November Wrap-Up

Howdy! — or should I say “g’day, mate!” since I’m in Sydney for WordCamp Australia? November was a fun month, and the final month of development for WordPress 2.7 — coming very soon. It’s been an exciting process, and we think you’ll become a big fan of the changes that you’ll see in your dashboards.

Here are the stats from November:

  • 315,405 blogs were created.
  • 334,578 new users joined.
  • 3,896,520 file uploads.
  • 1930.90 gigabytes of new files.
  • 562 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 6,567,942 logins.
  • 994,340,222 pageviews on, and another 777,087,121 on self-hosted blogs (1,771,427,343 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 1,463,666 active blogs and 17,433,783 active posts where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,083,163,397 words.


Mobile posts are on the rise: you made 44,265 posts to WordPress from a mobile device in November — up from 35,016 the month before.

You’ve been checking out WordPress blogs through the LinkedIn app: 1,169,596 views were generated by links from your LinkedIn profiles and homepages this month.

TIME’s Liveblog Election ’08 site, powered by VIP, provided insightful and funny to-the-minute coverage during the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election.

Some of you wrote your first opus and posted it to your blog during National Novel Writing Month. Congrats!

November WordCamps: Argentina, Charlotte (North Carolina), Tel Aviv, WordCamp Ed (Washington, D.C.), Australia, Spain.

Upcoming WordCamps in December: None! Enjoy the holidays. We’ll see you at WordCamp Las Vegas, WordCamp Indonesia, and WordCamp Whistler (BC, Canada) in January.

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  1. That One Guy..

    This month was a great one.
    I can’t wait for wp 2.7
    Whenever it launches, hopefully sometime this month.

  2. Nick

    Yeehaw! Go WordPress!

    BTW, I can’t wait for 2.7. Please end the suspense.

  3. Moon


  4. down2thethread

    This is great news!! I love being just another number!! I’m proud of you, matt!! Have fun in Sydney and check out my first blog post if ya like!! :3

  5. allforblue

    Good Wrap, Sweet November :)

  6. Jason

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for coming to Sydney for the Wordcamp Australia. It was great having you & the other Automattic crew in town.

  7. happee432

    whoa. thats a lot of words. :) 1,083,163,397… and to think i helped with some of that!

  8. Nitrokart

    Can’t wait for version 2.7!!

  9. onlinemutualfund

    Is Wordcamp India on the radar? WP simple cannot ignore it, can it?

  10. Alex

    Great Stats!

  11. Nitin Garg

    Great stats again !!!

    Looking forward for WP 2.7 now.

  12. djchiclet

    Thanks WordPress! I didn’t know I could mobile post until now ;’)

  13. hoh

    now that you have such prestigious clients – will the rest of us who aren’t paying you become third class bloggsters?
    smallish iz beautiful innit? but there’s not enough money in it, innit
    Time will tell…..

    • Heather

      @hoh: WordPress *is* its community. We look to you all for feedback and inspiration. No changes will come to the attention and appreciation we give .com users from any partnerships we may have.

  14. Rizal

    Wordcamp will be held in Indonesia!!!!

  15. nickie wang

    Wow…Wordpress keeps on growing. Thanks for your tremendous effort!

  16. matnyol

    Always getting bigger,huh? Means there’re bigger chances for everyone, I feel lucky by joining WordPress.


  17. Gamer Guy

    Go down under!!! (Australia)

  18. Jeremy K

    Great to see so many wordcamps reaching different parts of the world. I actually live in Australia so how about that. I’m glad to hear the 2.7 will be coming out soon! Thanks for the great service

  19. livingjourney

    G’day Matt, from Adelaide. Hope your enjoying your Aussie vacation!

  20. Malcolm Almeida

    Well what do you say.. Keep it up Mate :)

  21. ♥*♥*♥ĜąžĻęňęroxx♥*♥*♥

    now that is a lot of words, posts, new users… wordpress is the best!!

