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monkey butt -- a popular search term

“Monkey butt” — a popular search term

A while back we added charts showing how many views each post got since it was written. Some folks noticed that we omitted days with zero views. Now those days are included and the chart correctly dips to zero.

Can you believe it took that long to fix such a little bug? The fix was four lines of code. It was less than an hour of work. We were remiss. To make it up to our faithful Stats addicts we added similar charts for Referrers, Search Terms, and Clicks. Feast your eyes:

This change applies to bloggers as well as self-hosted WordPress bloggers using the Stats plugin—no upgrade required!

You can access these new charts by clicking on the “stats” icon next to the appropriate referrer, search term, or number of clicks.

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Andy Skelton

  • Aug 13, 2008 @ 9:36 am
  • Stats


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  1. Farijs van Java

    good job, brotha…


  2. Narayanan Aier

    Nice! And thanks!

  3. Gamer Guy


  4. larosadelapaz


  5. Mama Kelly

    Very very cool! Thank you so much.

    A stats addict
    Mama Kelly

  6. Lim Jun Jie

    Awesome. Hope to hear more of these improvments from the team.

  7. tabasco22

    Thanks for this. Alltough I was never stroken by zero-hit days so far (or I didn’t notice it – because they were not shown).
    I see a bigger problem in those obviously routine-like visits by layeredtech and ltdomains, and by several other texas-site; not always to be identified. I think that they are also counted in the statistics, though they are kind of “domestic”. Could they be eliminated in the count, or are they already?
    Thanks a lot for your answer.

  8. Matt

    tabasco22, our stats use javascript to only count real visitors, so the counts we show should not include robots or automatic visits.

  9. Teguh Iman Prasetya


  10. anonyjw

    Alright! *2 thumbs up*

  11. micaman

    Great! Thank you

  12. jimconnolly

    Thanks for fixing the bug. Yet another reason for people to use the superb WordPress blogging platform.

    Jim Connolly

  13. Vasudha

    Wow, this is cool. Thanks! :)

  14. madsilence

    Monkey butt?
    Interesting but perhaps TMI?
    How does one assess quality?

  15. Scott Lemmer


  16. muccamargo


  17. andrewong2024


  18. Alasdair

    woo-hoo! stats stats stats … gotta love ‘em!

  19. Ann

    I clicked into my admin to check the stats on my posts this morning, and what do I see over on the left. . . .STATS for people clicking onto links to my site. Another great feature for WordPress users.

    Referrers, Search Terms, Clicks. . . .

    Oh, WordPress, you are Da Bomb!

    Thank you for thinking of us and for giving us all the wonderful ways to navigate and get the most out of our blogs.

    WordPress Rules ;)

  20. da|v|ned

    great job!

  21. Nita

    Don’t spoil us so much or we will never upgrade! :)

  22. Moon

    This is what I needed :)

  23. pymequitacion

    When can we have stats showing geographical information? And stats about users´ – first time, returning, etc? It would make WordPress even better than it already is. Thank you

  24. Matt

    pymequitacion, geographic location is definitely on the list, it’s a common request.

  25. びっくり

    Thanks for fixin’ stuff. I luv the stats: more equals better.

  26. Jim

    Your candor over this bug is refreshing. In the shop where I work, if I suggested we say something like that to our clients, I’d get looked at as though I had just sprouted a second head.

  27. prettypinkninja

    Thanks for the stats updates! I <3 reading my stats page :)

  28. Gdedouy

    It s better than the old one

  29. ibrahim binshahbal

    nice article.

  30. izikavazo

    Huzzah! You guys really are the best. Thanks for caring and/or doing your job.
    - Izi

  31. Angela Brett

    Cool… I was wondering why that graph was messed up (although it did make my stats look more impressive, if I didn’t look at the axis labels.) It’s much easier to see things at a glance now, although I think it would make more sense as a histogram since it goes by whole days rather than continuous time. That way the total blue area would accurately represent the total number of visitors, and it wouldn’t look like there were, for example, 2.718 visitors at a certain time in between two days.

  32. Blu The 80s Baby!

    you should have a stat chart that shows how much you get each day, but not as a line graph. they should have the date on one side, and then the amount of visitors on the other side. they should also allow you to go back a couple months/years as well.

  33. uwiuw

    oh thank god…firstly i saw it i thiught i got hacked :)

  34. kaber


  35. Ujwala

    thank you! any additions to stats is very welcome. i can never get enough of it :D access to google analytics on our blogs would be super awesome!

  36. qbit

    It would be good to know stats about media (songs, videos) played in posts, too.

  37. Zubli Zainordin


    Thanks a million.

    More please…

  38. hemasunder

    thanks andy..

  39. boskolives

    Does monkeybutt refer to “W”? Or is it just a code term used at the white house for the potus?

