WordPress 2.7 Navigation Options Survey

**Note: This survey has closed.**
WordPress 2.7 navigationWordPress 2.7 is currently in development and as some people already know, it features a revised layout with a left-hand navigation column that was designed in response to user feedback regarding the use of screen real estate. Because the navigation came straight from the Crazyhorse prototype that was developed quickly for usability testing, it is still a work in progress.

Navigation sections and labels are being decided now, and as usual there are lots of good ideas floating around. As part of the mission to increase user involvement in design decisions, we’ve created a survey intended to give WordPress users the ability to play a part in deciding how the navigation options should be grouped and labeled. If you use WordPress and want to add your opinion, take the survey.

Update: WordPress 2.7 Navigation Options Survey has closed as of 04:00 UTC on Friday, September 19, 2008.

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  1. Aaron

    User participation in development like this is exactly why WordPress is the best blog provider/host out there.

  2. dzhuang

    This looks very convenient! To be honest, I like left-hand sidebars more than top sidebars. It’s about time this idea took force.

  3. lilia

    GREAT initiative.
    Just completed the survey
    Looking forward to that newer version on November 2008
    Thank you !!!

  4. Gabriel Ziks

    Very cool ! :D
    Hugs WordPress

  5. ClapSo

    Thanks for letting us have input on this!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  6. WhiteCoat

    I actually like the navigation controls at the top of the screen.
    Is there a way to make the location of the controls user-selectable?
    Thanks for all you do!

  7. sensico

    usually I’m OK with change, but can you guys just leave it the way it freaking is…how unnecessary. Nonetheless, I did take the survey and chose option C.

  8. {[(Limeboy11)]}


  9. dr. Windof


  10. billi4d

    Kool!!! Thanks for letting us know ;)

  11. Manuel Reis

    I like the new dashboard. I think it’s even better than this one.

  12. Mr.Rockmantico

    very cool wordpress live!!!

  13. capablanca35

    very cool

  14. Teck

    Thank you for Survey & the chance of providing feed back
    about the “CrazyHorse” layout. (I chose Option c for the layout.)

  15. Brent

    No offense but these really are not the type of improvements that most bloggers are looking for. We want improvements to the capability of our wordpress.com blogs, not boring old dashboard navigation improvements.

  16. Yonatan Prasdikatama

    Wow, cool option. This is the great deal of wordpress facilites. I like it so much. Thanks wordpress, you give me more opportunity to develop my blog with this option.

    Great job! Congratulation. :)

  17. aRuL

    wow it’s very easy now :)

  18. the rufus

    I’m looking foreward to November and the new WordPress :D

  19. Birdwhisperer

    Is this going to be the new design for our WordPress dashboard, an optional design, one of the features you can buy from WordPress.org, or something different? I’m not sure what it is that your talking about, sorry.

  20. Jane Wells

    Birdwhisperer: The admin tool is being redesigned in version 2.7 to make it easier to navigate and perform common tasks. The navigation design is intended to eliminate the need to leave your current screen while looking at other navigation options (currently you have to go into another section to see that section’s available options).

  21. dartmerc

    it’s really great to see inside the development process and actually have a chance for input, rather than turn up one day and find the interface has changed (and probably not to something user’s really like).
    Good work!

  22. Recent bookmark

    nice survey. cant wait for 2.7 :)

  23. frederic sidler

    And why not let the user decide what he wants for this navigation.

  24. Nader

    Word press is the best blog package ever made, always updating us with the latest news, waitin for 2.7.

  25. braybon9


  26. AudaciousAria

    I agree with Dartmerc, thanks for giving us the chance for some input.

    I reckon I’m going to like this too.

  27. Paul Ustanny

    i love it! who says u cant fall in love at first sight? the right tools at the right time!

  28. mbelGedez™


    WordPress is the bestlaa :lol:

  29. Ilah

    I think it would be better if WordPress makes it user-selectable. Actually, I have no problem with it being at the top. It doesn’t make any much difference.

