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Blogging is about more than sharing your ideas. It’s about sharing your discoveries: quotes, images, videos, announcements from awesome blogs like this one. And it’s about doing it quickly.

Collect and share bits of the web easier and faster than ever with Press This, the new WordPress bookmarklet.

Check out this video to see how it works:

For those more textually inclined, here’s the rundown:

    1. Drag the Press This bookmarklet to your toolbar from the Shortcuts section to the right of your post editor.
    2. Surf the web.
    3. Click the Press This button in your toolbar any time you find something cool you want to re-post. Try highlighting text first if that’s what you want to share.
    4. Select and arrange text, images, video, or quotes within the Press This window. Add your thoughts and edit at will.
    5. Publish (or save) directly from the window when you’re done.
    6. Ta da! Your favorite content is now live on your blog, along with your brilliant insights.

      Update! The “Press This” bookmarklet is now on the Tools page of your blog.

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      1. CC Farber

        nice…you can do this now without downloading one of those blog apps onto your PC!!

      2. Lubi :)

        Swell :) Thank You!!

      3. populachero

        Amazing. (I’m I the first one to reply? But this is way to cool!)

      4. girlnihon


      5. alejna

        Wow. That looks amazing! I’ll have to give it a whirl.

      6. Teck

        Cool Thanks for this very helpful tool. :)

      7. internet marketing by stratius

        pretty quick turnaround on this third party service and bringing it into wordpress. you guys do a strong job on taking internet trends and user trends and incorporating them into very well. strong value add.

      8. Adam

        Awesome!!! Nice one, wordpress!

      9. internet marketing by stratius

        no audio? mp3s or podcasts?

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      11. chirax

        Noel, this works ha ha..testing it on your post first.

      12. Rolii

        Hadn’t this feature been around for a while? Why blog about it now?

      13. Mr. Anonymous®

        NICE!! – NOW, I don’t have to “steal” content! – I can just “re-blog” it !!

        ThanX Noel !

      14. Garrett Barnes

        Wow this is is great. I love it!

      15. Clare

        Great idea! Thank you :)

      16. bookcrazy

        Brilliant addition!

      17. modernmixvancouver

        Oh awesome, how efficient!

      18. Kunal

        this is an amazing feature…

        but then for everything I want to publish, first I’d have to check whatever licensing is specified.. even then, it is a great feature..

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      20. Alasdair

        Genius! Just pure genius.

      21. deftoned

        Interesting feature, but I doubt I’d ever use it. If I had something to say about something that I saw elsewhere online, I’d need much more than blockquoting part of it and having a link going back to it.

      22. Hoshi

        Fantastic! Will give it a try as soon as I can.

      23. razorianfly

        Absolutely stellar. Thanks!

      24. sv

        Hey, this is a cool thing!

      25. carryon123

        let me see, thank u

      26. egza

        you are addicting me

      27. .undermind

        Nice, but the video doesn’t appear using Linux, Firefox and the last adobe flash plugin.

      28. Manny Z

        erm… doesn’t this just make it easier for people to plagiarise your content?

      29. Sienna Wildfield

        This is just great! Thank you for making it available. Using WordPress to publish out blog just gets better and better.

      30. strictlygospel

        wow! its sound good! thanks

      31. strictlygospel

        wow! it sound good! thanks

      32. WHW

        Another feature to prove that WordPress is the best blogging site on the web… now if you could just get us some social bookmarking tools we would really be cooking with gas!

      33. Chirag Jain

        Great facility ppl!!

      34. St.Fallen

        awesome xD

      35. blogthebloggers

        Thanks a lot.

      36. Raúl Retana

        I like it.

      37. masterclasslady

        Wow – I am thoroughly im”press”ed. Thanks for adding this feature in a way that will make blogging even easier for us.

      38. びっくり

        Hmm… not sure if I’ll use this or not, but it definitely sounds worth checking out.

        I’m all for sharing information. More power to the people of WordPress.

      39. Brasil em 1° Lugar!

        Uau!!! WONDERFUL!

      40. Moon

        We’ll see… :)

      41. TECH IDEA

        Hay! Noel , Thanks you very to share with us. It’s awesome updates and more productive.

      42. annant

        it’s COOOOOL man thanks :)

      43. John

        Sounds interesting enough.

      44. Guineapig119


      45. legoless

        Interesting. I’m not sure what I’d use it for, but it might come in handy…

      46. muccamargo

        Fantastic!!!! Thanks!

      47. Sven

        :-) sweet…

      48. Gdedouy

        I well see

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      50. Charles

        So this is a little like Evernote?

