Vote for the new WordPress icons

Update: Voting has closed, and the winners will be announced soon.

If you watched the WordPress 2.7 trailer or checked out the screenshots that were posted a couple of weeks ago, you probably noticed the use of icons in the new left-hand navigation. A handful of designers have submitted icon sets in a competition to choose the new icons. Read all about it on the development blog, then cast your vote! The winning set will be announced in a couple of days, so hurry… in order to get the new icons finished and included in time, we’re only keeping the survey open for 48 hours. This is your chance to weigh in on the future design of WordPress, so we hope you’ll take advantage of it.

Go to WordPress 2.7: Project Icon Voting has now closed.

A note about comments: In the interest of making  comments on this post more valuable, we will only be approving comments that contribute to a discussion about the icons, the voting process, the redesign, etc. We will not approve comments that ask support questions (contact support instead, please), promote URLs in the comment text, or just say “Cool!” or “Awesome!” If you want the link love, please make a substantive contribution to the discussion. Thanks!

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Jen Mylo


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  1. Gabriel Ziks

    Yeah :D

    Go to WordPress 2.7

  2. Alessandro Bahgat Shehata

    We really appreciate your work! It’s not just because of the results you get: the process itself is remarkable. :)

  3. {[(Limeboy11)]}

    this looks great! i will be voting!!! you guys rock!

  4. KA

    I didn’t mention this in the survey, because it wasn’t directly related to the icons.

    In the review of VS, you said:

    The dashboard icon is nicely done, for example, but might make more sense for Appearance, where it would communicate that this section is where you can move around the blocks of your web site.

    I don’t think appearance is the place for abstract settings. If you look at the Appearance settings in Mac OS X you see checkboxes, radios and popups. This is the type of data Appearance settings should be confined to (sliders are also acceptable). Abstract settings like the organisation of your dashboard should be done elsewhere. For example, you could rearrange your dashboard views by dragging the title bars, like in iGoogle. You could add or remove views by clicking a “Customise…” button. This might add a sidebar on the right where you can add or remove content, and options to change settings and rearrange views.

    It may be too late for such a change, but you can still add a separate pane for rearranging. Please?

    • Jane Wells

      Hi KA. I think you may have misunderstood the meaning of the Appearance section. It’s not about settings or rearranging your Dashboard, it’s where you choose your theme and widgets (renamed from Design based on previous surveys, because people don’t think of Widgets as being a design element given the functional aspect). The “blocks of your web site” refers to your actual live blog, not the administration tool. The Settings section is still where blog settings will be located.

  5. artpredator

    I love the chameleon for appearance since that is one great aspect of publishing on a blog! Although the eye was a strong runner up! And the heart links is very cool too. Can’t wait to see the final!!

    Thanks for including our feedback and ideas! It took longer than I expected to take the survey but well worthwhile!

  6. KA

    Ah, thanks. That makes much more sense.

  7. Nostro Sito

    Is it free?

    • Jane Wells

      I’m not sure what your question is referring to, but taking the survey is free and version 2.7 will be free when it is released. Hope this helps.

  8. thealphanerd

    They’re all amateurish. But VS is the best. But none at all is best.

    • Jane Wells

      While I’m glad you want to participate in the discussion, please remember that these volunteer designers are professionals, and deserve our respect and thanks for their work. I’m approving your comment, but would like to point out that it would be helpful if you could express such opinions in a slightly more polite fashion in the future. Thanks.

  9. nathanwells

    They look great – can’t wait for 2.7 – thanks for all your hard work on the project!

  10. Dalibor

    Hi, I think, that the screenshot from your blog showing the dashboard with perfect icons and I liked them very much. Here is a link for the screenshot from your blog:

    • Jane Wells

      The Crystal Project icons that are in the screenshot are very nice, but not all the metaphors quite match up, and we wanted something custom to go with our new look. Hopefully you’ll like the winning icons just as much!

  11. tuocatu

    OSD is good and clean .. but I didn’t like the dashboard icons I think they are all confused. Maybe I don’t know what a dashboard really means. It could be an artist board!? or a desk!? …

    I appreciate your post.

