WordCamp San Francisco 2008

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time for our annual WordCamp San Francisco conference.

This year’s speaker lineup is, how to put it? Kickass. Not to mention swiftly growing. Automatticians and other awesome WordPress users will tell you all about:

  • The future of WordPress
  • How to be a better blogger
  • Increasing traffic
  • Fun with APIs

And tons more.

Be the first to catch a brand-new rap about WordPress by Chuck Lewis, aka The SEO Rapper. Got questions? Bring them to our version of the Genius Bar. The geniuses are itching to be stumped. Try it. I dare you.

This year’s conference is a one-day event, August 16 at the Mission Bay Conference Center. Signups will be closing soon, so head over to the WordCamp site to register.

There’s also a special event the day after WordCamp: the WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt.

The team that racks up the most points completing missions and finding weird stuff around SF wins sweet WordPress schwag. All proceeds will go to 826 Valencia, a local non-profit dedicated to helping students advance their writing skills. Register via Eventbrite to participate.

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  1. Ry Cooder

    Jesus… this is getting huger and more sophisticated…

  2. ®é∂çøwz

    Thanks Matt!

  3. hippiefreak12


  4. Craig Hodgkins

    Wish I could make it.

  5. Shakan97

    Wow! This is getting Awesome!

  6. {[(Limeboy11)]}


  7. David Ker

    Hmmm, I just happen to be in the Bay…

  8. Lubi :)

    Terrific! I wish you guys would also come to Dallas, TX!!

  9. kamransblog

    yeah this getting more and more huger..

  10. austria

    Thank you, Automatticians!
    You are great and I like WordPress.

  11. plugginaway4him

    would really like to go!

  12. hoh

    sadly i can’t make it as carbon foot print is a tad too big – couldn’t afford all the trees i’d have to plant to make up for the flight
    san franco – cape town [one way]
    10,247 miles – 16,491 klm!
    can you rig a webcam up so we can see what’s going on ?
    and get someone to take notes and post them on a
    “WordCamp San Francisco 2008” blog!
    pleeeeeeeeza – pretty pls

  13. soccerofpc


  14. danmurray01


  15. Manuel Reis

    Yeah, I would like so much to go… But I’m in Portugal. :S

    Don’t you have any sign up to a WordCamp in Portugal? If you don’t have any, I’m shocked!

  16. thefunctionkey

    boo. stuck on the east coast…maybe you’ll start a conference in boston sometime soon!?

  17. Mas Kopdang

    San Fransisco..soooo Faaaaar
    AsiaCamp..why not?

  18. Nilnews


  19. A Mobile Guy

    Wow! I love to :D

  20. nicereddy

    you should make more camps over the world! (maybe denver????) But anyway the scavenger hunt sounds fun!

  21. allforblue

    Cool camp, nice day

  22. matjang

    You Are rockk mannn..

  23. Lijin

    Hey Matt, what about regional wise Wordcamps?? :)

  24. localrhetorics

    Great! I can’t wait!

  25. kecebongsoft

    I would be very happy if there is AsiaCamp too :-D. Looking forward for that :-D. Have a nice event anyway.

  26. Nostro Sito

    Should be in Florence…

  27. fatur

    San Fransisco… hmmmm will be a loving there


    I agree with Mr Kopdang!

  29. Lane

    What about a London one sometime…? Would like to be involved. Currently working on http://www.LitCamp.org (12 Sept, in London) and editing with writing organisation http://www.Pulp.net

  30. strictlygospel

    Thanks Matt!

  31. financialpress

    Only $20 a ticket! Sweet!

  32. qwerty58


  33. sehirsoytarisi


  34. moserious

    I’m looking forward to being there…

  35. munggur

    WordCamp@SF is great. It would be better if there is such online WordCamp too… Surely, will join the online version, if any.

  36. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen

    You guys need to set one up down here in London…better still an online one. How neat would that be.

  37. kkallet

    Ditto: Can you film it, so we can see it on line?

  38. tokyostargirl

    Wish I could go! Come to Japan! haha

  39. absurdandobscure

    It’s too bad I didn’t know about this sooner.

    You guys and gals really need to put something online for those of us that can’t make it.

  40. dreamer0507

    WordPress is the best! Great job everybody. Wish I could come but Romania is pretty far away.

  41. hapitri

    Have even consider to make it in Indonesia?? How’s Bali sounds?

  42. Virgilius Sade

    There should be a camp for Australia too for the people who live Down Under in major places like Perth and Sydney :)

  43. Nita

    If you ever have a contest where one can win a free ticket to San Francisco plus hotel stay included :) then perhaps I have a chance of coming. :)

  44. nalinipuri

    Still waiting for traffic in my Blog

  45. oregonnerd

    Come up to Medford. It’s on I-5, close to Crater Lake and the Shakespearean Festival…and the valley could use the company from the intelligensia.

