September Wrap-Up

This month we grew not just in blogs and users, but in company size. As I mentioned in a previous post, the team from Intense Debate is now a part of Automattic. We’re also trucking along with Version 2.7, and listening to your input from the two design surveys opened up this month.

Here are the stats:

  • 334,004 blogs were created.
  • 335,693 new users joined.
  • 3,753,063 file uploads.
  • 1766.49 gigabytes of new files.
  • 489 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 6,252,336 logins.
  • 952,281,311 pageviews on, and another 694,985,128 on self-hosted blogs (1,647,266,439 total across all WordPress blogs we track — a jump of 191,084,227 views since last month).
  • 1,317,190 active blogs and 15,433,379 active posts where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,176,044,534 words.

Other interesting stuff:

We welcomed new WordPress VIPs, including The NFL.

Martha Stewart converted to WordPress and devoted an entire episode of The Martha Stewart Show to blogging.

The UK Royal Navy uses WordPress and is the first of the UK’s Armed Services to have a blog.

We had a record-breaking number of WordCamps this month, with fantastic turnouts:


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  1. Nitin Garg

    WP rocks, i wish this will grow by double after WP 2.7 launch. i m waiting for it !!

  2. legoless

    Wow. That’s a lot of big numbers. 8O

  3. Mihaela

    Great! Congrats!

  4. 2twentythree3

    congrats WordPress on your success! We may not tell you often enough, but we really appreciate everything you do!! You give us somewhere away from the ‘real world’ , a place to ‘escape’.
    Thank you again! x

  5. squarebrackets

    It’s been a busy month, lol


  6. eideard


    Sounds like time to plug WordPress, again. Especially with Martha on board. :)

  7. Moon

    Great :)

  8. Tyler

    Next time you should do a post on WordCamp info…I would have gone to the Portland one but had no idea about it.

  9. {[(Limeboy11)]}


  10. sensico

    Lookin’ Good, WordPress is movin’ up…though I still won’t be happy until IntenseDebate hurries up!!!, and let me install the IntenseDebate on my blog, I just want to try it out, why are they taking so long?
    I agree with a commentor, even though I would have never went to “WordCamp” I still had no idea something like this existed.

  11. Mabel Iam

    great news, my friend :)

  12. Fran

    goood September

  13. Vish

    My workplace, a school, is considering hosting their blog on WordPress. Well done!

  14. Rob Rockitt

    WordPress rocks. Glad HRH can rock here!

  15. furoshiki

    Waiting for WordCamp Paris ! Are you thinking of coming ?

  16. bluebanana20

    Nice to see the forces are using blogs too, quite interesting reading….

  17. trollboy

    I like how Martha is blogging, and then almost completely opposite is the UK Navy. From a proffesional homemaker to a military organization.

  18. carlossera

    Keep up the great work. I joined three days ago and I love it. Lico.

  19. Armando Netto

    Congratz!!!! WordPress is the best blogging platform.

  20. masterclasslady

    Martha is a WordPress client? Go Martha! Go WordPress!

  21. Jennifer

    I <3 WordPress.COM and I <3 WordCamp. Given the numbers, it would be fantastic if WordCamp

  22. NeoOoeN

    Impressive !

  23. johnhg7

    Wow, Thats amazing!

  24. Jennifer

    Whoops! What happened up there? Sorry.

    What I was trying to say was given the numbers, it would be fantastic if WordCamp loved WordPress.COM a little more, too. :)

  25. Tóin

    I love the word Terabyte! :D

  26. May Flowers Foundation


  27. aRuL

    how about in Indonesia? Is there no Wordcamp?

  28. Jeremy Kuiters

    i had no idea is the size of suh numbers and it opens my eyes to the possiblity of the numbers of other organisations… and yes, thank you for your service – it’s great

  29. designedtofail

    I had no idea you guys were so busy!

    Oh wait….

  30. ncwall

    It would be neat if I knew how many words there are in a blog.

  31. masjogja

    Splendid :)
    we want WordCamp in Indonesia!

  32. Heather

    For those who are interested in WordCamps in other countries: The awesome thing about WordCamps is that they’re all organized by users like you! Check out the schedule here to see if there’s one coming to a city near you. If not, get in touch! We’ll do what we can to help you organize.

  33. daiseeee

    I LOVE WORDPRESS!!!!!!!!
    And I have my own animal blog Check it out!

  34. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    Well, that’s just yip-dee-calling, hum-dingin’, whoop-reducing dandy! You made me hog-tying happier that a hugin’ hog in a mile long mud bath, you did!

    No, we’re not hillbillies, we’re Tubbo’s and we’re gonna rule over you.

  35. iaoj

    WordPress is the Moon light.

  36. khal3d

    nice :)

  37. Chirag Jain

    Have a WordPress Camp in Delhi, India too!

  38. Grace

    I use several different blog platforms at work but my choice for my personal blog is WordPress. You’re definitely the best.

  39. Brigitte

    Yay for numbers!

  40. Yonatan Prasdikatama

    yes, September is the “hard work” month. :)

    Nice work, i waiting for it. :)

    Hey, when did the WordCamp will be held in Indonesia? We are waiting for it too. :)

  41. roqayah

    Good going WordPress :) 2009 – here we come

  42. xboxoz360

    So when are we having a WordCamp in Australia . . . ?

    Great stuff guys, and the few times I have had problems, you’ve been right there to help with words of wisdom. So many thanks to the team for their continued efforts.

  43. mariochcr

    I don’t know what are you talking about, but just let me say:

    WordPress thanks from Costa Rica, you should come down here and have fun. You have been working had for make our life more instersting, we can just say hi or we can be a real writer, even if we are bad writers!

    Thanks guys, take a break!