  22. mithfalath

    How come every month there are so many blogs created? Haha. Wonder what is the average lifespan of each blog? (by lifespan I mean the average maintaining days/weeks/years where the “admin” actually still visits his/her blog)

    Anyway, I’ve been waiting for these. Just looking at those numbers and.. man.. Congrats, GJ WP! ;P

  23. suriyodayam

    Very impressive. Congrats and all the best.

  24. Neil

    Welcome to my city! :)

  25. caffeinefiend

    I’m thrilled with WordPress since moving here. Thanks everyone.

  26. gullybogan

    Australians are actually more likely to say, “Sup?” than “G’day, mate.” It’s part of the trade off that we make in return for iPods and the secret recipe for how to make hamburgers.

  27. kidsenergyburner

    Just a tiny 5,659,778 pageviews short of 1B mark. ;)

    Let’s beat this 1B mark again by Christmas!
    We did it in October already!

    Happy surfing! :)

  28. {[(Limeboy11)]}


  29. ifenna

    hello the stats are impressive ,hope 2 start bloggin very soon.-ifenna

  30. Manoj Sterex

    WOW! The amount of data transferred keeps going up every month!! :D

    Just awesome!

  31. Johnny D

    growing growing growing… good to see this place is still keeping strong with lots of momentum….i’m always sure to promote wordpress as the “BEST” blog/informational site out there…

  32. Colby Johnson


  33. ladybard

    Congrats, Matt. I still consider myself a cyber-neophyte, but learning as I go.
    Yours is probably the most user friendly, elegant sites I’ve encountered in the last five years.
    Look forward to many more.

    Cheers, and watch out for those Koalas – they’re not as cuddly as they look!


  34. oneoasisdavao

    Hi Matt! How are you? I’m Thel from Davao City, Philippines. I’ve been using wordpress for such a time now. Hope to see you soon here in Davao.

  35. Samael

    Wow!..Proud to be part of those stats!

  36. Daniel

    Thanks, WordPress Team, for your work this November!

  37. blogger31

    Yay! I’m so happy I’m part of the “new users joined” stats! :D

  38. Fran

    great november!!!

  39. weytze

    Thank you for an awesome opportunity to voice our ideas and dreams on a worldwide medium.
    Let me know when you will have a WordPress event in New Zealand.

  40. GameZo

    WordPress 2.7 will be Great! i seriousley can’t wait.

  41. One Mr Shazdeh

    Great Stats!

  42. Moses

    Like everyone else I can’t wait for 2.7 … lots of people gonna appreciate it!

  43. aussie229

    Wow that’s a lot of stats!

  44. Jozef

    Wow, these numbers… ever felt insignificant? Nope? Time to start just right now :o)

  45. hendi

    the stats are great

  46. Jaroslaw Zielinski

    Can you publish those numbers for whole 2008? Month by month? I will be writing book about blogs next year and graph(s) from those numbers will be nice addition :)

  47. Dilip Prakash

    thats great still waiting for WP 2.7………

  48. punkshiit

    Go wordpress!,
    Wordcamp will be held in Indonesia
    great november! congratulations

  49. V

    Great November, December will be even better!

  50. sjb3rna08

    WHOA! Good Job! [:

  51. udtlearner

    I’m liking wordpress much,but I’m being spammed like crazy from strange certificates?
    Can something be done about it?

  52. theunhappycamper

    Awesome. :)

  53. obson

    Congratulations!!! …Desde Sonora, Mexico

  54. maciel

    # 562 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.

    huuuu :D

  55. designwebsite

    Sounds Good !!

    Impressive WordPress

  56. URCHIN7PC / اورچین هفت


  57. kanakalyan

    Great Nov.wrap-up! expecting more this month also.
    Congrats………Ka Na Kalyan

  58. Chris Hoskin


    looking forward to blavatar stats in Dec wrap up!

