up with good news.

  49. Penguin100


  50. Jan Shim

    24 x 7 means folks in different times zones aren’t left out. Perhaps now, you guys can work on the image uploader to allow multiple images concurrently insert into post :)

  51. Nilnews

    OK 1000 thanks!

    Very nice news for nilnews hehehehhehe!!

  52. that girl again

    Good, but it’s ever so slightly misleading to imply that everyone on the page you linked to is a ‘happiness engineer’. I make it four.

    It’s also a bit strange that you’re talking about ‘our team’ yet aren’t on that page yourself.

  53. Moon

    Good news :|

  54. kempton

    24-7. Love it. Thanks!

  55. Will Rhodes

    Excellent news!

  56. nicereddy

    Cool! I wish you did this forever ago because i had a bug on my site, so we were only getting 20-30 hits a day compared to the 100′s we usually got! I had to wait about 4 day’s becuase of my time and i had school and stuff, also I’m guessing about 1-5% of the blogs on wordpress are about club penguin!

  57. bytch

    Thank you and thank you and thank you very much.

  58. tizona

    Absolutely fab, Wordy…Oh, Heather belafleck beat me to it…so, I’ll say it another way…Lovely lady you are ;)

  59. leeaase

    This is wonderful. I love using and heartily recommend it for anyone starting a blog, because you can move to a self-hosted WordPress installation later.

  60. Heather S. Ingemar

    You guys rock.

  61. Kaveetaa Kaul

    Wonderful..Happiness Engineers are sure gonna spread lotsa happiness around. No more “gosh ..its the weekend so no support” dilemmas..Guys you simply ROCK!!

  62. kangdim

    it’s nice..!

  63. cristiantm

    Very very good!!!

    WordPress support was already good enough… I had answers very quick when I needed… If it will be even better, what can I say? :D

    Thanks for this amazing service!

  64. epj132


  65. Sahil Bhalla

    This is very good news indeed. Thanks guys!

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  67. nonah

    thanks! you guys are awesome!

  68. intlxpatr

    Woooo Hooooo! That is world class!

  69. barrycade

    this is very much appreciated. big thanks!

  70. Guineapig119

    24 Hours! That means I could wake up at 2 am, email you, and (probably) have a responce by morning! :mrgreen:

  71. goodtimepolitics

    Thanks, always has had good service and can not see how it can be better! Keep up the good work!

  72. hyorinmaru

    Thank you… :)
    I mean, “all of you” :-D

  73. ®é∂çøwz

    I am glad to know that the best blogging system has such great user support! Thank you so much!

  74. pennygould

    Thanks happiness engineers! Nite owls are people too!

  75. wuryan

    Thanks a lot and a good job

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  77. mixerlady

    Wow, this is great! Thanks

  78. scrunchyy

    Thank you!! This is one more reason to stay here!

  79. asupremenewyorkthing

    24 hour support is great. Heather, I love you.

  80. sharemethat

    Thank you .

    care u all :-)

  81. travelrat

    Thanks for a most welcome improvement!

    I’ve only had one issue with WordPress, and that was promptly resolved … but, I did have to wait half a day before the service centre opened. But, at least, I’m in Europe, not Australasia or the Far East :D

  82. dickiebo

    This, on top of the help that we in the UK get from the Forum, is excellent stuff. A lesson in Customer Relations that the major companies could do well to follow. Well done – and Thanks.

  83. Rahul

    You guys are truly Amazing!

    Keep up the Good (hard) Work :))

  84. JerseyGirl

    Thanks! I really like the changes, WP is making!

  85. nellyspencer

    What a great service! Thanks guys! It is reassuring, especially for new bloggers such as myself.

  86. चन्द्रशेखरन नायर

    WordPress blogging is a blessing for me.

  87. witart

    Thanks a lot…

  88. Greypowered

    Thank you very much! I hope I won’t have to bother the Happiness Team too much though!

  89. neuroaster

    Cyberhallelujah :D Yay :D

  90. Shae

    The best FREE service ever!! :3

  91. Narayanan Aier

    Niceeee! You guys just keep getting better and better!…

  92. Spot Light



    teams are great. thanks so much.

  94. orangorang

    Thank You. It’s such a pleasure to blog with all of you. Cheers!

  95. Pothi

    Great to hear that.


  96. admin

    You’re the Best!!

  97. christianvn

    Thanks, a very great news for my fist steps in WordPress, Courage !

  98. yorgyb

    This is why i love wordpress, their service are tip top…

  99. grouchow

    Very nice, thank you! :)

  100. Sanjana Hattotuwa



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