January Wrap-Up

We kicked off the new year in style with a new theme and the launch of WordPressTV. (More themes on the way.) We also broke the two-billion mark for combined pageviews across all WordPress blogs we track. I’d say that’s a pretty great way to begin 2009. Here’s to more fun and surprises this year.

Here are the stats for January:

  • 372,519 blogs were created.
  • 393,836 new users joined.
  • 4,592,097 file uploads.
  • 2,710 gigabytes of new files.
  • 808 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters. [corrected]
  • 6,528,657 logins.
  • 1,073,421,738 pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 945,105,050 on self-hosted blogs (2,018,526,788 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 1,373,108 active blogs and 18,768,022 active posts where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,295,531,829 words.

Other cool stuff:

7,111 blogs were imported to WordPress.com from Livejournal. (We have some new LJ import stuff coming soon.)

January WordCamps: WordCamp Las Vegas, WordCamp Indonesia, and WordCamp Whistler.

The People’s Choice Awards selected WordPress.com VIP to power their Live Blog, and our VIP expert Raanan got to attend the awards show.

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  1. alejna

    Yowza! WordPress is really hopping! Thanks for sharing the stats. I always find it informative when you do.

  2. Chewy

    Awesome! That’s amazing stats!

  3. nickie wang

    Wow, WordPress is getting bigger and bigger every month. When are you going to organize a WordCamp here in the Philippines?

  4. katroboy

    Wooowww… nice stats Matt.. WP rocksss…. :D

  5. Julio Fragoso

    Matt… i don´t know if u know but… WordPress RLZ !

  6. eviwidi

    “More themes on the way” It’s a good news Matt! :)

  7. babudeepan


  8. smpputri

    Congratulation, Matt.
    WordpressTV has launched….

  9. Matt

    Congrats, on surpassing the two billion pageviews. That’s awesome!

  10. art predator

    whoo-hoo! congratulations! go WordPress! can’t wait to see more themes!

  11. Asad Ali

    Its great as always…

  12. V

    WOW, awesome stats! Keep up the great work!

  13. xaapa

    Bravo, Matt. Keep on rockin’ in the Free World.

  14. eideard

    As ever – Bravo!

    Kudos to your CSR’s, too. Predictably, I’ve managed to pry open a few misinterpretations and dropped them in the laps of your folks. Who sorted it out, sorted me out, in fine fashion.

    What I’ve come to expect. Not the way old cranks should behave; but – there you are, again.

  15. ultimoAdios

    Hey my favorite! the Wrap up. Just in time. Thanks!

  16. Moses

    Can’t wait for the more themes part! Numbers look good too! =D

  17. jewaira

    More power to WordPress

  18. benafia

    Well, what a month to start out the new year.

    WordPress continues to be the center of a lot of our attention. I wonder how much time was offered by all into all of those statistics? Many, many human years worth I imagine.

    Thanks for all you all do.

  19. masterloki

    Those sure are some impresing stats, I’ve never used LJ before, but before I was user of blogger. I changed because WordPress looks more professional. Wonder why people are switching from LJ to WP. Keep up the great work!

  20. Andrew

    Thanks for sharing the stats.

  21. Suda

    Cheers to wordpress team :)

  22. hoh


  23. chloé

    i’m really looking forward to new themes, when will they be here(?)

  24. phrenzy84

    ive been with WordPress for over a year now and i couldn’t recommend it enough for people who want to blog. Looking forward to the new content at wordpress.tv

  25. Splodge!

    Impressive statistics! Why am I not surprised that WordPress is so popular?

  26. Brigitte

    Wow, the import from LJ number is pretty impressive! Here’s to a great February!

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  28. susiyanto

    success for WP on now and future

  29. Fran

    good news!!!!

  30. 梁業豪

    Why is that I can’t access the blogs of WordPress, not just mine, in many cities, like Xiamen, Shanghai, etc in China? Yet, I can access your homepage. For your information, the hotels use China Telecom.

  31. Mariaaaa

    congratulations,guys!!!!! and thanks for all your dope services ;)

  32. Tykerq

    Nice …

  33. straw000

    Awesome!! Time flies by real fast and we are onto Feb in 2009 now!! : )

  34. Dark Crow200 aka Moonkey

    WOW! Those are big numbers!

  35. עדי נחום

    Cool :)

  36. Srikanth Srinivasan

    hail WP. Great going guys…

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  38. spocrep

    that’s really amazing!! i’m very proud to be a part of these numbers… and congratulation to Raan an…. you all great … amazing really amazing!!!

  39. yungchin

    How do you get to the number of terabytes transferred? I just noticed the year-end wrap-up listed 161TB (for the whole year, I presume?)

  40. jamie012

    Awesome, these stats get better and better!

  41. Ryan

    I just switched from blogger to wordpress. The move was a piece of cake, and I love wordpress!

  42. {[(Limeboy11)]}


  43. Yuval Levy

    Hi Matt,

    good to see your stats point up in a time where most stats point down. Maybe your stats will help lift the economy ;-) ?

    I’d be interested to track the number of active blogs in terms of “blogs that have added at least a post” rather than blogs that have got at least a human visitor.

    And how about the number of published posts? Words and files are OK, but what is the average number of words per post, and files per post? is it staying constant over time?

    Keep up the good job, and thank you for providing me with such a wonderful infrastructure for my ramblings!


