WordPress 2.7 Design Survey #2: Search, Favorites, Future Publish

October 1, 2008 Update: The survey is now closed. Thanks to all those who participated.

Did you get a chance to weigh in on how to structure the navigation in the next version of WordPress two weeks ago? Another round of mini-mockups and multiple choice questions awaits the first 5000 respondents. The WordPress 2.7 UI Survey #2 is now available to take your opinions regarding:

  • Where to put the search box
  • Where to put the Add New Post button/favorites menu
  • How to label the Future Publish/Edit Timestamp function

The survey (hosted by the good guys over at PollDaddy.com) will automatically close after receiving 5000 responses. That only took about two days for the navigation survey, so hurry over and cast your votes.

When the survey has closed, these links will be disabled and this post will be updated.

Note: If you don’t know what the “future publish” function is, you can learn about it before you take the survey:

October 1, 2008 Update: The survey is now closed. Thanks to all those who participated.

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Jen Mylo


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  1. pacer521


  2. dr. Windof

    wow!!!!!!!1 klass!!!

  3. moremusicfrommaria

    omg omg omg this site is so f***ing amazing!

  4. MadMark

    Just done! :)

  5. Mr.Rockmantico

    It’s very interesant, I’m look for the new wordpress ;) byes



  7. matiasabad


  8. sensico

    great, I use this the future publish feature a lot, so its nice to have a small say in what the button will be like. But I still don’t understand why anyone would need a favorites button.

  9. Teck

    I can’t wait to use the new 2.7 Dashboard. :)

  10. Djayuz


  11. m@q

    waiting for new WP!!

  12. bentoet

    Can’t wait it…

  13. Spencer

    done done and done, bring on November with the new wordpress! (not that this one is in need of a replacement or anything!)

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  15. Ronilson Araújo

    It’s very useful. I’m waiting too

  16. madsilence

    Can it get any better? Looking forward to more improvements. MadSilence

  17. legoless

    I can’t wait! :)

  18. winsur

    Hooray thanks wordpress :D

  19. ElleDoesIt

    Done. Favorites would be unnecessary (as would be my list of WP admin bookmarks) if navigation was simpler, but I look forward to the future publish tweaks. Hopefully there will be a calendar with already-scheduled days marked off (or at least with that option). Thanks!

  20. Dark Crow200

    Seem’s to be cool.

    I didn’t understand a word XP

  21. rioserver500

    Nice, Im waiting

  22. Carlos

    Amazing :D thanks wordpress

  23. Armando Netto

    Very Good.

  24. Yonatan Prasdikatama

    Great news, i hope this would be increase uses of my wordpress. :)

    I hope this utilities will make my blog become full of power. :)

    Nice work. ;)

  25. ≈Luçk¥®ømåN

    Sounds Neet But i dont know :|

  26. Rebel Without a Sauce

    I’ll keep my opinion to myself until I’m positive that I’m in the majority.


  27. AudaciousAria

    Awesome :)

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  29. Hughesie

    why didn’t facebook do this kind of survey?

    thanks wordpress

  30. Ithaca Real Estate Broker

    looking good!

  31. HeLL-dA

    It’s great…!

  32. reiyo


  33. ase 7

    What does the search box in the Admin Panel searches for?

  34. Matt


  35. Bombero King


  36. Barry Wallace

    I like the ability to publish at a set future date.

  37. Fairchild_13

    *applause* Very cool but favorites indeed is not that necessary, it would just get in the way. Should I say, annoying? It’s just me :)

  38. rillys

    thanks wordpress….i already done complete the survey……

  39. alfaridzy

    wordpress, bravo!!!!

  40. mclearskin

    Thank you for starting my day with good news.

  41. cinnamonb

    I really don’t care too much about those features. I’d like to see better/different designs for templates. I know you have many and maybe I’m just picky but I really didn’t see too many I really liked. I came to WordPress because getting a graphic into my header box proved to be so much trouble in Blogger. I got it done here, but it almost swallows my little description of the blog! How about more control over the text in a header to overcome that? Also, I can’t change the font of posts (at least I didn’t see how to in my template!) Things like giving more options to personalize templates would be what I’d like to see.

  42. Gu

    good, thanks wordpress

  43. slacker

    A favourites menu would be very annoying because it is non-intuitive. We look at, say, for an application, the “Edit” menu and we expect to find “Copy” “Paste” “Select All” and so-on, that is because “Edit” is a category (the “File” menu should really be renamed “Application”) “Favourites” work for browsers because people know what is in them, a directory of sites they don’t remember the URL’s to but want to find again in the future.

    Did you catch that, a Directory?

    I and everyone I’ve seen using that menu browses through it searching for something. We don’t open it thinking, “I know exactly what I want and where to find it!”

    This is why adding a menu that remembers our most used features to an application (such as wordpress(!)) is a very-bad-idea. We won’t know what’s in it.

