Add YouTube and Polls to Comments

Some of you may have noticed we’ve been experimenting with a new feature in comments here on, namely that you can now embed YouTube videos and PollDaddy polls directly in a comment.

Although shortcodes are great and we’ll continue to support and encourage them for comments the simplest possible interface seemed to be just a URL.

The URL is all you’ll need to include a YouTube video or PollDaddy poll. To try it out copy and paste the permalink for a video or a poll on PollDaddy Answers and put it on its own line in a comment, like enter enter enter enter. You'll now have a poll embedded in the comment just like this:

(By the way, I have a Kindle 2 and it's the bestest thing since sliced beer.)

Of course if someone leaves a video or poll you don't like it's just like them leaving something else you don't like, you can always delete it or edit it to remove the offending link.

As you and your audience start to play with this it should spice up comments a bit, and based on your feedback we may expand this to encompass other shortcodes and embeds in the future.

For some further information, feel free to check out the feature's official support document.

Keep commentin'. :)

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  1. feww

    How about including images, too?

  2. 63mg

    awesome :-)

  3. ian in hamburg

    I have comment moderation set to allow only those commenters who’ve previously been OK’d. All others get moderated.

    While I trust those who’ve already been OK’d, I think that if you’re going to allow polls and videos in comments, you should add an additional moderation feature:

    A choice of whether to:

    - allow polls and videos in comments

    - allow polls videos in comments only after moderation

    • Matt

      Just add “” and/or “” to your moderation keys and it’ll hold comments that have those in.

      You can also change the “hold comments that have more than X links” setting to be something low like 0 or 1, so any comment with a link gets held.

  4. ballightning

    Awesome feature, thanks Matt!

  5. Vikas Gupta

    Grr8! :D

    I had a YouTube video (song on nose) in response to my ode to female nose posted on my blog.

    Welcome features!

  6. livingjourney

    “To try it out copy and paste the permalink for a video or a poll on PollDaddy Answers and put it on its own line in a comment”

    PollDaddy Answers??? Where would I find that?

  7. Celebes

    WordPress is the champion!

  8. adsimple

    Yeah. Don’t know exactly how to use it, but still funny to have more and more options every day

  9. O. Braga

    Nice plugin. Thks!

  10. insider53

    I just got a kindle 2 for my birthday and it is the best invention since sliced bread. I dedicated a post to it and I call it George ha ha. I will have to try the comments thing.

  11. VodkaBlogger

    Cool feature – hope to try it out soon.

  12. Kairu Ishimaru

    Cool. But it will definitely bump the comment page..

  13. Cat

    A poll in comments?! That’s a bit of a stange idea..

    How about images, are they planned?

  14. Cat

    Also, is there a way to disable the Youtube comments apart from manually editing the posts and breaking the links? They slow things down a lot.

  15. giiid

    Thanks, just what I need.

  16. Abdullah


  17. bigcrow

    I think it’s a great. Dunno what about polls, but youtube is great :)
    Add Vimeo too :)

  18. Deems

    Further flexibility in WordPress – keep it up guys and gals – awesome services!

  19. chichipiru

    hey there! tnx for the info! here in Greece we just heard about kindle and i was wondering how does this thing work…i mean where do u get ur books, how much do they cost etc! thanx a lot!

  20. Andreas Pischner

    Can I generally disable these features in my blogs?

    • Matt

      Nope that’s the danger of WordPress — that there’s new features flying at you CONSTANTLY and you have to watch out.

  21. ClapSo

    Well, this is exciting! Now we can annoy our blog buddies with more then just our text comments. I can’t wait to try this out!

    Really, I like this very much and hope you’ll be expanding it to include other types of content…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  22. miroslodki

    as another evolution to the Polls
    (happy to see the smaller footprint btw)
    would it be possible to have a simple 5 star rating system that one sees in use elsewhere
    the simple type that you click on the star and it updates the average rating
    and displays it by coloring the stars? (ie 3.5 stars etc)

  23. LNA

    Brilliant!! \O/

  24. Gabriel...

    Cool. An on / off switch would be great, but it’s a cool feature.

  25. fixator

    Yes, I have been waiting for this. Great job.

  26. murderousthoughts

    Awesome! Another great feature for us. You guys just keep coming up with more and more for your users! I appreciate it!

  27. Sarah

    Wahoo! Great Idea!!

