WordPress.com Goes Gravatar Crazy

Howdy there bloggers! You’ll no doubt remember that when we acquired Gravatar.com, just over a year ago, we intended to fully integrate it into WordPress.com. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally replaced the WordPress.com avatar system with those Globally Recognized Avatars. What does this mean? It means your WordPress.com avatar can now follow you around the web. Your avatar can show up on any Gravatar enabled site, regardless of its affiliation with Automattic!

picture-2picture-4The old avatar tool in your WordPress.com profiles has been replaced with your current Gravatar (left.) If you click on that icon you’ll be taken to Gravatar.com (and automatically logged into your account) where you can easily change your image (right). You can upload an image from your computer, paste in a link to an image on the internet, or even take a picture of yourself using your computers webcam. Cropping and rating your images are as easy as ever. After you finish your new image will automatically attach to your email address (assuming you only have one email address on your account,) or you will be presented with a simple-as-pie list of your email addresses, and you can attach the new image to any or all of them! Just close the Gravatar window when you’re done.

Of course all of the standard Gravatar features are available to you. Upload as many images as you wish, switch them as often as you like, add as many email addresses as you want to your account, and more features still in the works.

If you find that you have an “old” image for your Gravatar, simply click on the link to change it and then click on the “Use your last WordPress.com Avatar” link to get the new one back. There are bound to be some small hiccups here and there. Just let Support know when something doesn’t work quite right, and we’ll get everything ironed out in no time.


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Demitrious Kelly


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  1. custombladeworks

    Thanks for contstantly upgrading the wordpress community .

  2. Teck

    Sweet thanks for the upgrade.

  3. Moses

    Many surprises this month! =D

  4. rocknoida

    wew, i like things like theis…

    i was confused too……

    PERTAMAX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Manuel Reis

    Once again, great feature!

    Have a great holiday season!

  6. eideard

    I think cranky old geeks should be read – and not seen. But, I’ll give it a try.

  7. agnessekar

    Saya sangat bersyukur bisa bergabung dengan WordPress.com, yang semakin hari berkembang semakin canggih, lebih mudah mengakses, lebih spesifik dan lebih up to date. Pencetus/pengelola WordPress, makasih buanyak ats perubahan-perubahan yang selama b ergabung sudah banyak kemajuan. Maju terus di dunia maya, dan saya khususnya siap mendukung untuk perkembangan lebih lanjut. Terima kasih.

  8. Alexchious

    awesome! this is cool!! WOWOWOWOW!


  9. art predator

    very cool! i’m loving seeing my blovatar around town and now this! yay!

    great work, WordPress!

  10. edy

    i’ve just tried on my WP.com dashboard

  11. bydersjoint

    Nice… as always WordPress gets better and better ;)

  12. JBantha

    Great! I’ve give a try! ^_^
    a like these new changes! *_*

  13. Kunal

    worked like a charm for me… thanks :)

  14. nelimak

    So that’s what happened? I was so confused :-)

  15. Jinky Bagagñan

    Have already used it, in fact. I like it, of course, just as I like everything WordPress. :)

  16. kitong

    thats cool.. thanks for inform me..

  17. 周游

    that’s exactly why i shifted and will stick to wordpress forever. thanks for the nice job!

  18. wormlelo

    What are they good for? I suppose that I will have to try it since I’m clueless about this feature. Thanks for the hard work.

  19. Chouette

    Um, I blog anonymously. Does this mean I need to make a new email address for my blog?

    I definately don’t want to find my avatar being linked with the real me on other sites (where previously it seemed safe to use the same email)

    • Sheri

      Your Gravatar is connected to your email address, so if you leave comments on another blog and you want to remain anonymous, make sure that the Gravatar connected to that email address is an appropriate image.

  20. Bambang Sriwijonarko, S.Ip

    Thank’s for your information, It’s nice to try

  21. Ramanuja Dasan

    Thats a nice feature, the favicons especially. A new feature every week and you people keep reducing the reasons one needs to go for a self-hosted blog.

