Go Get A Blavatar

Today’s post is dedicated to Chuck Norris: the man, the myth, the legend, and the star in our demo of a brand-new feature: Blavatars.

“What-atars?” you say. Blavatars! Blog + avatars.

As the incomparable Nikolay explains in the video below, your blavatar automatically becomes your favicon: the little icon that displays next to your blog’s URL in a browser’s web address bar. It’ll also show up next to your pingbacks in the comments section of other blogs.

To get a blavatar for your blog, just go to Settings in your dashboard and upload an image as your Blog Picture. After you upload, you can crop as you like. Save and you’re all set.

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Heather R.


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  1. jamieissocoollike

    Sweet, really glad WP.com users can now make their own Favicon’s, but I’ve moved to WordPress.org, so it doesn’t really affect me. Great idea WordPress though!

  2. bunnylette

    kewl beans!

  3. artpredator

    yay! thanks for this! I’m going to go make one right now–as soon as I watch the video to see how!

  4. Celebes

    Fantástico! Gracias WordPress.com!

  5. Nitin Garg

    This is great !!!
    Thanks for adding this feature.

  6. Rolii

    I’d been looking for something like this for quite some time now. Thanks a lot WordPress!

  7. Teck

    Thank you for this great feature!!! :)

  8. Omar Modesto

    Yes! I better get to uploading my blavatar right now.
    Thanks for this!


    Wow! Cool updates. I’m loving to use my own favicons.

  10. Gerald Ford


  11. Reynie

    I’t works…


    Me very, very happy!

  12. slurms

    Nicely done

  13. Neclord

    Geat mates. Always on the top ;)

  14. madsilence

    Interesting and thanks.

  15. m@q


    I am trying now…

  16. joshidaniel

    that’s so cool :)

  17. goosetea

    oh, yeah. that’s definately cool

  18. Tristan Strangebrew

    Chuck Norris? The man, the myth… the um… the 3rd rate actor and telecrap hawker… the ignorant religious zealot and fascist neocon ? Nice pick!

  19. JapaReaggae

    Wootie-tootie. Getting mine right now.

  20. alejna

    That is very nifty. Now I have this overwhelming urge to ping.

  21. thanasisnaousa

    great! thanks!!

  22. girbobytons


  23. iaoj

    Thank you for exciting Blavatars

  24. Gabriel Ziks

    Wow ^_^

  25. vjp

    Oh man! This is GREAT!!!!

  26. noxestyle

    Ummm…. I guess this is cool…

  27. Diane

    This is great! Thanks!!! You guys are the BEST!

  28. PandaMaru

    nice :D~

  29. vjp

    By the way, I notice that these comments are in reverse order – newest first. Is that option coming too?

  30. AudaciousAria

    Ah, cool. Thanks y’all.

  31. Vic (Ms. Place)

    Looks good to me!

  32. TheBigN

    Oh wow. This is pretty awesome. Thanks for much for this. :P

  33. ...love Maegan

    wait, is this a new feature? I thought you could already do this. …now I’m confused.

  34. Studio Of The Silver Fox

    Definitely a great feature! I’m gonna get an image to put up in my blog now! :)


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  36. Neeku

    Aah! This is really cool. Just checked a blog with blavatar! That’s really interesting.

  37. worldcanwait

    Unless I missed something in the video, this feature isn’t all that new. I started my blog in October & added my avatar the same day. So it’s at least a couple months old. Very easy to do though. You can use your own picture or clip art, or you can find an online avatar maker & create your own cartoon you.

    • Heather

      Avatars are different from Blavatars. You change your avatar under Edit Profile in the My Account menu, and this appears as your icon next to comments and in the Author widget. Blavatars are set under Settings > General and appear in your browser and in pingbacks.

  38. el baloO*

    That blavatar for chuck really looks like mine!!! :@

  39. sabers210

    Sweet, qiuckly everyone update your blavatars before it is too late!!!!!

  40. fundraisingdirector

    I the the people at wordpress never sleep or something. very nice, I will definately have to get my self one them blavatar things.

  41. 412mark412

    i just went to settings to change something, and i found the blavatar! mine is a penguin

  42. Kahve


    You have no idea how much I so effing wanted to have my own favicon!!!