  40. allforblue

    Thanks stats, good day

  41. yuston

    Good news.

  42. Ridgeliner

    Thanks for this! Now….please, even more details! :P

  43. Redcowz

    Thank you muchly!

  44. migli2007

    Excellent news. Thanks!!

  45. okcompute

    Nice name… monkey butt… brings back memories. It is good that improvements are continuosly being made. I await more future improvements.

  46. JMRot

    I’m new to worpdress and didn’t know you could see charts for individual posts. How do I get there?

  47. Gabriela

    It’s great newsss, but how can i access to it? I just clik stats on my blog and the same chart (the old one appears)
    Can you help me?
    Thanks a lot

  48. {[(Limeboy11)]}

    AWESOME! ;)

  49. tikomh

    Great Help from SEO Experts

  50. absurdandobscure

    The more stats, the better.


  51. Douglas

    @ Gabriela and JMRot: You can access these new charts by clicking on the “stats” icon next to the appropriate referrer, search term, or number of clicks. (We just edited the post to clarify that.)

  52. museditions

    Oh, yeah! Don’t know what I’d do without those monkey butt searches! ;) I love it, the more info. the better. I’m not entirely sure I WANT to know when I’ve had zero hits, but OK…I’ll be brave. :)

  53. randylewiskemp

    Having a black belt from Motorola in Statistics, I like any blogs on statistics.

  54. tvdame

    really cool :-)


    Awesome updates.

  56. Teck

    Thank you & keep up the great job! :)

  57. Américo Tavares


  58. Karen

    Brilliant! Thank you.

  59. creeping

    would be nice if there was one click access to the stats page from any page in WP…if there is can someone share how/where? better yet would be a widget that showed an updated view of hits at all times

  60. deftoned


  61. cordieb

    Cool. You guys are great! Thanks for the great work.

  62. buyathread

    Thanks but I already need a 12-step program for stats addicts as it is : )

  63. L.G.

    Good job. Take tomorrow off.

  64. deansguide

    Matt or anyone from the WordPress team,

    I have a site that is not a wordpress subdomain url. My backend has been recording what appears to be “Fake Traffic” sent by either AVG software or malware mimicking software. Does WordPress filter out this type of garbage?

  65. trollboy

    nice. I can never get enough info on the popularity of monkey butts.

  66. dish


  67. halbaby

    I’ve always be a chart freak so needless to say I think it’s great…………………Halbaby

  68. Jed & Brandy

    We just started a new blog a while back about our jewelry biz… very helpful. Thanks! =)

  69. dreamzmedia

    Thats simply fantastic.

  70. slimball2007


  71. Munch

    I love it, thanks! Now I can see how often my ramblings go unseen inbetween those few special visits!

  72. alenarterevista

    Thanks you from Spain… :)

  73. melkyaiboy135

    Thank’s for this

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  75. Viper007Bond
  76. bengkelsepedamotor

    Thank you…. very good support

  77. ninamazing

    woo hoo, thanks.

  78. thumbbook

    This is great news! Thanks! :)

  79. Gurindam Jiwa

    Ooohh, thank you, thank you thank you…

    Great job guys!

  80. Intan

    I loike…! TQVM

  81. lifelesslived

    do people really search for “monkey butt” that often?

  82. rajendra Parmanik

    W00t!! thanks

  83. robertstevenson

    u rok

  84. portorikan


  85. screenagertalk

    thats uber awesome . :mrgreen:

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  87. Kunal

    awesome .. great feature

  88. sulochanosho

    The auto statistics information is really a handy tool to guage the goabout of our posts and viewrship. It’s really amazing that the WordPress team is gearing up with all sorts of enhancing tools at our disposals. Thanks.

  89. Grace

    I love stats. Keep ‘em coming.

  90. piacharlotte

    As all you do, this is good too. Thanks a lot.

  91. cd

    It’s great. Currently I can know how many ‘views’ my blog gets. Is it possible to know how many ‘visitors’ I got? I know may be it’s asking for ‘too much’:-) but, one day a visitor viewing my site 10 times and the next day 10 visitors viewing the site once each, return the same results.

  92. Hameedullah Khan

    simply awesome!

  93. egza

    is it possible to show us more about visitors like browser, screen resolution,location … and clarify visitors and visits and we were able to show them in blog
    it would be great if you put an IP resolver near the commenters IP address

  94. casalba

    Just wanted to say you’ve got the best avatar!

  95. danmurray01


  96. jbpen

    Now just fix the stats so we can view them in the time zone we actually in.

  97. hosiawak

    See, if you were using Ruby it’d have been 1 line of code taking less than a minute to write ;P

  98. wortman

    thats great :)

  99. rickawho

    very nice. thanks as always for increasing functionality and a great product.

  100. Tamara.

    This is absolutely great news, thank you and good job!


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