    • Sheri

      Gravatars and blavatars are different. At WordPress.com, favicons are created using the blavatar from your blog’s Settings page while Gravatars appear next to comments and are created in your account profile page or at http://gravatar.com/

  22. missesparker

    Thanks. This is very nice. :)

  23. Jessica Sideways

    Well, I am glad to see that Gravatar has a good home. ^_^

  24. draguscn

    gravatar on old comments will change too when I change my gravatar now?

    • Sheri

      That’s right, as long as the images next to the old comments are Gravatars, they will change when you update your Gravatar through your WordPress.com profile or at http://gravatar.com/.

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    Wish all you guys at WordPress a great holidays! Thanks again for the upgrade! <3

  27. Wim Permana

    @Sheri, You’re wonderful. Love you from here, Indonesia. check me out http://twitter.com/wimkhan :)

  28. Windu

    Nice, I really like the this gravatarand blavatar feature

  29. pmkuncen

    cool…. ill try it

  30. joelemmanuel

    This is cool. Thanks, WordPress community :) Thank you for this feature.

  31. Christine Kaharmen

    I’ve tried it just now… but it seems like you have to wait a lil bit long until your gravatar changed.

    • Sheri

      Your Gravatar should update right away. However, some browsers may take a while to show new Gravatars. Clearing your browser cache and cookies and completely restarting your browser may help.

  32. Splodge!

    I don’t know why I struggled for so long on a self-hosted blog.

    This is just another good reason to remain with WordPress.com

    Even all my old comments show the new Gravatar image.

  33. ~Agent Chase~

    Cool, im gonna try it out right now!

  34. Elli

    Oh Good lord, what will be the next!!!!!! :-O

  35. Ashesh

    A very cool feature to reflect graphically one’s profile -> via Gravatar.

    Can a gravatar be animated? or contain a smiley ?

    • Sheri

      Gravatars cannot be animated. The only way to include a smiley would be if the smiley was a static graphic that was part of the image.

  36. Jaguar

    Yep, I’ve noticed. It was a good idea and most of my friends also thought so. Speaking on the behalf of those, who do not know English. Greetings!

  37. {[(Limeboy11)]}

    gravatar ROCKS!

  38. basingbe
  39. jamamakitty

    why is there so much white space at the top of this page? It forces the text into the margin and I am unable to read the words on the right side of the blog or whatever and cannot even scroll over. (Not a gravatar issue but you can see what I am talking about up at the top here. Thanks

  40. Stephen Rees

    Is this the explanation for the picture of myself – that I have been using happily since I started blogging here – suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a random pattern?

    • Sheri

      That random pattern is called an identicon. If you see a random pattern instead of your Gravatar, then you should check your WordPress.com profile page to make sure your image is showing up properly there. Also, keep in mind that blog Administrators can choose whether or not to show Gravatars from their Settings -> Discussion page. If your Gravatar is not showing up on a blog, then they may have chosen not to display Gravatars.

  41. burocracia

    buena noticia :D

  42. AudaciousAria

    Sweet. Thanks y’all.

  43. thriveblogger

    I think I remember that Gravatar is also a default for IP Board (popular forums).

  44. zyxo

    I’m not (gr)avatar-minded …

  45. Tom Terrific

    I’d like to have an option to not have a Gravatar.
    It seems that once you have one, you either have to either have a pictures or show a blank white space.
    It would be nice to say – no Gravatar please – it would save space on my RSS reader.

    • Sheri

      You can delete your Gravatar if you’d like. To do that, simply hover your mouse over the image in the list at the bottom of your Gravatar manage page, and click the red “X”. See http://en.gravatar.com/site/faq/ for more Gravatar questions and answers.

  46. stshores24

    Ah, cool. Nice to not have to update two sites any more. Good job.

  47. ian in hamburg

    Can we forget the word Blavatar then? Or are they two different things?

    • Sheri

      They are different. A blavatar is a blog avatar and it is displayed in the web address bar next to your blog URL. A Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar and it is displayed next to your comments, in the Authors widget, and some other places depending on how your theme was designed. Gravatars can be used on other websites and applications too. You could see your gravatar on any web-enabled blog or website.

  48. the rufus

    Gravatars, Blavatars – where should I get all the pictures from ;)

  49. Nick

    Thanks so much for all the integration!

