If WordPress 2.7 Was A Movie…

This would be our trailer. Check out some of the upcoming new features and design changes in this sneak preview video, including how to customize your dashboard, the new comment reply feature, the new navigation system, and the customizable posting screen. When you’re finished watching, take the poll below the video to tell us which feature you’re looking forward to the most.

A note on timing: WordPress 2.7 was originally scheduled to be released on WordPress.org for download on November 10th. WordPress.com would have had it installed as soon as possible thereafter. However, the launch date has been delayed due to some additional complexity and our determination to test all the new features with current users before releasing the updated software. 2.7 is expected to be released on WordPress.org by the end of November. We may be able to bring 2.7 to WordPress.com blogs slightly before the official launch date, but for now, no dates have been finalized. When we have a fixed date, we will announce it on this blog, so you all will have plenty of notice of the upcoming change.

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Jen Mylo


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  1. Debbie

    Love it! Can’t wait! Do we have an ETA??

  2. woofmccol

    Cool, Can’t Wait!

  3. Whogopenguin

    Shouldn’t it be “If WordPress 2.7 were a movie…”? Anyways, nice post. :P

  4. Dev

    now this is cool….

  5. Sweetness

    This is gonna be wonderful to use. I cannot wait!!

  6. lindasbusiness

    I can’t wait for this to go live!

  7. eksith

    Holy poop on a stick!!!

    Now that’s a dashboard!

  8. gfish

    It all looks great. The only problem is that your trailer has to have fast paced music and a deeper, more dramatic voice for your narrator. After all 9 out of 10 entertainment executives agree, uptempo music and deep voices mean a bigger box office gross. =P

    • Jane Wells

      Since we give out wordpress.com blogs for free, we figured we could save a buck or two on the music and voice selection. :)

  9. Kevin

    Looks pretty cool!!! I can’t wait!

  10. heligal

    This looks so good I can’t wait to use it on my production blogs. Testing it on a blog under development has been lots of fun.

  11. dadrew

    When does it come out?

  12. philramble

    The new UI is brilliant. My favourite feature is probably “reply to comment”, but I have to say the drag and drop format as well as the UI in general are quite innovative. I’d have liked the “post” page to actually be separate so the “post from dashboard” isn’t a welcome feature for me. This is because I like to take time to create my posts… and prefer if I have the writing area is as large a percentage of the screen as possible.

    Anyhow thanks for putting in all the hard work so us users can enjoy this! Shalom!

    • Jane Wells

      Don’t worry! The separate screen to add a new post is still there and better than ever, with a drag and drop layout that allows you to create the perfect writing environment. The QuickPress module on the Dashboard is not replacing the traditional screen, merely supplementing it.

  13. Jennifer

    After so much planning, discussion and promotion…are we there yet? ;)

    Count me among those who can’t wait to get started using the new Dashboard.

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  15. Brian

    WOW! Can’t wait!!!

  16. rosetta16

    Ohhh soo cool i really like it

  17. ridgeliner7

    WordPress 2.7 IS like a movie….too many previews while we hunger for you to just, already, release it!

    Good going, all!

  18. David

    Looks great. When is this happening?

  19. jb

    You mean “If WordPress 2.7 WERE a movie”?

  20. fiksirealita

    nice actions for developing my favorite website.bravoo

  21. lna13

    this is… AWESOME!!! *O*

    I just can’t wait to have it and start playing with it! You guys never disappoint, i have been with WordPress for more than 2 years now and it’s still going strong!! Go Guys~~~~!! =D

  22. sensico


  23. legoless

    I love the drag and drop feature on the dashboard.

  24. امین هاشمی

    Drag and drop on Dashboard 20% ! why ? :p

  25. haounomiko

    Okay, I know people are going to jump down my throat for saying this, but I believe that a professional site should mind its grammar because that’s the professional thing to do. Those who don’t like the idea of correct grammar are free to be as sloppy as they want; they’ll just look unprofessional to me. With that said… the correct usage is “if WordPress were a movie”.

