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Have you become addicted to telling the world what you’re up to in 140 characters or less? If so, we’ve launched a feature that you’ll love: a Twitter widget for your sidebar.

Now you can quickly and easily keep your readers connected to your updates on Twitter, and make your blog the home of even more of your content. We use it on the WordPress news blog to let you know what’s going on with our @wordpressdotcom account.

wordpress news blog twitter widget twitter widget

All the links that you post to Twitter remain clickable in the widget, and your @ replies link to user profiles, like when you say, “Hey @photomatt!”. Hashtags link to Twitter Search for that term, like #wordpress. Timestamps link to the individual update, and the heading of the widget links back to your profile.

To add the Twitter widget to your blog, just head to Appearance > Widgets in your dashboard. The brand new Twitter widget option is there waiting patiently for you.

Click “Add” to add it to your sidebar, and then click “Edit” to set your Twitter username and choose how many updates you’d like to display. No passwords needed.

Have more than one account on Twitter? No problem. You can add as many as you like! Just add another widget as you did before.

Update: We’ve released the Wickett Twitter Widget plugin for users.

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Heather R.


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  1. cahayamata87


  2. hzimmerman

    FINALLY! Thanks Easter Bunny! Bawk Bawk

  3. Pothi

    Wow! Just amazing! We couldn’t have asked for more!

  4. MondoFree


  5. Rob

    That’s awesome… thank you!

  6. p5620

    Finally first.

    This sounds very good and interesting.

    This may actually finally get me to actually get a Twitter account.

    Thank you for this.

  7. Celebes

    It’s Fantastic! Thanks. ;-)

  8. Shiling

    Thanks! I love this feature :D

  9. Armando Netto

    WAAAAY Good!!

    WordPress really Rocks!

  10. princeconnoisseur

    This is a great feature – one I’m sure to use frequently. You guys just keep getting better and better.

  11. Ignacio Galvez


  12. Mountjoy

    This is superb. I was using an RSS feed from Twitter on my sidebar, but it looked sloppy. However, this widget is perfect. Thanks, Heather!

  13. Cat

    Finally. People have only been asking for this since 2006.. ;)

  14. M Shodiq Mustika

    Wow! Great feature. It will make me closer to my readers. Thank you. :)

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  16. inmypark

    you guys, really feel the market needs!

  17. Andreas Orth

    Just amazing, great tool,thanks to you ;-)

  18. mixedupperfectly

    cool…love it

  19. giraffitti

    Thanks for the new feature.

  20. courtingyourcareer

    Fantastic!!! Of all the widgets, this one has to be my favorite.

  21. rastaronnie

    How can this be obtained for .org users?

    Can it at ll?

  22. fiatperu

    incredible!! you did it again!!!

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  24. Tyler

    thanks so much!

  25. draabe

    It was only a matter of time – great!

  26. Graham Martin

    @MountJoy – wow, I thought I was alone in using that trick! @Cat, yes, long over-due! @Heather – heading to blogging settings right now.

  27. amm002

    How often does the widget refresh the RSS feed? I added the widget to my sidebar, and it doesn’t seem to be picking up tweets I made over the last 30 minutes…

  28. cb

    Thank you! Exactly what I wanted :)

  29. Ludovicus

    Great, brava! :)

  30. Chittaranjan

    Wahoooza! The days of using RSS feed to show tweets on the WP blog are over!!!

    Tks a ton.

  31. Moses

    wowie… soon the internet will be powered by! haha

  32. lehawes

    Thanks WordPress! I’ve been wanting a Twitter widget for quite a while now. As usual, you’ve made it ridiculously easy to set it up and deploy. Thank you!!

  33. mikemcroberts

    The internet is boring. Knowing every surface detail about every person with a head shot and an opinion is boring. Why would I want to add to the boredom of the internet by combining boring blogs with boring microblog tools? If I remember my math, 2 negatives don’t make a positive.

  34. sensico

    Finally :P
    Thanks, I love it :)

  35. Timmy

    Thanks so much!


    What a nice job! I really love it. ;)

    In Persian:
    چه کار خوبی! من خیلی دوستش دارم.

  37. Vakul Kumar More

    thts cool !!! I have been waiting for this….

  38. Hetal

    This is awesome… Thanks

  39. Sierra

    thank you! I’ve been waiting for this.

  40. captain democracy

    bring it on!

  41. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    Cool! But I have no idea what Twitter is. :lol:

  42. williamhill

    coolio mammio

  43. Aline Rodrigues

    aleluia! thanks!

  44. myfavoritecrafts

    thats another wonderful feature thanks so much.

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  46. John

    Yay, I so love that this is here now.

    I kinda also love that I got to do it the old-fashioned way a couple of days ago when I set up my blog, but still!

    Great job y’all.

  47. alosh

    nice – thanks :)

  48. The Little Woman

    This is awesome! So much better (and less trouble) than setting up an RSS feed to show my twitter updates. Thanks!

  49. boardingschoolcapers

    As a newly baptized blogger, still learning the ropes, I’ll add Twitter to my ever-growing list of things to fathom out! No, seriously – loving every moment of it.

  50. Amy P

    Any chance of a Plurk widget now?