  28. GuRpS

    I’m makeing some test in a pvt post… but I’m not realy sure it could be a good idea… I’m just wondering why someone have to comment with a poll or a video. Ok I post a video and he want to reply with anotherone? Just write down the link… And a poll? Maybe these are just my thoughts..

  29. medaad

    mmmmmmmm so the readers can add Polls and youtube streams!!
    awesome ..
    Hey Matt Keep the Good job up.. you are the man dude.. :)
    all right here is a shot for just testing the thingy:

  30. Suda

    Thats a nice feature but I think there should be an option for blog owner to disable this. Sometimes, he/she would not want comments with videos and polls. Is there such an option on dashboard?

    • Matt

      You have complete control over your comments, just change your moderation controls as I described above.

  31. Kaveetaa Kaul

    Terrific!! Thanks. Somebody had already experimented with this in my comment section and since I didnt know of the new feature, was quite flummoxed as to how he’d managed to do it on my blog when I couldnt? Now I am the wiser and grinning merrily. Which means we can also include it in our posts right? Sorry to sound like a dinosaur but previous to this a youtube refused to embed in a post citing non inclusion of flash or some such.

  32. Jim

    this is great! thanks!

  33. reichan15

    Nice!.. makes comments more fun!

  34. Stazybο Hοrn

    very bad idea! dealing with verbal abuse was already enough. A link should be just a link; dot, period.

  35. உதய தாரகை

    Great feature! Love it!

  36. Lilja

    This looks really cool :D

  37. qflee

    Its great innovation! :)

  38. the rufus

    Oh damn – I don’t have a kindle but the videos I’ll definitely try. E.g. here with some classical music – from me and for those who like it … ;)

  39. Dhimas L N ---- (^-^)v

    i don’t like it very much.

    this may make my post goes slow when people access it (if my post has commented & embedded video on it)

  40. Gabriel Ziks

    Perfect !

  41. nokia5800blog

    nice one :)

  42. Paul Sanduleac

    WOW! Thanks, i think it’s great!

  43. eideard

    Keep innovating, Matt. And are you going to get a Kindle DX or wait for the Plastic Logic, next year?

  44. seaclearly

    Love the new additions ~

  45. stevewiilliams

    Interesting feature.

    As for the Kindle 2, I’d rather have a Sony eBook – especially that upcoming touchscreen one. Sliced beer?

  46. حسن يحيى

    awesome !

  47. Cyndy Otty

    That is indeed quite shiny. I’m assuming that an actual hyperlink inline isn’t going to suddenly start becoming randomly embedded videos/polls, though, because that could be rather strange and awkward.

  48. masterclasslady

    Thanks so much, Matt! My readers have been thoroughly enjoying the YouTube embed feature in the comments section very much. And I am sure the poll will be lots of fun as well!

    Cheers and appreciation for all your hard work!

    Rosanne (MasterclassLady)

  49. Caburé

    Hey! Thanks! Great thing, it is.

  50. Roger

    Nice one! – but Matt if you would kindly buy SEESMIC and Posterous (or same features) and integrate them into WordPress we would have blogging heaven upon heaven!

  51. Wacky Flip8

    Wow…great feature! Now won’t have to use links for a YouTube video, I can just put in a comment. Thanks WordPress Team.

  52. a3u5z1i

    I’ll try to embed youtube video…
    hope it will not make my page hard to access

  53. Fran

    Great idea!

  54. Garrett Barnes

    AWESOME. Now if you could just get an upgrade for adsense my life would be complete.

  55. Trent

    That is a great thing to do Matt, thanks.

  56. FXSmom

    hmmm….love to see a pic of sliced beer ;)

  57. Alan Chai

    Wow…. that’s cool to have youtube video in comments :) will try it out….

  58. Little Junnie

    do i have to register an account at polldaddy?

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  60. web3beta

    thank u matt

  61. Rizal

    i think this feature is not really needed

  62. navedz

    hey this is a great feature. hope to use it more often while commenting!! great job guys!!

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  64. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    This is even better than comment threads!! :mrgreen:

    WORDPRESS ROCKS! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  65. viajesaguatemala

    Very interesting this WP’s new function. Thanks a lot!!

  66. Andrew

    This is great. Actually somebody was telling me recently they wanted to see this on wordpress!

  67. Mary

    WordPress just keeps getting better! :D

  68. fashioncomics

    any chance at getting the whole youtube channel thing?

