I <3 Blogging Design Contest

We’ve teamed up with the crew at Infectious for the first-ever “I <3 Blogging" design contest!

Infectious laptop design contest

Show off your creative talent and express why you love blogging (and WordPress) through an original design, to be printed and sold on laptop and iPhone skins to adoring bloggers everywhere.

Winning designs will be sold in the Infectious store and shown off on the backs of laptops and iPhones the world over. Winners are chosen by community vote on Infectious, with the final say made by an all-star judging panel: Matt Mullenweg, Matt Thomas, Derek Powazek, and Team Infectious.

Check out the awesome prizes in store for the winners (that could be you!):

Grand Prize Winner will receive:

Other Winners will receive:

  • $100 cash
  • $400 of Infectious products
  • WordPress t-shirts
  • 5% of net sales from the skin design

The contest begins today and ends on March 31, giving you plenty of time to get those gears working and submit your design for consideration. Click here to get started.

Looking for some inspiration? Browse through the official WordPress logos and graphics page.

If you’re anxious to show off your love for blogging, you can buy this rad iPhone skin designed exclusively for the “I <3 Blogging" contest for less than the cost of a space upgrade.


Design on!

UPDATE 2/4: Designs submitted to the contest must be created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop CS or higher. Check out the submission guidelines for more details.

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Heather R.


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  1. temporarlyinsane

    What kind of design? Just a drawing?

  2. eksith

    What if I don’t love blogging… Can I still submit to the contest?

  3. vq

    may i join it…

  4. {[(Limeboy11)]}


  5. shbadr

    Sounds great, will definitely check it out!

  6. .CrystalDream

    Im going to participate dude

  7. joshshicool


  8. prathmeshp

    Yea what kind of design

  9. timethief

    This contest is a cool idea that will probably lead to a creativity outburst in the wordpress.com graphics community. Good on you!

  10. Tyler

    haha sincerity director…i love it.

  11. ♥ Animalluver ♥

    WOOT I’m going to try! :mrgreen:

  12. Bronx Bohemian

    Great idea for iPhone skin…however, I keep mine tucked into a little black case…the winning design available in a protective iPhone case would be doubly good…

  13. temne

    can we design more than one?

  14. Lilja

    What a great idea – it will surely be nice to see how creative people can be :)

  15. willowt

    Sounds cool.
    random question:
    do we have to tell you guys our REAL NAME to enter?

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  17. foobarph

    haven’t tried it yet but i think i should start making some drawing soon. ^^

  18. Chase

    Nice. ;)

  19. alejna

    I can’t wait to see what people come up with! (Especially seeing as I have no ideas coming to mind right now.)

  20. cenya95

    Woaw… I’ll try.
    Let’s design…
    go… go… go…

  21. Moses

    wow fun and a possibility to make some sweet coin! =D

  22. courtneyrevels

    This is a awesome fun idea… umm so anything?? I think I might try, just I have to use my schools mac lab, since I have no mac..

  23. virgogirlx3

    i dont get it! what do we have to do?

  24. loriho

    WOW! looks cool!
    can’t wait to see who’s going to win!

  25. babudeepan

    I will try my best!!!

  26. irsansaputra

    this contest is good event… n many people can be…..

  27. Christopher Mathew

    I think I’m going to try it out. It’s worth a shot, right?

  28. gamemammoth

    Sweet, can’t wait. I might have a go at it :)

  29. brobee

    Sounds like fun! xD

  30. allforblue

    nice job

  31. cpwoton



  32. fheyrhouzz

    The power to do more

  33. adixersoft

    I am from indonesia….Quetions Im from indonesia Only Join this competition???. Sorry I am Bad Speking englis?
    but i am Undesten your write…



    • Heather

      The contest is open to anyone with access to the Internet and Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop :) Have fun!

  34. જીગ્નેશ અધ્યારૂ

    Great idea, i m really happy to see interesting stuff coming. will surely take part in the contest. More than a contest, its an incident to have many new ideas for me.

    Good going wp

  35. zhanibek

    good example of creativity!!!

  36. yahudi4

    we’re in the middle of a chain reaction……channelizing..!

  37. satria

    that’s amazing

  38. કુણાલ

    gr8 stuff .. !!

  39. ninjaistalker

    nice, btw how many entry submissions allowed?

  40. evearlmine

    i’ve checked the details page. does it have to be Photoshop? what if i use another image editor software… like GIMP, for instance. can i submit my work which done by GIMP?