  51. diary101

    Although, twitters playing up with me – grrr… it won’t load fast enough

  52. Jennifer The new Twitter widget picked up my last tweet right away! Thank you peoples!

  53. T3CK

    Yes finally thank you very much! :-)

  54. Phear

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! This makes things so much nicer. Having that RSS icon next to my twitter title was KILLING ME!

  55. Satrion

    have been waiting so long for this, thanks

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  57. dmosbon

    Twitter widget is only updating IF I go into my widget settings & resave.

  58. GWT

    About time! I’ve been waiting for this forever!

  59. fercho33


  60. Stephen

    Thanks but how did you know I just started to twitter yesterday????

  61. joepuentes

    thank you!!! :D

  62. GuRpS

    great really great!!!

  63. Alastair Vance

    Thanks so much!!

  64. fredsarkari

    I know this seems like a very basic question. I am still new at all this and excited to catch up.

    Looking for the main benefit / reason of adding the twitter to my wordpress blog. I just signed up to twitter.

    1. Does that mean when I add a status to my twitter, the widget on my blog will show it?
    2. When I post on my blog, will it show it automatically on the status of my twitter? If not, do I just cut and paste my link from the blog to my twitter status.

    Obviously my goal is to get more traffic to my blog.

    • Nick

      1) Yes, the widget shows your Twitter status updates.
      2) The widget does not update your Twitter account. You can do as you say and copy the link and post it on twitter when you publish a new blog post.

  65. Erotica Press

    Thank you for this information…. I really wanted this…..

  66. Raul S.

    Looks good! Suggestion: put a link “View profile” in bottom of updates ;)

  67. heidi-ed

    Sweet! I was just looking into this today! Thanks!

  68. La historia del dia

    Fantastic !

    Thanks for the new feature :)

  69. creativeblogger1

    So funny!

    My last twitter post was moaning that I couldn’t add twitter to wordpress and lo!

    Twitter me!

  70. fredsarkari

    Nick, Thanks for the responses, – I am getting there, one inch at a time. :)

    I am still not seeing the main purpose of the widget?

    1. What is the benefit of my blog readers seeing my status update on twitter?
    2. If I put a link of my post on twitter status, it would show on my widget on the post?

    Is this one of those moments that the answer is so basic that I am missing it?


    • Nick

      1) So they don’t have to visit Twitter to see the status updates
      2) Yes. Anything you update with Twitter gets pulled into the Twitter update.

  71. David Knapp

    very nice addition. Thanks wordpress.

  72. xcobar

    What a great idea!
    Wordpress + twitter = ; )

  73. ゼラ

    FINALLY!! just too bad my current theme doesn’t support widgets. dang it!

  74. omeng

    Wow, cool!

  75. Brenda Nepomuceno

    FINALLY! I’ve been tryin’ to do this like forever, lol. That’s great! Thank you so so much! =)

  76. elmundotech


  77. lukem75

    Fantastic! When will this be added to stand alone versions of WP as a native plugin?

  78. Pratik

    Will there be an widget?

  79. cenya95


  80. Stiletto

    Ha! I’ve already been doing it through RSS, but let me see what this one’s about…

  81. Anne

    Excellent! I used an RSS feed to post my tweets but this is much cleaner – and so easy! Thanks :)

  82. ian

    @Nick. Related to “Updates are cached for 15 minutes before checking Twitter again.” I’m at 18 minutes right now.

    • Nick

      18 minutes since the widget updated or 18 minutes since the last time you updated your Twitter status?

  83. ian

    @Nick. The former.

    • Nick

      I just cleared the cache for your blog at 8:20pm Eastern. If you post something to Twitter, and refresh your blog at 8:36, the update should show up.

  84. Jess

    I love this thanks! But my widget isn’t updating either with my latest Tweet….. it’s been at least 3 hours.

    I’m sure you’ll get the bugs worked out – thank you again so much!

    • Nick

      I’ve just put in a patch for the widget. Go to widgets and click Save and now it should update every 15 minutes. Sorry for the problem everyone!

  85. fredsarkari

    Thanks Nick.

    You are awesome

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  87. dmosbon

    Well mine got to 3hrs & I had to again save widgets to see updates that I had made in that time period. Maybe my cache needs a sweep through too…

  88. ian

    Gotcha. I just updated at 8:41 your time.

  89. Rowjie

    this is nice. :) but i hope you make the interface better. anyway, good job! :)

  90. Arun Shanbhag

    Works beautifully! Thank you!
    Looks spectacular on my Prologue Theme blog; ‘’
    Not as good on my main blog using the Mistylook Theme!
    But infinitely better than using the RSS widget.

    Many Thanks!

  91. Janet

    Oh yes! I have been waiting for that!!!!!

  92. joepuentes

    Hey Nick thanks for the update. Your awesome :)

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  94. Jonathan

    Bravo! I love WordPress.

  95. caman

    Yes…..10 out of 10.

  96. parsonho

    Thanks Nick. I’m going to try.

  97. crazylifelovestwilight

    you know what is bad…

  98. ivnewsday

    Great Job

  99. Rinko

    nice.. =D

  100. Imuyachan

    yay… thx for providing this feature ^^


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