DePo Masthead Theme Launch

DePo Masthead Front Page

DePo Masthead Front Page

I’m excited to announce DePo Masthead, designed by Derek Powazek.

This is one beautiful theme that draws on classic magazine design. The style is minimal, yet bold and detail-oriented. There is more here than meets the eye.

So, what’s different about this theme? It’s got lots of dynamic features. The header font changes size depending on the length of your blog title. And, to keep things neat and tidy, the column heights of your the articles on the front page will always be equal, even if one article has more content than another.

The focus in this theme is on your content. Each article starts out with the comments tucked away, allowing your reader to take in your brilliance fully, then expand the comments to start the discussion:

Comments Before & After Unfolding

Take note of the beautiful navigation elements and clever use of typography. And for the widget lovers out there, we’ve turned the bottom right panel of the footer into a widget area.

We hope you enjoy this one!

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  • Sep 12, 2008 @ 4:08 pm
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  1. Carlos

    Pretty goooooooooooooooood!

  2. St.Fallen


  3. iShakan

    Nice theme

  4. Lubi :)


  5. Armando Netto

    Very Very Cool, it’s look like an newspaper. Thanks again to wordpress guys.

  6. {[(Limeboy11)]}

    Wow thats awesome!!!

  7. bytch

    I like it. I can’t use it, but I like it.

  8. Brian

    I thought the preview looked great, but wasn’t real impressed when I put it into action. Everything is way too big. You guys must have obscenely high resolution on your computers, because the title font is absolutely HUGE on a 1024×768 screen. Bigger isn’t always better. ;)

    Keep the themes coming!!

  9. juiced


  10. Dean Longmore

    A very nice looking theme, clean and very minimalistic.

  11. Moon

    Thanks :)

  12. ClapSo

    DePo? As in who said “so now our holy rites are for outworlders Spock?”

    Ya got any dark themes coming up? All these bright ones hurt my minds eye…

  13. David Ker

    This could be great for a newspaper style blog. But I’m holding out for a true magazine theme that allows custom departments based on categories such as BranfordMagazine.

  14. flynnsblogs

    I think the word to describe this newest theme would be: ‘Whoot!’

  15. tooly228

    Gonna try this out ;)

  16. lotofpie

    cool I like it!

  17. qbit

    It seems very good. I’ll try out.

  18. plugginaway4him

    guys, this has so much potential. thanks for thinking of it. i was hoping for such a creative look. such a neat thing to do!

  19. Stephen

    Cool! I will be happy when you have Freshy 2.0 up too. :)

  20. nathaniel

    a real beaut!

  21. Fairchild_13

    dandy looking! way to go WP team will try this baby out soon! thankies! XD

  22. bigcrow

    What the “DePo” means?

  23. J. Botter

    So we can’t put anything on the bottom left bar? It looks silly without it.

  24. Polycarp

    nice, but missing something…since it is theme oriented, shouldn’t it have a button for previous entires like most of the themes?

  25. Polycarp

    And the ‘before/after’ is nice, but the titles are blurred.

  26. hotsexyactress

    So nice yaaaaaaaar.

  27. elwoodin

    An interesting theme, but it is one that I cannot use right now. Is there any Patriotic Red White and Blue ones coming up?…..Maybe with an American flag watermarked in the background?


  28. Omar Upegui R.

    I think it’s a very carefully thought-out layout. Simple, uncluttered and easy on the eye. For a moment, it looked like Times Magazine.

    I’m seriously thinking of changing my current theme. Thank you for he tip.

  29. Chirag Jain

    If there are a lot of widgets in the bottom right, the page will look really long and that’ll be awful for the design of the whole page. What do you say wp?

  30. virgomonkey

    I am very, very pleased with this theme. In my opinion, it is the best yet I have seen coming to It is brilliant, professional, and just nice to look at overall. The only problem I have with it is really minute. I only wish that the sidebar or widgets could be evened out at the bottom (since the posts show on the top) instead of it showing as one straight long line of text, links, and pictures down the one side.

    Other than that, it is magnificently flawless, and I would love to see more professional, well organized, themes like this hit

    Thanks so much!

  31. raktamrittika

    Brilliant!! … but i can’t use it. Still.. nice.. bravo!

