Sticky Posts!

Regular updates are what blogging’s all about, but sometimes you want to keep hot topics or other static info at the top of your posts. This feature has existed as Sticky Topics in the forums, but hasn’t been available on blogs. Until now.

In the publishing options for each post you’ll now see “Stick this post to the front page.”

Sticky posts checkbox.

Check that box, click Publish and — ta da! — your post is highlighted at the top of your blog, where it will stay until you decide otherwise.

Sticky posts in action.

When your fresh stuff gets stale, just edit the post and uncheck the box. Click Save and it’s back to its place in chronological order.

Pretty fantasticky.

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  1. Ana Pires

    I know what stickies are in forums, but I’ve never seen them applied to blogs like that. Very good idea. :)

  2. Wears The Trousers magazine

    fantasticky indeed! this will be hugely useful. thanks!

  3. aikachen

    This. Is. Awesome.
    Very cool, thank you!

  4. Brian

    Very good, been waiting for something like this.

  5. dandelionsalad

    Thanks so much. Going to go try out now.

  6. Lim Jun Jie

    This is really cool, I used to do this by going to Settings and change the stuffs that makes my post static. Now that everything is easier and best of all, the posts goes back into chronological order. WordPress rocks.

  7. masterclasslady

    Finally! I have been waiting for this option. Thank you so much WordPress!

  8. Cailean

    Is this feature available as a plugin for self-hosted WP blogs?

  9. Nick

    The feature is based on the WordPress plugin WP-Sticky.

  10. legoless

    Awesome! Great idea.

  11. Moon

    Good :)

  12. ClapSo

    Very nice addition. When are you gonna implement the auto write post, so we won’t even have to write posts anymore. WordPress updates make blogging so easy, even g’dubya bush can do it!

    Thanks wordpress, you’re the peaches…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  13. RiverDD

    I like it too. Great Idea!!!!

  14. illuminato

    Wonderful! Thank You very much.

  15. Dark Crow200

    This is FANTASTIC! WordPress is the best Blog hosting company!

  16. Lacy Rebekah

    This will be very useful! Thank you! :)

  17. Krutika

    wow! this was really needed..thumbs up!

  18. Mike Newman


  19. iaoj

    Magnificent.. thank you Word press.

  20. sulochanosho

    “sticky Posts” – very tricky, but very ‘juicy’ too! Thanks for the innovative value additions
    from the most creative Wor(l)dPress team there.

  21. africanaspects

    It’s a good look – many thanks!

  22. artistsgarden

    Not sure when I will use it but it is such a good idea.

  23. Chirag Jain

    Good idea WP!

  24. drcorner

    Awesome job! This new feature will be very beneficial when you don’t want an important post to get buried.

  25. Raul Crimson

    Thanks!!! Really good to see cool new features in WordPress so often!

  26. srieka

    nice, creative design!

  27. mormonsoprano

    This is perfect! I have been using a “welcome page” with introduction and important updates which could now become a “sticky”. I had noticed that when I was previewing new templates to consider a change in look, that my Welcome Page was being deleted, so I have felt hostage to my current template – now I can make the sticky and move forward with updates. Very cool and appreciated!

  28. Tracy

    great idea!! thanx

  29. vjp

    Finally! Great job, guys!

  30. An alien Earthling

    This is a cool feature!

  31. naatmad

    awesome, I was looking for this from a long time.

  32. aporia


  33. Catshade

    What happens if you stick two or more posts? Will both of them got stuck, but still ordered chronologically?

  34. Nick

    For the majority of themes, multiple stickies will show up chronologically. There are a few themes (Hemingway comes to mind) where 2 stickies at most will be shown.

  35. Mountain Sage

    This is a great new feature! I bet I use it almost as much as I do Press This.


  36. Pancho

    Awesome news! And it works like a charm!
    Thank you so much!

  37. mudge

    Another great improvement, thanks!

  38. hal786

    omg i have actually been waiting for this (seriously when i read before that wordpress didnt do stickys i thought that if they did that would be such a cool idea)


  39. Netty

    That is brilliant, I will try it soon. Thank you so much.

  40. drcorner

    Some themes format new posts in the form of feature posts (IE: bigger font, etc.), will this replace that function, or go on top of it?

  41. Nick

    The sticky posts will display above.

    Also note: Monotone does not do anything special with a sticky post. The order of your images/posts will stay the same no matter how many posts you Sticky.

  42. ablurd

    well,that will be great any way ……cant wait for that .

  43. pacer521

    you guys are genius.
    enough said

  44. katroboy

    good job!

  45. jorpaes

    Great job, great idea!!!

  46. Ahmad . M . G

    I need that
    thank U

  47. intlxpatr

    Very cool idea!

  48. Israel


    I have a few posts that are designed to have a lifetime of activity on my blogs. They have the kind of content that is dynamic and must be updated periodically.

    Now I don’t have to copy the entire post to return it to front page prominence.

    Wait, can you guys come up with some code that I can use to download a tinsy bit of your brain power? I sure could use some of that.

