When you login to write a new post, you’ll notice a new icon above the text editor next to the “Add media” section: an orange lollipop.

When you login to write a new post, you’ll notice a new icon above the text editor next to the “Add media” section: an orange lollipop.

Click that icon, and you’ll be greeted with a new polling feature — the result of our integration with the newest member of the Automattic family, the PollDaddy service. Here’s an example poll:

Now whenever you do a post you’ll be a few clicks away from having your own poll, and you can have as many as you like! We’re also going to be working on a lot more styles and customization of the polls, so you’ll be able to match it exactly to the look and feel of your blog.

Most of the Automattic team is in Breckenridge, Colorado, right now for our twice-yearly get together (including PollDaddy and Intense Debate folks!). Over the next week or two you should see some cool projects we’re working on start to come out. In the meantime, here’s a picture of us dealing with altitude sickness:

Handsome group, eh? These are the folks who work every day and night to make your blogging experience absolutely tip-top. I couldn’t imagine working with better people, and I’m thankful every day.

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  1. Jane Wells

    @that girl again: The orange button is the PollDaddy logo, not a random icon that we chose.

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  3. Dev

    Now I have got what I had been really waiting for….a Polling service….did u intentionally try to time with US polls?? ;-)

  4. eideard

    Breckenridge? Try the local suds, gang.

    Then, stop in Santa Fe on your way home.

  5. nicereddy

    thatsd sweet ive been wondering how to do that!
    RED OUT :mrgreen:

  6. Sonic30132

    That guy talking has a weird voice. Where can I buy one of those? Heh, cool poll thing.

  7. Foofy

    Suh-weet. Now we can finally let that jumbled mess of PHP and Python we have on GigaOM die like it should have long ago.

  8. Sonic30132

    Are all those worker people married? They’re pretty hawt.

  9. Gints Plivna

    WoW. cool! I’d definitely try it out someday :)

  10. Conor O'Neill

    Best news this year. A brilliant match of companies and people. Lots of glasses being raised in congratulations in Ireland tonight.

  11. Sebastien Lachance


  12. ladespeinada74

    thank you all you realized a wonderful work and I like poll daddy sincerely pat salario

  13. Will Rhodes

    Excellent idea!

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  15. Devin Reams

    You all should come down to Denver and visit Crowd Favorite for a day. We love company. :)

  16. plugginaway4him

    you guys are unbelievable! wow! so, when are you all going to run for president and straighten out the country, too :)

    thanks for your work. you make the world a better place.

  17. Peter A. Mello

    Excellent! Thanks!

  18. Manuel Reis

    Is it me, or the Automattic Family is getting bigger and more important?

    This is cool. Will it be integrated with WP 2.7?

  19. Mr.Rockmantico

    This is perfect, I Like it bye ;)

  20. Barbara


  21. Heather

    @Manuel Reis: A PollDaddy plugin has been released for WordPress.org. You can read more details on Matt’s blog.

  22. Phil Groom

    Suitably impressed, guys: thank you. WordPress just keeps getting better…

  23. Gabriel...

    This would be interesting combined with the sticky post feature…

  24. Abravanel

    Finally – first time I had really felt WP was lacking in something important.

  25. உதய தாரகை

    Nice feature.. Thank you very much guys…

    Keep growing…

  26. chitiore

    Nice feature!!

  27. peacefulone

    You’re on a roll! Thanx

  28. minorityblogger

    I started my first blog yesterday and I am very impressed with your organization. It looks like I made the right choice in choosing WordPress and your team! Thank you in advance for all of your hardwork and thank you for the ability to Poll. I was wondering how to incorporate a poll into my blog – now I know!!:) Thanks again!

  29. Steffen

    Do I need this?
    [x] yes
    [ ] no :-)

  30. usamade

    you guys look cold! very nice pic, great to see everyone behind wordpress.com. thanks!

  31. ClapSo

    This is a sweet addition! Uhhhh, that’s not “altitude sickness”! It’s called a hangover!

  32. Jidhidhico

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Can I put it in the sidebar?

    If no, then to make it will be helpful.

    Thank you.

  33. Alastair Vance


  34. Moon

    Nice :)

  35. ♪ мдтדru∟ёs Ω

    Hi. AWESOME FEATURE! I knew how to do this before, but… it’s cool now too.

  36. adiadrian

    Well done.
    It would be nice if we could integrate the poll in “text widget” like we can do with pictures.

  37. Adrian. The Esoteric


  38. Heather

    @jidhidhico, adiadrian: Yep! Just copy and paste the shortcode for your poll into a text widget.

