Even Easier LiveJournal Migration

With the huge increase in the number of people wanting to move over to WordPress.com from LiveJournal, we’ve been working hard on a better way to handle the import process. The previous importer required that you export each month and then import them individually which was rather tedious, and it also left all your old comments over at LiveJournal. Not any more!

We’re happy to present the new LiveJournal importer for WordPress.com, sporting the following features:

  • Enter your LiveJournal username and password and you’re ready to go
  • We’ll automatically connect to the LiveJournal API and download all of your posts:
    • Posts marked as “Friends Only” are assigned a password within WordPress (so you need to share this password with friends so they can read it. If you prefer, you can leave this password empty and then set your entire WordPress blog to “Private”. That way only the people you invite to be members of your blog will be able to read anything you write.),
    • Posts marked as “Private (you only)” are marked as Private within WordPress, which means that only Editors and Admins on your new blog can read them,
    • lj-cut tags are converted to the WordPress equivalent, the <! — more — > tag,
    • lj-user tags are converted to normal links back to your friend’s LiveJournal account,
    • Tags are imported properly,
    • If you closed the comments on a post in LiveJournal, then they’ll be closed in WordPress as well,
  • Next up, all of your comments are also imported,
    • Threading is preserved, so replies to other comments show up successfully (themes on WordPress.com don’t support this yet, but they will soon),
    • The “subject” of each comment is included as the first line of the comment itself, because WordPress doesn’t have a comment title/subject value,
    • LiveJournal users get links back to their LiveJournals,
    • Your own comments are connected to your WordPress account, and are linked back to your new WordPress blog,
    • Anonymous users are labeled as “Anonymous”,
    • “Screened” comments on LiveJournal are imported as “Unapproved” within WordPress, so you can decide what to do with them

Once you’ve imported everything, you can try out some of our custom themes and unique features and make yourself at home. Welcome to WordPress!

A huge thanks goes out to Guav for letting us use his LiveJournal account to test the importer so that it can handle over 3,700 posts and nearly 200,000 comments!

If you’re using WordPress.org then you’ll get the new importer in the next major release. It’s available in trunk right now if you know how to work with Subversion, and includes some bonus features like importing your “Current Mood” and “Current Music” settings per post as Custom Fields.

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  1. loriho

    This is awesome!
    Thanks a lot for the convenience WordPress give us!

  2. Brigitte

    Wow, nice!

  3. Moses

    Hmmm… never cease to amaze me!

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  5. Faber

    Yes, it’s nice, but don’t forget others things, as important or more, like more themes, etc.
    A long time ago we know how to do the Live Journal Migration.

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  7. 梁業豪

    It seems that some minor changes, e.g. confirmation of deletion of a comment, have been made in your latest update. Please let us know all.

    • Sheri

      We are always working on updates and small changes. You are correct that confirmation is now required before you can delete a comment.

  8. l0veyalikew0ah

    That’s fantastic! It’s really awesome how we’re welcoming the LJ crowd.

  9. Rizal

    hey , I thought I ever see this post.

  10. eksith


    WordPress can be home to an angsty wasteland too!


  11. Yuli Andriansyah

    I think it’s good.

  12. hoh

    wikiD koowaL!

  13. http://jalansutera.com™

    I don’t use LJ. Easier migration from LJ to WP.com will boost WP. Congrats!

  14. navedz

    This is fantastic stuff!

  15. Nightstrike

    So does this mean that all blogs now have threaded comments? That is, if my imported livejournal can, can the blogs i’ve only written on wordpress.com have them? (And which themes allow them?) Coz that would be awesome…

  16. Nubriema

    This… is THE awesome. I was thinking about saving my LJ here for a long time; you just made my decision – oh, and my day, for that matter.
    I have no idea how you do it, but for me, WordPress really is the best blog service ever!

  17. Lazza

    That’s awesome.

  18. navedz

    thank you. this looks good.

  19. dkalt1

    As much as love wordpress, there is nothing like the community on any of the blogs that LJ has, so why would you want to migrate your journal over, the fun thing of LJ is the communities that people belong to, the blogs on wordpress are an entirely different style.

  20. Simon Tonekham

    I really like WordPress so much. I used to have a livejournal blog, but because of no one hardly leaving me any comments everytime I made a blog posting, I made the switch to WordPress. A year later, my efforts paid off!

  21. naylandblake

    Fantastic, thank you.

  22. katroboy

    the best! thanks..
    wp always rocksssss… :D

  23. Encrypt3d.M!nd

    this look nice

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  25. osarah

    Thanks! This will help a LOT!

  26. freshkids

    cool stuff….

  27. sheepoo

    I can already see a lot of LiveJournal folks getting really angry :-)
    Good work folks, keep it up!

  28. iasmindecordoba

    Cannot begin to tell you how much appreciated this was. Thankyou.

