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Tabular dataToday we present to our beloved stats addicts a new way to perceive numbers: stats tables! Tabular data is arranged in convenient grids so you can easily compare values along two dimensions: columns and rows. Headings along the top and left edges provide context and orientation. Alternating rows are faintly shaded to improve readability. Surely you have seen these things before.

Three new tables are available today: Months and Years, Average per Day, and Recent Weeks. They were modeled after tables Matt created for displaying top-secret metrics. Each one resembles a calendar in its own way. You probably won’t want to refresh these as often as some other stats pages—only a few of the table cells will be updated—but I won’t try to stop you. I know what it’s like.

Colorful dataBusiness folks and aesthetes alike will revel. The math-minded among you can throw away your calculators: the tables already include useful sums and averages, the results of arcane formulas you’d rather forget anyway. And put away your crayons, artistic types: colorful numbers illustrate percent change for recent weeks and a yellow box highlights the greatest value in each table. The other Matt helped with the colors, despite his colorblindness.

I know how some people cling to their calculators and crayons. If you are compelled to verify my computations, please first read the math notes below the tables. They should explain why the numbers don’t always add up. I hope you find the logic logical.

New buttonAh, but how do you get there? The new Summary Tables button reveals tables for the whole blog. Tables for each post are shown on the same page as individual post charts, so just click the little icon to see those. The new tables are available to bloggers as well as bloggers using the Stats plugin (no upgrade required). Please enjoy responsibly.

Note to 1992: I almost put “Totally” in the title. It was not easy to resist.

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Andy Skelton


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  1. Nostro Sito

    Nice! I will try it out. Thanks WP!

  2. Chirag Jain

    Great feature! WordPress is getting better by the day (in fact, every second)
    But I had another question – when you show the search engine terms on the ‘blog stats page’, you never mention the search engine along with it too, like google, yahoo, msn. If wordpress would do that, it would be really great as we would know which are the search engines that index and refer ppl to our blog the most.

  3. lnxwalt

    Totally cool! (Sorry, Andy, I couldn’t resist.)

  4. Kendall

    These Tabular Stats are so totally, like, cool, I’m just beside myself…

  5. Speed

    Boa. Isto está cada vez melhor.

  6. rajendra Parmanik

    Thanks for such a nice idea.i am sure to get addicted for this too.

  7. Matt George

    Woah, dude. I’m stoked. Now I can watch the tiny stat beginings of my soon to be dominating blog explode. BTW, I would not have held anything against you for using the word totally in the title. I can see that there perfectly. :)

  8. Craig Hodgkins

    One more spiffy thing to keep me from actually writing anything new…I can continue to get lost in all of the stats from my previous posts! Totally. For sure.

  9. Charles

    wow, this is a cool one… I love stats. Thanks :)

  10. Gamer Guy

    AWESOME! Keep the amazing ideas coming.

  11. Lim Jun Jie

    Totally awesome!

  12. ClapSo

    Wwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooo Like dude, it’s TOTALLY TUBULAR!

    I mean knarly tubular.

    are those bells I hear…

    I like this very much thanks.

    feed stats soon?

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  13. Lauren

    At last…this statistician who isn’t a geek feels understood.

  14. Jason Christ

    Love the addition to stats! Thanks!

  15. Ujwala

    fabulous! thank you! wouldnt dare say “want more!!” at least not for a couple of months :P

  16. Wwe Adam

    So much more convenient this way.

  17. Teck

    Thank you for the upgrade… :)

  18. misterclu

    This is wonderful. Thanks!

  19. katnanna

    Hi, my name is anna and I’m a “stataholic”…..thank you!

  20. Barrett Myers

    Note from 1992… Tubular!

  21. Ann

    Oh, WordPress, Matt 1, Matt 2, and Andy. . . .I bow to you in obeisance ^:)^

  22. DR


  23. sora9n

    Oh dear… Oh dear…. :D

    Simply awesome. I have been statistics-goer myself, and this is really-really nice. Especially love the “change” % data column. :)

    Great work! ^^b

  24. fawnahareo

    I’m so excited about this! I was just writing up a delurking post and contemplating how to figure out my average hits in a day — and now I can throw away the calculator, just as you suggest. :D

  25. trollboy


  26. びっくり

    I may not be an aesthete, but an ascetic, does that count? I’ll check out the new feature. Thanks for thinking of us.

  27. Hameedullah Khan

    Awesome! Love the maths!

  28. fookembug

    Cool feature!! Keep it up!

  29. AD

    Good work guys! really appreciate these kind of stuff, which makes different then others.

  30. Grace

    I so totally love stats. Thanks, kids.


    Thx I like it

  32. tarunreflex

    Hey.. That’s a great update,Andy.
    Its really nice to get the complete view at a single place & that too in a tabular form..Earlier, I had to go through various stats on each post to approximate the visits but now i have it in a single place along with % increase/decrease.
    Thanks a lot

  33. Kunal

    this is awesome…. I am playing around in the stats page a lot more these days….

  34. Sam Zodiac

    Wow! This looks very interesting! Thanx!

  35. hoh

    what a clever boy!
    Is there a SOCD therapist in the WP team? [stats obsessive compulsive disorder] :-)
    must dash got my stats to look at – still trying to fathom what determines a peep/hit
    how many seconds does one need to hover over a post with out clicking it but scrolling past it to show up on most popular posts?
    can you answer this or is it confidential?!

  36. Karen

    Brilliant. Thank you very much.
    Wordpress is always getting better and better.

  37. brianwurzell

    i like wordpress! you are good people.

  38. trylobyte

    Nice! Another addition to my list of ‘why I’m glad to be in WordPress’ :-)

  39. jimconnolly

    Yet another reason to not only use WordPress – but to recommend this amazing platform too!