  46. bridtownfan

    Have a beer for me and enjoy yourselves ! :o)

  47. unseen

    Very interesting! I wish I were @ SF, but for now I am @ Greece! :-)

  48. politicalhousewyf

    I’ll put in a vote for the East Coast… how about DC or Virginia Beach?

  49. nilspetternilsson

    Sounds funny keep it up, hope WordPress will travel to Sweden some day, i will defintly visit WordPress if you come or i might travel to USA for the fourth time in my life….!

  50. alphafoobar

    More international events would be cool!

  51. buyblogger

    Good Man :)

  52. hollytraveling

    What about one for the East Coast? Would love to go.

  53. Biodun Iginla

    can’t wait to go as well..you guys have turned me into a techie in spite of myself…Bfravo!!!

  54. moxiebee

    Hope to get there next year. I vote for VA BEACH for next year’s conference!

  55. josepardina

    Interesting, we’ll be in touch from Madrid

  56. abahoryza

    happy wordcamp 2008, there is like pestablogger 2008 at Indonesia

  57. the rufus

    Austria is not your favorite destination for the WordCamp, is it? ;)

  58. cpwoton


  59. fftfoodbank

    I wish there was a way in the registration process to sign up more than one person with a single payment!

  60. Rua MacTírean

    I can’t believe this is happening while I’m in San Fran!

  61. beartwinsmom

    OOOh… regional WordCamps would be an awesome idea. SF is a bit too far for me to go. :-( Who’s up for the Midwest?

  62. sigit

    when there’s WordCamp Asia ? :)

  63. rioserver500

    :D One week

  64. arief

    wordpress.com ! goooooooo! GOOOOOOOOOOO ! GO TO the best ‘THE DOCTOR’ ! (He…..he….he…)

  65. gunnhilder

    Hey, how about Halifax next year? It’s really quite like SF! Would love to come but…

  66. octavpelin

    Thank you,i like WordPress.Wish I could come but Romania is pretty fair away.

  67. riwayat


  68. matt

    I am to young to go to one of those conferences I wish I could go

  69. slimball2007


  70. Admin

    All this technology and nothing to say.

  71. Rocque

    I wanna go!

  72. aryamandesai

    wowwwww, i wanna gooooooooooo !

  73. alanany

    good fun

  74. Pouco Iluminado

    Come to Lisbon ;)

  75. LazyBuddhist

    Sweet! Only $20 and so close to home. Yay!

  76. Nina

    Thank you wordpress! Yesterday was one week for me on wordpress.

  77. Viper007Bond

    I can’t make it to SF, but I’ll be at the Portland one in September! :D

  78. cindybin

    Talk about advancing your writing skills! Why must you use such a crude, offensive word? I’m talking about “kick*ss”. Is that how you normally talk? This is the second time in two days I have signed into WordPress to find offensive language right there in the featured blogs list that everyone can see. Yesterday it was somebody posting something using the sh-word. I couldn’t help but see that right as I signed in. And now your blog with the a-word. You know, there are ladies reading these sites. Please watch your language.

  79. cindybin

    Oh, and nobody above me even mentioned anything about you using the word “kick*ss”. Doesn’t this offend anybody? Or is this how everybody talks these days?

  80. h0neyb

    I’ll see ya next year! Who knows mayBEE I’ll even do a Live Beedoodle! :p..

  81. aminhers

    so cool, I wanna go too

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  83. duanestorey77

    I’m heading down from Vancouver — looking forward to meeting everyone and having a few beers.

  84. hdrconline

    Nice job!! I really liked it

  85. Narayanan Aier


  86. moondustana

    I really wish I could go, but I’m a little too far away!!! Lots of fun and happy vibes to all though!! :o)

  87. empressofdrac

    Matt will be coming here in PI during Word Camp this September right?

  88. Hy ChanHan

    Great, i love it.

  89. zack1000

    this is getting bigger than the olympics some of the people competting should be in the olympics!

  90. atonti

    Many of us would join you for the WordCamp Boston !! That’s my vote.

  91. zonixsoft

    Great, really appreciating!! I wish i could b there…

  92. bargello


  93. bauermann


    First of all, I appreciate the hard work the wordpress.com team does, and think it’s a great idea to blog about it and make it public. But I’d like to ask that the annoying yellow notification that shows up in the blog stats page for each wordpress announcement be removed. Or at least, that it shows up only once for each announcement.

    I clicked on the link just to get rid of it.

    Thanks and regards.

  94. william2233

    I need a month in advance, so until the next time, enjoy the rest of your summers.
    anything for Oct, Nov, or Dec?

  95. Adam

    cool! Thanks Matt.

  96. capbyfu

    hi im elio from philippines so ask you how about the registration?

  97. christiankuoh

    Cool !!! Would like to join but Cameroon is pretty far from LA…
    For all of us not attending, thanks for putting what you can online.

  98. nuzulkhairiel

    you are great and i like wordpress.

  99. kerpie

    I really want to go, but it is too far for me… see you next year (maybe)…

  100. carlotta17

    i love San Francisco so mutch. In 1989 i was there, so i hope i cam back.


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