  32. sensico


  33. anonyjw

    I think it looks a bit confusing with my blog, but I’m glad we have more themes to choose from regardless…

    Thanks much! :cool:

  34. soccerdragon


  35. Noel Jackson

    DePo stands for Derek Powazek, the theme designer.

    J. Botter, the bottom left bar is associated with your about page. Derek made it clear when designing the theme that he wanted that there.

  36. LorMarie

    It’s about time there was a magazine style theme. Keep up the good work!

  37. Jimmy

    Really nice theme!

  38. Reder

    I really love this theme, but there is one thing annoying.

    The bar below the title shows all my published pages, even if the page is under another page (I mean, the page hierarchy). Hope it could show only the top pages.

  39. alhakim

    Finally wordpress release few new theme :) it’s good news.
    About this time.. IMO it’s little confusing when sidebar move to bottom ;)

  40. Andrew Cooper

    Looks great! Two questions – is it possible to stop my name appearing in the border at the top? I’d like to use it for (one of, er, lots of WP based websites and blogs I run). I also can’t figure out how to get the blog to appear as three columns rather than one. Are there any notes/a user guide available for idiots like me? Cheers.

  41. PiedType

    Having done a lot of magazine layout myself, I was thrilled to see this. It may not work for all the features I want on my blog, but it looks like a long-lost friend. Grats.

  42. Andrew Cooper

    I probably should have pointed out that it wouldn’t be appropriate for my name to appear at the top of I guess I could register a whole new WP account which doesn’t use my name, but I’d rather not.

  43. Sahil Bhalla

    A new theme is always appreciated. A theme as good as this is surprising! Thanks guys for bringing a really good theme and for making me finally switch from my current theme!

  44. Kartik Mistry

    Nice theme! Applied!!

  45. zacca

    Well Done! Thank You.

  46. ricojr

    I hope we could claim or use the second column (aside from the third, the first is for about) of the sidebar so that we could even them up instead of a long sidebar on the third column.

    The before and after post title are overlapping.

    Why are the archives of the second column not complete?

  47. Manny Z

    it’s nice, but it doesn’t resize youtube videos so the videos spill over into the next column.

  48. Dimas



  49. vq

    is it free…

  50. sanggarpenulisan

    coool :) Thanx You

  51. allforblue

    thank u, clean and clean theme :)

  52. amayalee

    It’s a good theme! But I wish there were more themes that were colorful AND allowed custom image headers…I just like bright things. XD

  53. rhondascooking

    I think I amgoing to have to try this one out. Looks nice!

  54. SAMAN UI

    newspaper edition, great desain.

  55. Titash

    It’s beautiful!

  56. Richmond

    it sucks… It would have been better if the most recent post was somehow highlighted from the rest of the pst.

  57. livingjourney

    Yeah, the theme is a good idea, but I agree with ricojr that the third column is way too long with a lot of space being wasted in the first and second column.
    If you have long post titles, then they overlap in the before and after.
    Teething problems?

  58. Nita

    Certainly a very different theme and we need different themes so there is a wide choice for different types of blogs out there. It gets irritating if about 5 themes are almost similar! Therefore I think this theme is a great idea and kudos to the designer.

  59. ncwall

    It looks really nice, great job! I might try it out one day.

  60. iomeneandrei

    Hi all,
    really a lovely theme!!
    Do you know if is it possible to download it?

    Thank you

  61. mohd222

    Wow, that theme is good for news! ;)

  62. rizwan adil

    this is a cool theme, i am already using it , gives you the good old newspaper theme .. i also like the text font on this one.

  63. rizwan adil

    oops the the newspaper feel

  64. qbit

    I didn’t like it finally.

  65. ikekthereforeiam

    Awesome theme, activated!

  66. Wim Permana

    Bravo WP!

  67. fredrik

    It looks pretty good. But it’s a problem that shorter posts leave a lot of blank space after them if the post next to it is longer. If it is possible it would be nice if just the top part of the posts appeared and that you had to click on a link to get to the full story. That would also make it possible to have more posts on the front page (3*3?).

