February Wrap-Up

February was a good month for us, production-wise. We brought you a new theme, a new and improved LiveJournal import tool, and threaded comments. Elsewhere, Automattic launched BuddyPress, a set of WordPress MU plugins that transforms a WordPress MU install into a social network platform. We also launched the I <3 Blogging design contest, in partnership with Infectious (which ends on March 30).

Here are the stats from February:

  • 351,904 blogs were created.
  • 385,033 new users joined.
  • 4,577,845 file uploads.
  • 2,926 gigabytes of new files.
  • 776 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 6,436,398 logins.
  • 1,022,236,821 pageviews on WordPress.com, and another 948,586,171 on self-hosted blogs (1,970,822,992 total across all WordPress blogs we track).
  • 1,039,553 active blogs and 19,015,974 active posts where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 1,348,400,618 words.

More stuff:

You subscribed to 641,150 comment threads, using our new comment subscription feature.

There was a whopping seven WordCamps in February: WordCamp Higher Ed North East, WordCamp Paris, WordCamp Germany, WordCamp Miami, WordCamp India, WordCamp Education Vancouver, WordCamp Denver. (The next WordCamp is WordCamp Hong Kong, on April 5.)

Indie video game development studio, Platinum Games, joined WordPress.com VIP.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution switched to WordPress MU.

Singularity University went live, powered by WordPress.

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  1. nickie wang

    wow! great job wordpress team!

  2. Moses

    Numbers never seem to go down eh? =D

  3. eviwidi

    I like the new theme..!..:)
    Thanks a lot..

  4. exodians

    aw, just in time with the Wrap-up

  5. cenya95

    waow… congrats to you… WP

  6. bokhoo


  7. navedz

    great job team wordpress and all the members!

  8. Cat

    Another great month for WordPress! I’m really enjoying threaded comments. Makes conversation much easier!

  9. etre

    Excellent job!
    Any hints on what’s coming for March?? ;)

  10. Asad Ali

    Great as always…
    Thumbs Up…!

  11. bubblesbabbles

    yay wordpress!

    Honestly, its THE best bloghost I could find so far.

    Rock On!

  12. Ferireza

    2Thumbs Up 4WP :mrgreen:

  13. ต้นแพร


    comment subscription, good feature.

  14. Yasir Imran

    So it was a good month in overall

  15. bubblie

    good stuff!

  16. Agus Setiyawan

    Your photo is funny …

  17. barok.eszter

    It’s been my best month with over 15 000 views. :)

  18. khuneesa

    good leraning and teqmwork.thanks

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  20. drizzletrouble


  21. ζÔ§Η

    awesome stats

  22. Vlad Moldovan

    Nice stats ;)

  23. Lilja

    These figures are great – and your job is even greater. Thank you very much :D

  24. aeschmann

    i’m still lost…but i’ll catch up…fast…or i die trying…to breathe the cyberair…lol

  25. meenas17

    Stream of camps conducted. Host of techniques introduced.Few institutions joined you. On the whole .the shortest month of the year was an eventful month for WordPress.

  26. Anki

    Indeed a great job! Glad to be a part of the adventure!

  27. Bharat Verma

    hmm .. great .. im new here lets see …
    it looks better than blogger .. :)

  28. ibanremun


  29. Aditya Kavoor

    Special thanks for threaded comments :)

  30. Ger

    Definitely enjoying my WordPress experience. The guys in the band and myself appreciate all your efforts.

  31. Rizal

    the best in february is threded comment feature and my b’day :)

  32. eideard

    I hear you enjoyed your trip to the Taj Mahal…

  33. trollboy

    this is an impressive number: 1,970,822,992

  34. Camilo López Darias

    Excelent Job as always, WP.

  35. srujun01

    WP is the best! Luv ya WordPress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. juliust68

    awesome, keep on!!!

  37. enkerli

    Given the connections between WPMU and WordPress.com, should we expect some BuddyPress goodness on WordPress.com? The timing would be quite good.

  38. Pothi

    You are amazing me (and everyone) whenever we come to see the monthly wrap-up. Best Wishes!

  39. niekmilder

    order wordpress mug i say!

  40. mmopuk


  41. Ron

    I’m always intrigued by the disparity between new users and new blogs. I mean, the WP system isn’t particularly intimidating, yet people sign up and apparently just go away again. I’d love to know why.

    Maybe it’s the prospect of having to come up with new stuff on a regular basis, but if you pick a subject that interests you, and just as importantly, other people, it’s not as intimidating as you might think. Or even at all – you might find you have a knack for blogging. So if you’re reading this and haven’t created a blog yet, go for it – it really repays the investment in time and effort. And the more you write, the easier it gets…

    • Heather

      A number of people create WordPress.com accounts just to use the API key so they can see stats on their WordPress.org self-hosted blogs.

  42. Efil

    This is amazing all the things you do!
    Thank you so much!

  43. bilawalblog

    Very nice WordPress. Just read this post right now.

  44. frekje

    impressive figures!

