Support Updates: New Resources, Holiday Hours

As some of you may have noticed, Support has new help pages, and is no longer in the old FAQ format. Rather than a list of answers to your questions, Support is now more like a knowledgebase, providing comprehensive overviews of features and tasks.

Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions on how Support can refine its documentation to suit your needs. After all, Support is all about helping YOU! We want to make our resources as useful as possible, so you can get the answers you’re looking for without hassle.

We’d also like to announce the official holiday hours for Support. During these times, responses will be slower than normal, and you may not get a response for more than 24 hours after submitting your request. As always, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can when we’re back on.

Please be sure to consult the forums and Support pages before attempting to contact Support.

  • Dec 24: Support closes at 2 p.m. EST *
  • Dec 25: Closed
  • Dec 26: Closed
  • Dec 27: Support opens at 10 a.m. EST **
  • Dec 28: Open
  • Dec 29: Open
  • Dec 30: Open
  • Dec 31: Support closes at 2 p.m. EST
  • Jan 1: Closed
  • Jan 2: Support opens at 10 a.m. EST

* EST is New York time (UTC-5). When it’s 2 p.m. in New York, it’s: 11 a.m. in Los Angeles; 7 p.m. in London; 10 p.m. in Moscow; 2 a.m. in Jakarta; 4 a.m. in Tokyo.

** When it’s 10 a.m in New York, it’s: 7 a.m. in Los Angeles; 3 p.m. in London; 6 p.m. in Moscow; 10 p.m. in Jakarta; 12 a.m. in Tokyo.

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Heather R.


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  1. Whogopenguin

    Nice, thank you for the explanation and support hours!

  2. ♥ Animalluver ♥

    Merry Christmas
    Happy New Year
    Love the new WordPress layout!!

  3. the rufus

    Thanks for time translations ;)

  4. Chewy

    Whats with the I saw, I expected, etc? What is mean

    • Heather

      That’s a new way for us to understand and assist with issues within Support.

      It’s broken down that way because most requests consist of three parts: 1) I performed an action on my blog or account, 2) Then I saw something funny or unwanted on my blog or account, 3) I expected it to look or behave in a specific way, which is different from the actual result.

      This information helps us to investigate blogs and accounts more thoroughly the first go around, helping you get the results you’re looking for, fast.

  5. Rizal

    don’t get to work early ,
    just enjoy your holiday time, :)

  6. Catshade

    After all the 24/7 support (especially during the 2.7 rollout), the support team really deserves a vacation anyway.

    Happy holidays for everyone in Automattic. ;)

  7. Moses

    Hope you guys have some time to relax! Btw, has the UTC feature been updated for daylight savings?

  8. peacefulone

    I love support. But,…you guys need a break. Makes sense to me. Have a Merry Christmas and it will be Blessed! Thanks for everything…really. Love Lanie

  9. b*

    Granted, the FAQ was scattershot, but I could–usually–find answers to simple questions. The new system seems daunting. And I still can’t find the code for an image in the text widget.

    • Heather

      Please write Support if you have any specific ideas for improvement. We’d love to hear them.

      To display an image in a text widget, you’ll need to use HTML. Here’s a good place to learn about image source code, generally.

  10. letters2soulmate

    happy holidays to all! love and cheers, R

  11. AudaciousAria

    Merry Christmas Heather & team! Have a good one! x

  12. hoh

    thanx WP for all yr support and tremendous patience in helping me to solving those glitchettes.
    roll on 2009!
    see if you can – including wordpress gals and boys – go 3 days [yr closed ones]
    with out checking in on the www. / switching on yr pc – if it’s off / looking at yr blogs stats!
    step back/forward into the real world / smell the roses or anything that’s alive /
    breath in the fresh air / take a look at the the blue or cloudy sky / stretch in all directions and see if you can stand on one leg on yr tipy toes for a while!
    spoil yr selves

  13. straw000

    Great!! It’s nice to have updated support!! : ) Help us WP users loads!!

  14. proveed

    Happy Holiday to all WordPress management and staff and all members of WordPress.

  15. 2Bo02B

    Thank you for your notice. Merry Christmas team and all member of wordpress! Best wish to you!!!
    ‘ $*$*$ ‘

  16. jewaira

    Happy holidays to a great team!

  17. princessjapjap

    merry christmas and happy holidays to the team!

  18. Splodge!

    Thanks – and Happy Christmas to you all. Jingle-jingle!

  19. Chater Jordan

    Thanks for making my blogging expierience better, I hope that you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Thats all,

    Chater :-]

  20. draguscn

    nice .. become easier time to time .. happy holidays

  21. bydesign001

    Thank you for the advance notice. Happy Holidays to a great bunch. Peace and blessings,

  22. han han

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2009 & Happy Holidays to all WordPress management and staff and all members of WordPress….. see yaaaa………..