    KDE, Windows, Gnome, Mac and others have tried this concept with their start-menus, this never works because this is not how people expect it to work and not how people actually use it and beside the algorithms that are supposed to figure this all out assume that people work logically and consistently and this has erratic results.

  44. Jane Wells

    The idea of the favorites menu (working title, we haven’t officially decided what to call it yet) is that the user would be able to choose what screen links would appear in the menu, not that the system would dynamically populate it based on activity. It would basically function like setting a bookmark in your browser. Personally, I have bookmarks in my browser for plenty of sites for which I do know the URL; it’s just faster to click on my bookmarks bar. That’s the idea here, too, to make it faster to access those screens you use the most. This feature was requested by many users, which is why it’s on the list for 2.7

  45. criticalcomponent


  46. REU


  47. Gururaj

    Amazing changes… looking forward

  48. nirajrai

    Very nice

  49. ericgourmet

    Amazingly easy to use. Everything is at a mouse click and where you expect it.

  50. Khareen


  51. mohd222

    Wow thats awesome (:

  52. Brigitte

    I took the survey! Whee!

  53. felsefehayat


  54. Dollface

    I did the survey but honestly find the favorites thing irrelevant.

  55. Teguh Iman Prasetya


  56. Robin

    If anyone has a problem with the survey loading and gets the Ooops message, keep trying, Eventually it goes through.

  57. ampebe911


  58. Maverick Gosselin A-1


  59. emoturkey

    ouw great :)

  60. domainblog

    I just took the survey. WordPress is the best!

  61. allforblue

    thank you, nice job :)

  62. slacker

    If you insist on having a user-editable widget the best way to do this would be to create a tool-bar that can be edit, much like the book-marks tool-bar in some browsers.

    This way we don’t have to open the menu to see what is inside it and we have a chance of remembering.

    even if we could edit the contents of the “favourites” menu it would be irrelevant to our work-flow. Again, this is not an intuitive catagory, it is something that we would have to think about every single time

  63. rkms

    Very good. I like surveys.

  64. विनय प्रजापति

    oo la la… amazing…

  65. 1000asale

    I Can’t wait to use the new dashboard for more exposure. I am a newbie to blogging.

  66. the rufus

    Maybe I’ll also use the search one day … ;)

  67. vonpip

    I did it, was painless! ;)

  68. Admin

    It’s great.Thx…

  69. edenchanges

    Tried several times to do the questionnaire as I had the first one but no dice. It kept crashing :(

  70. Ahmad . M . G


  71. fareo

    the picture upload component should consider more seriously, particularly for those people have to use a proxy to access to wordpress. that is my suggestion.

  72. rajendra Parmanik

    Dying for the new advanced and creative version.

  73. programmervb

    nice, thank’s

  74. Richard Flores


  75. Setia Gunawan

    Great job ;)

  76. drcorner

    Can’t wait to see the new UI, it should be good.

    I still would like us to be able to see a more longer history of your ‘My Comments’ section. Any word on that?

  77. afruj

    Its cool! Im waiting.

  78. mhviraf


  79. ζÔ§Η

    Is WordPress 2.7 only going to be available to those at wordpress.org?

  80. Strictly Gospel

    Very nice!

  81. sajansan

    good one ;)

  82. snoopy789


  83. Mabel Iam

    Hi Jane,
    Great help, Thanks :)

  84. iyinetseo

    It’s very useful

  85. Phi - RT


  86. ben10thousand


  87. dinar13

    Good idea…….hehehe

  88. guthixshowdown

    Woa I can’t wait!!! :D

  89. May Flowers Foundation

    Thanks!!!!!!! Its amazing!!!!

  90. Osmar Brandão

    Muito bom!

    Thanks from Brazil.

  91. bytomasz


  92. zipee

    thank you, very good.

  93. xlt888


  94. 2twentythree3

    I’ll admit that in the last three years that I’ve been using wordpress, I’ve only ever like two of the templates/themes for personal blogs.. any chance we could get a hugeee update on those.. say add perhaps 20/30 ++++ more..

    I’m using the albeo right now, mainly cus of the simplistic classy colours.. I think for females, there’s not alot to choose from.

    Just a thought. xx

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  96. donnakaren

    I love it!!!

  97. agungndaru

    i think i’ll like it

  98. Shimmering Stone

    I missed it :(

  99. winsadiq

    Thank You Very Much

  100. rdilipk1

    The best part about WP is that you guys are open to feedback and more often than implement it. The only complaint that I have is that if I use WP for blogging, any chances of me earning something monetarily is next to nil (if I am not hosting it on my own server).
    WP should consider the option of letting their users put a couple of ads on their shared blogs and they can share the revenue as well. Also they can probably put a cap on the number of ads.
    God knows when WP would consider this.
    Anyways, keep up the good work.


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