Thanksgiving 2008

From us at WordPress to you in the States: Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, we’ll be passing the turkey and stuffing, and sharing what we’re thankful for. Such as…

Jane: “Puppies and rainbows.”

Heather: “Good friends, good food, and good websites.”

Maya: “Cashew, Peanut, my job, my house, and the sun.”

Matt: “The internet.”

What about you?

What has motivated, inspired, enlivened, awakened, and otherwise comforted and thrilled you in 2008? Go on and share what you’re thankful for in a blog post, and be sure to tag it with “Thanksgiving08.”

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Heather R.


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  1. Μάρσι

    Happy thanksgiving day to all of you at States. Wishes for peace, love and harmony.

  2. zrisso

    Happy thanksgiving, everybody!

  3. Tara R.

    My family, and a job that I enjoy and co-workers who make it fun.

  4. disembedded

    After many years working with young people in the areas of education and mental health, I’m now in my twilight years. On particular holidays like Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for having a special time to look back over my life and to reminisce about many of the people who’ve touched my life. And in my final years, I’m grateful for “the internet” and especially to WordPress for providing me with a way to continue expressing my interests, thoughts and beliefs to others in the world.

    With my Thanksgiving thanks to all,

    Disembedded (D. Patrick Zimmerman, Psy.D.)

  5. piratenblog ;)

  6. cefebe

    Hi Heather,
    I want to express my gratitude for your work and for the work of all you guys from!
    Thanks very much. You and inspired me a lot. It is wonderful to travel and have contact with the world from the own computer, even if I love to travel in real life too.
    There is a Thanksgiving Photo on my Blogs and Flickr account, I hope you enjoy it.
    Happy Thanksgiving from Berlin, Germany
    I love the title Hello World!

  7. Brigitte

    Squirrels, glitter, the great American novel, and my rad family!

    Um and WordPress ;3 lol

  8. eideard

    Maybe it’s a bit lame; but, I’m pleased I moved my personal blog over to WordPress and Numbers have a dynamic upward curve – one of my fellow editors at [the Big Blog] has joined in – and most surprising for a dedicated hermit like me, I’m in a community that actually feels like a neighborhood.

    Have a mellow holiday folks.

  9. V

    I wrote my Thanksgiving blog yesterday, but I am going to do this one as well before I get my day started. Happy Thanksgiving to wordpress, I am thankful to you guys for finally giving me a voice! :-)

  10. Mischy/Eva

    Happy Thanksgivings to all of you, we don’t celebrate this holiday here in Sweden.
    Stuffed turkey sounds delish.


  11. edenchanges

    Lovely idea. May I say here and now I am thankful for WordPress and the world of blogging that it has opened up for me. Many thanks.


  12. papajoemc

    My iphone – and friends and family :)

  13. nilspetternilsson

    Happy ThanksGiving and Happy Turkey…….;O)


    Nils Petter Nilsson

  14. Steve A Furman

    Thanks WordPress for making this a great place for expression. Watch out for the triptfan.

  15. vgohyk

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Although we don’t celebrate here in Singapore..

  16. zmanowner

    I am thankful that someone thought hey lets build WordPress…Happy Thanksgiving to all of you

  17. Liz

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and thank you for all you do for us wordpress users.

  18. DAVE ID

    2008 was weird. I toured with the Cirque du Soleil and came back to save my sanity :) Happy Thanksgiving from Canada

  19. doctorbulldog

    Thankful for WordPress; where we can all share our ideas and ruminations.

  20. ColdFire


  21. Samuel Koh

    Honest Friends! =)

  22. NeoOoeN

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the staff.

  23. Dirk Rebund

    Happy Thanksgiving too!

  24. sensico


    Now I shall indulge in some egg nog and ham.

  25. dorai

    The Internet, Browsers, Email, Blogging Tools, Microblogs like Twitter, Scripting Languages, Wikis and Social Networks.

  26. Asilee M. Barnes

    I’m thankful for the interwebs, being alive, and achieving my yearly goals.

