Testing 1, 2, 3

Over the summer WordPress 2.5 and a prototype called Crazyhorse underwent third-party usability testing, which led to the design changes that will be coming in 2.7. Half of the test participants were wordpress.com users just like you! If you’re interested in the process behind the testing or want to read the report, head on over to the development blog and read all about it.

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Jen Mylo


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  1. legoless


  2. Mike Storm

    looks awesome, can’t wait.

  3. woofmccol


  4. squarebrackets

    kool, i shall, lol


  5. zeuspro

    i hope it will be percebtibly different from current version

  6. Scott

    Looking forward to the new release!

  7. विनय

    I’m ready!

  8. Maximiliano Saavedra


  9. thurnherr


  10. urbanreality

    that is great !!!

  11. artpredator

    bring it on!

    maybe this explains the odd links coming in too–i was thinking it was early for trick or treat–wasn’t sure whether it was a trick or a treat!

    • Jane Wells

      There wouldn’t have been any strange link stuff going on as a result of our testing or the 2.7 redesign, since it has not yet been ported to wordpress.com. It’s still being beta tested by people with self-hosting wordpress.org blogs.

  12. Venzr

    I’ve been looking forward to this.

  13. Commentator

    Neatest invention since toilet paper on a roll.

  14. hugene13

    i cant wait til 2.7 comes out!

  15. Lilja

    Looking forward to it :)

  16. madsilence

    WordPress is the best!

  17. Wwe Adam

    Thanks for that.

  18. Farijs van Java

    testing testing…


  19. sodacanblog

    cool cant wait

  20. strancp


  21. katroboy

    WP Rocks…!!! can’t wait till 2.7…

  22. David

    hehe that’s the name of my blog, just that it is in spanish. Thank you guys, you’re the best

  23. billi4d

    look really good. well done wordpress

  24. Cristian Giménez


  25. Onasis

    ¡Muy bien!

  26. Miss Estelar

    OMG!!! u rocks :D

  27. 71mm0

    how great it is

  28. Dark Crow200 aka Moonkey

    Hey thanks!

  29. امین هاشمی

    wow Great

  30. juliust68

    that’s pretty awesome, well done again

  31. abekosgoro

    get ready

  32. bydersjoint

    So looking forward to this one :)

  33. Catshade

    Wow, it’s nice to see you guys at last leave the design to the professionals ;)

    (no offense to the people who designed 2.5 interface)

  34. straw000

    That rox!! : )

  35. WinxAmore


  36. Labydog

    Can’t wait till 2.7!!!!

  37. redsoxmaniac

    When I get real old, my children will be using WordPress 5.43, and they’ll have a multi-blog network, each blog representing a piece of their personality, and representations of their ego and id. They will combine into a different interface of Facebook, where everyone can define their friends by befriending particular personalities, throwing away the sum of the person at will.

    And, one of my sons will come up to me and show me a video of neo-plode rock, which is a combination of 60’s music, 90’s R&B, Bjork ethereal-like backgrounds, with a lot of reverb’d cowbells and whistles and audio snippets of game show melodies in the 20th century. He will show me his ego WordPress avatar: XavierYY2012, and show me his Adobe Community Cloud widget.

    I will be unsurprisingly confused, and will remark, ” Back when I was your age, we only had WordPress 2.7, and I had to change theme settings through a notepad editor.”

    And he will reply,” You mean, you didn’t have uni-world-css bits? Wow Dad, you were living in the stone age.”

    To The Future of WordPress!

  38. shingoyabuki

    very cool, I’ll be waiting :)

  39. amazert

    Good to know.
    Finally a great software with a good interface.
    Actually the only drawback wordpress had was that it had poor admin interface, now after the launch of new dashboard i think it will be a overall very good software.

    My 4.5/5.

  40. musashinm

    Please, wait… :( I want it…

  41. paul02583

    Veryyy goodddd

  42. goldnsilver

    Bring it on

  43. Melinda

    Great! I’m loving the new look.

  44. Mr\'James


  45. Ruslan Zavackiy

    mm, lets wait for 2.7.., great work!

  46. Lance Zhang

    great work!