  12. Catshade

    Is there a reason why all icon nominations are in black and white? :?

    • Jane Wells

      Yes. All designers were asked to complete their icon sets in grayscale, so that a) judges/voters could focus on the shapes and metaphors rather than being distracted by color, and b) to reduce the amount of work each contestant would be doing (for free). The winning designer will produce a second set of icons in color for the active/hover states.

  13. leylander

    just voted for GB1! it’s perfect for me :D

  14. ian in hamburg

    I was glad to be able to vote on the icons but found it difficult to compare them properly because only one type showed up on the screen at once. I hope the ordering of their appearance doesn’t skew the results one way or another.

    Thanks for offering us the chance to vote. :-)

    • Jane Wells

      Hi Ian. We’ve actually been changing the order in which the icon sets are presented, so that over the course of the two days of voting, each entry will have changed position and order multiple times to reduce bias based on order of presentation.

  15. rosit

    I always apreciate your artwork

  16. Troy

    Looking good. Can’t wait. Really appreciate the great work.

  17. Lazza

    I especially loved the links icon in shape of an heart and that in the shape of two concatenated rings. Lovely.

  18. badfreeway

    Having to scroll between the icons and Q.2 of the survey is too annoying. My lappy does not have huge res.

    • Jane Wells

      Sorry you found it frustrating! We thought it was important to display the menu icons at full size to give the voters the most realistic images and do the designers’ work justice. I feel your pain: I’m on a 13″ MacBook Air, and I had to do plenty of scrolling myself when composing the survey! In these situations, I tend to use the page down function instead of actual scrolling, which I find a lot less aggravating.

  19. kidsenergyburner

    I like many icon sets. Why not to create something like “Icon theme” that could be changed as a whole blog “Theme”?

    Another idea could be to have something like a list of icons for particular menu item (the same way operating system gives you a choice of sounds for particular event). This way we will see explosion of “icon themes”. This could serve the case when some people associate wrench icon with a Settings menu and other associate it with a “Tools” menu. Hopefully, it will not require a lot of changes to support this kind of flexibility.

    Personally, I would like to see colored icons, not the grey ones just for sake of maximum color compatibility. If icons a in PNG format then they can be transparent to improve the “blending with a color scheme”.

    This is just the beginning. Can’t wait to see it alive!

    • Jane Wells

      Given the scope of the redesign, it’s important that we have one consistent set of icon metaphors, to reduce confusion. This will especially be important if people have support requests and make mention of the navigation they used to perform some task. If an icon image could be associated with multiple menu items, the support staff would have no way of knowing what the user really did, or how to help them.

      As has been previously mentioned in these comments, the grayscale icons will be supplemented by color icons once we choose a winner. It would have been asking too much of our volunteers to have them create all the icon states within a week for so many icons.

  20. knnorthcarolina

    Yeah :D I’m voting for these :)

  21. midclass

    the questionary it’s just too long, split it in two next time or more, i can’t pass 30 minute to ask on some icons for a blog.
    5 minutes it’s acceptable, more it’s a work, and I want credit for that.

    • Jane Wells

      I don’t think it took most people 30 minutes to fill out the survey, but if it did, well, I think it’s worth it to the people that really want to have a say in the design of the next version of the WordPress administrative interface that they will be using every day. We tried to make it very clear that only 7 questions were mandatory, so that if anyone wanted to vote for their favorite icons without getting into granular details about specific images they wouldn’t have to spend any more time than necessary, so I’m sorry if you felt participating was a burden.

      As for getting credit for more than 5 minutes of “work,” I’m not sure I understand your point, since voting is entirely optional and voluntary.

  22. Daniel

    I really appreciate the idea of voting for this redesign. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the upcoming changes. I am very excited for the new improvements.

  23. oyewale

    just voted for GB1! it’s perfect for me

  24. quietrage

    I voted VS, the style is just cleaner to me than the others. I did love the “hearts” link and the eye for the appearance, very easy to see and understand. All the designers really did a wonderful job!

