Project Icon Winners Announced

Congratulations to Ben Dunkle and Verena Segert (that’s BD and VS to those of you who voted), the winning designers of our WordPress 2.7 icon design contest. Read all about it on the development blog and see how your votes stacked up to the rest.

Go to The Results of Project Icon.

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Jen Mylo


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  1. s3rg10p3l1gr0

    When would we use the WordPress 2.7 version in I know that it comes at the end of this month, but what is the exactly day?

  2. Paul Roman

    Now that’s what I’m talking about. Really neat icons :)

  3. slartie

    Well deserved. I can’t wait to see 2.7. Good job all.

  4. ibdesignsusa

    Very good sets. That’s what I voted for. Good choice

  5. Dalibor

    Really great results! Thanks for the opportunity to help you and influence this project and thanks all designers for the superb work.

  6. eideard

    Wow…that’s really too close to make a decision in the business world. If democracy counted.

    I’ve been in style decision meetings that close and we always ended up with the traditional tiebreaker: whichever design the boss preferred.

    • Jane Wells

      You’ve been in style decision meetings with 3700 people?

      In all seriousness, I think our voting was very democratic: the popular vote had a clear winner (ask any pollster and they’ll tell you 35% to 29% is not a tie), and the judges agreed with the popular vote, so there were no complicated decisions to make.

  7. thriveblogger

    Glad to see that there appeared to be a major consensus on the icons and metaphors.
    I am very much looking forward to 2.7.

  8. V

    Congrats, I can’t wait to see the new icons in use! :-) Everyone did a wonderful job!

  9. tooly228

    Wow! Awesome icons. Can’t wait for WP 2.7!

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  11. Yonatan Prasdikatama

    Cool appearance. I can’t wait for it.

  12. Fairchild_13

    Yeah! VS, VS,VS! ^^

  13. siezy

    My two favorites were by far VS and LS. To me they were not only visually comfortable, but they were also the most directly obvious to my eyes at a glance as to what they meant. That’s just my opinion though. Haha! Congrats to the winners! :)

  14. Justrokstar

    Awesome! I’m Looking Foward For The New WP. :)

  15. workssuite1

    Wow i can wait for wordpress 2.7 tooly288 good luck its me heat672 forever.

  16. normalslife

    wow, they all look really nice. I can’t wait to see them in action!

  17. katroboy

    Nice sets of icon there… WP Rockss!!

  18. Troy

    Can’t wait till the new WP! Cool.

  19. alhakim

    congratulation to the winner ;)

  20. joseltp

    Yoohoo!!! Those were the two sets I voted for! Only, I picked VS as my number one and BD as my number two! Anyways, I’m happy and satisfied with the results! More power to WordPress!!!

  21. qidis

    congratulation to the winner.
    Training me…..

  22. allforblue

    Good idea and great icons

  23. foobarph

    this is a good chance for us to gain more writers by letting them see the new stuffs from WP dashboard. i mean, the current dashboard has a simple effect. but with these icons… it will totally makeover everything. (i hope we still have the option to choose whether we want a iconless or w/ icons dashboard

  24. glipkeriokistomerces

    I said 2 months ago:
    “Some category icons will help more but …wow fast improvements!”
    Now I see that realized……thanks a lot.

  25. caffeinefiend

    They’re all excellent, but I do think the right choice was made as the winner – congratulations everyone!

  26. bigcrow

    Oh, yeah, the winners icons are really the best :) Cute

  27. hoh

    ms wells
    how about including the images of the winning sets?
    there were sooooo many i can’t remember which ones were BD and VS

    • Jane Wells

      You need to follow the link in the post above to see the results, where all the images are displayed. We don’t like to duplicate posts.

  28. Harshad Joshi

    Congratulations to all the winners ;)

  29. p4ndu_454kura®

    Wow. They did it! Congratulations to you two!

    I hope adding these icons wouldn’t slow down the WP dashboard. :)

  30. xroix

    Congratulations to the winners!

  31. theriperadish

    Very nice!

  32. Nibu Thomas

    I like the “comments” item with a red balloon tip, makes new comments noticeable.

  33. raginginnocence

    Really easy to work with and I have written some stuff that I’d love other bloggers to read. So far I’ve had little response. How do I make my blog more accessible, more ‘out there’?
    I’m new to this , as is probably very apparent!

