Media Uploader Overview

We’ve responded to your suggestions and requests with some changes to your media upload options.

You can now access all of your uploaded files through your Media Library, which is in your dashboard under the Media menu. Below the Library is Add New, through which you can upload files from your computer or the web.

As always, your blog comes with 3,000 megabytes of space, and the ability to upload images and documents in these file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt.

To upload music and videos, you’ll need to purchase the Space Upgrade in 5, 15, or 25 gigabytes. You can purchase the Space Upgrade under the Upgrades menu in your dashboard. The Space Upgrade will allow you to upload these file types: mp3, mp4, m4a, wav, ogg, mov, wmv, avi, mpg.

From the Media Library, you’ll see how much space you’ve used, and how much you have left. You’ll also see which post or page a file has been attached to in the Attached to column.

Media Library

To see which files haven’t been added to a post or page yet, click the Unattached filter. A new list will display, showing only those files that haven’t been attached to a post or page.

Unattached view

Click the Edit action link from within the Media Library to change the Title, Caption, and Description. Click View to see the file on the post or page it’s attached to.

To add a file to a post or page, just click the Attach action link. You’ll see a popup that will allow you to search for the title of an existing post or page, and attach straight from there.

Attach file

As always, there are also options to upload and insert media from the Media Toolbar above the text editor: images, videos, music, other media types, and polls.


Click Show next to items in the Media Library from this view, and you can change a number of options for files, including image size and alignment.

Show media view

Happy uploading!

To learn more about the new media uploader, see the Media Overview Support page.

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Heather R.


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  1. almostinfamous

    i like the media uploader interface. i really like how the photos turn into a gallery, but i was wondering if we could customize the gallery somewhat in terms of thumbnail sizes, and also provide links to galleries instead of just individual photo pages.

    • Sheri

      When you insert a gallery, there are options to customize whether the thumbnails link to the image file or the image post, the order of the images, and the number of columns. You can customize the size if you edit the shortcode in HTML mode. To specify the image size, set size to “thumbnail”, “medium” or “full”. The default is “thumbnail”. For example:
      [gallery size="medium"]

    • Jane Wells

      We’re working on developing some gallery options like what you’re requesting for a future software update, but it will be at least a few months, hopefully in the spring.

  2. Brian Lutz

    Since I use Photobucket for my Blog’s image hosting, it is a bit of a nuisance to need an extra click each time to reach the “From URL” page of the insert dialog. It would be nice for the next WordPress version if they could consider adding an option to select one of those pages as the default item to show on that UI.

  3. Haris Suryanegara

    Looks good!
    I’ll check it out. :)

  4. びっくり

    Always need better ways to upload. Thanks for your effort. Have you staffed up lately? It seems the improvements are coming out at an incredible rate…

  5. Id

    great new addition like always.

    Thanx WP

  6. Tóin

    I simply love!

  7. xboxoz360

    I love the media aspects of an dthe actual “crunching” it does to reduce file sizes. having stored them on outside sites before, and now choosing to store them on, the difference is huge, and I mean HUGE.

    Our site has – god – probably 1000 plus pics and images, most likely double that if you include headers, side bar images, page headers, logos, icons etc etc etc.

    It has around 390 posts, 120 pages, and a bucket load of images. Yet – and this is the amazing thing, I’ve only JUST tipped over using the first gig of my free 3 gig storage. . . If put on flickr or photobucket, I would have had to upgrade already (which I’ve had to do on flickr to store more han 2oo pics of forza 2 paint jobs, but they could all be stored on or free if aI had a site dedicated to just Forza 2 paint schemes etc.

    Anyone that complains about the service or lack there of around a feature on hasn’t obviously tried other alternatives,as they’d see (read experience) that many others woul dhave start costing them by now.

    I peeve I do hav ethough with the new UI is that I can no longer access a simply link to “Manage Pages/posts”, yes the drop down menue is on the top right, but it does not give me access to Pendings or a simple access to the area lists of all our pages and posts that staff are writing or awaiting editing then awaiting publishing.

    If there was another link in that drop down menue that allowed access to the manages pos and one for manage pages, that would say 3 steps for me/us.

    Hopefully something for staff to think about ???

    Cheers . . and keep up the great work.

