WordPress 2.7: Coming Soon

As you may know, we’ve been working behind the scenes on the design and development of version 2.7 of the WordPress software that powers your blog. The administration interface you’re used to will be changing as a result of your feedback and the results of the usability testing we conducted over the summer. Version 2.7 is due to release officially on November 10 (Update: at the end of November), but in the meantime, we’re posting sneak previews of the look and functionality to come. So far we’ve covered the new navigation system and the new Dashboard. If you want to get an early idea of what you can expect come November, head over to the WordPress.org blog and check out The Visual Design of 2.7 and The New 2.7 Dashboard.

We’ll be publishing more descriptions of how things will work over the next couple of weeks so that when the change comes it won’t be a complete surprise. We’re also working on new Help materials that you can use for reference (replacing FAQs, screencasts, etc.) while you adjust to the new structure. Overall, the response so far is that the new interface is easier to use, and that it’s faster to access the screens people use most, so hopefully once you’ve checked out the posts linked above, you’ll be as excited for the launch of 2.7 as we are.

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Jen Mylo


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  1. Mark


  2. zandi

    How to catch up with all the good stuff. I am a bit slow but all the new things that you guys come up with does make it more exciting to use wordpress. What can I say but thank you and awaiting yet another something new to learn.:)

  3. Dark Pysics

    Heck Yeah I Can’t Wait

  4. Naseer Ahmad

    WOW, good

    wait for this…. Thanks

  5. natecrew

    Question: Will WordPress ever start allowing video file types to be hosted? I mean, there’s a 3 gig limit, isn’t that enough to stop it getting uncontrollable?

  6. Heather

    @natecrew: We allow video uploads now. You just need to buy a space upgrade first. Info on that is here.

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  8. ColdFire

    Great. Maybe a better Seo (from our tags)

  9. onawhimsey

    Really excited to see the changes!!

  10. layingforprofit

    Exellent ;)

  11. lizwrites

    Jane…thanks for the updates. Can’t wait to use them.

    Liz Isaacs

  12. vwbusguy

    Any chance you could have a statistical summary analysis for YTD and/or the life of the blog?

  13. muriella

    Je suis tres contente avec ces nouvelles – I am very happy with these news

  14. liftingshadows


  15. Cross

    Really waiting for it, Good work.

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  17. generaldirektor

    Super, schön das auch WordPress sich weiterendwickelt,wir sind hier in Deutschland glücklich mit diesem Tool arbeiten zu können.
    WordPress ist die beste Hilfe als Blog eine Community zu erschaffen,und Unternehmer im WWW zu sein.

    mit bestem Dank an das Team

    Super, which is also nice WordPress expanded, we are happy here in Germany with this tool to be able to work.
    WordPress is the best assistance as a blog to create a community, and businesses to be on the WWW.

    with a little help from the team

  18. shinseimori

    It looks good, but where are the options where you can change the fonts, colour & underline go? Other than that, it looks very neat, organized & easier to use! Cool ;)

  19. Jane Wells

    shinseimori: Don’t worry, your Visual Editor icons will be the same. The mockup you saw just had some placeholders. Changing your fonts will work just as it does not.

  20. opportunity4all


  21. ashleyrwatts

    That’s my dad’s birthday…so I’M getting a present on HIS birthday…
    I like the sound of that…

    Can’t wait to see it…and good luck with getting it up and running for us! :)

  22. drblsharma

    Changing pace with the time is called development.Awaiting for a new look .Good luck.Thanks.

  23. Franz

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to try out the new WordPress 2.7 with my Blog.

  24. Oma Els

    Wow that’s great! I’ll definitely like it!!

  25. Stephen Langitan

    Great! I love it!

  26. seotime

    it will surely gonaa rock \m/

  27. Nita

    One thing for sure, wordpress never gets boring. Looking forward to the new design. Checked it out and it seems pretty functional.

  28. Lívia

    nice. wordpress rocks.
    but i would like to see in the future something about the text and images security. some kind of protection against copies. Once wordpress tell us to express OURSELVES, we wouldn’t like to see OUR words in someobody else’s page.

  29. Jane Wells

    Livia: Believe me, I get it. Every post I write on the WordPress.org development blog gets scraped by many dozens of blogs: some that are automated and pulling from RSS feeds and some that are real people who just plain copy my posts and publish them on their own blogs under their own name. Seriously frustrating. That’s part of the web, though. It’s not the job of software to make people behave better, it’s the job of people and communities. If someone is stealing your content and they don’t respond to your request for them to remove it, you can file a DMCA notice. Information on DMCA here: http://automattic.com/dmca/ and a link to submit reports if the offender is on wordpress.com. If the offender is not on wordpress.com, you can send a notice to the hosting company in question.