  47. marcromboy90


  48. thepenguinshack

    This seems fun! thanks wordpress ;)

  49. markdowe

    Your’e on the go all the time, Jane. Thanks for the info.

  50. aryaone

    good, work

  51. kidsenergyburner

    Hello Jane,

    Thank you very much for this report. It is always interesting to see reports with scientific approach to produce result.

    I wonder how would these results differ if testers would be presented with different color scheme. Let’s say that instead of white-blue color scheme interface would use orange color for buttons, bright green for menus, etc.

    What I’m going to is to shed some light onto the way blog readers read the blogs and how theme affects the way they concentrate on the content. This will give a lot of knowledge to theme developers, …

    Thank you very much again.

    • Jane Wells

      There are many excellent books out there on color theory, the use of color in web design, and the effects of color cues on usability, which would be a good resource for theme developers.

  52. Bart Werbrouck

    Thanks! Good going! Nice

  53. orientacionandujar

    Thank you very much for this report

  54. graffiticreator

    crazyhorse, love it :)

  55. Gabriele

    happy new year. :D

  56. lamis

    very cool, I’ll be waiting..

  57. njgarrod

    This sounds really cool.
    Can’t wait!

  58. rillys

    WP 2.7 where are you…… cant wait

  59. jamieissocoollike

    Lookin forward to 2.7, but will we have a feature to have the 2.6 look? I still like it, cos I saw the wireframes and still aren’t sure

  60. Rahul

    I am All :) SmiLes :)

  61. vinayakah

    nice guys, go on, good work am looking forward

  62. elainey ❤

    Sounds cool!

  63. comunidadlinuxla

    yeah great :D

  64. Person1233

    Awesome, more advancements for wordpress, in a few years, they’ll know what you’re gonna type, and the post will already be made :lol:

  65. Whogopenguin

    @Person1233: Lol. That is my kind of humour. :)

  66. Cross

    Looks great :)

  67. Yonatan Prasdikatama

    Magnificent! I can’t wait for it. :)

  68. DIOS (el genuino)

    ¿When more detailed statistics? visitors’ Net, visitors’ city, etc?

  69. Gargamel

    very sharp and informative as usual, and happy november everyone!

  70. vagrcom

    WP rocks..I am ready

  71. aminiature

    owh yeahhh!!!

  72. shopnewest

    Good post writing make lighting in the brain.

  73. technisch

    Looks great. Cool!

  74. programmervb

    I’am ready :)

  75. poitiers

    While the new interface looks nice, it’s just that – interface. Personally, I would prefer that more effort was spent on squashing bugs, improving compatibility with web standards, streamlining the publishing process – and integrating the cache into the main product than all this eye candy.

    • Jane Wells

      While you may consider it “just an interface,” we’ve found that the interface is hugely involved in streamlining the publishing process. The interface update for 2.7 is also coupled with many new features to give users more control over their publishing environment. The design is a relatively small part of the development effort going into 2.7, which includes quite a number of back end features to improve performance.

  76. trukishboy

    Waiting for it, Great

  77. maffy

    Brilliant. ^-^

  78. lilbitoo

    Looks good

  79. scriptingpoint

    Oh no, just as I get used to the old version!

  80. ikitkat

    kool. love it.

  81. myrtlebeachwebdesign

    Generic comment of approval! LOL

  82. ash037

    another new one!

  83. nurulamerikaserikat

    Awesome ^^

  84. johnderrick

    I can’t wait! Man, wordpress keeps rolling out the features!

  85. dahlelama


  86. Juliet

    That’s another good news :)

  87. koyavi

    Really looking forward to it!

  88. Jaisy01

    this is very cool. Nice post

  89. rudyhilkya

    when it released ?

  90. nam67

    top of the line

  91. planetsos

    It is one step further and certainly very important

  92. recu

    Thats good!

  93. sydneyloo88rulz


  94. heatblast378

    awesome! Thanks!!

  95. briannahoneyday

    COOL can’t wait!

  96. Dilip Prakash

    its cool….waiting for it…

  97. yogi007


  98. Stephen Langitan

    sounds good!

  99. Turkey


  100. jimmybaldwin

    I don’t know how you guys keep it up. Just keep up keeping it up. I don’t know where I’d be without my weblogsite.


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