October Wrap-Up

In October, we celebrated our first billion-impression month, and continued plugging away on WordPress 2.7 — along with a couple of other fun projects, to be announced.

Here are last month’s stats:

  • 323,786 blogs were created.
  • 343,832 new users joined.
  • 4,085,148 file uploads.
  • 1995.86 gigabytes of new files.
  • 531 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 6,680,516 logins.
  • 1,088,583,200 pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 738,282,634 on self-hosted blogs (1,826,865,834 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 1,418,933 active blogs and 16,599,550 active posts where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,179,018,712 words.


You went poll-crazy now that PollDaddy is integrated with the dashboard: 53,290 PollDaddy polls added this month — a 1250% increase from September.

We released the WordPress App for LinkedIn.

Two renowned authors joined WordPress: Sci-Fi novelist John Scalzi on WordPress.com VIP, and Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago on WordPress.com.

October WordCamps: New York, Toronto, Bangkok, Hawaii.

Upcoming WordCamps in November: Charlotte (North Carolina), Tel Aviv, WordCamp Ed (Washington, D.C.), Australia.

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  1. eideard

    Bravo, Matt. Keep on rockin’ in the Free World.

  2. Omar Modesto

    Wow, José Saramago. We have quite a few of his books here.

    The link to the LinkedIn article needs fixing, it leads to your dashboard.
    (should be http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2008/10/29/the-wordpress-app-for-linkedin/ )

  3. peacefulone

    How about southeast Michigan for a WordCamp? Thanks

  4. Fran

    great job!!!

    saramago on wordpress,
    this is a good notice

  5. katroboy

    Wowww… what a stats!! WP is the best!

  6. alejna

    Wow. That’s a whole lotta pageviews, and a whole lotta words.

  7. bentoet

    Great report

  8. Wallybob

    Wow…. Can’t believe we did all of that! Add one to the comments for this month!

  9. dy3g0s

    wow, Congratulations!!!! go Matt!!, go!

  10. nickie wang

    Wow! What else could I say..I’m glad I switched to wordpress.

  11. Johnny D

    I stand in saying wordpress IS the best blog site on the internet today…. I don’t even have to do anything and my random nonsense gets hits… fantastic all around.. and have been a proud member for quite some time…

  12. artpredator

    congrats! I’ve certainly been having fun with polls!

  13. Gláucia Felippe


  14. xega

    You’re pushing some serious bandwidth per month there.

  15. Jennifer

    Can’t wait to meet Raanan Bar Cohen and hear about working for Automattic. Hoping next time we’ll be able to meet this CBBQTT guy.

  16. njgarrod

    that’s so freaking cool.

    I’m gonna go read Scalzi’s blog right now!

  17. arbu4u

    These stats are Impressive, but whatdo they mean for us as users of wORD PRESS?

  18. dejavu14

    Keep going buddy

  19. rudyhilkya

    You rock dude … surely do .. awesome jobs and creativity
    God Bless You All

  20. mchawk

    In summary: we rock.

    Who knew that Nobel Laureates blogged?

  21. the rufus

    Upcoming WordCamps – did you mean Austria? ;)

  22. Housam

    where is the 2.7 :'(
    I am dreaming of it

    thank you our friends for all these efforts :)

  23. Vaibhav Pandey

    Too good Matt. Good going.

  24. Nostro Sito

    Great Matt! I knew you’re going to Brazil, really?? I’m so sad, because I cannot been there. At moment I’m living in Italy. I hope you enjoy very well! Good Vibes!

  25. unsignedmasterpiece

    Very impressive. Today the blogosphere; tomorrow the world. Your powers only to be used for good….

    I know you just had a Word Camp here in October but I hope you come back soon.

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  27. bloggingaboutoracleapplications

    Congrats with mark….!

  28. lacylove

    hey thats like AMAZING!!!!!

  29. mormonsoprano

    Kudos! – This is truly a great place to be, and obviously many more are hearing the ‘Word’, and gathering. :)

  30. kidsenergyburner

    These numbers tell a lot about quality of product (WordPress) and quality of service (WordPress.com and its data center).