  30. Jane Wells

    Ilah: The navigation redesign is allowing us to provide more options in version 2.7, such as allowing the user to decide which modules to display on the Write Post screen.

  31. phi.21st


  32. projectlib

    new menu it cool….I like it

  33. alhakim

    WordPress 2.7 .. wow it’s fast update from wordpress ;) good job guys

  34. fracas

    My request would be that we get some warning before anything new is launched. I’ve noticed that when new features or major changes happen, there are glitches and the forum volunteers are sure given a run for their money.. so to speak, since they’re volunteers.

    Last time, I was able to just log out and wait out a day or so for some of the glitches to be sorted out. That was just sheer luck though. It would be nice to know (kind of like how they knock on your door and let you know before they turn off the water to repair a water main break) with a bit of advance warning, so that we can not be doing something really important (to us) when voila… everything changes.

    That would be super! I think with warning, most of us can adapt to any changes that happen.

    Heading to the survey now.

  35. Jane Wells

    fracas: The launch of version 2.7 is expected to happen in early November. We will post announcements in advance of this date to give people some warning. We’ll also be re-working the FAQ and creating some new screencasts to help with the transition.

  36. Ronilson Araújo

    I think it’s very useful for us

  37. hnpspbd

    Great job!

    Will it be possible to integrate the publishing tool in the main wordpress-sites?

    I would love a “login”-box as a sidepanel widget on the main page. When you log in, the login-box changes to show the 4-5 most used tools, such as “Write post”, “New Comments” etc – with a link to the Dashboard for further options.

  38. Mike8498

    That’s actually pretty cool! But it will take awhile to get used to the change if we do change it.

  39. Gabriela

    Great but i would liek more themes with navigation bars It is really useful.

  40. afruj

    Thanks for all you do!

  41. Adam

    Interesting!!! Cool!!! Wow!!! Amazing,

  42. programmervb

    wow cool…..

  43. allforblue

    Wow is great, thank for new option :)

  44. kövi sára

    the new feature seemes to be more
    aggregated at first sight.

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  46. ian in hamburg

    Can we opt out of any changes if we like things the way they are? Just getting used to the new look of the dashboard and now it’s changing again. What’s the point?

  47. Sismanto

    nice ……….

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  49. glipkeriokistomerces

    Some category icons will help more but …wow fast improvements!

  50. Gerrit Eicker

    I agree with Ilah in making it user-selectable. I prefer the current version. What I’d like to see is the option to move or even deactivate menu items.

    Smile! Gerrit

  51. Thoth

    I don’t really see how changing the location of the navigation links makes much difference: they’ll apparently still scroll off the screen and the column may continue taking up screen space when you scroll down. This could be mildly good or mildly bad, there’s just not enough information to judge it on.

  52. shecher

    Hi i’m new here…Thank you wordpress God speed to all :)

  53. Bill

    I just want: better search,better search,better search,better search,better search,better search,better search,

  54. Dipa

    Great..But we need the ability to checklist some Postings and grouping it to a category..

  55. innovatel

    GREAT! It’s wonderful :)

  56. skyx

    PERFECT nice~
    i like it~

  57. Dilip Prakash

    It looks better and fast…

  58. JalanSutera.com™

    I will take the survey….

  59. beheader69

    good idea

  60. JmaX

    I prefer a sidebar instead of the top bar menu we’ve been having.
    Up next, wordpress should tie down with sites Imeem so users have more choices to put music on their blogs.

  61. Yasir Imran

    No, but I like to navigation the one at the top
    that is quite ok
    Is there an option to use the navigation style we like or we are forced to use side navigation system

  62. boopy12345

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  63. Doug

    Could we have an easy link to the Global Dashboard? It’s become much harder to access for those running heir own installations?

  64. Jonell

    How about the TRANSLATION thingy???

    Please scratch that off.

  65. atrix

    Nice, i like the sidebar navigation layout. Hope they release this version soon.

  66. God Eye Galatea

    Wow, this is great. Thanks guys, WordPress just gets better and better!

  67. schweizerkrieger

    good idea

  68. leonceantiques

    Looks like a great revision! Thanks.