    • Jane Wells

      We agree that all the designers did amazing work under such a short deadline. When we’ve chosen the winning designer, we’ll take into account specific icon forms that received high votes, and try to bring together all the best ideas into our final set.

  25. thealphanerd

    Well personally, they’re a little too grey. Maybe a little bit of colour should do.

    • Jane Wells

      If you had read the response to an earlier comment, you’d have seen that all the designers were asked specifically to present their icon sets in gray scale so the judges and community could focus on form and metaphor without distraction. The winning designer will prepare color versions for launch.

  26. Okesh

    i voted for BD.. it’s look so smart

  27. junkle

    How is the person chosen? Do the judges ranking impact the decision?

    • Jane Wells

      The final decision will rest with the judges, but they will be highly influenced by the community vote. When the survey has closed, we’ll release the results, so the process will be transparent.

  28. thriveblogger

    I am a long time user and recently became a full time blogger; leaving behind my corporate life. And this post is one of the reasons why I choose WP to be my platform of choice. I really appreciate the fact the the WP team is open to hearing from the community and works to make things as efficient as possible for the users.
    We all know that it is not possible to please everyone, but listening to and working with your community makes a big difference.

  29. C T Hall

    I voted on the icons, and they look good. Some of the themes/icons are hard to choose between. I enjoyed the survey at the end where we could give our input as to which metaphor is best for a particular application.

  30. 90nizam

    Awesome job! Wonder who are the designers, who are from all over the world? GB sets are great, but I voted for VS. ;)

    • Jane Wells

      We’ll identify all the designers when we release the results of the voting. We didn’t want to bias anyone’s vote based on name or nationality.

  31. junkle


  32. David Ker

    Jane, I did the survey. My one concern is that the new dashboard is going to be difficult for those of us in low-bandwidth situations (I spend most of my time in Mozambique). The flash media uploader for example is completely impossible where we live.

    • Jane Wells

      Overall, the new administration panel (the Dashboard refers to one specific screen, the admin panel refers to whole back-end administration tool) will be better for low bandwidth, because the new expandable menu system means you won’t need to load new pages just to click on another submenu item. We’ve found that most functions in 2.7 now require 2-3 fewer page loads.

      The Flash media uploader has not been changed for 2.7, but media management will be completely redone for 2.8 (due February 2009). I’d recommend using the browser uploader instead of the Flash one, given your bandwidth restrictions.

  33. Nostro Sito

    Hi Jane, thanks for the answer. But, let’me know how to get this, because I’ve got a “normal” wordpress and I’ve seen a lot of texts from you about releases of wordpress. How can I get this exactly? Do I must to do some upgrade on my own blog? How can I use these features?

    Best Regards!

    • Jane Wells

      People on don’t have to do anything to get the new releases. The magic employees of Automattic will take of upgrading your blog. 2.7 should be coming out toward the end of November, and we will announce it in advance on this blog so you have some warning.

  34. A cultural guide for the non believer

    I’m really tired of seeing the same thing. Couldn’t we put up ads where wordpressnews is?

  35. Lilja

    Looks good. I’ve already voted and now I’m just looking forward to 2.7 – Thanks :)

  36. Fairchild_13

    I voted for VS nice and clean! XD

  37. graphicdesignmelbourne

    You’d think a graphic designer would know what to choose..OMG OMG OMG.

    will definitely vote…

  38. junkle

    I would think it would be most important to choose the best executed design rather than the metaphors, since it seems the metaphors will be directed from the responses that are gathered from the survey. The most technically skilled designer would seem to be the best choice.

  39. thehighwinds

    Whew. I Voted GB2 (runner up GB2 or VS). I see those 6 different appearance, and it looks great too. *two thumbs up.

  40. Toronaga

    I voted for VS nice and clean

  41. ://

    Since the voting is down I can’t see them… what did they look like?

  42. miphz

    Cool, i ll wait the changes

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  44. grant czerepak

    I have a great deal of good things to say about 2.7. It is a major improvement.

    I only wish I had known about the competition and could have entered.

