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Have you ever left a comment and forgot to check back later for replies? It would be great if you could track all the comments left by others wouldn’t it?

Now you can. When you leave a comment on a blog, check the Notify me of followup comments via email checkbox before submitting and you will receive an email notification every time someone else leaves a comment on that post.

It’s a great feature for readers as it makes it so easy to be part of the conversation around a post. It’s also a win for blog authors as it encourages people to return and comment. This feature definitely increases traffic to blogs and makes blogs more interactive for visitors.

You can view the posts you’re subscribed to, and do various housekeeping tasks like unsubscribing, blocking notifications, or changing email address (if you’re not logged in) from the “Manage your subscriptions” link. It’s also there in the Dashboard when you’re logged in.

There are no switches to pull or buttons to push to switch it on. It’s already enabled on all blogs.

This feature is based on the excellent Subscribe To Comments plugin by Mark Jaquith (originally by Scriptygoddess) but has been extensively reworked to accommodate the different needs of the multi blog environment on this site. I’ll be in touch with Mark soon about releasing the code, but it might take a week or two.

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  1. mand

    Thank goodness, about time. It was WordPress’s only shortcoming!

  2. mand

    ps Thank you, as well as goodness. And Mark Jaquith and Scriptygoddess.

  3. kOoLiNuS

    G.R.E.A.T. !!!

  4. straw000

    This is great!! I was wondering where did that email check box came from when I commented at some blogs just a few seconds ago : ) Now I wont ever miss replies to my comment again!! THX WP!! :D

  5. Marty AKA Marty McFly

    This is cool.

    Keep up!

  6. aRuL

    thank you, but the feature for “my comment” not run in my blog, always goshdarnit..

  7. Carlos

    Amazing!!! :)

    Thanks a lot.

  8. Felipe

    that’s awesome! thanks!

  9. Nita

    Wow! This is great. The best. Thanks.

  10. spocrep

    great! it’s great idea … i haven’t tryed it yet but i can’t wait :) thanks

  11. Prabin

    There are no switches to pull or buttons to push to switch it on. It’s already enabled on all blogs.

    thats even fantastic

  12. ismailimail

    The text of this option looks ugly, it’s not aligned properly with the theme borders (using Regulus). Could you please check?

  13. Eclectic Christian

    I was searching for this very thing today!

  14. Nice -

    If you add subscribe without leaving a comment feature, it’d be great too

  15. mrrk

    That sounds a pretty handy tool !!!!!

    anyway i’m not planing to test the “notify me” feature in this post.. i don’t want to get flooded with notifications :P

  16. MondoFree

    Oh, i love you….i like that you follow my proposal:

    Thanks a lot :-) .

  17. Dr. J

    Perfect. We would need another comment-related feature, though: the possibility to reply via mail.

  18. NeoOoeN

    Excellent, thanks.

  19. marrubou

    awesome :)

  20. Splodge!

    Great stuff! As per.

    Happy New Year – like your picture…aw!

  21. hoh

    bloody marvellous!

  22. O. Braga

    Very happy kid you’ve got there. Congratulations! By the way, thank you for this great feature.

  23. Surviving Fitness

    Very glad to hear! Thanks so much

  24. bookwitch

    Sounds good. I had actually assumed it was already available. Just shows what an idiot I am, but then I only blog. I don’t visit my own blog as a “customer”.
    Thank you, WordPress.

  25. Amit

    Finally!!!! Phew!!!

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  27. Jennifer

    Donncha, we don’t see ya often enough these days, but since you came by to announce such wonderful news, we’ll forgive you your absence. ;-)

    Just ticked the box next to the comment box to notify me of followup comments via email. Happy, happy, happy!

  28. BiB

    Will there ever be something similar so that when we leave comments elsewhere (say, on blogspot blogs) with our Open IDs, we’ll be able to check our comments within the ‘My Comments’ section here within our dashboards?

    • Matt

      No but that’s an interesting idea, might happen in the future for blogs that use Intense Debate.

  29. lwayswright

    That is a great feature and I didn’t know about it until just now! Thanks for the info…and by the way, cutest picture ever!

  30. Digital Dame

    I’m a little fuzzy on what the difference is between this and just viewing the “My Comments” page?

    • Matt

      This allows other people to get My Comments-like functionality, even if they’re not registered on

  31. Azhar

    Definitely this service by a free provider is now going to help interact all the bloggers way much more.

  32. Shannon

    This is awesome. I have been waiting for this feature. Thank you!

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  34. DJ Ksar

    great feature. very helpful!

  35. Melana


  36. Maria

    yes, it’s about time! Thank you!!!
    It would be great if this could be integrated with Sphere so we can track all our comments across the blogosphere, regardless of the host.

  37. Christian soldier

    Amazing! This was a greatly needed feature! Thank you very much!

  38. Moses

    sweet… this will save me alot of time! Thanks! =D

  39. I&U

    Thank god :mrgreen: Finally!!

  40. zwetbaba

    Hé! Very sweet picture of you Donncha! :)
    What’s that boy’s name?

  41. Mark Jaquith

    Yay! Very cool.

    Just a word of warning to people: this works best on low-volume comment threads — the ones that get so few comments it wouldn’t be worth your time to subscribe to the comments feed or manually check back.

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  43. Alexander Graf

    Thats an extremly useful feature for blogs where comments are more than “yeahh cool” and “buy me”. For us its the best feature ever. We can use a comment feed now like a forum article.

  44. sv

    A long last. HORRAYYYYY :-D

  45. digitaalfullhd

    Thanks! Top feature.

  46. Armando Netto

    I’ve already seen this check box. It’s fantastic.

    Another great idea by wordpress.

  47. G10

    Thank you.
    It’s a goog feature. XD

  48. Wulfgar

    Bout time……… WordPress just keeps getting better and better, and better!