    • Jane Wells

      Actually, I do care about grammar quite a bit. There are two arguments for my use of the indicative rather than the subjunctive in the post title. 1) If my “if” clause is not presupposed to be false, then even with “would” in the main clause, the use of “was” could be correct. Though at first glance it might *seem* to be false, because WordPress 2.7 is, of course, an application, not a movie, there is grammatically-correct logic behind this usage that will make more sense when we get a little closer to launch and we bring out…. come on, don’t make me ruin the surprise. 2) Language is a fluid and ever-changing vehicle of expression, including if-was clauses which is now considered common usage and used by many respected writers, even when their usage doesn’t fit within the traditional allowance of presupposition of “if clause” falsehood.

      And don’t worry, we won’t jump down your throat. We debated 70′s vs. ’70s for almost an hour at the Automattic company meeting last month (I advocated for ’70s). :)

  26. iaoj

    Extremely moving.. Thank you wordpress.

  27. Almira

    At the beginning, I hated that guy’s voice, but towards the end, I started to REALLY like it. Hm.

  28. examgurudj

    too good. thank you. loved the menu n flexibility :)

  29. Dalibor

    Hi, I was reading, that the release date of WordPress 2.7 was 10-th November, then I found on your blog, that it will be released late November. Please, what´s release date of this on wordpress.com, which will be for wordpress.com users, not wordpress.org. Thanks

    • Jane Wells

      We’ll probably launch on wordpress.com a bit earlier than the final release on wordpress.org, sometime later this month. No exact date yet, we want to make sure it’s working well in IE before we make the upgrade.

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  31. jorel314

    That looks awesome. Can’t wait to try. Also looking forward to intensedebate integration….

  32. Sakib

    another one awesome updates ;-)

    thanks wp team for the great works.

  33. davidamwilensky

    Oh my goodness. This all looks amazing!

  34. Mike Storm

    This is kinda sexy. I can’t wait to start using it.

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  36. thealphanerd

    I don’t like it. I gotten so used to 2.6 style dashboards, I would be purely WLW and Moderator in case of a switch. If there’s an option to switch to the old layout, I’ll be happy.

    • Jane Wells

      There won’t be an option to change to the 2.5-based layout, no. However, I can say that of the beta testers who initially expressed the same opinion you just did, almost all the ones I’ve talked to have been completely won over by the new layout because of how fast and easy it makes managing their blogs. So maybe when you’ve had a chance to use it you’ll feel differently. (Twitter search for WordPress 2.7 and you’ll see what I mean.)

  37. curdriceaurora

    enough with the trailers. unleash the beast.

  38. Lore

    Absolutely stunning! Great job guys.

  39. Selene18 "The Spicy" Darkside & Zuster

    I think it looks so cool.

    In spite of a few things, I just can’t leave WordPress. It became a nice place for me.

    Good trailer, can’t wait to see WordPress 2.7!

  40. Ben

    Looks amazing! :D Can’t wait to be able to use it. :)

  41. squarebrackets

    [this is awesome]
    [like seriously]


  42. Scott

    Looks Great! I’m really looking forward to the threaded comments feature, and the new dashboard looks very user friendly and efficient.

  43. thanasisnaousa

    Seems too nice! If indeed we could upgrade the CSS without pay would be perfect!

  44. eideard

    As ever, I’m impressed. And your narrator didn’t even sound like Jony Ive.

    More like a Fulham fan.

  45. Shreevatsa

    Wow, the “At a glance” statistics (with each of the numbers in a fixed place) is so much better than the current format (like “You have 273 posts, 2 pages, 3 drafts, contained within 10 categories and 367 tags. You have 316 total comments, 316 approved, 0 spam and 0 awaiting moderation”) we have, a sentence that needs to be scanned/read each time.