    It didn’t stop me from coming up with a set.

    I guess it will live with my blog and die with my blog. :P

    However, there is too much good in 2.7 to cry over spilled milk.

  45. alhakim

    i can’t wait wp 2.7 it would be more powerfull and more enhancement

  46. bandungbandawasa

    I voted VS because some of the people love “VS’.

  47. Brad

    I’m using WordPress 2.7 on my blog right now, and I was thinking: have you ever considered a option inside Settings where people can pick the icon set they like, or even upload their own? It would greatly improve the design since a lot of people have contributers on their blog and they want the icons to be the way they want it.

    Anyway, WordPress 2.7 is awesome! I don’t think I’ve helped beta-test and submit bugs so much in all the previous releases…

  48. bytch

    It took me a bit to begin to see the subtle differences among the sets. All in all, I enjoyed the experience. Most, however, I appreciate the fact that you actively seek input from us.

  49. siezy

    not bad… got in my vote just in time! although i’m shamefully new to wordpress right now, i’m extremely glad that i joined it, much in part because of this update that is soon coming!

  50. loobiesmith

    I missed it! Too bad for me!

  51. Jason Christ

    In the future, a “general comments” box at the end of the survey would have been helpful. May be too late now, but I was going to suggest looking at the possibility of making “community” minded sections have “double” icons like 2 comment bubbles, or the 2 user icons stacked one in front of the other like in BD and VS. I would classify the following as “community” specific: Links, Comments, Users. All other icons would be a single image in this system.

    Overall, great work by all the artists!

  52. xroix

    oh,I missed voting.

  53. camsalis

    Darn! I missed it, too. Looks like there is no link to what we missed.

  54. eluque

    ah, qué grande

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  56. candaceclayton100

    I really need to check my dashboard more often, I totally missed this whole thing! :(

  57. usmansharif

    Jane Wells could u please put in an newletter widget in which readers could type email addresses and get mailed every time there is an update. Also could u put that for all of us as well so that our readers can also stay in touch? please

  58. rawsonsrescue

    Don’t know what all the fuss is about, must of missed it.

  59. islami sohbet

    I too especially loved the links icon in shape of an heart and that in the shape of two concatenated rings. Lovely.

  60. windwhisperer

    I can’t wait !!! awesome :)

  61. angel

    Awtz I missed voting

  62. iconsstrategies

    Hi, I like this wordpress and really like this site for me.

  63. fancyfortunecookies

    Crap, I really wanted to vote… saw it yesterday while posting then couldn’t find it when I had a chance to get to it… Oh, well. I’m sure “we” picked a good one. :)

  64. malicemax

    Dang, I missed it too, oh well …

  65. 4nez24658

    ..Oh..That is,a good icons from wordpress..
    Although..I am a new user,but i loved this changed..

  66. delltopcp

    Do you have to download the new wordpress?

  67. malaysiataxi

    Im so happy with, what u done for us.

  68. noahyoung


  69. kaufrausch

    I think “Verena Segert” have the best icons, top design!
    Congratulations for this work!!!

  70. lita10

    Oh NO . I just missed something. CONGRATULATIONS

  71. beheader69

    not bad at all

  72. Suresh Gnasegarah

    As a suggestion, although voting is closed, it would be good to leave the options here so that people who haven’t seen them can see them. I would have loved to look at the potentials.

  73. schizofrenico

    in the there is a notice about a vote… but the vote is no more active.

  74. crazypotato2378

    I wanted to vote ,but I missed it, but I thought that the icon should be a antique type writer with a black and white background.

  75. theresaashine

    I missed it :[
    I wish i could’ve voted. Ugh.

  76. teacher55

    If voting has closed, take the alert down to “vote on new icons”…hello!

  77. cooliocat233

    awww i missed it. how could i??? :{

    It must`ve been cool.

  78. down2thethread

    i missed the vote too?? ahhh…maybe next time then:D

  79. aoungtunlin


  80. johnhauge

    woo hoo!! i won!! oh, sorry. guess not.

  81. photobby

    Really missed the comments… Darn!


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