  49. czechfolks

    Great! We will try it soon.

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  51. Nibu Thomas

    I am already doing this by updating the date of my sticky post after every new post. This was hard work for me though. Thanks to wordpress for making this simpler. :)

  52. wordlily

    I just saw this in my editor. Very happy this is finally an option. Thank you.

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  54. TheNegster

    That’s awesome! I’ll definetely use it, but is the post still viewable in chronological order while it is sticky?

  55. Nick

    If you are on the blog’s front page, the post will only be shown up top as a sticky. If you are browsing through the archives, the post will be shown in order.

  56. octavpelin

    This is a new great feature!Thanks.

  57. copyeditorsdesk

    This is nifty. I’d like to see examples of creative ways bloggers use this feature!

  58. trollboy

    that’s excellent! I’ll have to make up some important sounding announcement so I can try it out.

  59. drcorner

    Great!, Thanks for the quick reply, much obliged.

  60. Dr. CaSo

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  61. hookedonhouses

    Yay! This is great. Thanks, guys! :)

  62. Aitor de la Morena

    I have long awaited this feature. Thanks!

  63. Teguh Iman Prasetya


  64. strictlygospel

    Nice. Thank you!

  65. wavemaker2

    GREAT!! Another good one… I LOVE it!!! Thank’s a millon!!! til l8er

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  67. Nibu Thomas

    I’ve got a special sticky which should not show up in RSS feeds. Hope this is possible?

  68. Nick

    The RSS feed still respects the chronological post order. Sticky only changes the front page of the blog.

  69. Bruno

    very fun ! i will use it to announce the next videos we’ll post on the WP blog ! Thanks !

  70. dnwstudio

    Whoa,this is absolutely what us bloggers have been waitin 4!

  71. virgomonkey

    You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for this feature!!

  72. angie

    That is really cool. That would be a great tool for announcing stuff. Thanks!

  73. bytch

    I like this feature very much.

  74. Teck

    Thank you for this helpful feature… :)

  75. jt4breakfast

    Thank you,this is awesome!

  76. JenLive!

    Super, fantastic, awesome! I’ve been waiting for this!!!

  77. artpredator

    Great–I had heard about this and was watching for it–thanks for making it so easy to use! A better alternative than a page…

  78. Brigitte

    Just what I needed — brilliant!

  79. batta420

    Nice feature

  80. annant

    this is really cool :)
    lurve this feature

  81. deftoned

    I’ve been wanting this feature for a long time now! Thank you!!

  82. Grey Rainbow - स्याह इंद्रधनुष

    New feature are being added to WordPress at a better pace. This one seems to be Great !!

  83. peacefulone

    More Fresh Revelation from WordPress! You did it again! Good job! THANYX!

  84. 1minutebookreviewswordpresscom

    An example of how I am going to use Sticky Posts right away (in the hope of inspiring others to take advantage of this great feature): I review books that often win awards and come back into the news months after I review them. Because people want to read about the books again then, I have been reposting earlier reviews when this happens.

    Now I can just stick the posts. I am probably going do this within the next 24 hours when the shortlist for a major international book award, the Man Booker Prize, is announced tomorrow. Merci … gracias … vielen dank’!

  85. girlgriot

    Definitely fantasticky. What a great upgrade. Thanks!

  86. luna

    Thanks a lot, guys….! :)

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  88. Rob Rockitt

    This is a fantastic idea! Thank You!

  89. aRuL

    thank you , for this facility…. great!!

  90. PiedType

    I didn’t know this was coming. Wow!! Thanks, guys!

  91. netsolns

    I am sorry, I haven’t read through the previous comments so don’t know if anyone has talked about this issue. But is is possible to tie Sticky posts with stats. For instance, we decide to keep n posts sticky or keep posts with more than x views sticky and the process of making posts sticky or unsticky is left to stats. This can be an added feature to the manual method, of course.

  92. sgmboro

    Superb, just what I was after!

  93. fracas

    Well now, that’s just so fraccing wonderful, I might have to send you all chocolates and cookies.

    Seriously. It’s a really great thing to have added for us. Thanks!

  94. Jeff Lloyd


  95. Antonio Hermida

    Very useful !
    Really great!

  96. idiotz

    b.e.a.utiful! thanks wordpress!

  97. ana pauper

    my ballerinas will be happy 4 sure:)

  98. alternativefrock

    Manna from Heaven!
    I’m almost regretting my epic outburst on a similar forum for an earlier update that’s best not discussed. But with the sticky post feature, I stand corrected.
    Dhanyavaad Word Press!! =:]

  99. pymequitacion

    Really wonderful, thank you!!!!

  100. Dawn Dickson

    Perfect timing! I was wanting to prioritize postings! Wonder if there’ll be a top 1, 2, 3, option…maybe let us keep more than a few at the top of each pages? Maybe just the default could be chronological. Be great to have the option to structure it further. I’ll post it to the forums or feedback form.


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