      51. sensico

        cool new feature, and cool guy with ascent talking and cool background music. Everything is just cool. :-)

      52. timethief

        Thanks so much. :)

      53. {[(Limeboy11)]}

        wow!!!!! AWESOME

      54. Suda

        Hello Noel, Is this a new feature? I remember it to be present from many days! Or you are just sharing this info today and not announcing it as new?

      55. glaize

        This is cool! Gonna try that it anytime soon :]

      56. anonyjw


        This is a real time saver.

        Keep up the innovative work! :)

        Thanks a lot for coming up with this!!!

      57. Tom Scott

        Nice… but… I would prefer to be able to integrate with So I can config to publish to WordPress (good) but the post is published straight away. Would be much nicer to let us configure it so the post from defaulted to draft (should be straight forward it’s just XML-RPC) that way we can edit the post before publishing it. Afterall WordPress is good but it’s not the only web app we use – please play nicely with the other web apps.

      58. Nilnews

        Good!!!!!!!!!!! Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      59. tantan188

        thats smart its i good idea

      60. scratchbags

        Hey Noel, This looks wonderful! Will give it a try today.

      61. mrajasekaran


      62. Hameedullah Khan


      63. allforblue

        Good booklet, post now !!!

      64. hoh

        booklet smooklet?
        Stop! Stop! i can’t take any more innovations!
        LOVE the visual display of what the heck it iz you have come up with!!
        noel – you’re THE man – a cotton pickin genius!
        this invention is going to save me so much time
        thank you
        the ‘video’ alone must have taken for ever to do – nicely put together and clear instructions too
        go on – how many months/yrs went into it?
        [mmm - i wonder what yr working on now]

      65. noel

        Thanks for all the rave reviews! :)

        For those of you wondering, yes, “Press This” is new. We used to have a bookmarklet a long time ago, but it was hardly used.

        The new Press This bookmarklet that we created is new and will continue to get better down the road.

        If you have any specific feedback, we’d love to hear it! Please send any specific suggestions or issues to Support.

      66. Noscere

        Nice, no more copy, paste, link source for me :) Thank you

      67. harug

        wow cool!!!! thanks

      68. rikez cybercheeze

        cool and awesome.
        thanks a lot.

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      70. Carisse

        Amazing idea. Nice thinking, and extremely convenient.

      71. Teguh Iman Prasetya


      72. christophersilva

        Where do I find the thing??


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      74. cpwoton

        That’s great! Thanks Noel!

      75. unknowdata

        This is awesome!

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      78. dvxjunkie

        Perhaps I am missing something but I think this tool only makes it easier for people to copy your content, post it on their site and now both sites have duplicate content which does neither site any good whatsoever. As far as Google is concerned original content is king so why even put other peoples text on your site? (unless you are not into that whole getting traffic thing)

      79. Dimas

        Guy’s you are soooooooo GENIUS!

      80. Brent

        Am I the only one who has been using this for months? There was an older less cool version of this for years as well before this. Are you guys running out of things to blog about?

      81. octavpelin

        its coooooooooool,thanks!

      82. Jennifer

        Count me among the displeased. The old “Press It” bookmark at least respected content creator’s rights by inserting a link to someone else’s post in your Write Editor where you could then comment on it with the resulting trackback. The new “Press It” bookmarklet just assists content theft. Not happy, not happy at all.

      83. khaled


      84. ஸ்ரீராம் முரளி

        that’s splendid :) thanks a ton :)

      85. Wwe Adam

        I like it.

      86. d1wata

        So that is why my slideshow appears in someone else’s blog/s; but not wordpress. Maybe they have something like Press This there, too!

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      88. Yasir Imran

        good work, appriciate it.

      89. panda92


      90. Mike

        This feature copies entire posts, content and all. It made one guy whom my wife linked to look like a thief, made my wife look complicit in it and promoted some bad feeling amongst readers.

        Can you guys fix this?

      91. Lottie

        Not good! Not good at all!

        It copies the entire content of other people’s work. It is beyond me why WP is providing a feature that does something that they actually suspend blogs for. This seems to be little more than a scraping tool from what I’ve seen.

      92. lna13

        This is awesome. As i am always doing post quoting lots of images, articles or videos, Press This will definitely make my life easier! You are the best!

      93. aminhers

        awesome wp

      94. bhnetworks

        OH! this is great! I can add a video to my new blog.

      95. qwerty58


      96. Gu


      97. Varun


      98. Dilip Prakash

        Hi its a Nice one..

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      100. mabeliam

        Great blog, thanks!!!!!!


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