  34. hadrianapolis

    they all look really nice

  35. iconsstrategy

    it’s nice to hear this contest in WordPress icon design contest and congratulations to Ben Dunkle and Verena Segert, are the winning designers of our WordPress 2.7 icon design contest. I

    I hope in the future all people in the web are use for publishing their feelings, stories and use more traffic of this blogging site.

  36. Pastor Luis Cordero

    Me gusta el diseño que han elegido… Estoy en espera para probar esta dichosa versión

    google traductor:

    I like the design they have chosen … I am waiting to try this version dichosa

  37. adityasetyawan

    congratulation to the winner

  38. banor

    They’ve got some nice designs in there. :) Great job, everyone!
    God bless and best wishes,

  39. spocrep

    really good it looks great

  40. formularios

    Please Jane, can you tell us when can we start enjoing the new version?
    I really can’t wait to do it!
    Thanks in advance,

  41. marialario

    Felicidades a todos!!!!

  42. roqayah

    Sweet! Loved ALL the designs – I only wish the best for them as well :D

  43. Michael

    Great job, Ben Dunkle and Verena Segert. Thanks for helping improve the design of wordpress!

  44. evangraphics

    awesome icons. It’s great that Word Press lets everyone vote on stuff, it’s very democratic.

  45. galeepreman

    they all look really nice

  46. V V S

    Nice icons, when can we see it in action. I’m dying to see it in my dashboard :)

  47. V V S

    I missed the chance of voting for the icons, but my favorites amongst the results are Verena Segert, Luke Smith and Parson in order :) No offense please.

  48. fulltimemuslimah

    So…When will those icons be out??? I seriously hope as soon as possible…Congrats to the winners!!! :D

  49. Coryn7555

    congrats winners!

  50. iceman301

    Supertacular icons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. jofalltrades2008

    Great Icons

  52. jeffersontown774

    Awesome Icons can’t wait to use them.

  53. V V S


    Congratulations to all the participants along with the winners especially. Atleast, you took part in this contest, unlike me :)

  54. bindug4u

    Wow, gr8.
    I heartfully congratulate to the winners :-)

  55. darknaruto

    God, i really been a little lost… The sets are great, two of both, congratulations for all those participate doing this stuff, guys, you really hace art. I can’t wait fot WordPress 2.7. it’s gonna be so cool!!!

    ¡Ja ne!

  56. sydneyloo88rulz

    Congrats for your win in the contest Ben and Verena!!!

  57. islami sohbet

    Wonderful ikons, I hope it will be more in 2.7

  58. emilyroxs2233

    cool good job you guys Thxs

  59. Taufik


  60. Dofis Rifadli

    Bravo and congrutulations….. mam!

  61. sad86

    My two favorites were by far VS and LS............

  62. marverde

    they look great!!

    massive big up!!

    when will they be in use?

  63. tina27

    congratulation..your the best!!!!!!!!

  64. notedscholar

    Rats! I didn’t win AGAIN.

  65. bon6

    Just what is needed in the very well designed icons

  66. Dy™

    congrats! :D

  67. curtis16

    i WISH i won :(

  68. curtis16

    Congratulations WINNERS

  69. Gautham

    This is THE reason to use if you are looking for a free hosted blog.
    Here, the community just makes things 100 times cooler than it already is.

  70. diyajain

    Great job winners!!! superb icons.. congrats :-)

  71. Jontri Pakpahan

    congratulations too for the winners…
    and also to wordpress… good luck always… :)

  72. carlitocartoon


  73. Itmam Aulia

    Good choice

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  75. besttraininginstitutes

    I wish I won


  76. bangzenk


  77. bers551

    GOOD JOB!!

  78. risalahperjalanan


  79. Luqman

    yes that’s very nice and good job

  80. shakiram87

    I think the new upgrade would be nice to wordpress.. new is always better…

  81. MuslimahBlog

    Eventhough i didn’t vote, Congratulations to the Winner!


  82. lesliehaasch

    Congrats to all – job well done!

  83. down2thethread

    WHOO…congratulations voters of the press.

  84. happee432

    congrats to the winner! actully I didnt vote, and I never heard about it until now… heh heh.

  85. amazert

    good job,

    congrats to the winners.

    wp2.7 rocks

  86. 3w1nk

    Eventhough i didn’t vote, Congratulations to the Winner!

  87. Geoffe

    This is an excellent choice for icons. Cannot wait to see them in use.

  88. Kin Robles

    Nice work, Ben and Verena. Two very talented individuals an ocean apart.

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