Comment Reply Via Email: Open To All

Thanks to the many users who have been testing the comment reply via email feature we are now ready to open it up to all users. Here’s a quick refresher video on how it works:

Two things to enable this feature. First, make sure email notifications for comments are turned on. Second, select the ‘Enable sending comment replies via email’ option. All of these items are on the Settings > Discussion page.

With those options in place instead of clicking back to your dashboard, you can reply to the comment straight from e-mail. When you click reply, a special WordPress e-mail address will appear in the Sender line, matching your reply to the proper comment thread. Send it off, and your reply is up on your blog in seconds.

Really digging the blending of blogging and email? Just wait, there’s more to come!

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Joseph Scott


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  1. nickie wang

    Great news! Another reason for me to finally cancel my other blogs and concentrate to my wordpress blog.

  2. Cat

    It’s a great idea, but the problem is that it’s using the email name as the display name of the comment. Seeing that I’m the admin of the blog with a username set in the dashboard a comment email should not override it.

    • Joseph Scott

      It will use your ‘display name’ if we can match your email address with your account. If you’ve found a situation where that isn’t happening contact support with a link to the comment that didn’t show up properly.

  3. fracas

    I’m sure for some, this will be like winning the lottery. Ok, maybe not that big win-of-a-lifetime… but still.

    Can’t wait to see what the ‘more to come’ is.

  4. iaoj

    It’s worth to try.

  5. 2Bo02B

    It’s a great idea, However, I can not use this option, though, I have set of options involved in the discussion page. When I press reply comment in my dashboard page, it does not appear as the video guide. Please help me! Thank for your help!

    • Joseph Scott

      This is different than replying with the dashboard. If you having problems using the inline reply feature in the dashboard please contact support with details of the problem.

  6. Moses

    Woohoo! =D Very handy!

  7. Rizal

    yeah ! this is really cool one !
    wordpress is getting better and better !

  8. ericriveracooks

    This is great! I’ve noticed this feature on other blogs and it’s nice to have it available on mine. Thanks again WordPress!


  9. Andrew

    Makes things easier by the day. :)


    Nice. I’ll try it

  11. Michael

    I really like the new option, it saves me some time while allowing me to reply faster!

  12. mentatjack

    I look forward to testing this out!

  13. Vikas Gupta

    It’s a welcome feature. Thank you. :)

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  15. timethief

    This is an excellent feature. Thank you so much for developing and providing it to us bloggers. :)

  16. Dave

    Great feature, but I take it that comment moderation needs to be turned off in order for it to work? You can’t reply to a comment that hasn’t been approved yet ;)

    • Joseph Scott

      Correct, the feature kicks in for comment notification of approved comments. No point in replying to potentially spammy comments :-)

  17. jwkuo87

    This’ll make it a lot easier to reply with my cell phone! Good job~~ I’m loving it!

  18. Dave

    Settings changed and ready to roll. Thanks!

  19. ian in hamburg

    This will make it so much easier to reply to comments without having to log into the blog all the time. Thanks!

  20. raghdah

    great , many thanks

    Best Regards,

  21. Moi

    Awesome news!!!

  22. Dr. J

    Does that mean you’re going to follow the “Posterous way of blogging”? If so, count me in!

  23. sensico

    I’ve noticed a last week when I sent a reply via email the following appeared at the end of my comment “— On Wed, 4/15/09, comment-reply[@]wordpress. com wrote:” I’m ok with this but I don’t wanna have to go back and delete this line everytime. But I do like the feature and glad others can enjoy it now :)

    • Joseph Scott

      Contact support with the URL where the comment shows up that has that and we’ll adjust things so that line doesn’t get included in the comment any more.

  24. vbonnaire

    WordPress, you are the best!

    Awesome isn’t even enough to describe how I feel about you guys!



  25. Tadas

    when I reply in Lithuanian, the Lithuanian letter ąčęėįšųū are displayed incorrectly. It seems that UTF encoding doesn’t work there?

    • Joseph Scott

      It should work with UTF-8 characters. Contact support with the URL of the comment that didn’t show up correctly so that we can take a look.

  26. rivermaya

    I’m testing it out

  27. Cat

    @Joseph: This was with a comment a while back:

    I assume that’s changed since the beta?

  28. Strictly Gospel


  29. WANDI thok

    This is a good idea, but less obvious step master. Please a series. I have long thought so, about how to reply to comments by email, every comment because my blog entry to my email. Please be assisted, apologize, still a beginner. Thank you very much.

  30. aniri

    good thing i saw this post, i was really wondering if the replyes i give to the comments on the blog return to the commenter’s mail. thanks

  31. Polycarp

    Thanks! I have been looking forward to this feature for a long time!

  32. egza

    looks great thanks

  33. Cat

    @Joseph: My display name is Cat, my email display name is my full name. When I tested the email comment feature back then it used my full name from my email account and not the display name.

    Seeing there are reasons I don’t wish to have my display name on the internet I edited the display name of the comment since.