  69. Gurindam Jiwa

    I feel that it would be nice if we can insert images/graphics into comments. Just like making a comment in Flickr, or in Fotopages community forum.

    But good job anyway for allowing to embed YouTube and PollDaddy Poll.

  70. Stazybο Hοrn

    Not to mention that a post page may suddenly get too heavy, not because its author decided so; and not all of us around the world enjoy a big bandwidth…

    • Matt

      Don’t worry, it’ll get faster every year. Also both Youtube videos and Polldaddies (unlike images) are self-contained and can be fast.

  71. maja49

    its a good idea

  72. Alastair Vance

    Cool. Love this.

  73. MondoFree

    I think this is a wordeful idea. Thanks a lot for your work.

  74. Raul S.

    Awesome feature.

  75. Viperhoot


  76. Sarah

    I love the idea of having a poll on my blog for the baudience (blog audience). I almost put one on my blog last week because I was in a perfect situation for it, but at the time I didn’t want to take the time to set it up (I was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on vacation, and no I don’t have the swine flu, that whole thing was so overblown). But thought I’d just leave you some feedback letting you know I am all for this – and youtube.

  77. I Rok Dude


  78. burdujan

    It will be nice if you add UNDO function when writing a post.

  79. wae55

    cool i never knew that!

  80. davidrgordon

    Well, the feature is terrific-the image-well to each his own.

  81. m4ti

    Nice, keep it goin’ on :))

  82. Jennifer

    Hmm, interesting. <–Spock impersonation.

    Can’t say I’m thrilled with this one, but thank you for great comment moderation features!

  83. Stazybο Hοrn

    I think that a post belongs to its author. Comments should only add textual content; If one wants to show video clips, polls, images, audio clips, he may just go and run his own blog.

    out-of-topic:Has something changed with links preview, and Does WP has its own service now? and how do you re-enable it? Accidentally I switched it off and it looks like no setting is there to bring it back.

    • Heather

      Thanks for your comment. Keep in mind that videos can also be a response to the post. Maybe someone has uploaded themselves speaking their comment rather than writing it! Or has a related video to share with you. We think you might just find that it adds to the richness of your blog if you try it out :) Also, remember you can always moderate and edit comments under the Comments section of your dashboard.

      We’re testing out in-house site previews for logged-in users. You can still enable it under Appearance > Extras in your dashboard!

  84. Cat

    I’m just confused why there can’t be an opt out, like there is with snap preview or possibly related posts.

    • Matt

      Because if we did that for EVERY SINGLE feature WordPress would just be a collection of hundreds of checkboxes.

  85. Estrella Azul

    Very nice! But what about glitter graphics? :)

  86. Matt Rogowski

    That’s cool. PollDaddy is brilliant too by the way.

  87. La historia del dia

    Great feature!
    Thanks … :)

  88. Lee

    That’s awesome.

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  90. qbit

    I discovered the new feature before reading here because someone post a video in a comment in my blog.

    By the way, images, peoples, images. ;) A thumbnail whose (static) size would be customizable by the blog owner, and clicking on it would open in a new window at complete size.

  91. irisofthewayfarer

    this is fantastic, even I can make this happen. thank you very much!

  92. Anito

    THIS IS AWESOME! I was actually thinking about posting pics…. but this? It was really unimaginable. THANKS!

    PS Whenever I leavea comment my URL doesn’t register, I mean my name doesn’t come out with mylink in it, how can I make my URL appear?

  93. thebeadden

    Thanks, Matt!

  94. Satya Sarada Kandula

    So you’re Matt! :) Sometimes I get the “it’s probably Matt’s fault” messages and I have always wondered who it was! Good to know! And., Thanks for WordPress!!

  95. masochster

    what’s so great about the kindle 2? aren’t actual books better?

  96. serghuk

    I am excited)))

  97. Bhanuprakash

    superb stuff.. Thanks a lot.. I will certainly use it for my client also.


  98. Yi

    Youtube (and to a lesser extent polls) in comments is awesome!
    I actually had a video comment in one of my posts sometime ago, and when I first saw it, I was so surprised and excited.
    Thanks a lot.

  99. Kunwar

    no week goes by without a new feature!!!

  100. Krisu

    Nice new “toy” to play with, thanks!
    Totally off-topic, but I don’t know a better place (or a person more creative) to ask for: I’d looove to have a “followers” widget (made by google) to my side bar. We who have this blog cannot add it, however it’s possible to embed to wordpress blogs in .org.


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