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Search engines are the trade winds of the internet. Like the explorers of the sailing age, intrepid web searchers set out to enrich themselves, their ultimate destination the ultimate mystery. Never mind that they end up on a blog instead of atop a hill of glittering treasure or in the belly of a whale. Let’s stick to the romantic metaphor.

A year ago we launched the search engine. Monthly searches number in the millions. Today we announce a significant update: instant findability. The instant you publish, searchers will see it at the top of the “most recent results” when they search for any terms in your post. We hope this helps people find you even if you aren’t the fountain of youth.

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Andy Skelton


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  1. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    This… is… AWESOME!!!! :mrgreen: I desperately need mnore views on my blog, so this is a dream come true! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  2. augdra

    maybe you need to make this link accessable from the dashboard for newbe’s like me

  3. Bandew444

    Cool, searches should be a lot faster now.

  4. ClapSo

    Um, how did it used to work oh swami? Ya know, before ya “new and improved” it hehehehehehe

    I am the fountain of youth.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  5. ericriveracooks

    This is great news! Thanks!

  6. ian in hamburg

    Sounds like a great idea. Will cut back on the ancient posts that always seem to turn up.

  7. ChicagoismynewBlog

    Great tool. I hope to get some exposure through it as well!

  8. mimismotherlytips

    This sounds really good to me. Am interested in new readers and I’m certainly not “the fountain of youth”.

  9. Splodge!

    This can only be a good thing. Don’t eat too many Easter eggies!

  10. Timmy

    Holy awesomelycoolestradicallysweet!

  11. bigcrow

    This means that you’ll be found easyer, if you post often, yes?

  12. Andrew

    This is great. It will truly help me in my searches.

  13. Chittaranjan

    Gr8 stuff.

    Can we add ‘searchable’ keywords in posts like in twitter (with the # prefix…e.g. #followfriday)?

  14. mclassen

    WordPress is endlessly making me happy that I chose it for my blog’s home. Thanks for all the work.

  15. Mahendra

    Tried this out and it works like a charm! Thanks!

  16. Miserere

    The only thing I have to say is… Andy, you have the best avatar I’ve seen in a long time…and I’ve seen LOTS of avatars on the internet!

    I wonder what will turn up if I do a search for “vendetta avatar”…?

  17. cello85

    Agreed, I hope this brings new viewers to my movie review blog

  18. goldnsilver

    Instant findability – sounds like good words to me and my measly hits. Woo!

  19. homegrownart

    This has been very beneficial to my blog. Many explorers have landed at my blog via the WordPress search engine. Thanks a bunch!

  20. AutoAnything

    Super cool, nice refinement!

  21. vesper de vil

    i like it!

  22. ismailimail

    How does a visitor get to this search from a blog? Or is this only for internal bloggers?

    • Sheri

      Some themes have a search box built in, or the blog owner can add a search box using the Search Widget and then visitors will see it in the blog sidebar.

  23. pochp

    A very great move. Thanks.

  24. redtshirts

    I agree, its good to blog but better to see the stats that show people are interested in what you have to say…

  25. Rizal

    i just know wordpress has a search engine, hehe

  26. trollboy

    Excellent improvement.

  27. mi1st


  28. mediacation


  29. Wacky Flip8

    This is great. Thanks WordPress team.

  30. Moses

    Fantastic!!! Really gonna get the word out there! I’m loving this! :)

  31. Rob Rockitt

    WordPress just keeps getting better and better!

  32. alejna

    Coolness. I will have to check it out.

    And I must say I very much enjoyed your metaphor, Andy. I hadn’t quite appreciated how lucky we are not to end up in the belly of a whale whenever we use a search engine! (And maybe I’ll go see where “belly of a whale” lands me…)

  33. nokia5800blog

    Спасибо, попробую.

  34. peacefulone

    Cool. Guess I better post. Thanks WordPress! Ya did it again…

  35. chloë

    awesome thanks :)

  36. nogizaka

    Thank you wp team :)

  37. eyeofthevoid

    Excellent, great job guys

  38. stinginthetail

    likes someone else said – i’m glad i picked wordpress :)

  39. David Ker

    While we’re mentioning search…I would very much like to see an update of the Search widget for our blogs. It never shows results in context and seems very rudimentary. I frequently have to use site: on Google just to find things on my own blog.

  40. DreamGYM

    Thanks a lot for new feature!

    It seems to be working fine for us, especially when people search more:

    Is it possible somehow in “WordPress Stats” plugin to show more information about searches that brought people to the blog (at least a search engine)?

    Thanks again,

  41. Brenda Nepomuceno

    Wow, that’s awesome!
    Thanks guys! You’re the best team ever! ;D

  42. silver12heart

    Wicked. :3

  43. existentialreport

    I JUST started started my blog on wordpress. Looks like I chose wisely. Sounds like a great tool!