  41. Marvin

    definitely gonna try it :)

  42. Jess the Actress

    Too bad I can draw! :( Looking forward to see all the wicked designs :)

  43. Stephen

    Hey I want to see what comes out of this – another cool idea from WordPress

  44. ultimoAdios

    contest? oh, no. not me. pass this time.

  45. galafea

    good luck, who’s the candidate

  46. Yasir Imran

    Nice contest
    May be I will submit something.

  47. Phear

    I accept your challenge!

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  49. ζÔ§Η

    coolio! =]

  50. schecterz

    i’m just newbie . can i join ?

  51. syscata

    Good news.

  52. synapticlight

    Nice, I have a cool idea, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I love it

  53. susiyanto


  54. bala

    im gonna join this contest…

  55. aenulyakin


  56. Greenyare

    cool post

  57. straw000

    This is great!! I will join in!! :D

  58. a|A

    This is a wonderful idea!

    Are multiple entries allowed ? I’ve got a nice idea for a series of images.

  59. programmervb

    what kind of design….?

  60. Kooki95

    Awesomeness lol

  61. sean2880

    sounds fun! me in!

  62. l0veyalikew0ah

    Ooo! I’m so excited!
    awesome wp!

  63. bluelabel1

    can i use fireworks..?

  64. Mistletoe

    This is just the creative kick in the butt I need. Winning anything may be a longshot, but doing something can only be good.

  65. snowinginyourmind

    Cool idea :)

  66. madsilence

    Crowd sourcing! What a neat idea…


  67. admin

    OK! Syukron

  68. Andrew

    This is going to be interesting.

  69. navedz

    this looks cool. will try my hand at it!

  70. maniat1k

    me interesa (I’m intersted)…. sorry about my english :)

  71. julietsm

    I am new to this, so I will just sit back and enjoy the show!

  72. حمید

    چه ایده جالبی !!! زنده باد وردپرس

    it means:
    what an interesting idea!!! viva wordpress
    hamid @ Iran – persian

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  74. pnatalia

    I think is a good idea, but im not going to participate.
    Worpress rocks =)

  75. Mary

    I’m gonna win. :P

  76. pekalonganvesper

    ok,its good idea..
    this contest will make so tallenty for blogger

  77. bodge101

    Sounds cool!

  78. Gaarden Parks

    I actually changed and individualized my blogs header picture and brushed one google earth screenshot to green up my city. But i’m not interrested in skins for notebook or iphone. Nevertheless nice idea. ;)

  79. bananasfk

    Not very open source, or linux friendly – heard of the the gimp? thought not its a graphics program.

  80. limjunying

    ooo sounds good. I’ll go for it! :D

  81. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫

    Sweet a Design Contest! Awesome! But, I know I could probally join, but I don’t want to. Lol, I’m not a good web-designer guy! Anyways, i think commenting on WordPress Posts that are official will probally help my site! Maybe… Well, great idea WordPress, I think this contest is awesome! ;)

  82. lesfriendly

    are there any specifications needed? like, what size, resolution, color, etc? :)

  83. JR

    Is it ok to use the the I <3 Blogging design as an icon for a facebook group (local blogging group- not for profit..) New to this and unsure of copyright/ettiquette….

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  85. ♫ Bethany ♪

    This sounds really cool! I’m gonna try! :-D

  86. Ryan

    exciting! :)

  87. blog21sam

    That’s good competition for blogger, god willing i’ll try

  88. exoticexpedition

    Can any one help me out in listing the software on which we can play, and shape our thoughts more beautifully.
    User friendly and nice.
    Thanks in advance !!

  89. Whogopenguin

    Wow, I’ll open up Photoshop and try my hardest!

  90. shopping2

    Ho! Goood

  91. avista13

    it’s so cool

  92. dustsoul

    hello everybody!

    one question…can we use images taken from other sources (ex: google images, flikr, deviantart etc.) ???
    thnx a lot!

    • Heather

      You need to own the copyright or otherwise have permission to use any images that you include in your design. Check out this list of FAQ to learn more about submission guidelines on Infectious.

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  94. agunk agriza

    wwwooowww ..
    how to submit my design?

  95. owstalaga

    oh my gosh! this is cool! let me see if i can design some… hehee…

    How many designs can we submit?

  96. wynandco

    i just got on. So i’ll see how you big guys do it first. i’ll learn soon enough.

  97. dustsoul

    and one more thing…can we work at the high resolution? 1300×1600 px?
    and… how many winners will there be? or there isn’t a fixed number?

    cheers, alex

  98. 梁業豪

    I like the Journalist V. 1.9. But may I have some changes in text colour and background colour. Also, can I change the HMTL myself?

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  100. Anuranjan Bhatia

    That’s wonderful! good luck to all!


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