  45. gregdeming

    Wishing I was selling servers to wordpress…

  46. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    WordPress is such an awesome site!
    I wonder what cool stuff will happen this month? :)

  47. Król Mór

    keep it up, you’re doing an amazing job!

  48. bleuetoile

    Well done wordpress! :)

  49. Fabrizio, the wings

    Very good, very good

  50. Renards

    6,436,398 logins.

    omg, good statistic ;) Good luck to the next years… ;)

  51. 8musicphreak3

    WordPress’ success is a tribute to your innovation, care, and hard work. Keep it up! The best is yet to come.

  52. Margaret

    I have been so glad that the new theme “Vigilance” came along. I really like being able to choose the background colors because it makes the blog seem more pleasing. I don’t know CSS and therefore cannot use that option; but, that’s okay. Since I’m quite new to blogging, I’m more than satisfied and happy for this opportunity. Thank you very much for being such a wonderful team. All your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  53. Robin Grant

    Woooo Hoooooo! thanks guys and gals, WP is awesome and getting awesomer. Thank you

  54. 9000yearsold

    greeaat job! WordPress rocks…

  55. The Lioness

    Since I came on board, I haven’t had a moment to spare. No boredom here. Thanks for the hard work and making me work harder. I think it’s good for me. Besides I’m really enjoying it.

  56. Armando Netto

    Greaaat. Congratz.

  57. mormonsoprano

    Kudos for another great month!

  58. lena

    go team!

  59. Wacky Flip8

    Whoa! Yeah, February was a nice month.

  60. Andrew

    Thanks for all the great effort!

  61. Maggie

    Keep it up guys, it’s the best blogging service out there. Cheers.

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  63. flamindevil

    thanks guys.kudos.

  64. timethief

    Will BuddyPress be integrated into wordpress.com?

    • Sheri

      We will probably integrate BuddyPress into WordPress.com eventually, but that is a project for the future.

  65. dusunbukit

    keep up the good job done..

  66. zohaibrajput

    i do not think that february is a goog month but march is

  67. Chirag Jain

    Keep up the good work!!
    Its great being with WP…..
    Last year I’d inquired about the Google adsense making its way in wordpress, but my answer was deferred – now when is it coming?

  68. gustomobil

    Asyikk!, good job wordpress team!

  69. coolkarthik

    its cool…
    keep up the gud work….
    rock on,

  70. blogscapes

    Great job!

  71. nandagirl

    thats fantastic…

  72. Nibu Thomas

    Give us more themes guys, existing ones not good enough, they’ve been there for a long time now.

  73. mau64

    This just shows that this is the best blogging service available on the web. I check tons of different websites and they all use different versions of wordpress. Keep up the good work guys

  74. medaad

    you guys doing good job..
    Keep it up..

  75. Naveen Nataraj

    Ayeeee.. Way to go wordpress team! Impressive numbers! Good luck.. :)

  76. mgcarpizo

    Congratulations! The numbers are sky-bound. Keep it up.

  77. bluewizzard

    Hopefully there’ll be new theme with more stuff to customize

  78. James McAlister

    Keep it up! I’m thrilled to reap the benefits!

  79. cello85

    im a new user here and I feel comfortable knowing that I am part of a blog where the team members strive to constantly improve month after month. Look forward to being here.

  80. alliedow

    YAY for wordpress!!! This is the best (and my favorite) blogging place on the internet- thanks a bunch!

  81. parkercolorado

    Awesome….. My only question is how do you make any money doing this for free Matt?? I really enjoyed your talk at WordCamp Denver. :)

  82. xrazerx

    WP Rulz! and thx for the new theme.

  83. groovewavestv

    I have to agree. Blogging is a piece of cake here. Thanks for all the effort and constant updates

  84. ~*вяσωηιє*~

    Keep it up WordPress! Loving this! :D *thumbs up*

  85. ronakorn

    Great month for WordPress!

  86. squarebrackets

    [doing a great job here,
    love to see these stats
    every month]

  87. ggw_bach

    going from strength to strength.

    I love this stat:

    “776 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.”


  88. thewaskitas

    thanks WP team for threaded comments. Now I don’t need to move the cursor to know whose gives the newest comment(s) on my posting. Keep the good work. GBU all.

  89. v4nw1ld3r

    That’s why i joined WordPress. Keep on going guys.

  90. linuxandfriends

    WordPress is definitely the blogging platform of choice. 100%.

  91. danieldarz

    hehehe…. Good Job!!! Keep It Up!!!

  92. karkidinesh

    Great Effort By WordPress! Congratulations for Great Achievement.


    I know that you always give us the best

  94. adventuresofabeautyqueen

    Congratulations to you guys!!! you ROCK!!!

  95. lifeleap99

    Very impressive!

  96. 4dreem

    The best of the best! Congratulations to you guys

  97. whymommy

    I love the new theme — I’ve been using it for several weeks now, with no complaints! It looks great!

  98. cordoroy

    I’m new to WordPress and this is very encouraging to hear!

  99. m4ti

    Nice, we’re gonna beat that !

  100. Rehan Ahmed

    You guys Rock , i really like threaded comments And new template Vigilance Hope To see More interesting Features in march too


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