  30. drblsharma

    Changing pace with time is called development.Awaiting for a new look. Good luck. Thanks.

  31. fathanz

    i can’t wait no longer…

  32. fjpoblam

    All the more reason to avoid the bog’s pot…thanks.

  33. leovader

    That looks very cool. I don’t know about the recent comments thing taking up so much space, however. But that’s just because I don’t have very many comments and I don’t like having to come to terms with that every time I want to post something.

  34. Jane Wells

    leovader: One nice thing about the 2.7 interface is that if you don’t want to face a mostly-empty comments module, you can do any of these things to the recent comments module:
    a) drag and drop it to be below the other modules so you don’t see it right away, or
    b) collapse it, so you’ll see if there are new comments, but not the empty box if there aren’t any, or
    c) hide it altogether so it doesn’t appear on your dashboard.

  35. thinkpinkradio

    looking forward to it but i would hope that you guys are working on allowing plug ins!! those are the things that are tempting me the most to move to blogger. please work on that.

    • Jane Wells

      Since plugins require advanced permissions on your web host, free hosted accounts on wordpress.com are not able to add plugins. However, we do try to create hosted widgets for the plugins that are most requested. If you want the freedom to use any of the many plugins available from the WordPress community, you might be better served using the free open source version available at wordpress.org and hosting it yourself, so you can have complete control.

  36. kelliasworld

    Adsense, Yahoo, Chitika, TextLinkAds and other ads need top be allowed on blogs. Information workers who blog need to be able to monetize. Getting revenue from the blog will enable us to update more frequently. I know that now everyone here wants or needs to monetize and you don’t want spammers and con artists. But some of us need to make some money in exchange for providing information. I wish it weren’t that way, but it is.

  37. Jane Wells

    kelliasworld: Well, you know what they say…if you want to make money you have to spend money. The ads you cite are allowed on blogs, just not on the free hosted blogs here at wordpress.com. If you need to run ads to support yourself, I’d suggest checking out the hosting deals at http://wordpress.org/hosting (several are less than $10 a month and come with free WordPress installs) and considering hosting your blog yourself. You can still use the free open source WordPress software, you’ll just need to pay for the hosting yourself. If your blog is a business that earns income then it seems like a reasonable investment.

  38. shrikrishnasamant

    If you can give a demo for me to try as if what I do now in 2.6
    to pulbish a post that will definitely help me,

  39. Jane Wells

    shrikrishnasamant: We plan to publish some walkthroughs of the new interface (including screencasts) to help ease the transition.

  40. Silver Fox

    Thank you for the update. I look forward with working with the new features in 2.7.

  41. Regina Tilaar

    wow, can’t wait for it…!

  42. drblsharma

    Changing pace with time is called development. Awaiting for a new look. Good luck. Thanks.

  43. darrencarter332

    Looking forward to it!

  44. luck13y

    I’m Waiting It!! Viva WordPress.. Jesus Bless You 4 Ever

  45. Cumi cumi

    Can’t wait to see the new one!
    Hopefully there’s another useful items instead of new looks!

  46. Anna Lyttiger

    Your fast development rate is very encouraging! Keep up the good work!

  47. sulochanosho

    Great news. Awaiting the awesome wordpress 2.7!

  48. Dodik Setiawan

    wow… excitement… more improvement for our wordpress…. i hope i can learn more to the new one… i also hope this give benefit for my web…

  49. امید

    awesome, looking forward to the new version’s release …

  50. guppylover88

    i’m having majour trouble trying to get my google adsense to work on this. And I don’t know how to download any plugins do you have any helpful tips to tell me?

  51. Jane Wells

    guppylover88: AdSense is not permitted on the free hosted wordpress.com blogs. Likewise, plugins are only available if you are hosting your blog yourself, since you need access to the back end to install plugins.

  52. ChocoPuddi

    Wow, awesome layout, looking forward to it!

  53. schooltwinning

    Hi you do great job thank you

  54. anick

    Can we choose an older version as an optional? Its to give a chance to anyone who not really ready.

  55. Jane Wells

    anick: Sorry, but once 2.7 is released, the old 2.6 interface will be retired. If it’s any consolation, new users who’ve been trying it out have found it to be very easy to navigate and have gotten used to it very quickly.

  56. grantman

    ..can’t wait….

  57. Rr.Emma Dhamayanti

    Excellent … Tks …

  58. Stazybο Hοrn

    I can see a google icon next to embed tool, there. Does this mean we will be finally able to embed a google document in a post in a wordpress.com hosted blog post? Can we already to this with some coding and which?

    I would appreciate an answer, as it’s been a long time waiting for this…

  59. Jane Wells

    Stazybο Hοrn: Sorry to report that the embed buttons you saw in the mockup have not made it into the final version of 2.7 due to time constraints. Maybe in 2.8.