  50. allforblue

    Thank you, great gravatars for blue

  51. ak4037

    so if I leave comment use another email address that isn’t connected to Gravatar, my gravatar isn’t show up..?

  52. piyali sen dasgupta

    I think Gravatar is a nice feature hope to come up with a picture !Thanks WordPress!

  53. Pândego Endiabrado

    Very Good!

    I hope that more sites have the option to use the gravatar available.

    Great idea.

  54. V

    Thanks for all the cool features! Happy Holidays! :-)

  55. piratesparty

    thx! cool update, youre the best, guys ;)

  56. Cacia Chronicles

    Another GREAT WordPress idea. Thanks : )

  57. The Rev.


  58. forumistannet

    Cool and seems very nice, thanks.

  59. Rolii

    Blavatars, Gravatars…it’s getting a little dizzying, folks!

  60. ndelvalle

    I loved the new feature.

  61. maureenemoran

    I’m just learning about all this. Looks very cool! Thanks!

  62. osolihin

    Thank you for your hard work, WP!

  63. quinncreative

    It must be fun to leave us luddites in the dust. But it sure is exhausting trying to figure out that “write” is now “post” and you can’t save a draft anymore. Ever thought of giving us a choice NOT to update? Ah, DOS. Now THERE was a program. . .

  64. vampyrcorn

    haha the members of wordpress are so polite.

    Thank you kindly mr. word press.


  65. moseljack


  66. mardoto

    Very good. Thanks, innovation without stoping ….

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  68. promisbilder

    Gravatars are just awesome, thanks!

  69. barrycyrus

    sooo WordBest!

  70. Brother John

    Ah WordPress.org! Nice… As usual. Great job!!!
    Brother John
    Lansdowne, Pennsylvania USA

  71. Josè Vicente Barrera Dìaz

    j. Es muy interesante. Gracias. Felicitaciones.

  72. Jade Phoenix

    Sweet upgrade. Gonna try it out soon! ^.^ Thank you~

  73. Ryo-Base

    Sweet! finally! thanks man.

  74. Sadat ar Rayyan

    wow. very good

  75. myrontay

    Now, just to find a decent photo of myself… …

  76. Gem

    Well, a gravatar is something that would be useful if you’re the type who wants to have her photos updated depending on the mood. Nice! :)

  77. desertfishing

    Thank you WP community for this great effort. More power!

  78. Buffet O' Blog

    This is awesome! I think the gravatars add a lot of character and personality to the blogs. There’s a lot of funny pictures that can be used, if you decide to quit showing your mug, or if you have other characters (which seems to happen on my blog).

  79. normalslife

    Bravo! Thanks!!

  80. mamnoe

    Thanks a lot. thats Great!

  81. shaaakspsyco

    Good, good. Now how about enabling adsense?

  82. chavd

    Pretty cool stuff. A quick glimpse at the future.

  83. هشام


  84. fluffywelshsheep


  85. uksupport

    WordPress Simply rocks..


  86. SAMAN UI

    good idea….
    cayoo WP

  87. lilith84

    Great :D!

  88. the angry black woman

    The one thing you guys seem to not want to do with gravatars is to make them act like the Post Avatars plugin for WP. There you can choose an image to go at the top of your post, similar to LiveJournal. Blogs with multiple authors would particularly benefit from this, and it seems to me easy to implement on WP.com. That’s really the only use I see for Gravatars in this context 9and outside of comments).

  89. kratum

    que bién

  90. Laurie

    my computer freezes for a minute everytime i get on a website with the snow. why is that?

  91. stopbirdporn

    That’s great news! Thank you!

  92. ajcushner

    Great changes! Looking forward to what other improvements you guys make.

  93. great8productions

    this is soooo cool

  94. great8productions

    phenomenal. absolute genius

  95. mynameisbotha


    Please disable right-click on the gravatar — then the thiefs cannot steal your gravatar and use it to make posts under your name.

    But thanks for a great product …..

  96. gvitkova

    I think it is great. Now I needn´t care about my avatar in the Internet. Now I have my personal signature (I mean avatar) everywhere. Thank you a lot.

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  98. Sven

    This place is like… amazing… great… :-)

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  100. letsliveinpeace

    Beautiful! Avatars can now roam the Blogosphere and beyond!


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