    Not too many companies can brag about billion impressions per month…

    Thank you very much!

  31. peacefulone

    I’ll pray about it. Thanks and smiles

  32. Dimas

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :-)

  33. lookcook

    Congratulations on this magnificent performance, and keep it nice greetings from Austria Andreas

  34. damadenegro

    saramago on wordpress ¡¡ wow :)

  35. edenchanges

    lol – 8.8 million comments and I think I got five of them! I guess there’s a little more to get :)

    Linkedin app. was an act of genuis by the way.

    Thanks for all your work.



  36. cinematize

    i love wordpress. SIETE BRAVI!! .. :)

  37. jurepurgaj

    Go daddy, go Polldaddy! I am sure, i wanna add that daddy to my site!!!

  38. Mihaela

    Hello, Matt! the numbers are really great! It seems wordpress is a very large and nice community. I like the new features that appear often in dashboard.

  39. the floacist

    The PollDaddy integration was great!

  40. lucian2999

    “wordpress is the best blog site on the internet today” (2)

  41. nexi

    Great progress! Just a q – any chance of setting a time-date for the expiry of old blogs to release great names?
    Seems a shame that wp is cluttered with ghost town blogs that never make it past first post. Sure if people knew that was the deal up front they’d accept it.

  42. DivineCrunch.com

    Awesome.. I love this WordPress.. Simply beautiful..

  43. headslammer

    PEACEFULONE I am backing you up on that. I SECOND that question. How about having a wordcamp here in good ol’ Southeasten Michigan?? Any plans for it in the near future? Distant future??

  44. catdecenzo

    You were my first. And you were gentle with me. I’m addicted to love..WordPress…

  45. امید

    way to go WORDPRESS :)))

  46. sunnymom

    I have become a blogging addict. I check it like some ppl check facebook or myspace. I love it.

  47. carulus

    Very impressive

  48. amuirin

    pretty impressive stats. I’ve convinced a few friends to convert from blogger, and they tend to be absolutely thrilled to be part of the wordpress community.

  49. jeff

    Congrats! I love wordpress, how about next we focus on more robust stats?

  50. rwilcoxson

    Excellent!! Look what comes out when you put a word in a press.

  51. nambulous

    How many blogs were deleted? This number always seems to be missing in the wrap up. Or were there no deleted blogs?

  52. Holli Griffin

    I’m really excited about this site. I had no idea what it was a month ago, and now I’m addicted to reading people’s blogs, and coming up with good ideas for my own.

    The numbers are RIDICULOUS.

    How cool.

  53. Julia Szilagyi

    its nice to see a summary of some sort. thanks

  54. Malcolm Almeida

    Fantastic effort Guys :) you rock!! Keep it on..


  55. Philip Arthur Moore

    Keep it up guys. WordPress development keeps food on my table and I will keep supporting you all until the cows come home!

  56. clubmahindraindia

    I love wordpress….Its very user friendly…

  57. jazneeda

    congratssssss!!!! i really love wordpress…

  58. raincoaster

    1,209,047 of those logins were me. Sorry.

  59. Vittorio Baroni

    wordpress what?
    wordpress is the present and the future of digital network!

    congratulations and greetings from venice

  60. pkab

    Still wondering how big is the storage area network (SAN) and how to maintain the database for that gigantic traffic.

    • Douglas

      Great question! I checked with one of our system administrators and got you an answer. :) We actually don’t have a storage area network and don’t really have anything equivalent. We do use a custom file replication system, though. And we actually have thousands of databases, not just one.

  61. Pietschmann

    I was devasted when AOL announced it was eliminating blogs, that was until I switched to wordpress.com, you rock and rule. Love blogging on this site. Keep up the good work. You diningdiva; savvyseafarer; divaonthego and Pattisprattles.

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  63. shootfighter

    waiting for the day you’ll let me put my paypal buttons on the my blog

  64. wahyuapriani

    However, wordpress is number one. I love WordPress..