  44. Malcolm Almeida

    Congratulations and hope to have a great 2009 :)


  45. dydamus

    How do I arrange my blogs as front page? Your new software does not have “stick on front page” button. I love what have createe for us!

    • Heather

      That option is still there! Just click on Visibility in the Publish module, to the right of the text editor.

  46. abmappasompa


  47. Paul Sanduleac

    Thanks for information. I am looking forward to see the next WordPress themes here.

  48. Stephen Robinson


  49. Fx


  50. trollboy

    2 billion page views… at 1 second per page that’s over 60 years worth of viewing!

  51. rupickman

    Cool :)… That rocks.

  52. dalia

    Looking forward to more themes!!!

  53. Janet Ching

    Thanks for the wrap up, and look forward to hearing more milestones and continuous succcesses.

  54. mercysbrown

    that is amazing!

  55. loriho

    7111 blogs from Livejournal~
    that’s quite a good job!

    by the way,
    when can we see Wordcamp in Taiwan?
    I love it so much~

  56. Ferireza

    Wow… WP is the best!

  57. John McGerr

    As one of those who joined in 2008 (late in 2008) I’m glad to be part of this.

  58. aussie229

    Wow! Great job WordPress!


  59. Camilo López Darias

    Congratulations, Matt. Great Job!

  60. icsouza

    Wonderful WordPress.com. It is amazing to have such a gamut of blogs. Let the world become a ‘global village’!…

  61. Todd Robbins

    WordPress is a huge blessing…It has become an intricate part of my ministry and I couldn’t do half of what I do without you!!!! You’ve helped put us on the map.

  62. abhizatun

    WordPress seriously rocks.

  63. Chris Collins

    Yeah, really. Great work, WordPress! Thanks from here, too, on a tremendously classy service.

  64. nuubuun

    Great Stats man :)

  65. Kunwar

    stats of the blogs imported from LiveJournal!
    wow! that is the coolest thing :)

  66. programmervb

    wow amazing, matt

  67. 5ayaal

    Go WordPress..!

  68. nixdminx

    Amazing info, cool

  69. delaorden

    massa ! cool! bravo ! \o/ \o/ \m/………;-) :-)

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  71. sketchhpads08

    Grats WP! more high power!

  72. romildhakar

    Great!! This speaks volumes for WP

  73. 0gamer0

    I never heard of a terabyte. That must be a big # Then. :-D

  74. themnet

    Viva for WordPress I Love Your stats
    1,373,108 active blogs and 18,768,022 active posts where “active” means they got a human visitor.

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  76. Fan

    Great ! …

  77. kalinam04

    Nice work. Worth a look.
    Kalina Massie

  78. monstre143

    wow … so many comments … !! Nice One wordpress

  79. radiomovies

    Am just about to delete my ‘proper’ website as wordpress has proved rather good…

  80. colono

    Great stuff! :)

  81. start2finish

    Good Good !

  82. ArieL, FX



  83. annabones

    so addicted to the stats..

  84. gsavix

    hello here is from brazil . portuguese version of wordpress. And all we agree about simplicity and usability of wordpress concepts and we are very proud with our on-line e off-line use . . . we are building new social services to our community public libraries from county São Paulo … soon … we give more news…. thanks….

  85. musixprom

    Awesome! That’s amazing!

  86. echostains

    Fantastic! Congrats!!!!

  87. 梁業豪

    Can I do anything myself so that I can view my own blog in China? If not, how can I post my blog when I travel there?

    • Douglas

      People have told us they can use proxies and/or VPNs to access sites that may be blocked. There are also services that will work with WordPress that allow you to email posts to your blog. We don’t have anything official at the moment, but there are certainly workarounds if you are having trouble accessing your blog in China.

  88. 梁業豪

    I own a WordPress blog but why do my comments need moderation each time they are posted? Do you have to confirm my identification further? For your reference, I received your reply to my another question earlier.

    • Douglas

      If you are you logged in when you comment on your own blog, you should be fine. Your comment settings are under Settings > Discussion.

  89. Moon

    Fine :) It would be nice to have some more new themes on WP (with custom header).

  90. strider

    These are great stats, but given the number of blogs, if the active blogs were the only ones that counted (of course that is not true) I found that even if you took all the hits and divided it over this smaller number, you have what seems to be an all-time average of 782 hits per “active” blog. That would be much smaller if we counted all of the blogs that didn’t get hits today.

    So with my hits in the past year, I guess I scored a bit above the average.

  91. Fabian

    New here…and I love it!

  92. kultkultklan

    easy to use,some lame options though,free of charge,great!

  93. yungchin

    Sorry, Heather, I wasn’t very clear with that question… I meant: how can the monthly figure be 553TB transferred data, when the yearly figure was less, at 161TB?

    • Sheri

      yungchin, you are very observant. The number of terabytes transferred was not correct and I have updated those numbers in the posts. Thanks for your note!

  94. Gem

    Great! I’ve been asking some of my friends to switch to wordpress. I am certain that they’ll realize the big difference once they do. ;)

    Heather, thanks for sharing about Wordcamp Philippines. I should’ve known about this sooner. Oh well, I just hope to join the next Wordcamp Manila.

  95. kemashady

    dats nice man…

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  97. DreamGYM

    1 billion pageviews in a month!


  98. Cagla Bicer

    Woah. 553 Terabytes.
    That, is huge.

  99. La historia del dia

    You are the best! … Thank you :)

  100. alhakim

    Still wait wordpress new feature enable, like comment paging. :roll:


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