August Wrap-Up

This month I had the pleasure of meeting many of you at WordCamp 2008 in San Francisco, WordCamp South Africa, and now WordCamp Philippines. It’s been a blast, and there are many more to come. Check out the schedule to see if there’s a WordCamp near you.

Here are the stats for August:

  • 286,860 blogs were created.
  • 298,655 new users joined.
  • 3,442,638 file uploads.
  • About 1,580 gigabytes of new files.
  • 439 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 5,354,732 logins.
  • 830,555,442 pageviews on, and another 625,626,770 on self-hosted blogs (1,456,182,212 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 1,196,661 active blogs and 14,056,683 active posts where “active” means they got a human visitor.

Some other facts and stats:, the official site of the UK Prime Minister’s Office, has relaunched their site using WordPress.

There were 450 attendees at WordCamp 2008 in San Francisco.

There were 105 attendees at WordCamp South Africa.

WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt participants raised $565.77 for 826 Valencia. This was matched by a donation from Automattic and my personal donation, totaling $1,697.31 to go toward writing programs for students.

One Automattician got married and another got engaged (congratulations, both!).

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  • Sep 5, 2008 @ 12:31 am
  • Wrapup


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  1. ClapSo

    Ohhh, I get it! PhotoMatt has figured out how to hang out in places like NYC at company expense. Do these “camps” all over the world…

    It really is cool that you are doin’ them all over the place now!

  2. plugginaway4him

    awesome. congratulations….

  3. eideard

    Rock on, gang.

    Oh, and I hope Om won something at WordCamp…

  4. Craig Hodgkins

    I’ve been on WordPress for about 13 months now, and it’s been nothing but great. Thanks for all of the additions, fixes and design plusses you’ve added this past year.

  5. asqfish

    Subhanallah! You are doing good work in bringing together the global family.

  6. domestic empire states it’s “BETA”. One presumes this refers to the cabinet rather than the software.

  7. Lubi :)


  8. anonyjw

    Great stats. Nice to see the rest of the world is coming to WP!

  9. artpredator

    WordCamp SF was awesome–met some great people and won a beautiful moleskin notepad because of a WordPress tattoo on my leg which Stewtopia put on flicker–the photo went on my blog too of course as well as some notes about WordCamp and you!

    Next time i hope you go to the party–we had a blast!

    Thanks so much Matt! WordPress is changing my life!

  10. xboxoz360

    I have nothing but praise for the guys-n-gals behind WordPress, without which our site would not be running as smoothly as it does, nor have the traffic it does.

    The various FireFox Add-Ons that are available for WordPress are growing, as well as iPod/phone apps that work with WordPress, all of which make working on your WP site much easier.

    With the use of a current theme, we have managed to get into the top 20 Video Game site listings on, and were asked to self nominate for the Bloggers Choice Awards for 2008 . . . all due to the fact we’re using WP and the theme we like. Which we can also alter when we go to private servers. Which is just another beauty of WP community.

  11. Dano

    thats a lot!

  12. troyano66

    There is none of my close, but now I read in these post hos
    and I can make a IISL

  13. Dark Crow200

    Woah, that’s alot!

  14. aRuL

    amazing…. UK Prime Minister using wordpress… good luck…

  15. cleffairy

    WP rocks! I love WP functions!

  16. bodge101

    cool! Gordon Brown! using wordpress! lol!

  17. mormonsoprano

    Very cool! Congratulations, and thank you for providing a fabulous service

  18. meenas17

    A very fine statistics. has relaunched the site by using Word press-great news.
    Best wishes to the newly wed and congratulations to the newly engaged.

  19. fardums

    i love new on wp…
    so congratulations :D
    so bad I dont see my country on your schedule
    thanks XD

  20. Shefaly

    Hmm. You had one in Birmingham in the UK this year but how about one in London soon? (UK I mean)

  21. jimconnolly

    Firstly, thank you for providing the best blogging platform available!

    Secondly, here’s some ‘WordPress love’

    Finally, any chance of a Wordcamp in The UK?

    Jim Connolly

  22. misterclu

    I hope you will have WordCamp Taiwan soon.

  23. drabir

    I left blogspot and started serious blogging in wordpress last month. It has been awesome. Thanks for the features, fixes, stats and what not. Keep Rollin’

  24. katroboy

    Like I said Last Month… WordPress ROCK!!!! :D

  25. chirax

    Thanks for this great tool.

  26. onlyme6000

    Good luck for tomorrow’s event in Manila.

  27. guybrush57

    Thank you so much for wordpress – it’s beautifully designed and set out, and I’m really enjoying it.

  28. stikiflem

    i just hooked up with wordpress, and right now, im mounting hits like crazy. This stats and tag surfing are what made me relocate here. Really superb service. Blogging was never this fun. Thank you guys. :)

  29. Moon

    Congratulations to Automatticians!

  30. bluejeansgirl

    now how about here? in dubai? :(

  31. micarreralaboralenit

    The service is fantastic! Thx Matt!!!! Congrts to the wordpress team!

  32. Suda

    Cheers Matt :)

  33. micknick

    Amazing stats!
    I love wordpress!!!!!!!

  34. allforblue

    Great Static, good job

  35. missionlog

    Thanks for the great themes!

  36. catanianews

    Excellent work,Matt ;)

  37. Chittaranjan


    How about a ‘Virtual Wordcamp’? On the WWW …. which all netizens and WPians can attend :mrgreen:

    BTW, isn’t the same site which was at the forefront of a ‘blog theme plagiarism war’ with a freelance theme designer sometime ago??

  38. clara54

    Hi Matt,

    just started my 2nd blog here…loving it!!! Still have soo much to learn, never too late:) anyhow , my thanks for a great place to blog!