  65. chinchirinchin

    thats exponentially ENORMOUS. thats the term

  66. Ithaca Real Estate Broker

    Those are some big numbers. Hard work and good ideas pay off.

  67. benigngirl

    WordPress is by far the best blogging setup. I have created a dozen blogs for friends and they are able to intuit the dashboard navigation and get going in no time. I don’t get why anyone would opt for another service esp since most of them don’t allow for pages in addition to posts. You have a special place in my bloggish life and benign heart. Gosh.

  68. domainblog

    WordPress is the best around!

  69. Duke Daley

    Switching to wordpress was the best decision I’ve made.


  70. Reyn

    I’ve just recently learnt about WordPress and started using it just last week and by far (as my experience with it would describe it), it had been one of the most fun and relaxing things I’ve encountered on the net. I’ll keep blogging from now on. Thanks so much.

    And hey, Matt, wow, that statistic data sure is huuuuuge! ^_^


  71. deerhunttips

    There no reason to hunt for another blog site. WordPress is awesome!

  72. captain democracy

    WordPress.com is awesome! I hope we can narrow in more closely on who and where our visitors come from.

  73. rainingcharacters

    gotta love wordpress. :)

  74. mattandjojang

    We’re so proud to be part of WordPress. You’ve made our first foray into blogging fun and easy. Kudos to you. Keep it up.

  75. ronimiranda

    love it! proud to be a member of wordpress….god bless us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. rv4n

    I so proud to be a part of WordPress. WordPress is very cool. Congrats to WordPress !

  77. squarebrackets

    I like that with WordPress
    you get constant updates
    on how the site is going
    and whats coming for the

    And as i seem to be obsessed
    with stats the end-of-month
    wrap-ups are pretty kool


  78. frommykitchentable

    It’s all good. Congrats on the stats. I’m happy to participate.

  79. usuallyhappy

    Yay, WordPress and Matt! I am glad to be a part of this.

  80. carolinegrace

    I’m enjoying every login minute of WordPress…REALLY!!!

  81. forgets

    Awesome! Keep up the good work, WordPress!

  82. stockresearch52

    My self switching to word press is a good decision.Congratulations

  83. Tamam Kahn

    WP makes it easy. Thanks!

  84. arunbagul


    you guys are rocking!!!

    keep it up!!

  85. blogscapes

    Great job!

  86. headslammer

    wordPress is the place to be.

  87. bindug4u

    I would love to appriciate those people who developed this wordpress.
    It’s really wonderful, i love the features and all but feel much better if provide some more colorfull themes :-)

  88. foobarph

    linkedin app!? yay!

  89. Day Nursery Indianapolis

    Thanks WordPress for giving our not for profit agency this valuable tool to help spread the word about our mission!

  90. hcsllc

    We are a nursing consultant firm – not an IT specialist in the bunch! We love WordPress. It is easy enough for nurses to use and the results look anything but amateur. Thanks for a wonderful tool to keep us in touch with our client base. We look forward to even more apps to make our lives easier.

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  92. pixe1

    This is my first experience with blogging…thanks a bunch for a site that’s easy to navigate and easy to learn!

  93. Exodus

    Thank you for this place! I absolutely LOVE WordPress!!! XOXOXO

  94. rydlp15

    October was just all anxieties and worries that this world was coming to an end, but it didn’t, instead we got a great new President in November to easy things out. I am writing this because of you, World Press.

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  96. Doniwa

    Keep it up ! i’m proud using this blog…

    Be Better in the future…

  97. johntylerwines

    This is our first experiance blogging for our winery…so far we are thrilled!!

  98. cherylsart1

    I’m a newbie to wordpress, but loving it. Thanks and keep up the great job.

  99. Nick

    Wow. (Picks jaw up from floor) Those stats are mind-blowing.

    There is no place like WordPress.com…

  100. meaghanrose

    I’m loving wordpress as much as everyone. Lets all support each other’s blogs!


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