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monkey butt -- a popular search term

“Monkey butt” — a popular search term

A while back we added charts showing how many views each post got since it was written. Some folks noticed that we omitted days with zero views. Now those days are included and the chart correctly dips to zero.

Can you believe it took that long to fix such a little bug? The fix was four lines of code. It was less than an hour of work. We were remiss. To make it up to our faithful Stats addicts we added similar charts for Referrers, Search Terms, and Clicks. Feast your eyes:

This change applies to bloggers as well as self-hosted WordPress bloggers using the Stats plugin—no upgrade required!

You can access these new charts by clicking on the “stats” icon next to the appropriate referrer, search term, or number of clicks.

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Andy Skelton

  • Aug 13, 2008 @ 9:36 am
  • Stats


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  1. budiernanto


  2. PauvrePlume

    ps) your mustache scares me.

  3. Catatonic Kid

    Good work! Thanks!

  4. miss0nline

    cool !

  5. Valerio

    thanks….to let me know that the ting tings keep giving most of my hits…WHY!!!???

  6. ronanspfc

    Cool!! Thanks for all WordPress support!

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  8. David

    Keep up the good work!

  9. tmdesigner

    A good thing!

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    nice thanks!

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  12. nadeemsk

    This is Awesome Thanks….

  13. phrenzy84

    cheers guys.

    Thanks for all your good work.

  14. lwayswright

    That is way cool…however, I loved living in the fantasy world where there wasn’t a day that went by where I had zero hits! I want to believe that I get a gazillion hits on my blog each and every day…yes I am the queen of fantasy land! You may now bow before me…lol.

  15. vodkasoda

    Being a statistics fanatic (anorak), I really appreciate this. Thank you very much1

  16. Apar

    Thanks! I hope there are more peaks than dips in my charts ;) Wishful thinking :D

  17. adam

    ah, so stats are like the polls.

  18. Luke

    Ahah, I knew my stats looked different! Way to go

  19. cryptdweller

    good to know.

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  21. Dadan Gumbira Pramudia

    Keren… eh.. cool.

  22. Teh attack of the Ninja Panda !

    Very nice!

  23. stefos4

    very good

  24. suchis

    Oh good…now that gives me some confidence to go on !!

  25. marcelprothmann

    cool, looks really great!

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  27. harug

    Thanks for the news. Cool

  28. proteiras

    Brillant ! Thank you :D

  29. mohd222

    I like this update, also checking the highest clicks charts and more!

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  31. ebrown

    Thanks all for your diligent and hard work! Yet another reason why WordPress smokes the competition!

  32. heruyaheru

    than you…

  33. groovehouse

    Yay for more stats!!! Love the stats!

  34. mftms13

    The new look is great and I love wordpress it’s a site one can express themselves. Keep up the good work.

  35. menkirch

    nice… thanks

  36. Lazza

    Well done!

  37. fionastolze

    Fabulous, thanks. I love stats. Strange, now you’ve put it in, I’m getting much fewer ‘zero’ days.

  38. DAVE ID

    AWESOME! As usual.

  39. jannickvdb

    Great! Thank you

  40. mezzoforte

    I hope in the future there will be more stats views. Also, would it be possible to allow for Google Statistics to be used with blogs, perhaps as an upgrade?

  41. Annika

    Good work!
    Will we also get the feed stats back? I kinda miss those.

  42. مازن الرمال

    Great stuff thanks a lotً

  43. somlindos

    That’s fantastic.

  44. weshnog


  45. Andra


  46. contraplatitude

    What an awesome moustache you have there. I swear I’ll try to cut mine the same way.

  47. lnxwalt

    Glad to see it. Thanks.

  48. rebsue1

    must comment that I never thought I’d here ‘correctly dips to zero’ in a sentence … that said, what’s with the snidely whiplash mustache :)

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  50. Yasir Imran

    great work, appricated

  51. Adrian

    nice job. Thanks

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  53. mrunal13

    Cant live without checking the stats of my blog…even a single day….thanks a ton

  54. Rog

    OK then. Now that we can successfully count to zero; I suppose we will be more colorful individuals now. That is OK, as long as our society is not valueless

  55. alislamdawa


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  57. The Reason You Come

    This new feature has been very useful. Love it!

  58. thehardcorefreelancer

    Thank you so much! This is so helpful!

  59. matjang

    so..its a bugs wonder..anyway thanx

  60. seohelpindia

    Thanks a lot really good news for blog lover

  61. designwebsite

    Good One keep updating such interesting news :)

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    Great.. :D

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    Thanks thanks thanks……

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    Thanks wordpress

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    Thank you!

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  69. musashinm

    \o/ Great!

  70. asupremenewyorkthing

    Andy, is that mustache real? or are you really V for Vendetta

  71. LuLu

    good job :D

  72. kingdavidb

    That’s good it’s fixed!
    gotta love wordpress!

    thanks guys!

    David King,

  73. munggur

    great small improvement :)

  74. Rosa Maria Puglisi

    Thank you very much! :-)

  75. hussyred

    this is great. any chance we’ll be able to, at some point, see some sort of geographic breakdown of visitors? i know google analytics does this and it’s great, though i also certainly know all the reasons why we can’t run google analytics through accounts too. nonetheless, knowing geographic information is exciting and helpful for a lot us. any chance of this? thanks so much!

  76. Juliet

    Tis are one of the many reasons I am hooked by wordpress.. Keep up the good work:)

  77. Dilip Prakash

    great work..

  78. e-hime

    i have checked the statistics of some posts, it’s a nice choice, thank you!

  79. racht10

    Yep, i always use blog statz

  80. Munch

    I love the new stats, but that mustache pic is really freaking me out every time I check out the dash. :-)

  81. John


  82. typhoonandrew

    Fixing a bug while adding features, certainly not standard development practice – bravo.

  83. whyamistilltyping

    And I thought it was a feature. *bangs head on table. :)

  84. Biodun Iginla

    Great job, i said, you’ve made a techie outta me…

  85. Miss. Mostro

    Andy, you look exactly like my ex!!!

  86. Alicia Hemphill

    This is awesome! Thanks!!

  87. SP

    What would really be awesome is a subscriber counter…

  88. Genesis

    Very nice

  89. Belinda

    Excellent work! Although, admitedly I do get a bit depressed when my stats show “0″. :-(

  90. megaarsiv


  91. zohai

    wondeful, thanks!!

  92. uksupport

    I would like to address typhoonandrew here that.. development is a process where it doesn’t matter when and where what is fixed the end product is what is the core of essence.

    Great job DUDE….. :)

  93. babasudhanshu

    hey man it is really rocking

  94. McCormick y Asociados

    that’s greeeaaaaaat, really, thanks
    when are we going to have stats on our pages too?
    I really neeeeeeed them!!

  95. watsoncrick

    Very nice stats chart………..

  96. Tudor

    You are truely a creative organization

    containing a heap of creative people.

    I study creative organizations.

    You are up there on my list.



  97. afruj

    Nice job done. Thanks

  98. thinklikeipat

    Geographical stat will be very usefull… I don’t want to use Google Analytics in WordPress and stay very clean and simple.

  99. bevobryce

    awsome, great going wordpress dudes. i love creating blogs on wordpress especially when u guys install something new.


  100. vinitneo

    Good..really helpful


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