  44. navedz

    this sounds so good! It will definitely boost the number people our blog is able to serve informations. Thanks team!

  45. Ignacio Galvez


  46. Grace

    You’re spoiling us. I love it.

  47. vettiliveinnorthcote

    brilliant ! thanks team wordpress!

  48. lifeandbiz

    I like that……i really do

  49. Maggie

    Sweet, thanks. I was wondering how it worked before. I guess it doesn’t matter now.

  50. Yasir Imran

    This is great rocking feature…….

  51. ynoel1

    This is great news for me to help me get indexed.

  52. swatch

    this is great – my other blog is a marketing tool for my other life – thanks hey

  53. Pothi

    Recently I was wondering how come my posts are so fast enough to come in front of the search engine results. I understood that now. Thanks again for your outstanding features, WordPress!

  54. GuRpS

    I think it’s really a good feature!!! I publish… you find… GREAT!!!

  55. yourboro

    Wow, works great! Thanks so much!

  56. adi143

    Search engines are of great use now a days. They are being used commonly by the new generation. WordPress should keep up the good work.

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  58. kotakia1

    i guess im missing out on what this is. is it a plugin? where do i get it?

  59. nickie wang

    This can also mean additional page visits. Like It!

  60. philosophytoday

    great to hear this,at least my blog can now go places. thanks moses

  61. arcadata

    Thank you, this is a great new feature, great job WP!

  62. yourdailyintake

    Great idea! This will probably help a lot of bloggers getting noticed here on WordPress.

  63. satrianachandra

    Thanks, that’s very good…
    As my blog is very very young, it helps my blog read by others.

  64. adi143

    Word press has done a good job by introducing one of the best search engine.

  65. CP309 a.k.a Pclhelp 2

    One Again, WordPress Had A Good Improvement :)

  66. spocrep

    thanks… I’m stking with WordPress for life!!…
    you guys are the best…

  67. Vic (Jane Austen's World)

    “The instant you publish, searchers will see it at the top of the “most recent results” when they search for any terms in your post.”

    Not quite true, though I won’t quibble too much with WordPress’s wonderful free service. My recent post on Matthew Macfadyen is not listed in the search engine even though it is tagged properly. There are glitches.

    Having said that, people find my posts quickly and my audience is growing. Thank you WordPress.

  68. Morgan Elizabeth

    thank you so much!

  69. Sierra

    what a cool feature! thank you! I can’t wait to play with this.

  70. furiousdeux

    Yes. This is great. I’m just getting started here and the search engine will definitely help with views

  71. Barry Wallace

    Very nice… I’ve seen some of my posts appear high in Google searches.

  72. Guymed

    Yeah… yay… now they will see my posts and join my ICP woo!

  73. mormonsoprano

    Great idea, WP. Thank you

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  75. apaskov

    Nice post. It’s helpful. I will be back for more.
    Sincerely,Alain Power

  76. Estrella Azul

    great! now I only wish the related posts, links would appear under my posts… for some reason they don’t even though I didn’t opt them out so they should be there :)
    but at least the search engine is renewed and working great :)

  77. Matt Dernoga
  78. artofedwards

    its good to know im not just throwing it out to sea

  79. La historia del dia

    WordPress team: you are the best!

    Thanks :)


  80. nychirojane

    Liking it for real.

  81. nlavender

    Great idea because my blogs are the best ;-)

  82. atownhallofone

    Thanks Word Press!

  83. ronakorn

    Cool, that mean people will fast find my blog. I love this feature, Thanks so much.

  84. programmervb


  85. thedaily007

    Nice. Come check mine out…I’m just getting started!

  86. Windy

    Word press….that’s, that’s….very good…..

  87. Yi

    I never knew wordpress has its own search engine. I wonder if people use it to see my blog.

  88. timethief

    Thank you Andy.

  89. mamaneeds2rant

    Kudos, WordPress gods.

  90. Beau Armstrong

    thanks for everything…i love it!

  91. 4sray

    I want to create a account with wordpress.

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  93. brokenbrilliant

    Totally awesome. Thanks for the excellence.

  94. metalpig

    Cool feature, thanx! I love WP! :)

  95. Olvyen

    Thank you very much!

  96. whatchamacalit

    I like your mustache. :-)

  97. littlejake

    My blog is less than a month old, I hope it help.

  98. bramclabby

    On the contrary, I like old posts. They’re not any less true, catchy or relevant than the present ones. I’m hoping I get a comment on my blog months after I write something. It gives the feeling that things you did in the past matter to the world.

  99. Jennifer

    Not only beautiful, but functional, too!

    Thanks for the constant improvements on the “behind-the-scenes” tools to make our visitor experience just as great as ours.

  100. hobin

    Super stuff.


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