  46. kaysie

    That is AWESOME!!! I can hardly wait…

  47. Tanner-FBI

    Wow! That looks great, it will be much easier to manage my site with those cool features…

  48. RoPiNi

    Looks pretty solid. Can’t wait to roll it out.

    Does it include to ability to embed some other video sites? That would be a nice functional add.

    • Jane Wells

      For now the video options are still limited to those that are currently supported, but we hope to expand media options, including embedded video in 2.8, coming in February.

  49. njgarrod

    This looks BEAUTIFUL!!
    I’m excited!!!

  50. Chittaranjan

    Wohoo! If the ‘teaser trailer’ is anything to go by, the ‘movie’ ought to be a ‘Blog-Office’ Smash Hit! When’s the release date did you say?

    One ticket Please!

  51. {[(Limeboy11)]}

    When will it come out? It looks awesome!

  52. ravage1974

    very well! I am a hurry to use him…

  53. catdecenzo

    Although the clip was a little too fast for me to absorb, hopefully ALL of these features will minimize my “darn, how did I do that last time?” Sort of like finding my keys…I know I put them there a minute ago, but my short-term memory punishes me if they aren’t staring me in the face! Thanks!

  54. the rufus

    Can I have all of them?

  55. Carlos

    Just hope it’s compatible with Opera browsers. It’s a pain when you’re used to surf everything in one browser, and then have to change in order to be able to do something on a particular website.

    With that detail out of the way, can’t wait to try the new drag and drop features in order to customize the look and functionality of my blog.

    • Jane Wells

      Right now it works great in Firefox and Safari, less great in IE and Opera. We’ve been making fixes throughout the beta period, and will continue to do so until it is a satisfactory experience.

  56. enkerli

    Funny and cute. Not sure such hype is warranted.

    • Jane Wells

      Part of the reason for the hype is so that wordpress.com users will be aware of the changes that are coming, since they are so dramatic. When we launched 2.5, many users felt it was a surprise/shock, and expressed a desire that we try to give them more warning next time. Consider this our “save the date” card. Except, you know, with the date a little bit fuzzy. :)

  57. Mountain Sage

    Love it!

    Anytime the user can customize it’s a good thing.

  58. bentoet

    Awsome!! When will this version release?

  59. Coach Scotty

    pretty cool. love the idea to make the dashboard more of a workspace.

  60. trollboy

    wow, It looks great. We’ll basically be able to put all the features we use most on one page. I’m looking forward to it!

  61. grant czerepak

    I would like to add that using the polling feature instead of having vast amount of one line posts is a great decision. I also think forcing us to pick one top feature requires us to think a bit more about our response and that is a good thing.

  62. Alex

    You guys are magic. That looks awesome.

  63. mostafa farghaly

    i can’t wait to see this dream in reality , wordpress rocks !

  64. Saito

    Sweet, this will make it far easier then it was before to blog and that was already simple…*two thumbs up*

  65. abdalmutakkabir

    Fabulous!! Looking forward to it :)

  66. dragonmm2010

    really good features i’m waiting

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  69. Lilja

    This looks very promising – I’m sure it will make things quite easier and more effective :)
    Thanks very much.

  70. jerichokb

    Looks absolutely fantastic, guys. Keep up the hard work!

  71. archiearchive FCD

    It looks good – is it still being beta tested or is the beta now available to all?

    • Jane Wells

      It’s still in beta testing, but anyone can download the beta and run it on their own server or local machine. WordPress.com will begin to run it later this month.

  72. hoh

    can’t choose best – like them all and i didn’t get to watch yr presentation as it was taking forever to upload
    although i’m ADSL – i had to turn off my router as the video was like listening to a cell phone with bad re c. pt n
    love the yellow at last some colour!