  68. eoinpurcell

    Agree with ricojr,
    Lovely theme with two minor flaws!
    1) The Before and After is a great idea but long post names flow together and are illegible.
    2) Archives are not complete in column two, seems a bit odd!

    Otherwise like it!

  69. redhyka

    N i c e . . .

  70. Dark Crow200

    Great, it’s awesome!

  71. Mr.Rockmantico

    No me mola mucho

  72. Joan

    You’re the best. Keep in that way!

  73. Singal

    nice, I like it, thankyou

  74. Yasir Imran

    Thank you for the theme, it seems so black and white

  75. brandenburgerin

    the theme really looks good. but i dont like, that i cant choose myself which site i want to see at the bottom of the blog :(

    i also like to choose the columns and which widget has to be in which column.

  76. isarboy

    At first i was impressed, but I don’t like all the widgets in the right column – if I could choose which widget I use in which column, this theme would be excellent.

  77. billi4d

    Kewl Idea! I like it ;)

  78. AudaciousAria

    ooh, I quite like it.

  79. rajendra Parmanik

    Lovely !

  80. 2twentythree3

    I’m not to keen on it to be honest, it’s rather bland, I think the colours could have been better. Anyhow, I’m displaying albeo now on my blog and it’s looking fantastic and my readers think so too! so, thankyou! xx

  81. Ron

    Very nice font – easy to read. As has been said, though, the title font is way too big. Like other posters, I’m not convinced by having the archives and the rest of a normal sidebar’s contents at the bottom, I’m afraid – too easily overlooked, I think.

  82. Firefly

    Very nice. not my type though but good
    thanks WordPress guys

  83. Pingback: Full circle: a newspaper-y blog skin «
  84. Henderson

    Fantastic !

  85. Kate Rawlins

    Good job – the more themes the better. Thanks.

  86. dillon

    This is slick. I might change to it.

  87. Arayan

    initially loved it. applied it. then removed it.

    [1]a few widgets too many, and the friggin thing’s got an unwanted tail down bottom-right…will await for an upgrade that allows me to use the bottom columns more effectively.
    [2]any post that has an “insert more tag” in it…well, the extra info seems inaccessible, çoz the “read more” links don’t turn up

    It’s beautiful, overall…and i may still choose to apply it…dunno, flipping a coin seems an option…

    However, if the above arrears can be corrected, i’ll have found a theme i truly love!

  88. Nafi' Abdul Hakim

    Thank very much…

  89. Jiduh


  90. Hisham


  91. proofofjane

    It’s my new theme now, thanks to the creator! It’s very professional looking, and I love the newspaper layout. The only thing I’m concerned about is the extra widgets. I have a lot and it seems like they’re all placed in the last column. I wonder if I need some css skills.

  92. masterclasslady

    I tried this theme for and my header text, “HarmonyStreetStudio.Com” was very large and moved off to the right. The “Com” part did not fit the width of the theme format.

    Did anyone else experience this? It’s a beautiful, innovative theme. I would like to use it.

  93. creamino

    if it had a header that could be customized, it would be the best!

  94. MondoFree

    It is a really nice theme!! I am waiting for new themes…now for me my theme is the best.

  95. Noel Jackson

    @masterclasslady – Looks good to me? No?

  96. soulrefuge

    Very COOL, I am impressed with this theme. I checked it out and changed to it in a millisecond. You folks, as always, continue to do an outstanding job. Thanks again.

  97. Fisheyss

    Sweet Theme! I might try it!

  98. Nikita

    hmmm.. not too bad

  99. Wojciech Pastuszka

    It’s very good theme and interesting. I decided to use it on one of my blogs, but there are some flaws mentioned in some posts earlier. The most important are that I can’t choose which widget put in which column and that archives are not complete in second column.

    I’ve found yet another bug. In the archives are only ten posts on page and there is no possibility to look at rest of the posts (np more pages “1, 2, 3 …”). When I make it possible to publish 30 posts on a page, than main page became a one colum page.

    It would be also great for me to have possibility to translate some words into Polish (before, after, archives, feed, Edit this entry, read more and comment, and so on) because many words in this theme are in English, but I write blog in Polish and have Polish readers. I could help in this.

    Best regards

  100. Brasil em 1° Lugar!



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