    I’ll actually be doing an article on “Blogs” soon for our site. As many ppl on the net still consider ‘blogs’ as an inferior form of web presence, and many have a terrible opinion of wordpress believe it or not. When we often post on many game site, we get rubbished because we are a wordpress site and “not a real website” or serious web users . . cough cough – pardon me . . !!??

    SO I may well be calling on staff for some stats and even an interview if that’s possible . .?

    More to think about.

    • Douglas

      Thanks for the kind words. If you want to do an interview with someone from, that’s easy enough to arrange. :) Just let us know when you’re ready.

  8. justonemoregame

    Yes, I’m another person in the “I use Photobucket, and I wish USE URL came up straight away” boat.

  9. Bambang Sriwijonarko, S.Ip

    I’ll check it out….
    From Bambang Makassar Indonesia

  10. miguelpineiro

    Hey Heather, thanks for the overview! :)

  11. xega

    Cool, but what I would like more than anything is a way to insert more than one image at a time from the media library into a post..

    If I have some images and I don’t want to use [gallery], especially for old pictures, I have to insert them one by one by going into the show menu etc.

    • Sheri

      You can insert all of the pictures attached to a specific post or page with [gallery] or you can insert them one at a time. Those are currently the only insert options.

  12. brainpower

    I love the personal feel of the WordPress Crew!!! Thanks for your efforts. Excellent work. I would really love to see drag and drop for images … directly into the post.

  13. creeping

    would be nice to give users a taste of how uploading a music or video file could improve their blog – ie, one free upload to entice them to upgrade

  14. vishesh unni raghunathan

    cool…but can’t you guys also allow us to use psd format?

  15. headslammer

    All these new toys! It’s like Christmas has come early.

  16. Tony Whitson

    Why can I upload wmv (video) files but not wma (audio). I’m using mp3 for speech even though much smaller wma files would be fine for speech (as opposed to music).

    • Douglas

      We don’t support wma files at this time. We’re adding support for different files periodically, though, and wma might be coming.

  17. Daniel

    Once again, the WordPress team has made things simple!

  18. Miles

    Thanks for the help. If the rest of the world provided as much value as WordPress we would be in a much better place. I am continually amazed at the breadth and depth of knowledge and service I receive from you.

    Now, if I can just get Microsoft to learn how you do all this…

  19. Moses

    very handy and all in the same spot! =D

  20. gopalshroti

    i am interested in uploading files from my pc and i am sure this ur effort will help me and the existing and newcomers alike.

  21. Gyl

    Hmm.. I’m kind of having difficulties with media on previous version. Hope it’ll fixed with this.. :D

  22. Lance Wiggs

    Great to see the continuous progress. However once again this is aimed at getting content on to your servers rather than using content from the likes of Flickr and Photobucket. Please bring back the tree, put the infinity link symbol in the quick post and make it easy for use to create blog posts that use all of the internet’s resources.

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  24. NiRAk

    The new design from the “Media Uploader Overview” = in German “Medienbibliothek” have anymore service !!

  25. nathanpc

    I like it.
    Its Good

  26. 3baid

    What about inserting multiple images into a post? (I dislike using [gallery])

  27. spocrep

    it’s great and it’s so easy to use… but wish if i could upload video without upgrading …but any way it doesn’t matter… you guys are the best blogging website! :)

  28. bamidele84

    How i wish i had logged in before

  29. Kairu Ishimaru


  30. virtuallyamy

    Thank you to everyone at WordPress! I love it. Happy Holidays!

  31. jamieissocoollike

    Awesome additions. Glad you can upload media files for later use!

  32. archiearchive FCD

    Is it my imagination or have we lost the ability to upload an image of, say 650pixels width, have it automatically reduced to 468 pixels to appear in my Digg3 theme but still to be available as a 650 pixel image on a clean browser page when the blog image is clicked? I am using Firefox3.

    Having said that, I find most of the changes in media have been great. Keep on innovating, WordPress.

  33. Sunnite

    But how do you upload an image which would not be attached to any post? I have only manage to upload pics when in a post, never “just like that”, so Im surprised we can see those not attached to a post.

    • Douglas

      You can now go to Media > Add New to do that. You used to be able to do the same thing, but it wasn’t as straight forward.

  34. Sweetness

    I agree with Mr. Lutz. Its really a bummer that there’s extra clicks to get to the pages to add urls to images or video. I would love to see that made simpler in future. Thanks!!

  35. Michael

    I agree with Brian Lutz’ suggestion above for a default option on the insert dialog.