  60. firmanabdullah

    yeah….nice..give the new spirit for bloging

  61. Jackson


    This looks sleek…
    like that new dashboard-
    I just love WordPress!

  62. Manish Rajpoot

    Can’s Wait!

  63. mistrust

    looking forward to the new WP!

  64. y4kup

    ((: thank you…

  65. fredyzahwan

    Hi, Great for You espacially to WP

  66. sambalewa

    wait this!!!!!

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  68. unsecure

    oh my good,

  69. Saqib

    I am waiting anxiously for this release, as I am new to wordpress but still I love it and looking forward to use the new wordpress on all my website. I even converted my whole website in just one day from my old lagacy system. Its really cool and full of features.

  70. spanishpropertymentor

    A quick thank you to all the Team @wordpress.

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  72. mrice58

    is it free?? and if costing how mush$$

  73. Jane Wells

    mrice58: Yes, of course it’s free. It’s just the next version of the application, and will automatically replace the one you are currently using when the time comes.

  74. Eric Leszkowicz

    Can’t wait. This just keeps getting better.

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  76. bakiscemberi.wordpress.com | Tıkla |

    we wait…

  77. Sujay Ghosh

    Setting up the plugin’s feature would be really great. Or if you prefer some widgets in the guise of plugins. For
    example the online presence widget ; e.g Plugoo would be an example.

    Some professional themes would be helpful , for professional blogs I found only the cutline theme appropriate .. so a theme , which keeps things simple, yet appealing would be appreicated.

  78. Drs. Supriyanto

    Previous Version just already so nice. more than anything else will immediately emerge version WordPress 2.7, of course growing facilitate and sophisticated. Very I wait for newest version its. OK.

  79. gladman

    good news!

  80. fusewire

    You touched on the fact that WordPress.com will see the 2.7 feature upgrade soon. I’m just wondering if this means that there will be a WordPress MU 2.7 release within a resonable timeframe after the initial WordPress 2.7 release?

  81. Filip

    Judging by the number of “Yay!”, “Wow!”, “Can’t wait!” posts the release is really awaited…

  82. Rahul Sonar

    Great to hear! Waiting for it…..

  83. Shivam Vij

    So from Nov 10 onwards my wordpress.com blog dashboard will be all new, or is this about wordpress.org? Dumb question, perhaps, but better ask than wonder!

  84. Diane

    So, who pays you guys if we get all this great stuff for free???? =)

  85. Valerie Atherton's Playground and Intellectual Department

    Are we going to have to buy software for this? If so, how much will it cost?

  86. aalaap

    I kinda liked the horizontal navigation because of it’s ability to have practically unlimited sub-menus. I’ve designed a number of CMS UIs based on this logic.

  87. Sebastian

    Looks great! Can’t wait for it to be released!!


  88. V V S


    I’ve been a recent user of WordPress (since aug 2007). I don’t even know if anybody has already raised this. But most of the things now-a-days that we try to add to our blog pages are based on java scripts. I can understand that if you allow java script, there would be a security leak. But if it possible to enable just the simple java scripts which wouldn’t create security issues and which could give some more power to our content, it would be a nice add-on. There are different varieties of statistics tools available on the internet for free to see the blog usage most of them are either java script or flash scripts. So if there is anyway you can enable these scripts without compromising the security, it would be really good n cool for our blogs.

  89. Jane Wells

    VVS: We prioritize the security our your blog above all else, which is the reason we don’t allow independent JavaScript. For those features that require JavaScript that we hear people asking for, we try to provide a widget, such as for the Flickr badge. The WordPress.com built-in stats function is undergoing some revisions currently, and will have even more stats goodness when it launches in the near future. In the meantime, the stats included in your WordPress.com account does provide quite a bit of stats information.

  90. fernpower

    Looks like you’re addressing most of the issues I had with the admin panel.

  91. arrahmanbec

    i can’t wait any longer. i will be pleased. thanks

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  94. b.catalin

    waiting for it . good job

  95. विनय

    how many days more?

  96. iv3kr

    i love the simple design of wordpress. :]
    i can’t wait for the updates…

    i hope in the future wordpress can allow html, let users upload things or create their own page….
    and something that the users can sign in and sign out of the blog..//
    haha i’m wishing for the impossible…
    but i really really really hope html and embed codes would be allowed in the future
    and uploading videos and music. :)

    I LOVe WoRDprEsS!

  97. xpresat

    Wow it looks great, there’s a better dashboard design
    I think this upgrade will help to have a better manage of posts.

    Thanks WordPress. :)

  98. kimcokynhan

    Hurry up!

  99. arguser

    Great service, thanks for your work… wanna test it right now!

  100. Shubhamoy

    Oh it is really great!!!!!!
    Hope to get some amazing features


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