  44. antukin ako

    wow. what great figures.

  45. Jon

    Love wordpress. Convinced a friend to drop to come here.

  46. HeLL-dA

    Congrats, WP!
    U’r rock, I love WP…

  47. David Ker

    I was disappointed to only hear about the wp wingding in Portland now. I would have loved to be there. I’ll try to get in the loop for the next one.

  48. alohafromsheila

    It is great to be part of this fun and growing group.
    Mahalo Nui Loa for everything!


  49. Dean Longmore

    Thats pretty cool the Navy are blogging now. Wonder what they’ll talk about? Probably submarines.

  50. allforblue

    335,693 new users – Great blog site :)

  51. St.Fallen

    Go WordPress! Go! :D

  52. sx43027

    great and all the best .u r great we reach to many people thru u..

  53. meenas17

    Fun to be with wordpress
    The blogging experience is formidable.

  54. AudaciousAria

    Awesome, well done guys.

  55. ariefdj™

    Phew… Good news…
    Btw, why you were not ReCorded a WORDCAMP in Indonesia yet ?


    i l0ve w0rdpress L

  57. withonebreath

    Those are huge numbers! Kinda makes one feel like a small fish …

    Here’s to freedom of speech and expression!

    Thanks, WordPress!

  58. noriscocci


  59. ♫ яάη∂α ♫

    Congrats ^^

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  61. eideard

    Though I am a world-class hermit [contradiction?], I have only heard of the West Coast WordCamps – mostly from Om’s blog. Didn’t realize they happened on a regional basis. I would love to attend.

    If they ever get one together for New Mexico, I suppose I’d even drive down to Albuquerque – or you could hold it up here in the capitol, Santa Fe. We have a nice, shiny new convention center.

  62. Konstantinos

    I just Love WP!

  63. programmervb

    I just say wow great in indonesia says “keren”

  64. Michelle Rafter

    OK, those WPCamp organizers in Portland need to do a better job next year publicizing the event because I’m the third person from PDX commenting here who’d have loved to have gone but didn’t know about it. I already emailed the organizer asking him to put me on the list for next year. Anyone else interested, just follow Matt’s link to WordCamp Portland and you’ll see the email address.

  65. pinwino

    WP FTW!

  66. mclearskin

    One of the new WP bloggers is a friend of mine, hey hey !

  67. Shaunak Pandit

    Greatooo !!! its lovely hope it stays this way :)

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  69. seattlemajestics

    SWEET! NFL! Way to go!

  70. Mohamed Sanaulla

    WordPress Rocks!!! Its the best blogging platform and makes blogging even more fun filled and easier.
    Great going WordPress!!!

  71. annakuli

    Congrats! =]

    Way to go WP!

  72. cloudman23

    I’m a 68-year-old, retired, geologist & meteorologist who was encouraged by his 19-year-old son to begin blogging. He got things set up for me and I was off and running on August 24 – this year. Thank you so much for providing me a legitimate and rewarding means for partial fulfillment of my need to teach and learn. The learning curve is steep for me but you have made it far easier than it might have been otherwise with your intuitive system. Congratulations and thank you!


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  74. enrizuu

    I am in the Wordcamp Philppines! yay! Good Job Matt. Can not wait in 2009 Wordcamp Philippines!

  75. ELLE

    I’ve tried several blogging platforms before but hey, WordPress is what work’s best for me.

    Kudos! :)

  76. ♪Sheila♪

    Sweet! You guys really have really outdone yourself.

  77. Ron08

    I completely, well, kind’a, neglected my blogger account because of my new interests with WordPress =P I like it a lot, especially the fact that I get to create a blog that functions like a website…KUDOS to officials! (can we get smilies? he he).

  78. ircopcito

    On the way.
    GO GO GO ;)


  79. charlesrkd


  80. pressphotointernational

    Fantastic news, Matt! The WP empire expands…

  81. Yasir Imran

    It is growing, wish you best of luck

  82. katroboy


  83. buyathread

    Way to go, WordPress! Your success is well deserved!

  84. ( Mr. EDY )

    please indonesian waiting to…..for the best wordpress…..

  85. amylthomas

    Just joined yesterday, love it! You have an amazing platform, thanks for all of the hard work, this is fantastic!

    Amy in Maine

  86. avantgardebkk

    This is a great community and its nice to see it grow so fast

  87. shinkaide

    Great job, guys! Gotta catch the next WordCamp in the PH, though. Keep up the great work~!

  88. Dark Crow200

    Amazing! you deserve those. You have worked hard and you gained it =D

  89. tansilia

    yay! I’m one of the those who joined WP in sept.. congrats!

  90. braybon9

    Wow! Thats a lot of views. Keep up the good work Word Press!
    P.S: could you make a theme where we could like TOTALLY personalize it?! THAT WOULD ROCK! :D :)

  91. Malcolm Almeida

    Wonderful news

    Cheers :)

  92. keykey2464

    wow that good news kepp on blog

  93. Zyrac

    Great – Knew I Chose The Right Blog Company, Excellent Guys!!

  94. Barbara

    Proud to be one of the new blogs in september.
    Congratulations for the great success!

  95. prosperstudentcare

    I was sorry I missed the WordCamp in Utah;0(

  96. Sah War

    WordPress – if you try it once, you can never let it go…blogging is journalism and much more. :) WP, keep people connected and communicating! Congratulations, WP! :)

  97. msmillion

    Wow! I’m rubbing elbows with Marth Stewart thanks to WordPress. Maybe someday she will invite me over for a cup of tea.

  98. ihumanoid

    I’m absolutely amazed by wordpress. I wish all the very best to wordpress’s future.

  99. maelinat

    Enormous! Bravo. :>)

  100. Dilip Prakash

    Keep growing guys……..


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