  39. ultramoose

    how about a wordcamp toronto!

  40. ibnuabuabdillah

    so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. URCHIN7

    Like I said Last Month… WordPress ROCK!!!! :D

  42. captainleadbottom

    WordPress is great. I just started blogging this week and I found this to be the easiest and best site to integrate new and experienced bloggers. It’s such a breeze to use with all the widgets and templates.

  43. Ronilson Araújo


    WordPress is a revolutionary service in the blogsphere’s community. It’s very easy for newers and it’s very powerful for experts everywhere in world. Very nice.

  44. 1samson

    that is cool

  45. tajaks18

    well done

  46. catatandigital

    @chittaranjan “Virtual Wordcamp”. Sounds good. ^_^ I’m from Indonesia and it’s so far from San Fransisco.

  47. octavpelin

    WordPress is great.Congrats,Matt!

  48. gvijaikumar9

    Excellent Count :-)

  49. alhakim

    i love wordpress…. it’s the best blog platform now…

  50. sitidjenar


  51. rrimuna

    yeah, i joined wordpress in august too :D
    and i’m proud of my wordpress blog :)

  52. hal786


  53. Armando Netto


  54. rormok

    Thank´s for your support.
    I think that you all are great.
    Anthony is superb.


  55. Grey Rainbow - स्याह इंद्रधनुष

    This is great news. I love wordpress and this love is getting deeper by the day !

  56. Malcolm Almeida

    Cool Cheers Guys :)

  57. Yasir Imran

    very nice efforts guyz

  58. lightcounsel

    I like being a part of wordpress and I appreciate all the assistance, you guys gave me, when I first started.

    Thank you,

  59. kjenzz

    loving wp more and more ;) great job, guys!

  60. Trina

    wordpress all the way!!

  61. lindajoh

    WP you give good blog… the more I learn about you WP, the more I love you…. while we’re only coming up on our 1st anniversary together, I have this feeling this love’s gonna last!!!

  62. MM0NDX

    Going from strength to strength!

  63. harrylouw

    So Matt…..

    When are you going to visit Namiba, the land with the oldest desert and some of the most recent bloggers? It was close enough to South Africa… WordPress is just too good to be for free, but Im not going to complain :-) Keep up the good work!

  64. kelzen

    keep good job, thank u so much-

  65. revistajupiter

    You guys have changed my life. Keep up the good work!

  66. luongo01

    cool, congratulations!

  67. The Lullaby

    That`s just great :)

  68. trez93

    Congrats Dude….keep up the good work!!!

  69. freecheese

    It would be nice to know how many “Google bots” dedicated for wordpress, i am sure they eats up a lot of bandwidth.

  70. adzdesign

    great stats. great service as well.. thanks..

  71. Rowjie

    matt! thanks for coming to wordcamp here in the philippines! you’re so cool and so down to earth! keep up the good work!

  72. hoh

    WHAAAAT?! you were in cape town
    oh bugger!
    i missed you – i guess it was for wp geeks only?!!

  73. solusloqui

    Well, Matt and the gank surely have more and more impressive numbers every month. Awesome.. Congrats! :)
    @catatandigital (& other Indonesians).. how ’bout setting-up WordCamp Indonesia then? Feb/March, in Jakarta/Bandung/Surabaya perhaps..? ;)

  74. xzopwq26

    Hi, Matt,
    I just started. God, help me to keep up good work !!!

  75. blegedes

    Thanks for the freebies.. Blogging with WordPress is more easy than the other

  76. MamaZeeya

    Wonderfull stats…
    I know, you’re part of me now
    Wordpress, I love you

  77. nuovomillennio

    Great stats!
    I started blogging with WordPress and I love it!
    Thanks guys

  78. martracho

    hallo every body…
    I Joined in Juli 2008
    Nice to meet you friends.


  79. sunnyhunnybaby

    it’s very good i liked it

  80. xocoboy

    wow…great !!

  81. telaf

    I love this program, so many animals have been reunited in Darwin due to WordPress, I could never have worked out my own web site… so many thanks from Sideon and lots of grateful fur bodies :)

  82. mybasit

    Thats great !!! I hope there will be more Creative posts in September!

  83. Jurisconsulto

    Awesome, Matt!
    Thanks and congratulations!

  84. विनय प्रजापति

    yeah I’m also glad to know that. it’s great!

  85. Jidah Hamidy

    wordpress = pure awesomeness

  86. AudaciousAria

    Whoohoo for WordPress! Congrats!

  87. livingfromwithin

    Hello Matt,
    The stats ARE awesome. Congrats! Could we have a better range of latest tech. themes?

    Do you have free website themes also? If “10 Downing” could relaunch their website using WordPress, guys, you have made it, mark my words!!! Come September, hope you grow 12% this month alone… :-)

  88. PWS Admin


  89. gunzhacks

    Awesome stats yeah. Go WordPress!

  90. programmervb

    I write blog in wp…everyday
    thank’s I love it


  91. florinaandora

    that’s nice…:)

  92. gabrielfabry

    i scream, you scream, we all scream, for wordpress !

  93. unterwasserfotografie

    Wow, incredible numbers, from these 6,750,960 comments i have now created my first one ;-)

  94. maswey

    wooow super :)

  95. Praveen


  96. Jay TB

    Jesus Christ! 1.5 BILLION pageviews. Wow. Sounds great. I like high figures.

  97. memoryza

    I am beginning to love WP, even here in sunny South Africa. mmmm now if only I could learn to write………..

  98. kingofpots

    You did it again!…Good job!!!

  99. deanmelbourne

    wordpress has helped turn my career around! Superb service!!

  100. elendill

    excelent greetings for this nice organization wordpress……. we need a best world and for can make it with thinking in open sources is amazing………….


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