    • Joseph Scott

      Try it again and if it still isn’t using your display name contact support with the URL where comment is at and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

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  35. Alyosha Kolodiy

    Hi, I am just learn how I can use wordpress, but I like it more and more . great job!

  36. trollboy

    that’s great. i’m going to enable that.

  37. the rufus

    Using it already for a while – very fine. Thanks.

  38. melturner

    I love this, I’ve just begun my blog and it’s already starting to get some buzz. This feature will help me keep and stay organized! Now if I can just figure out how to get my blog site to post directly to the LOVE category!!

  39. Bandew444


  40. GuRpS

    really fantastic!!! a great feature!!!

  41. Lora

    It’s looking good! Time to test it out.

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  44. Celebes is the best! ;-)

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  48. inkcaravan

    Great, I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

  49. broncha

    Thats great !Gonna save my time:)

  50. Matt Dernoga


  51. Mt. Tabor Vistas

    I was just thinking yesterday that I needed this – and was going to suggest it! Thanks!!

  52. liesnlies

    cool. . :)

  53. tysdaddy

    Does this also send an email reply to the commenter? That would be groovy . . .

    • Joseph Scott

      Right now it only turns the email into a comment. If they select the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments via email.’ option when leaving a comment they’ll get an email when new comments are added (including ones using the comment reply via email ability).

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  55. Chudri Burhanudin

    yes, this is good option, I’ll try to do so, nice work wordpress

  56. សុខហេង

    Great idea! គំនិត​ល្អ !

  57. stevedal

    This is an awesome tool. thanks a million

  58. misterclu

    This is wonderful. Thanks!

  59. Alan Chai

    Great … Will try it out :)

  60. cenya95

    it’s nice… i’ll try it.

  61. msverman

    Joseph Scott !!

    Thanks for the video presentation ………..

    That what I am looking for !!!

    Blogging in wordpress is outstanding and really love blogging in wordpress !!!

    thanks again …..

  62. kupukupu73

    I moved my blog a few times to find you guys… think it was worth it :)

  63. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    Cool, but I like replying to comments on WordPress. My e-mail is very slow.

  64. thewaskitas

    i’ve tried it. just follow the directions… and done. so simple. thanks to wordpress.

  65. Brenda Nepomuceno

    That’s gotta be the best new I heard today. You guys are awesome, and I can’t stop saying this! ;)

  66. erturulword

    Cool Thanks:)

  67. Donny Pauling

    The option to turn that on doesn’t show up for me…

  68. asiaaudiovisualra09ariefpurnomo2


  69. alfaarooq1

    Magic dude magic… Tx 4 the input much appreciated. Go wordpress you Go…

  70. chaitanyapatel

    Fantastic features. Now interaction will become lot more easy…

  71. Selma

    Love it!

  72. murid Jesus Christ

    It’s great, I love it.

  73. alisyah

    ouw, thats great!

  74. rodziah09

    first trial, very good!

  75. Carros Antigos

    Great news. Keep them coming!

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  77. Manuel Mendoza

    This is a great feature..I love wordpress. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t allow to add some widgets in the sidebar…outside of this everything is great.

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  79. letsgo2succes


  80. pachuvachuva

    this is worth a try ;)

  81. Hameedullah Khan

    another awesome feature! Keep them coming guys!

  82. tripleangelscafe

    This is new to me but will check it out to see how it really works.

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  85. Lora

    It’s new for all of us. =)
    I don’t like it very much though, I prefer to keep my inbox clean.

  86. Perakath

    But I love the new Dashboard so much; why would I want to stay away from the interface? :)

  87. mand

    Fantastic, this will be really helpful and save time. 80)

    I have again recently been thanking my good luck that i ended up with WordPress (not quite chance, but almost) as i had reason to try n contact the Blogger ‘help’ forums – you notice i put help in inverted commas as it’s not the right word! – no joy yet and pretty baffled about why the problem occurred in the first place. The energy and commitment of you WP lot puts the rest to shame.


  88. Staff

    I will give it a try! Thanks…

  89. Lola

    Absolutely the coolest feature yet. Makes WordPress my favorite blog. I’ll be concentrating on my blog over all others from now on! Awesome! :D

  90. rubten


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  92. adrian stan


  93. Carli


  94. Kitten V

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  95. Hellcruzer 6300

    wow i really want to test this out it sounds so COOL!! Keep up the great work WP!

  96. Maggie

    Quite convenient indeed, especially on the road. I’ve configured it and am looking forward to trying it. Thanks.

  97. Sam

    Can’t wait to try it. Thanks, WordPress.

  98. Zailda Coirano

    I set the discussions page as explained here and received the comments in my mailbox. I replyed them but they didn’t show up here. What happened from my mailbox to here? Did my replies simply disappear? What may be wrong?

    • Joseph Scott

      If your reply via email didn’t show up please contact support and we’ll track down what happened. Please include the URL for the post that comment was supposed to show up on.

  99. TheNutz

    Nice one

  100. Midave

    Great new feature….!!!


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