  59. fancyfortunecookies

    Very cool! I’m glad I’m one of the November stats… :)

  60. Rockstar

    What big numbers!

  61. markgorman

    what about a Scottish Wordcamp?

    Count me in..(if it’s not too techy)


  62. evelynpy

    Wow i like the new dashboard ;)

  63. catdecenzo

    Sort of like looking at a 747 cockpit at first, but then I found screen options. Very sweet!!

  64. Renee Lowenhart

    Is there a way to change the dashboard back? I hate it so much and it has been frustrating me for hours!

  65. pkab

    Bloody cool statistics, mate!

  66. Fabs

    woahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and yeah, us Aussies are more likely to say “sup” than “g’day mate”. And now that I’ve ruined my stereotype for today, I’ve gotta go fix my tractor or else I’ll have to ride me kangaroo to work again tomorrow.

  67. Steven

    Love the new upgrade! Glad I made the switch to!

  68. Wendy

    Having just mastered WordPress enough to launch my blog and just got used to the old dashboard, the changes when I logged in this morning really threw me. Embracing change isn’t always easy but better than the alternative so I’ll WordPress on!
    Wendy Buckingham

  69. harpazo8

    Great! Just started new blog. Still learning. All the best to WordPress and thank you.

  70. r4ito


    wanna try wp 2.7 soon =P I saw it today on my uncle’s blog, looks sweet.

  71. r4ito

    btw I always recommend to those “other kinds of blog” users to migrate to wp, like wendy said, let’s wp on!

  72. fadograph

    I finally learned how to make WordPress work for me – and boom:
    I can’t read the editing page – the new format is too narrow for
    me to work intelligibly
    Suddenly photos don’t upload any more.

    Why do you spring this stuff on us.

    Give us the option to use what we know.
    All change is not always progress.

    Too much change just messes up the fixes we have learned
    how to use.

    Why can’t we edit the layout of the Page names in the header

  73. agungndaru

    woooo, nicee

  74. prenzlmaler

    Wow ! Great !

  75. Stuart

    Damn! Only read about the Sydney conference now. So close yet still so far.
    Hope the next one down under is in Melbourne!

    Doin’ what we can to improve those stats!
    Now have to start using my new iPhone to up those mobile pressing stats :)

  76. fadograph

    Oh, I forgot the TABS
    I used to work in the editor and check back the previous result
    by using a tab
    now there are no more tabs (WordPress is still set for tabs).
    I could fix a couple of things and then check back for the
    next couple – and so do 8 or 9 things before the time consuming
    SAVE (now UPDATE).
    No I an only do one or two – if I can see the editing page
    without 5 or 6 more clicks to make it visible at all.’
    (ONE column visible is MUCH too NARROW.)
    Not all of us are as YOUNG as YOU. Our memories don’t
    work so well.
    I know it’s impossible to put yourself in our place.

  77. lucky3

    i love wordpress ever since i found this… but one thing i cant do is how to put music in my blog? i tried to put the music codes but nothin happen in short not working :( … by the way am only free subscriber on this… hoping me that theres someone teach me how to put music on my blog.

    wordpress is best.

  78. fadograph

    Thanks for restoring the Tabs.

    Now if we could make the right hand Publish column narrower
    (It doesn’t really need width)
    and the edit workspace wider

    Thanks again

  79. menol

    Wow! Amazing Stats.
    I’m new to wordpress. I should have been here a long time before!

  80. ilspo

    i am a new joiniee ,very comfortable.

  81. rajanrimal

    oh good news for us thanks for porviding spece.

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  83. Fabricio Pessoa

    Impressive… most impressive…

    Congrats, and may the Force be with you, hehehe…

  84. rsnieuws

    Just too good. XD

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  86. malevolent

    Only correct that WordCamp Spain will be celebrated on Saturday 20th December at Citilab de Cornellà.

    The entrance will be free and there will be a lot of surprises!!!



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