  43. Moon


  44. Sean

    This is awesome. Thanks!!

  45. An alien Earthling

    This is a cool feature! Thanks, WP! :-)

  46. V

    Awesome!! Thanks so much for this!

  47. яάη∂α

    You guys are the best ^.^
    Thanks !!!

  48. josee


    Muchas gracias WordPress!

  49. NeoOoeN

    Wow great feature!

  50. carpediem52

    I found out from the start, just some days after I made my blog, all by myself, is this supposed to be difficult? .. or am I special? :P

    • Heather

      You likely uploaded an avatar, not a blavatar. Please see my comment above for an explanation of the differences between the two.

  51. esarsea

    Cool deal, I’ll give it a try.

  52. sensico

    OMFG I-LOVE-IT, but not Chuck Norris (just had to clear that up)

  53. Pietschmann

    Cool, I like how you guys think. Keep it up.

  54. djchiclet

    This is awesome!!! Thanks WordPress, I’m setting up my Blavatar right now! :’D

  55. Javier Aroche

    Thanks for this, after years asking finally we got it ! :D

    Just one feature request: could it work the transparency ? I tried uploading a png with alpha layer and in the final favicon got a white background :(

  56. thatdudereeg

    this aint nothin’ new people.

  57. Eliot Phillips

    I couldn’t see the video in Google Reader.

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  59. Matt

    What a great concept. Wow, WordPress keeps coming up with more things all the time!

  60. Breno Ronchini


  61. Maya

    Yes, I’ve been looking for this feature. Going to try it now!

  62. Shannon

    Woohoo! Thank you so much!

  63. furoshiki

    What a nice feature! Never had time to go get a favicon, now it’s almost immediately done, thanks a lot, WP

  64. midtwentiesennui

    Dude, Chuck Norris is so 2005.

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  66. Esri Rose

    Wonderful! Thanks!

  67. GameZo

    That’s so Cool!

  68. Russ Crandall

    Yesss! This has been a recurring request on the FAQ page.

  69. ana pauper

    oops! I did it again:) I checked it out, and it worked. thanx!

  70. ¤ѕнєιℓα gαℓℓу¤

    This is awesome!

  71. Johnny Peepers

    Blavatars ROK!

  72. Charz

    If paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper, what beats all 3 at the same time? Answer: Chuck Norris. :D

  73. NiRAk

    For me it is like the first Christmas gift. Thanks :D

  74. Milo

    Very cool indeed – thanks!

  75. lttewatch

    Very neat! Thank u very much!

  76. Armando Netto

    WOW!!!! Very very Thanks WordPress! Really good idea.

  77. draguscn

    cool! I’ve been waiting for this stuff.

  78. Ronnie

    Love my Blovitard

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  80. Jenna

    Thanks for instituting this! It makes me so happy.

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  82. Nick

    Yes! Favicons! Thank you so much!

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  84. Agustian

    wow, this is great…

  85. Rahul Sonar

    That looks great! Creating a Favicon is quite complicated, but this seems to be very easy!

  86. kaka135

    This is cool, I like the feature.

  87. hildigunnur

    wheee :D

  88. terenceanthony

    Gonna make it now…

  89. One Mr Shazdeh

    Thank you

  90. allforblue

    Thank you, great Blavatar

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  92. Carson Park Ranger

    Blavatar? We don’t need no stinking blavatar.

  93. Sarah

    Cool! Can you change it periodically or are you stuck with one?

  94. akhdian

    Great Job. WP is the best.

  95. michiel

    What’s next?
    Lavatar – animated gif of a lava lamp
    Tartavatar – random meat images
    Pravatar – Your name in Hindi
    Javatar – Animated java image, rotating in 3D
    Flavatar – Same, but in Flash
    Olavatar – Scented images

  96. Mary Jane

    yey!t thanks WP!

  97. Brigitte

    Yay ^__^ thank you!

  98. slacker

    Oh for heaven’s sake. Could you have come up with a worse name?

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  100. drcorner

    Nicely done! This finally closes the last gap that was remaining with “blog branding”.

    We can now finally have a uniformed “set” look when people visit out sites.

    Thank you, and as usual: You guy/girls rock!!!


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