    It’s refreshing to see WordPress continuing to develop and improve. By coincidence, I just blogged about WordPress, saying how superb it is!

    Jim Connolly

  40. raincoaster

    Oooooooh, NICE! Where’s the button that prints it out on a t-shirt though?

  41. hiscrivener

    Nice indeed. My inner geek is raging with multifarious arithmetic, numerology and cybernetic algorithms. My wife thanks you for the extra hour and a half I will be spending in front of my PC doing “research”.


  42. Mike

    Quality feature! I like it already.

  43. Jennifer

    Cool! Now I can finally boast “all 5 of my regular readers” and not just “all 3″. :) Thanks!

  44. portalshops

    Another great innovation from wordpress team. Good job

  45. Tansy Whitebytts

    Brilliant. As a stats addict this is just what I was looking for!

    Thank you

  46. bluecar

    Awesome well done cool stuff i realy needed this.

  47. Yella Ojrak

    Matt, I love you! Muah!

  48. proteiras

    Thank you ! All the team, to improve this handy stats module ! -Finish with excel copy’n paste :)
    Do you think it could be possible to get : returning visit log and their origin; visit length…

    No, this is not a stats wishlist :D

    - Alexis

  49. m@q


  50. Sakib

    Awesome Updates ;-)

  51. Pau

    Thank you very much from an statics addict.

  52. hal786

    YEP totally COOL

  53. sergentehartman

    Magnifico! Numeri, numeri, numeri del mio amato blog. Adesso parto alla conquista della blogosfera.

  54. bentoet

    very great!! this is what i need

  55. ParalyserX

    Good job!

  56. Dhimas L N ---- (^-^)v

    this is really really really grrreeeaaatttt…..

    mantab akhi!

  57. the rufus

    I’ve got only black zeroes but no gray ones – so there must be someone visiting my posts … ;)

  58. photostore

    Thank you very much.

  59. Harper

    Very nice! I might just turn the plugin back on at my main, .org blog. Thanks much.

  60. Michel

    Thanks this is Really nice

  61. Américo Tavares

    I like this upgrade, in particular the Summary Tables button.
    Thank you!

  62. Pancho

    Very nice, thanks!

  63. afruj

    Great idea. Thanks

  64. sensoryreplays

    wowee! thanks guys! =)

  65. allforblue

    thank you for summary

  66. aminhashemi

    Very Nice , that’s really good job

    Thank you WP :D

  67. intlxpatr

    I love it. Stats are such a hoot. You write your heart out for one or two kindred souls and get barely a ripple, you dash off a couple lines and it is an all-time high stat producer. And then later that little ripple post keeps going and going – this will help us see some overall trends. Thank you!

  68. Moon

    Stats are essential! Thank you :)

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  70. Viper007Bond

    Wow, this was a pleasant little surprise for me when I went to go check my self-hosted blog’s stats. Thanks! :D

  71. austria

    looks great! you are the best!

  72. Maltesh Ashrit

    Good.. thanks,.

  73. andyash

    Very nice. I have just seen them and found them most interesting. I wish I paid attention yesterday when writing a year-anniversary post to my blog. :-D

  74. mohd222

    This is so cool, I was checking my stats and I found the summary table! And it turned out that it saved my views for everyweek which is so good :D
    keep it up!

  75. Nita

    Hmmm, I discovered this today while checking out the stats and got a pleasant surprise. Now easier to keep a tab on trends. Thanks for the feature.

  76. deftoned

    Thank you for this!

  77. aRuL

    wonderful.. :)

  78. Casey Trowbridge

    Tremendous, I don’t think you could ever have too much stats information and this greatly reduces my need to use a spreadsheet for certain data.

  79. David

    wowwwww… thank you so much. It’s a wonderful feature, now we have another excuse to see the stats, which I do a lot. haha. :D

  80. lazybug

    Very useful. Thank you!

  81. Manny Z

    good stuff.. very nice

    personally i would find percentage changes much more useful for Months & Years….. weeks are too small a period.

  82. Gerald Ford

    Even better than tracking baseballs stats! :)

  83. sitidjenar


  84. ebrown

    Now, this is what I have been waiting for!! Love the numbers… love to see how the blog and separate articles compare… Finally, I do not have to use my calculator any more!! Woohoo! :)

  85. Bro. Szekely

    Love it…love it!!!

    I’m a “stat-geek”, and I think it’s a great measuring tool you’ve supplied – great job!

    Keep up the great work!

  86. reviersternchen

    Thank you much for this news! Very nice :-)
    Greets from germany

  87. octavpelin

    Thank you!

  88. Chittaranjan

    Fan”Tabulous” :mrgreen:

    It would be nice if there was a way to ‘export’ the stats table…mebbe as a CSV file. You know, for keepsake!

  89. Arun Shanbhag

    WoW! WoW and WoW!

    thanks for feeding the stats beast! :-)

  90. Redcowz

    I’ve been waiting for this. Great job! Thank you so much!

  91. Ernesto

    Excellent!!, Is more than we expect!!

  92. mulloverthiss

    This is such a great Idea! Thanks!

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  94. Renee Ann Addison Culver

    Very cool. I love it! :)

  95. abhaykant26041991

    thanks for the tabular stats it is really helpful.

  96. Whitesnake

    Absolutely GREAT.

    I’m at perlpoint . wordpress and now I can really see how my website is increasing.

    Thanks once again WP!!

  97. chloé

    it’s great i love it :))

  98. aminhers


  99. Juan Paulo Gultiano

    Cool. This is very, very appealing! Thanks! :D

  100. melkyaiboy135



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