  49. Celebes


  50. GameZo

    I’ve just noticed that earlier today,Thanks for the update it’s awesome.

  51. iMuslim

    Completely irrelevant comment… @Donncha: yours’ is the cutest avatar ever!

  52. Ann


    What about other blogs that you leave a comment on, i.e: Blogger ( or other Is it possible to encrypt (?) a way to track comments on other blog types around the Internet?

    Many blogs like these are not tracked by WordPress, therefore, I have a heck of a time keeping up with comments I leave on non-Wordpress blogs.

    Also, will it be possible for WordPress to enable (?) Feedit to WordPress blogs? I am speaking of the Feedit where the blog owner ( can see an alert on their blog where a visitor comes from another site, via another blog, or Google, or, etc, and it shows that, as well as showing when that visitor leaves the WordPress blog.

    This would be a nice addition to blogs.

    Sorry if most of my questions may have been off-topic.

    Thanks for all you do.

  53. Brent

    Finally catching up to Blogger with this one…

  54. JD

    That’s great! Thanks :-)

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  56. eideard

    Nice to have a peek at the age range of WP coders…

  57. Lilja

    That’s great. Thank you very much :)

  58. KeenEye

    YAYYYYY! This was something I’ve been looking forward to. WordPress, you are my only blogging platform… FOR LIFE!

  59. Davina

    Wonderful feature…sometimes it is tough to keep up with everything.

  60. masterclasslady

    I have always thought that this was an important missing element in the WordPress format. No longer! Thanks so much, WordPress, for adding this great feature.

  61. Paul Sunstone

    This is great news! Thank you so much for this new feature!

  62. Redge

    When can we expect to see the Intense Debate implementation? Also, is threaded comments comming soon?

    Thanks! :)

  63. Faerie♥Kat

    You deserve a virtual kiss for this one! Mwah!

  64. viswaminfotech

    Great work. net Life is Good and becomes comfortable. Thanks for the idea and implementation

  65. GingerSnaps

    Thank you!!! :)

  66. martian4blog

    Thanks and Great Job… WP Team

  67. Masy

    That’s awesome!
    Thanks :)

  68. Maria

    In my previous comment I said it would be great if comments were integrated with “Sphere”, I meant Disqus. Sorry. NyQuil’s been messing with my brain!

  69. Jan Shim

    My 2009 Forecasts says this is a good year for me. The single biggest WordPress reader experience feature finally gets implemented. I’ve waited 2 long years for this … WELL DONE!

  70. Ron

    Oh, great! I was wondering why WordPress didn’t have this very useful feature. Thanks!

  71. srujun01

    Yes, now I can remember to check out my replies. Thumbs up to WordPress! : )

  72. Gururaj

    I rely on ‘My Comments’ mainly for tracking but this is quite useful i believe… But what about beyond WordPress blogs… I’m interested in getting notified about the comments I make on other blog portals mainly using OpenId (WordPress Id)???

    Does this feature also allow to unsubscribe too???

  73. Dark Crow200 aka Moonkey

    No wonder where that button popped up, thanks!

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  75. azahar

    This is an excellent new feature!

    Any chance of a preview button soon?

  76. Paul Sanduleac

    I LOVE IT!!!

  77. utopianfragments

    this great and importent feature. but.. i would not really like to get notification via email. just here on the site, under this new ‘subscrition’ would do and be better. can it be done?

  78. sulochanosho

    This feature (tracking the comments made and replies/actions on the blogs there by email)
    is at once the need. Goodway to boost the interaction and connection for sometimes or
    more often the users/readers lose the track of the comments made by them and the further
    on movements there. This feature now acts as a much needed boon. Thanks.

  79. the rufus

    I don’t have this on my blog but only “You are the author of this post.” ;)

    • Heather

      Yes, that’s right. This function isn’t available for posts that you author. The Comments menu in your dashboard is the place for that :)

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  81. online123

    Wow! This is great. The best. Thanks.

  82. Todd Alperovitz

    Very happy to see this feature! Thanks a lot!

  83. emetadindon

    Will we be able to translate the note into our own language let’s say as within widgets? Many of my readers don’t speak english.

  84. ggw_bach

    this is a feature I’ve been waiting for for a long long time!

    best way to continue the conversation!

  85. L.Marie

    That’s great news! Especially since we can already receive these notifications within our own blogs.

  86. Tyler

    thank you so much!

  87. Tim Cohn

    What if you subscribed to a blog and then want to unsubscribe?
    I couldn’t find an unsubscribe button.

  88. qbit

    This is a really useful feature that I missed from long ago. Better late than never.

  89. Kelly

    @Ann: I use BackType ( to aggregate my comments from Blogger sites and WordPress sites alike (and Lifehacker too). You might want to try this.

    Thank you so much for implementing this feature. I regularly subscribe to comment RSS feeds, so I’m really glad to see that here at long last. Keep up the great work!

  90. satur9

    This is really useful! Thanks!

  91. Διαγόρας ο Μήλιος

    At last! This has been the single most anticipated feature from WordPress. Thank you very much, people!

  92. La historia del dia

    great! I was wondering why WordPress

    Thanks you very much

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  94. chloé

    i’ve been waiting for this, brillant :) thankyou x

  95. DAVE ID


    I Love you guys.

  96. chamblee54

    How do you UNSUBSCRIBE? I somehow got a subscription to the comments at a busy blog. Now I get an &*)&)% email every time someone makes a (O(*&^T)_ comment at this $^^&$^% blog. How do I get unsubscribed?

  97. sekolahseks

    always success …
    Bravo !

  98. reikione


  99. katroboy

    The best features of wp!! thanks

  100. karook

    Thank U a lot


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