  39. Mountain Sage

    Bless you….what a great new feature. I thought I was hallucinating red dots when I went to make a post a few minutes ago.

  40. midtwentiesennui

    Cool. Is it possible to put a poll in my sidebar?

  41. pedro nogueira


    Do I need this?
    [x] yes
    [ ] no


  42. strancp

    lol here’s a little poll that I made myself, rofl!
    Do I like pie?
    [ ]I hate it!
    lol thx steffen XD

  43. Blitz7


  44. Armando Netto

    I’ve already Used one widget of PollDaddy!
    It’s Perfect!

    Thank You WordPress.

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  46. NeoOoeN

    Nice feature, ‘gonna try this soon.

  47. Teck

    Thank you now it be much easier to add polls. :)

  48. Blitz7

    To put your poll in your sidebar click to edit your post that your poll is on and then click HTML which is right next to version by the poll button. There will be a code for your poll, copy it. Go to design to edit your toolbar and paste the code of your poll in a text widget.

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  52. Ms V.

    ooooooo I wanna work for you!

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  54. beyondthewindow

    nice option…

  55. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    Does that photo look fake?



  56. legoless

    Now you guys own PollDaddy? Woah! I love PollDaddy, and I’m so happy is an Automattic joint.

  57. the rufus

    Will this be used to improve American elections? ;)

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  59. qbit

    This new feature is just what I was needing lately for a new post. I was thinking it would be good to post a poll and you read my mind.

  60. Hélio Sassen Paz

    I got a simple word to praise you: THANKS! :)

    My best regards,
    Hélio Sassen Paz
    Porto Alegre, RS

  61. David Lee

    Perfect…just what I was looking for…

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  64. ismailimail

    Not sure if anyone else here has mentioned this or not, but the orange icon is intrusive and doesn’t really match with the other gray ones. This is particularly a concern when not all blog posts may contain a poll. Perhaps it could be turned gray like other ones?

  65. enmacondo

    Thanks for work as hard as you do for all of us!
    That photo make me feel to near you!

    Gracias por trabajar tan duro para nosotros; me encantó la fotografía, pues se siente más cerquita de ustedes.

    Je vous embrasse!

  66. sensico

    PollDaddy doesn’t work on my blog. Is it because I have the CSS Upgrade, am I supposed to add anything into my CSS…this sucks, I really want a poll.

  67. wordlily

    Hooray, just saw this in my editor, and was happy! A great addition.

  68. Heather

    @sensico: It looks like this issue was resolved on your blog. If you have any further problems, please contact support.

  69. Stephen


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  73. Sandy G.

    another great feature of wordpress… thanks for your picture…. it’s always nice to see faces behind the voices! keep up the great work!

  74. FXSmom

    Hallelujah!! I think I just heard angels sing :). This is sweet. And the altitude sickness can’t be too bad..y’all are smiling :)

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  76. Brigitte

    This I must play with! Yay! <3

  77. Omar Upegui R.

    How come most of the members of the team are males. Only one female, I think. :-)

  78. Thao

    Hmmm…might be good for my blog..gotta find a good polling topic…

  79. Rob Rockitt

    One more reason why WordPress is the best blogsite on the planet.

    I think I will have to test this one out at the Hard Rock Hideout today!

  80. mikecane

    I saw it pop up and tried it even before your announcement. By far the easiest way I’ve seen to do a poll. Thanks.

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  82. Nightmare 385

    But we can add that poll out of the blog? or just only inside the blog?

  83. artpredator

    I look forward to using this new feature!

    have a great time in Breckenridge–and you get some hiking in!

  84. DAVE ID

    Awesome, as usual :) You guys rock it.

  85. mardhiah


  86. jorgipogi

    I am just waiting for adsense. I want to make some dought lol. I have wordpress.org but it is not the same as wordpress.com

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  88. Eric Kemp

    I see white people…

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  90. blazingshark

    thank you! this morning i wanted to poll my readers and by this afternoon it was possible!

    also, the guy in the green long sleeved shirt – front row, 2nd to the right is a scrumptious dreamboat. yum.

  91. manuel margarido

    [ ]

    Thanks, that’s a new funny and very usefull toll. You rule, guys!

  92. rodrigonunes14


  93. jamessye

    grrreat idea because I was looking for a widget to add polls to my blog!

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  95. ageekspot

    I grew up in Breck! Great town, enjoy the brewery! ;)

  96. danydr

    Gran servicio! Gracias :D

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  99. headslammer

    This is GREAT!! Finally! I had been wanting to do this. Now I can. Thanks WordPress!! You made my dream a reality!!!

  100. Israel

    Sorry lot, if you ask me. And cut those smiles out already.


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