  36. ettyaryati

    Finally, I managed to insert images into my post. Thanks!!

  37. memsaab

    This is not a request for support, but I’ve noticed that none of the searching or filtering functionality works for me (I use the latest version of Safari on an Intel Mac)…haven’t tried using Firefox yet though.

    But it is an improvement over the previous version :) (or would be if it worked for me)!

  38. V

    Thanks for all the improvements! It only gets better, doesn’t it? ;-)

  39. tunisa

    great new addition like always

  40. gamersunited22

    Nice, i personally dont mind uploading my media to separate place’s photo bucket etc just as fast.. if not faster xD

  41. দ্যা রক্

    its KOOl!!! but what about swf, flash?

  42. mormonsoprano

    Great tool!
    I would like to offer a suggestion that when we upload an image we have an immediate option to check the little box “Open in new window”. This is currently only an option after it has been loaded and then we have to go into the photo and edit (unless I am missing something) and it is a pain.

  43. greenerz

    The new media library is great. Love it.

  44. Dony Alfan

    3,000 megabytes? Hopefully, WP will add extra space :D

  45. seriouspop

    Is there a way to configure Tweets so that they are uploaded not on the sidebar, but as a POST?

  46. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    It’s ok, we guess.

  47. Rizal

    why are you change the tab position for adding image from url to the second tab? it needs extra click to go there.

  48. Kathy

    So, can I add YouData to my sidebar?

  49. joelemmanuel

    Thanks again, WordPress for another magnificent feature!

  50. lucylastic

    Doesn’t seem to work for me!!! It was very easy before – now I have a load of pics in the labrary that don’t seem to respond to being attached to a post. very frustrating!!

    • Douglas

      Sorry to hear this. The media uploading process has not changed all that much. Try again and see if it works for you. If not, let support know and they can certainly help you out.

  51. frankafus

    Nice update, the dashboard just gets better and better c:

  52. দ্যা রক্

    i feel like an ONLINE DREAM WEAVER or FRONT PAGE!!! GREAT!!

  53. Sleeping

    Very well!!
    Hope you’all add support for .odp files in future!
    Bye :-)

  54. claudio

    What about mid file type?Thanks

  55. risalahperjalanan

    Looks good!
    Thanks a lot…

  56. Dylan

    Superb. This new feature enables us to more quickly go through and label all images consistently for improved SEO and reader navigation purposes.

  57. ifjwordpress

    It’s possible to have a audio reader in this account of wordpress?
    I buy 25gb storage and when i upload my sound into my posts. I just have the direct link no audio reader. How can i have the reader audio ?

  58. sarah

    wow..another good stuff from u guys… keep up the good work!

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  60. mrmooney

    Not to be obtuse, but what is the new menu format for uploading/changing an avatar?

  61. lastgenie

    Wow!!! It’s cool! Nice update

  62. theuptownlife

    cool, now i can have my own photoblog. ;)

  63. egza

    i don’t know why txt or cpp or other text based documents are not allowed

  64. 7ictor

    Good news!! :D

  65. amherstdam

    It’s suddenly not working for my mp3s. Is this a maintenance thing?

  66. y8com

    Looks Good.Thanks Again!

  67. goosetea

    can’t wait for threads in comments. please please

  68. niran123654789

    This stuff is good ,but isn’t it costly?

  69. phototrails

    Great team! A big thank you for all the work, improvements and additional features.

  70. Evelin Seay

    Great, love your updates and constant support!

  71. arrts

    How do you guys do all this???

  72. herrywidayat

    I love simply wordpress,make me esealy to used it


    wonderful …. it sounds great i’ll check it out

  74. firmansyah11

    Nice Information. Thanks for the information.

  75. jenniferlori

    I second (or third, or thousandth, if you go looking online) the motion to request a bulk upload feature. One of the things I liked about Blogger was the ability to dump 5 photos into my post at once, repeat if necessary, and then add my text to the post before publishing. Currently the only workaround is to load all the photos at once into the media library but then have to go one by one into “add photo”, then “media library”, then choose the photo and click “show”, and then choose the size, and then go back to the post, and repeat for as many photos as desired. It’s longer and slower, and I wonder why WordPress doesn’t offer a bulk upload feature. It’s definitely not the same thing as inserting a gallery, especially when you want to have the photos interspersed with text as opposed to all together. The new media uploader is nice, but it’s strange that it still doesn’t support what the users seem to really want. (When the users are resorting to creating their own hacks, it means they really want it!)

