Albeo Theme Launch

To kick off the fall season (in the northern hemisphere, anyways), we’re launching “Albeo,” a light and colorful two-column theme, designed by Elena at Design Disease.

It’s a beautiful, colorful, yet minimal theme – and it’s easy to find (since we list themes in alphabetical order). You can enable Albeo by clicking the “Design” tab in your dashboard.

Keep your eyes peeled for new themes in the future. We’re going to do our best to deliver as much theme-tastic fun as we can this year!

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  • Sep 3, 2008 @ 5:47 am
  • Themes


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  1. candychu

    ooh I can’t wait for more themes!

  2. ClapSo

    All those colors! The chicks are really gonna dig this one…

  3. Malcolm Almeida

    Thanks a million for this, this is an amazing theme :)

  4. loquehumaine

    Very nice ! I like the pastel colors.
    Thanks to Elena and wordpress !

  5. Farijs van Java

    wow, it’s amazing. cool…

    good job, guys.


  6. Mas Kopdang


  7. oh2btigger

    I can’t wait for a new theme! I really this one! You need a new fall one! ;)

  8. Nostro Sito

    You’re rock WP!

  9. strictlygospel

    Good! thank you!

  10. Ridgeliner

    Very nice! I look forward to seeing more and different themes….some out of the box designs.

  11. tom

    Thanks for the new theme, good work! But “Mistylook” is unbeatable ;-)



  12. zurhajos

    Wow. Nice, thanks.

  13. aRuL

    now, i use itu, very colorful elegant, n minimalist

  14. Gilles

    I wonder why most of the themes are so narrow !

  15. Ridzwan

    That is such a cute layout.

  16. legoless

    Cool! I still like Blix better, though…

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  18. oftherock

    This looks really cool… now let me see how it looks on my blog!

  19. જીગ્નૅશ અધ્યારુ

    fantastic…..good to have new themes to try…..


  20. doktorschneider

    looks awesome

  21. laleye

    You guys are doing wonderfully well. Kudos to you all. Cheers.

  22. Miladin

    Thank you, I am always eager to try new themes :)

  23. びっくり

    Intriguing, but I really want a good three column layout. If I wasn’t so lazy and incompetent, I’d design my own. :) Thanks for providing more choices: one man’s food is another man’s poison. Or as we say here: 十人十色 (juunin touiro)

  24. melisianjournal

    I like this new theme, very beautiful indeed. I wanted to use it because it has the features I needed in a blog theme. The only thing that gave me second thoughts is that I can’t use my current header photo.


  25. iwalk

    simple … but too colorful !!??

  26. Wim Permana

    Great. Download it!

  27. XiuX

    Thx for theme, nice ;)

  28. Raul Crimson

    Really nice! Have to try it!

  29. Carlos

    More themes is always good news :)

  30. bigcrow

    Oh, yeah, dat’s cool…
    eyes are peeled :D

  31. barrycyrus

    FIRST: ooh, it’s cute. more themes please!

  32. Rusty Lindquist

    Great, always excited to see new theme options. Thanks for the ongoing updates to an already superb blogging system! Progression is the sign of passion, and we could all use a little more passion in our lives.

  33. Gamer Guy

    Keep Up The Great Work!

  34. Penny0507

    WOW! Now this is a cool theme! I was hoping for a theme with both custom colors and custom headers, but I still like this one! :razz:

  35. Cross

    Really Clear theme, Would be cool if it’s a bit darker..

  36. afruj

    Thanks! It looks cool with light colors. Wanna more new Themes.

  37. phojus

    Yes. More themes. :)

  38. dedehendriono

    Good job Elena, thanks for your info, may be some time i will try ur theme…

  39. Neil

    I adopted this theme straight away. I love the look, and it had features I had been looking for.

  40. chemgod

    Looks great!

  41. sudic

    nice theme ;)



  43. Farghana

    simply love..already applied it to my blog!!! Thanks guys ..thanks a lot!! :)

  44. Just Another

    Really Nice theme Thanks! :)

  45. ninro

    Very nice, not my taste – but I still like it.
    I sure hope you’ll launch soon a dark black/red, two columns theme.

    – Kind regards,

  46. coolsmurf

    yes, more themes please. it has been a while.

  47. Nita

    Thanks for this constant innovation. May not try this one, but will wait for some others…

  48. burnleyfan

    Bloody lovely theme! Using it now for my blog!

  49. Dimas

    Thank you guys! You all are rocks!!!! ;-)

  50. barok

    Nice. But my dream theme would be (if anyone cares):

    – black
    – going with 500 px wide pictures
    – no date listed for the pages
    – custom header
    – top navigation
    – link-template available.
    Chaotic Soul is the only similar one, but it’s too hard to read and I’m bored of it.