  27. Teck

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. :)

  28. peacefulone


    So thankful for: God, the air we breathe minus the free radicals, strength, family, love, good health, faith, friends, prosperity in a famine, new ideas, my blogs, WordPress, help, favor, wisdom, smiles, mercy, my pajama’s, a home, children, mercy, grace, peace, bargains and New beginnings…

  29. gigglezone

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. Ron

    Happy Thanksgiving, Heather – and all at WP. I’d forgotten about it here in the UK; it explains why my hits are down a tad today. . .

  31. Whogopenguin

    We don’t have Thanksgiving in England!

  32. drkshadow17

    I’m thankful for the internet!! :D

  33. artpredator

    Let me add my voice tot he chorus of praise and gratitude to WordPress!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Automatticians that make the WordPress world go round for all of us!

  34. GameZo

    I Don’t have Thanksgiving where I’m at. But happy thanksgiving Anyway :)


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  37. Goldie

    I am also thankful for WordPress! It has given me the opportunity to go back to my passion for writing!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Peace!

  38. Ahmad . M . G

    My study

  39. silviano

    Gracias por este formidable medio de comunicación. ¡Felicidades en su día!

  40. Matt

    I’m thankful for my freedom of religion I have.

  41. Mari


  42. Neclord

    Happy thanksgiving day to all American friends ;)

  43. Michael

    I’m thankful for family and friends…Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  44. wood turner

    Happy Thanksgiving WordPress!

  45. Saluki

    We don’t have Thanksgiving in Spain neither but… Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

  46. Zutphen

    Gasoline and the combustion engine- for as long as they last. And of course my gang of kids that keep me young at heart. And don’t forget Sangiovese. Best to you all in the US and Canada, ey!

  47. walt11

    Happy Thanksgiving, to all.

  48. Quilly

    PodCamp/WordCamp Hawaii 2008

    WordPress makes my blogging life easier. I am Thankful for all you do! You guys rock.

  49. takemetoparis

    Happy thanksgiving day!

  50. Fernando Amaya Dalmasso

    We don’t have Thanksgiving in Argentina, but I think we, in all conutries, must say thanks for our Freedom.

  51. Pietschmann

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am grateful for my health, Richard (my husband), our cat Elmo, that Obama won the election, for my wonderful friends like Glenn, Tillie, Vicky, Marty,
    Valerie et al, and that WordPress has allowed me to express myself on all my assorted blogs.

  52. jingwang

    Happy Thanksgiving Day!

  53. tuaninside

    Happy Thanksgiving

  54. tennisnoise

    Die turkey… I love my family the most… and food

  55. spoolphotography

    Happy Thanksgiving. Thankful for family health and the great outdoors.

  56. realfantasy23

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

  57. thebeadden

    I am also thankful WordPress for giving me a free blog and the freedom to say pretty much anything I want. Thank You WordPress and Happy Thanksgiving America!

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  59. Rob Gokee

    Thanks, WordPress, for making blogging easy and painless. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US!

  60. amoxilin

  61. rampress

    Thanks!… to you guys at WordPress, and happy thanksgiving to all WordPress users.

  62. hippiefreak12

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone throughout the states and WordPress

    please pass the gravy, no just the gravy no turkey :)

  63. San-Draw LOCARDS

    Happy Thanksgiving to all….I really don’t celebrate this day…but by living here in Tijuana it’s like having it because we are next to San Diego, etc…But I’m thankful for having a wonderful family, for my son that I adore; he is my energy, my soul, my baby, my everything…For all my friends, for the love of my honey-bunny ( oh yes baby!!) …PEACE to all…

  64. Manuel Reis

    Here in Portugal we don’t have Thanksgiving, but I’m thankful for three things:
    – WordPress;
    – The WordPress team, which will help me move my blog to my own server (hopefully);
    – The Black Friday: Who cares about that Claus guy when we can buy things ridiculously cheap? 90% off? Sure!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Don’t eat too much turkey, or Iraq will be even more unsafe!

    (got the joke? yeah, it was lame.)

  65. Deena

    I’m in Canada. Oh God, I’m thankful for so much but at this very moment my strongest gratitude is for not living a horror at this moment. I pray for everyone’s safety in Mumbai India.

