July Wrap-Up

July was an awesome month. We released our Open Source iPhone app and rolled out updates on WordPress.com in tandem with version 2.6 on WordPress.org. Here’s the stats rundown:

  • 257,163 blogs were created.
  • 271,427 new users joined.
  • 3,110,479 file uploads
  • About 1,381 gigabytes of new files.
  • 395 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 4,868,359 logins.
  • 812,287,538 pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 567,059,283 on self-hosted blogs (1,379,346,821 pageviews total across WordPress blogs we track).
  • 1,102,039 active blogs and 13,216,843 active posts where “active” means they got a human visitor.

Other interesting stuff:

We signed on The Real Dan Lyons as a VIP blogger (though you may know him as the Fake Steve Jobs).

You added more tags and categories than ever before: more than 8 thousand tags and 19 thousand categories.

You made great use of our new caption feature: more than 75 thousand in its first month.

Writers for Maclean’s, Canada’s only national weekly current affairs magazine, now blog with WordPress VIP.

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  • Aug 5, 2008 @ 6:18 am
  • Wrapup


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  1. buzu

    Wow! Those numbers are scarry!

  2. Teck

    Sweet thanks for the update… :)

  3. Teguh Iman Prasetya


  4. joycreator

    Congratulations! Mine was one of the 257,163 blogs created…

  5. juiced

    Good work.

  6. katroboy

    Wow.. what a stats! congrat’s … wordpress is the best! :D

  7. danmurray01


  8. hassanfayaz

    congrats to wordpress

    i’m in poll position

  9. Farijs van Java

    hoho. that’s awesome!


  10. unseen

    go WP, go!

  11. IvyLikeYOO

    Ahhh yes July was an awesome month…
    Wordpress Roar, cheers!

  12. fatanarchist


  13. Zeezat

    Great guys!

    You all make the entire WP community to stand out in any other blogging platform.

    Keep growing…

  14. hyorinmaru

    Wow… :shock:
    The stats above are just for July, aren’t they… so I wonder, how many blogs hosted in WordPress from the very beginning ’till now… :-D *a very big number, I guess*

    You made great use of our new caption feature: more than 75 thousand in its first month.

    Ahaha… :-D
    Yes, I am really like that one.
    Thank you :)

  15. meccaceo

    Thanks, Great Job!! NOW AD ADSENSE & ADBRITE FELLAS!!!. (*_*) ..have a great day!

  16. Chickencowlord

    Cool. Let’s hope for even more this month.

  17. elainey ❤

    Awesome! :)

  18. anonyjw

    Another stellar month! Keep up the great work!

    I’m really glad I made the decision to blog here! :-)

  19. Moon

    Great :)
    You go higher in Poland’s Alexa ranking…

  20. soccerofpc

    Good info

  21. {[(Limeboy11)]}


  22. びっくり

    Thanks for the update. Hopefully you can keep the system performance up while handling all this growth. Keep up the good work.

  23. hotsexyactress

    Thanks for wonderfull information.

  24. Kevin

    I’m very happy with WordPress. Thank you all for everything you do. Our family has a great looking website thanks to WordPress.com (and some help from the Custom CSS forum).

    You guys are the best!

  25. israelj

    Yes thank you for the info.

  26. darthrichi96

    Awesome! I can’t believe there are that much blogs!

  27. Sahil Bhalla

    Those numbers are impressive. Just wow! Congrats guys!

  28. rajendra Parmanik

    Mind blowing july.

  29. allforblue

    Good static and big world

  30. slimball2007


  31. plugginaway4him

    wordpress has been an amazing blessing to our christian ministry. to see how many other people benefit from wordpress is outstanding…

  32. Midol Girl

    YAY! I’m a NEW USER! Wait just a minute… there’s 271,427 of us out there? *Hmuff* I don’t feel so special after-all. :(

  33. The Citizen Cane


  34. Bog Raver

    Well done – mine was also one of the 257,163 blogs created and I’m having fun!

  35. Omar Modesto

    Yay, I helped increase some statistics! :P

  36. kinzvideo

    Good static and very small big world

  37. legoless

    Wow. That’s a lot of logins. I just use the remember feature. :P

  38. mayrazayas

    Just wow! I can’t believe there are that much blogs!

  39. Prison Teacher

    395 TERAbites? Ohmigosh–the mind can no longer comprehend that which the web hath wrought.

  40. HeiligeDamon

    keep up the awesome job!

  41. damontucker

    You mean someone actually visits this place ;)

  42. bewisemonkey

    Cool , im one of the newbies and mysite has just started getting some hits. Thanks wordpress for being an easy tool to share my ideas and meet new visitors

  43. kratonton


  44. mikecane

    That iPhone app is important. I hope it will progress with some speed.