  51. Teh Si Siu Dai


  52. Me

    Nice theme – love that you are adding more, too!

  53. Wwe Adam

    Awesome theme! Great work on this one, it has everything I want in a theme!

  54. Kim S. Clune

    Huzzah! I just LOVE theme-tastic fun. Bring it on!

  55. delimoon

    Thank you for this great new theme.
    I’m waiting with impatience new other themes. More especially with full screen page like this one and may be with more fantasy.

    Have a good day

  56. aLps

    nice neat theme! a custom header would be nicer! :)

    More custom-header themes in the future please!

  57. kentaizat

    wow, cool theme !! thanks wordpress!

  58. Teck

    Thank you for the new theme… :)

  59. Raul S.

    Is the best theme of WP

  60. Guineapig119

    Looks good!

  61. deziare

    oo’s so bright, cheerful and..nice

  62. jasontromm

    Are these themes available for use on WordPress sites hosted elsewhere? I’d really like to have the exact same PressRow theme available here on my own site.

  63. Mario A.

    Wish there were more layouts. This one is pretty girly.

  64. wavemaker2

    Can’t wait! Keep up the GREAT work!!.. til l8er

  65. ♫ яάη∂α ♫

    So cute.Thanks

  66. mmalzlittlek

    cool. i wish there were a lot more themes like there are for other types of sites and as easily editable, (but then again i’m new to this venue :) it’s the only thing a little disappointing about wordpress.

    anyway, thanks for the new themes ~

    keep it up :)

  67. edison76

    more!! more!! more!!! We want more!!! :)

  68. Shae


  69. Mia

    Finally! Another girlie pinkish theme!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Love it!

  70. Moon

    Thank you ::

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  72. markypizz

    Looks Great!!

  73. makahiya

    Yey! I love this theme and I look forward to more beautiful themes that we can use for our blogs. Thanks guys!

  74. masterclasslady

    I love this theme. It’s quite funky. I am using it here: (still in the developmental stages).

    Thank you so much Elena and WordPress

  75. sitidjenar


  76. Mr.Rockmantico

    Is Nice ;)

  77. blogmlk

    lol beautiful…

  78. Armando Netto

    I’m Using it NOW!!!!!

    Thank You WordPress guys!

  79. Rushi Vishavadia

    Awesome, its about time a new theme was released. Maybe WP team should just remove some of the more crappy low-used themes and release new ones :D

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  81. Micah Jesse

    I like this! Posts are clearly separated.

  82. rockinnickie

    Oooh I like that! Thanks! :D

  83. hturtdekan

    More awesome themes at last, thanks so much!

  84. Emsquared

    Always good to see new themes added so looking forward to more in future.Thanks.

  85. solarkent

    Looks good, but not quite the right theme for my blog.

  86. Adrián Navarro

    ‘ts nice!

  87. plugginaway4him

    Great! So glad to know more themes are coming! Much needed and appreciated. Have wondered why so few are offered for such a popular place…

  88. P. A. Monteiro

    Glad to hear that you’ll be delivering more themes for us this year–you can never have too many themes or too many different ways to look at stats.

  89. airatix


  90. Zakk Forchilli

    Awesome! It’s on my blog now, and i really like it. My only problem with it is the title text is too bright of a pink color. I can deal with it though.

  91. fracas

    Keep up the great work; theme-tastic fun is always good!

  92. marceladesrets

    I’m recently diving in blogging. I love this very much, but step by step with my blog. I’m interested in all what you offer. I’m having a friendly relationship with my english. I would like the instructions in spanish. Meanwhile, I do the best I can. Thank you!!!!!

  93. karlo mikhail

    Cool theme. I like Albeo’s sidebar widget that allows you to toggle between the top posts, latest comments and tags. :D

  94. Brian

    Great theme, but I don’t like how we’re forced into using specific widgets in a specific order. Although, I must say the widget that has Top Posts, Latest Comments, and Tags all rolled into one is FANTASTIC! Could you add that as a widget for all themes?

  95. internet marketing by stratius

    very cool – this definitely strays from the standard theme fray. looking forward to more fresh designs like this.

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  97. zen

    really nice and beautiful theme…

  98. Noel Jackson

    The widgets all behave normally now – sorry for the confusion. Enjoy!

  99. FXSmom

    It’s pretty. I’d probably use it more as a spring theme though. It kind of has an olympics feel to it too.

  100. Chittaranjan


    A theme after a long time is better than no themes at all :P Keep it up guyz!


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