  66. FXSmom

    I’m so thankful for all of the friends I have made online due to wordpress. I have been able to find a large number of folks with kids like mine with fragile x. Coming from a town of about 6000 people with not a sole with the disability that is a huge help! :)

  67. yoto

    We, indonesian, don’t have thanksgiving day, but i wanna say thanks to wordpress for providing me a free weblog. It’s more than an sharing media for me. Keep rockin WP! \m/

  68. Aulia

    Happy TG!

  69. thedailyuplift

    To be alive. My kids, my husband and all of my friends…..Plus I am thankful to all of those that read my blog. They make me feel like I matter just a little bit more than before.

    Big Hug, Big Kiss and Lots of Love,


  70. hitoride1

    thankful for wordpress :]

  71. Marsha

    Aussies don’t celebrate Thanksgiving either. I’m homesick for ‘real’ cranberry sauce (not the stuff in the jar). But I’m thankful for living where there’s still wide-open, wild places to walk in, and a high degree of safety and tolerance.

  72. chandra

    Happy Thanksgiving ….

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  74. doel33

    i’m not celebrate it but just wan to say to all the member here “happy thanksgiving”…..Love, happy and peace.

  75. びっくり

    Finally finding love at 43. A job where I can work with children. An ever-growing ability to communicate with my neighbors here. The list goes on…

  76. Marco


    Thanksgiving in not in my culture so I’m afraid I can’t say anything about it. Now I just wanted to say that every time I get on WordPress home page to access my blog and see a post form you with your large picture there it fills me with happiness. Heather, you’re really, really, really beautiful, I just wanted you to know it.

    Keep up the good work here with WordPress, you’re making thousands (millions?) of happy bloggers, and today one especially.



    PS: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US anyway. :-)

  77. yeahisaiditworld

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thanks a bazillion for creating this blog platform! I wish you a very successful and prosperous Holiday!

  78. «ÎCrystalλ

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone as well as WordPress.

  79. hanzuo

    happy thanksgiving!!!

  80. Claire

    Happy Thanksgiving and be well y’all ^_^

  81. Gu

    Happy thanksgiving.

  82. nonnie9999

    happy thanksgiving to all the very helpful people at WordPress. it is much appreciated.

    i’m thankful for the outcome of the election. i’m thankful that i am not in a shopping mall right now. most of all, i’m thankful i wore stretch pants yesterday! :wink:

    hope everyone’s thanksgiving was a good one, and let’s hope that the people in india have peace soon.

  83. dunkonu

    Like Jane, I’m thankful for puppies and rainbows. :)

  84. billy333

    happy thanksgiving day to you.
    always and forever kiss n hugs.
    god bless us


  85. iwasajunkie

    happi thanks giving =)

  86. Twolost

    I’m thankful for my little one, my constant ray of sunshine, my rainbow, my hope, my motivation, my smile and to sound a little lord of the rings, my precious, when she is with me all else disappears. Daddy loves you.

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone!

  87. scientificleader

    I’m thankful for many things; and this Thanksgiving, I decided to focus on those things we should be thankful for in the current financial crisis

  88. leoganda

    Happy thanksgiving everybody…. :D

  89. cpwoton

    I am thankful for WordPress!

  90. sky

    Thanksgiving doesn’t exist in Scandinavia.

    Thanks to WordPress.

  91. leventhan

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!
    We ought to be thankful for wordpress and the internet =)

  92. leftonredcleveland

    We’re thankful for all our friends and family. How wonderful it is and how lucky we are to have so many people in our lives that love and support us!

  93. heardwritingsolutions

    A day late but still, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Special holiday wishes for the wordpress team, thank y’all so much.

  94. Moses

    Hope you Americans have a good one, and to all of you in the rest of the world. All we can do is thank God!

  95. 0880

    Thankful for WordPress

  96. schank

    Happy Thanksgiving, America! I live in Canada but still Happy Thanksgiving

  97. designergoodies

    happy thanksgiving you all…

  98. Yonatan Prasdikatama

    Happy, Thanksgiving! For all of you :)

  99. Lilja

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that celebrate this day. Hope you have a splendid day with friends and family :)

  100. familyforest

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am thankful my husband was still alive to share this special day
    with my family and me. And we were thankful when helping to feed the needy a turkey day
    dinner that we were not in their situation. May God Bless us everyone!… and we send our
    thoughts and prayers to those in India and all over the world affected by the tragedy there.


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