    • Douglas

      You use bulk upload easily. Simply select multiple files when you go to upload. WordPress will upload all of the files selected.

  76. city05online

    how can i start making money with my blog

  77. tsqltricks

    Could it be possible to upload software source code in the future? I would like to allow my readers to download SQL code in .sql format, as well as CSharp code in .cs format. These codes are not executable without the proper interpreter/compiler, and are therefore not a threat to the readers’ computers. Thanks!

    • Douglas

      This is something we can consider, but it presents a lot of potential security issues, so it would be something we would have to do very carefully.

  78. Gautham

    is there support for other odf formats as well ? like odp ? I would really like to see it soon.

    • Douglas

      Not at the moment. The only document types we support are pdf, doc, and odt. More might be added in the future, though.

  79. fadograph

    To be reasoanble for those of us who do this in a small way and
    not in business and who use only a tiny fraction of the upload
    storage you provide,. I don’t really see why the upload of a few
    5 to 9 megabyte songs should require the purchase of extra
    space. As I say, there is no advertising or profit motive involved.

  80. heatblast378

    sweet nice job guys!

  81. pangsheng

    My first day on wordpress blog.
    Haven’t figured out what it is.

  82. Martin

    With the previous version of Media stuff, when I wanted to stick an image in the middle of my post it was easy to upload it and have it appear exactly where I wanted it. Now, it puts everything into this “Gallery” thing which I absolutely do not want; so, on my most recent post, I had to upload everything into my Media library separately and then copy the URLs into the html section of the post editor. It took at least twice as long to do this as it had with the old way of managing media.

    What I want is: LESS steps when uploading and managing media, and MORE buttons for quick functions of what to do with that media when writing a post. All that stuff about adding descriptions and tags and assorted whatnots to uploaded images is absolutely unnecessary when it’s being used in support of an article. I think I’d actually prefer it be organized more like a traditional web space; with the usual directory trees that can be easily organized via an internal editor that behaves like a traditional FTP browser. THAT would be incredibly useful.

  83. Lisa Hill

    I’d like to second the suggestion that there be one free short video as an enticement to try it. I’m not even sure how to load one or whether it would upset my readers with little bandwidth…

  84. mailartists index

    will there be some kind of media downloader to make backups of the media uploaded before? would be a feature that i highly appreaciate..thanks, guys!

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  86. jenniferlori

    Douglas- I guess I wasn’t clear. While WordPress can bulk upload images, it cannot (or will not) stick all those photos into your post without you going one by one back into the “add media”, and manually inserting them all. Yes, they will all already be stored in your media library, but if I add more than 1 photo at a time, after crunching, for the life of me I can’t see any option but to insert only one photo into that particular post.

    What I (and many, many others) are looking for (without having a hack workaround, like the one that keeps the dialog box open to at least shortcut one or two steps) is a feature that, after I browse for the images I want to insert, after crunching, will then insert all of those photos into the working post. That way I can dump in the photos I want to blog about, then go through and add my text later, without having to add each photo into the post one-at-a-time.

    • Douglas

      That makes sense. Thank you for the suggestion – it is definitely something we can look into for future releases.

  87. mashadutoit

    Would like to add my voice to the people who have asked for the ability to add more than one picture at a time without having to use the gallery feature.

    For example, it would be cool if in that first “upload” window, once the images have been crunched and loaded, I could tick a little checkbox next to say – three images – then scroll down and hit “insert” and those three would be inserted.

    I dont like using the gallery feature as I have so little control over how the images are displayed. For example, I frequently want to have several images with text in between. The current method, I have to keep going back to the media library.

  88. paperdollfresh

    Been meaning to see what its all about . .just staring @ me to click it! yay ill check it out

  89. esatu

    I’m newbie here.. thanks 4 the info..

  90. Dana

    Love the gallery feature, but I think it would also be useful to have a slideshow feature, so readers can move between pictures more easily.
    For example, once you click on a picture, it would go to a page featuring a larger version (as it does currently), but then there would be arrows to the left and right of the picture, previewing the next image and providing a link to it. That way, readers could move to the next image in the gallery without going back to the main post.

    • Heather

      Thank you for your feedback. We’ll add this to our suggestion list, which is reviewed on a regular basis.

  91. aleem12

    Gracias por la info :D

    Thanks for the information


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