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  30. executivecompanion
  31. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    I’ve never used LiveJoural but this is cool! :mrgreen:

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  33. Yasir Imran

    Now I am a wordpress blogger, I really don’t think of migration, but this is nice option for livejournal bloggers, they may enjoy wordpress nice blogging system.

  34. gurtua

    Is it possible to use LJ import to crosspost posts from LJ to WordPress? Will it import only new items next time?

    • Heather

      No, the importer isn’t designed to work as a feed tool, but rather as a way to get you started quickly and easily here on WordPress.com.

  35. that girl again

    Please don’t claim that comment threading isn’t supported by ‘all’ themes, when in fact it doesn’t yet work on any of them and nobody appears to have any real idea when it will.

    Threaded comments are great. Promises of threaded comments at some unspecified point in the future are rather less useful.

  36. Andrew

    That sounds good.

  37. tiemenhiemstra

    But beter late then never, I Guess.

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  39. spinnakerjksc

    Great! One thing though, the header links seem to disappear rather than expand themselves to another line. Wanna check it out?


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  41. Cam

    Hey, what is the tag anyways?

  42. Cam

    The !More tag, that is.

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  44. Mish

    Wow, impressive. I just might migrate my LJ over.

  45. bohemiangrrl

    God love you. Thank you!!!

  46. budnyc

    I wish I knew about this before I closed my account in another site. I left all my stuff in a huff, because I was so angry that they censored my writings and my videos and pictures due to gymnophobia. I should have thinked deep and used my mind and calmed down. Now I cannot retrieve my works. Its all locked inside their site. GRRRRR!

  47. Agus Setiyawan

    Thank’s for your information, success for you

  48. laughhe

    Nice… Now importing my LJ blog to wordpress will be more easier. Thank you very much

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  50. purwantohudi

    wonderful……..I like it

  51. wordsareneverenough

    Great going, this is fantastic! I literally only just moved from LJ to WP and was wondering if I could be bothered to transfer four years worth of posts month by month, and now it’s done it for me! Woop!

  52. piedresistence

    totally love it. LJ’s format is rubbish. WordPress is absolutely perfect for someone like me. :)
    maximum thanks WordPress!

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  54. brobee

    Ah, I’m so glad you did this! This will be so much easier!

  55. Ryo

    Fabulous you guys!!!

  56. nyxnoir

    is there any feature for cross-posting entries between WP and LJ?

  57. foobarph

    another great development!

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  60. katrinastonoff

    Wow! This is fantastic news! Thank you!

  61. muhamaze

    Wow.. it’s great..

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  63. cenya95

    waow… it’s good news

  64. ashleyfil

    This is great news! Congrats for getting something like this done!

  65. ariesjorge

    the best!
    wp forever …

  66. mzhaitianqueen

    totally cool

  67. Jx 95

    Awesome Feature!

  68. popsix

    this is awesome! i was always wishing for this sort of feature! you guys are the coolest!

  69. Geek Goddess

    I moved my blog from blogger to wordpress this morning, so that my personal and work blogs would be together.

    I have looked and looked, and cannot locate the feature where I can post from my cell phone. I used this feature a LOT when traveling – I could take a photo, write a blurb, and post it within minutes.

    Surely I can do this from wordpress, since it’s all superior ‘n stuff? Sheesh.

  70. ubyluphins

    it’s nice

  71. koenvosters

    Google analytics pls :)

  72. Varun K R

    I had a blog at Blogger and migrated to WordPress about 4 months ago, and my-oh-my, what a great change it has been!! Clearly and without doubt the best online blogging service today! Keep up the good work! Long live WordPress!!

  73. Michael

    Could I migrate from bloghi as well? If possible, could I use the same url in wordpressas well? Thanks

    • Sheri

      You can only migrate from Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, and WordPress blogs to WordPress.com at the moment. If you own a domain name, then you can use domain mapping to connect the domain to your WordPress.com blog.

  74. thebreathingroom

    Great addition to WordPress for those who wish to shift from LJ to WP. Although LJ still reigns superior for me with regard to how easy it is view and manage one’s friends’ page (blogs have yet to be as user-friendly in that department, they have such a roundabout way of being able to chronologically view one’s friends’ and relevant community posts in one page), having alternatives is always a good thing!

    I have both LJ and WordPress, and if WordPress integrates a better friending and community system, I can imagine making the shift someday.

  75. La Viña del Señor

    Do you know how to move to WordPress from the Blogger?
    Thank you in advace!

  76. mouse2cat

    You basically sold WordPress to me with this feature. Actually I was able to compile several miscellaneous blogs and it feels great. Thank you.

  77. photographess

    i wish you would do this for open diary also!!!

  78. cristinar

    YES! Awesome, thank you!

  79. thinkrupt

    THough I am a new user but the feature souds gr8.

  80. gbottura

    =) cool


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