  69. pkab

    I loke top bar menu something like pull down menu, it will pop up when you need it.
    When you put left bar menu, it stay there and take some space.
    I like the idea of the menu should subtle, you don’t see them when you focus on composing your content.

    Please give us the freedom of choice to use top bar menu or left bar menu.

    Thanks in advance for your attention.


  70. Andrew

    Since the survey didn’t ask…
    The thing I do most frequently is post. I want to get right to the post page, and once I get there, I don’t want to be held up or otherwise annoyed. So please put categories and tags above the fold and to the side of the edit window.
    I’d like to be shown the blog admin pages I most often go to. So, if wp.com could keep track of that, and display them prominently in the dash or in the admin bar, that would help. Perhaps the three I use most frequently?
    Thanks for soliciting community input.

  71. Jane Wells

    Andrew: in 2.7 you’ll not only be able to drag and drop modules on the write post screen to put them wherever you like, you’ll also be able to decide which modules should appear on your screen at all. Tags and Categories on the right side of the edit window and above the fold, coming right up!

  72. rrimuna

    nice :) it sounds better than this version :D

  73. Armando Netto

    When it will come to free version?

  74. den Koplak

    good stuff

  75. rillys

    hahaha….love it…

  76. blaxter

    Since I started in February I’ve survived two lots of learning curves – couldn’t we just leave things the nice way they are? Or at least give the option? As someone above said, I just want to post in the quickest time, and changing things causes delays and uncertainties. Bloggers blog! They don’t need permanent twiddling and fiddling with the look of the thing. I reckon most of us would prefer new themes or more widgets… and for myself, I don’t even need that.

  77. ahmedlive


  78. Gummygumworm


  79. Faber

    Wow! That’s really nice!!! mmm…. Free version???

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  81. chloechersak


  82. wordstretch

    YES, YES – for “menu option” !

    Please do not “FORCE” a sidebar menu in your new design – not everybody has high-res monitors. At the very least, please make it so that if you use the sidebar menu format, then make it so it can be completely collapsed with a simple click (disappear). Otherwise, on lower res monitors the vertical disign will be far too invasive within the content of admin pages and cause either display gliches (perhaps within WP default admin pages, and maybe within some plugin option pages) or create an annoying need to scroll horizontally.

  83. Jane Wells

    wordstretch: The shift in navigation placement comes after usability testing showed us that the current system takes up so much room on monitors with lower resolution that very little working area is above the fold by default. This is true on many laptop screens as well. The narrow left side menu is intended to provide the greatest working area on the screen possible.

  84. alhakim

    i like sidebar from < wp 3. it more easy to manage our widget if we choose 2 sidebar theme. We don’t have to switch between sidebar 1 and 2. Just my opinion.

  85. saadiyah


  86. rioserver500

    Looks Awesome :)

  87. udom

    Cool navigator bar :-)

  88. nugrohodc

    very nice.

  89. khalifavi

    it seems the navigation will be a lot easier, i will be waiting for that.
    better to keep each user pick their own preference in this ‘layout’.
    but overall, wordpress is the one!

  90. URCHIN7

    nice :) it sounds better than this version :D Thanks.

  91. thainana

    so cool

  92. drcorner

    That’s great! Can’t wait for it to come out.

    One feature I’d love to see improve is My Comments (and a couple of other sections of the Dashboard), that only allow you to see your past history on one Page…so any comments you made that are older you currently can’t see.

  93. nenyok

    Great, its useful :)

  94. Jane Wells

    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. The navigation, like the rest of 2.7, is a work in progress, and we’ll be taking everyone’s feedback into account while we focus on making decisions that will address the biggest problems in the interface and help the most people improve their blogging experience. As we address more areas of the admin tool, such as the dashboard or the new post screen, we may post more surveys to gather additional community feedback.

  95. arRa II

    Wow..so cool!

  96. Jan

    Very lovely! NICE!

  97. hulkson

    Very Good!

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  99. Mountain Sage

    I would like to see more themes with custom headers.

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