  73. TRKN

    cool! very cool! thanxxx a thousand to the team :)))
    I’m also looking forward to a better organized widgets page, such as seeing all side-bars at a glance and moving widgets from one bar to another… ;)

    • Jane Wells

      FYI, widgets are being overhauled in 2.8 (due February 2, 2009), so you can look forward to better widget administration as an early Valentine.

  74. artpredator

    wow! that’s quite the trailer! can’t wait to see the movie! when does it come out–next week? whoo hoo! is Buddy Press next?

    I love how customizable it is!!

    great work, WordPress!

  75. gullybogan

    I’m looking very much forward to it. Good work.

  76. ColdFire

    Just. Wow :) drag and drop and compact menu are the best parts.

  77. justicesofthequorum

    …I would be one of the intertitles translator :)
    ¡Congratulations to the translators of the spanish language! ¡We’ve reached the 100%!

  78. Christopher

    This looks to be plain awesome.

  79. cpwoton

    I can’t wait for the Dashboard!

  80. Alex

    Wohoi. Cool!! I cannot wait to see it here at wordpress.com!

  81. Jeremy Visser

    I can’t believe so few people are voting for “Comment moderation on Dashboard”. There is consistently a big hoo-hah about the lack of this in previous releases. Kudos for finally implementing this!

  82. Fairchild_13

    Wow! I love the new features, everyone of them and I’m so looking forward to the WP 2.7! Great job, thank you! ^^

  83. Mr.Rockmantico

    Dios que chulo está que ganas tengo de tenerlo ^^ un saludo

  84. NAyK

    Hey actually I’m really looking forward to better control of multiple blogs from one source.

  85. Mr.R

    I thought its releasing on november 7 ?!!! today is 8th !!

    • Jane Wells

      The original launch date was going to be November 10th, but we’ve pushed it back a couple of weeks to conduct additional testing, squash some bugs, and try to make it work well in some less-than-standards-compliant browsers that shall remain nameless. We’re currently in beta 2 testing over on WordPress.org, and will hopefully be able to launch the new version on WordPress.com a little bit earlier than the official .org release. Sometime later in November; we’ll let you know as we get closer what the exact date will be.

  86. Elijah Grey

    I’m really looking forward to WordPress 2.7 after seeing that video.

  87. Ueno Murakami

    I was wondering if new themes will be coming along as well?

    • Jane Wells

      Many themes are being updated to support threaded comments and comment paging, but there aren’t any new themes being bundled as part of 2.7, since theme development is separate from development of the administration panel.

  88. Damian

    For the record, though, they’re all awesome changes. I can’t wait!

  89. novemstudios

    zomg that luks awsm

  90. Matt

    Definitely more usable than the current version. WordPress 2.7 is looking damn good!

  91. g o b e r

    I Vote Other, because I like all of them :) WordPress. This time, it’s personal. My WordPress, your WordPress, our WordPress. WP ROCKS!

  92. octoberopal

    Wow. Love it. Great idea.

  93. Wim Permana

    Hmm, I can’t wait for this new environment. Ok guys, bring it on.

  94. Max

    I’m looking forward to this. It looks quite nice and impressive…. very impressive. *rewatches movie*

  95. palprince

    now wordpress gona ‘ROCKS’

  96. Amit

    I think the drag and drop feature is very cool. It would have been great if there was a facility to personalize the color of the Dashboard…something on the lines of what Orkut and BBC have done. :)

    • Jane Wells

      In your current 2.6 version, you can go to your profile and choose from two color palettes for the administrative interface. We’ll likely have the same thing in 2.7, but with different palettes.

  97. Amanda Beattie

    Definitely option C — this rawks worlds.
    Holey moley.

    • Jane Wells

      Note: The poll options are randomly sorted for each viewer to prevent selection bias, so your Option C may not have been the same as everyone else’s.

  98. retroelectric

    Looks nifty! Can’t wait! :D

  99. thepenguinshack

    Looking forward to try it out!
    Great work WordPress !

  100. jeremiahandrews

    I Like it, I really like it. Word Press rocks…



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