  45. mp3hit

    Thank you, wordpress, It’s mean a lot for me

  46. saluyot

    whoa, what a number, i’m sure im one of that stats…

  47. pacer521

    Wow you guys really are getting better and better. This was my first month (well, 2 weeks i guess and its really worked for me, ive gotten 1,500 hits already. Thanks a lot wordpress,

  48. webkinzrock10124

    wordpress is so successful… i wish my blog was like that sometimes lol bu8t congrats on all the new members!

  49. Dave

    Thank you !!

  50. gnpov

    Great Month!

  51. rankinimages

    Good stuff, thank you and keep up the good work!

  52. mohd222

    Those numbers are so big! wow good job!

  53. hailtheking

    right on. jump in the fire!

  54. minhapil

    Great! Getting better everytime.. Congrats!!!

  55. danmurray01

    Well done!

  56. Dilip Prakash

    wow i really feel proud of using wordpress

  57. Valerio


  58. hoh


    **About 1,381 gigabytes of new files.

    when will you be clearing out some of the old files to make room for all the new ones?!
    do we need to be backing up our masterpieces?

    **395 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.

    what’s a terabyte?
    i know what a trillion is – 10 to the power of 12 – 12 zero,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooos
    terabytes of what?!
    mgs? kbs?

  59. lieurpisan

    Yep! statistically informed

  60. thanveer

    great, Keep it up, cheers for WordPress team

  61. dennis

    that’s great!

  62. elvisniperx

    cool wordpress :)

  63. Lee

    New here in July. I am amazed at how many blogs there are. I love the things I can do here on WordPress. Thanks!

  64. postbus31



    o…wow …wow …

    superb jobs.

    thanks to share with us.

  66. Shakan97

    Those numbers are huge! Great Job!

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  68. Pranav Gupta

    wow, Sounds very big :) – Great job !!

  69. lamarguerite

    Love it Matt! Now being the green blog queen that I am, any plan to promote green-ness on WordPress? I just think you can’t push this stuff enough . . . (La Marguerite)

  70. octavpelin

    Thank you very much!!!

  71. tolstoij

    As the entire world (including my grandmother!) seems to have started a wordpress-blog by now, is it still cool to do so?

  72. alchblade

    0.0 big number

    ^.^ active blogger

  73. vpalmu

    Great job, keep up the good work ! Add more widgets please !

  74. empleongirl


  75. matjang

    Wow….tera is really a big number..

  76. gospelcenteredmusings

    when can we get wordpress for blackberry?

  77. Sindhu Udayakumar

    awesome site for bloggers! i’ve tried and tested blogspot, livejournal and wordpress all alike. and nothing comes close to the experience that i’ve had with wordpress. kudos! keep up the good work. proud to be part of the family ;)

  78. Tricia

    You are guys are great! With numbers like that I don’t know anybody had time to get anything else done. I love WORDPRESS.COM.

  79. Yellow Crown

    WordPress gets better and better month by month! :D

  80. meenas17

    Fine statistics..Wordpress making waves.

  81. Alireza

    Thanks for your great effort!

  82. Brasil em 1° Lugar!


  83. Dark Crow200

    WOAH! very much blog’s!

  84. naomijay85

    thanks guys

  85. salvadorinocensio

    As a new blogger, I feel confident with those numbers that I made the right choice. Thanks for everything so far….

  86. mharsya

    Good Job

  87. cchen2010

    that’s awesome, glad to see this blog getting more and more popular. me and my friend collaborated our blogs together so hopefully that brought more ppl to view

  88. marlanhutahaean

    great information

  89. 40>0


  90. Albertus ChW

    by the way thanks

  91. fixator

    I have been with WordPress for 2 months now and I am most impressed! More themes would be nice since I am too stupid to upload it. Good going people!
    O yes and the customer support is awesome. Not once has a query of mine gone unanswered.

  92. Mohan Chandran

    Excellent vital stats! Way to go! WordPress is getting better by the day. I just love WordPress. Keep up the good work!

  93. ma65p2004


  94. bordishki


  95. Atlas Rune

    I just wish for more theme customization for free users…

  96. skynode

    All my support to wordpress.com!!!
    Ever since I have started using this blogging service, my blog has become very organised, tidy and sleek.
    I love you!!!

  97. pidoubleyou

    I am one of the new users and new blogs.

  98. layshiyuu

    Everything is getting better here. That cool

  99. siegetank55


  100. abyssofmind

    WordPress is the best for blogs in my opinion Excellent stuff great to be with you guys and the numbers just show it your doing a brilliant Job



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