  23. pennywisepoundfoolish56

    Merry Christmas to all WP team for the best effort committed this 2008 and a hopeful 2009 with more update support, Happy New all need the rest. Thanks.

  24. talakachina

    I love the fact the new help page now says “Content Theft” rather than “Copyright”…i have had a problem with content theft (and have only been here a couple of weeks)..i consider it stealing and it’s great that it’s now listed as such…Happy Christmas…..x

  25. Chaitanya Varma Mudunuri

    Happy new year & Merry christmas!!!!!!!!

  26. ceylanthewriter

    Enjoy your break, you guys deserve it.

  27. mygaia13

    Happy Christmas and an Awesome New Year to the WordPress team!!!

  28. violet34718

    Merry Christmas and happy new year

  29. seorangdiri

    enjoy your holiday, and happy new year :)

  30. N-Less Pennies

    Happy Holidays and thank you for the post.

    While we are talking about support, I had a question about website traffic. How do you increase your blog traffic?

    Happy Holidays

  31. jalexartis

    Enjoy your time away and thanks for all you do!

  32. V

    Thanks a bunch for everything. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at WordPress!

  33. timethief

    Happy holidays and the best of the season wishes to all staff. Thanks for being on the job and working hard to serve your users year round.

  34. Moran

    Merry Christmas!

  35. Pinkgirl3919

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year WordPress & everyone! :D ~Pinkgirl3919

  36. masterclasslady

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year to everyone at WordPress.Com. And, a great big THANK YOU!

  37. shavred

    Have a nice Holiday for WP team staff. Many thanks for good explanation and great help in WP.

  38. mang shanny

    happy holiday, and happy new year……

  39. monina escalada

    Merry Christmas WordPress.Com. Thanks for your speedy technical support. Your efforts and innovation are much appreciated.

  40. Peter

    Merry Christmas!

  41. lise CC

    Merry Xmas for all of you at WordPress : you are my favorite ! I just LOVE WordPress and I am so happy to work with you, guys ! Thanks again !

  42. Tristan

    Blessings to all at WordPress, all WordPress blogs and all WordPress readers

  43. abuthoriq

    Tanks I am love the new WordPress layout, Insya Allah

  44. shbadr

    thanks a lot for the updates. happy holidays and new year, everyone!

  45. ababelpl

    Peace and blessings for everybody & Happy New Year!

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  47. ekiepurnomo

    kind a new around here…

    and still learning

    this help page, can you give me detail of its use (common speaking)


  48. muridyesus

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

  49. programmervb

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  50. ekosdaq

    What is the meaning of Merry in merry christmas?

    • Douglas

      Interesting question! According to the dictionary, merry means “full of or showing high-spirited merriment”, so in context it probably means “wishing you a high-spirited Christmas”.

  51. thistle

    are the video tutorials still available?

  52. Andrew

    Merry Christmas, and thanks for the update!

  53. bibi88bibi

    Happy Holidays to the team!

  54. wotdoin

    thanks for the info, happy new year!

  55. braybon9

    Good Job! I love the new wordpress features, every since the new dashboard has been launched its Better and better! I love WP! Braybon9~

  56. umair

    i love the sno on this theme. :)

  57. weirdo103

    um how do i change my avatar? HELP !!

  58. Friezypop

    Happy New Year!

  59. Tristan

    On New Years Eve and on New Years Day, I made posts that never showed in the any of the cat. that they were assigned.

    1) Happy New Years 2009

    2) 19 Days Until The Real New Years For America


  60. cucca10229

    kewl, so in NY it’s Jan 1st, so it’s closed now, But what about other days? Or was that list an example?

    • Douglas

      The list explains our holiday hours. It is safe to assume that if we aren’t listed as “closed,” then we are open. :)

  61. catdecenzo

    I really do picture you all year-round as little elves in a workshop, but laying outstretched on a couch, stuffed with turkey, belching and sluggin’ a few beers watching the game works for me, too…you all deserve a break! Happy New Year!

  62. jazci

    But how do we submit a question?

  63. Jennifer

    Coming in a bit late! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.

    It would be fantastic to see tighter integration between the Dashboard and the new Support area, along the lines of “learn more about this feature” or somesuch, perhaps as a part of the expanding Help button if clutter is a concern.

    Thanks again for all that you do for us.

  64. ta8an

    thanks super

  65. ompundaru

    It’s great, many thank’s for anything from wordpress..
    Happy new year..

  66. mandythompson

    Thanks for taking care of us.

  67. heatblast378

    sweet… so that means we get better surrport??? if so keep doing what you do wordpress or should i say WP!!

  68. navedz

    Thanks for providing this wonderful platform to us for blogging… Wish you and your team a great year ahead.


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