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When we sat down at an Austin cafe in 2005 and wrote the stats system, Matt and I had no idea what we were getting into. He created the databases and drew the little smiley face while I wrote the code. We had milk and cookies. It was really cute. We were naïve!

I swear it was Matt’s idea to store stats data as daily summaries in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), which is why stats days have always ended at odd hours for non-Greenwichians. But even if I seem blameless, I failed to champion your cause soon enough. It is even more my fault than Matt’s.

And so today I present a gift. If you have set your blog’s time zone, your stats reports will honor that setting (in whole hours from -12 to +14). This upgrade is retroactive to the beginning of 2009. It affects all blogs using stats, even self-hosted blogs using the Stats plugin (version 1.4).

The best part is that any time you change your blog’s time zone, the stats reports change retroactively. This works because now we store data by the hour instead of by the day. I’ve written lots of new code and Barry is bringing many new systems online to cope with the additional data, and we do it all just to give you stats in your time zone. We really do like you.

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Andy Skelton


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  1. Matt


  2. Nightgunner5

    Somehow, I don’t think there are 26 hours in a day.

  3. Nikita

    Fantastic! Thanks :D

  4. PiensoLuegoPiensoLuegoExisto

    Perfect. A long desired feature, thanks!!

  5. Nibu Thomas

    Cool man!

  6. dougrogers


  7. sensico

    Me likes :)

  8. lorkito


  9. Jake

    Ah! That explains how I got an extra view yesterday today :)

  10. Jake

    Oh, and thanks :D

  11. nokia5800blog

    n1 plugin, thx!

  12. Jenny

    Great! I’ve been wanting this for a really long time. Thanks!

  13. Moi

    At last! Ty very much.

  14. Lilja

    Very useful to know – Thanks :)

  15. Lora

    Very nice! Thanks alot.
    Keep the updates coming.

    - Lora

  16. waitingforthecall

    Nightgunner- no, there aren’t. There are however countries that move their time zone forward 1 or 2 hours for Summer Time. I would guess that’s what these guys have been cool enough to take into account.

  17. insider53

    I think the guy who came up with UTC also designed the LA freeways. Thanks for making it easier.

  18. sitidjenar


  19. Noscere

    Nice, a big thanks from the UK, and what do you meen Nightgunner5 with “there are not 26 hous in a day”. I thought there was or at least it feels like there is

  20. PiedType

    LOL! Nightgunner5 can proofread for me anytime. But good on ya, WP.

  21. Tyler

    awesome awesome

  22. Ivar

    That explains why my visits today dropped by 20% between two checkings :-) It’s cool to know that this feature is working as it should, now. Thanks!

  23. Narinda

    Huzzah! I knew something funny and wonderful was going on. :n) Thanks, WP.

  24. Andzia

    Nice :)

  25. GuRpS


  26. ClapSo

    STUNNING! Thanks…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  27. di4z

    To be easier, thanks!

  28. stabroeknews

    Great news.

    We’re on self-hosted and we sometimes get banned from the stats service ..probably because we break 100k+ pageviews per day sometimes ? Sent some emails, but didnt get any replies and we’re willing to pay for the service if needed.

    Anyway this bug was annoying. Thanks for the fix.

    • Matt

      You’re probably just not logged in on, try logging in again and it should work.

  29. M Shodiq Mustika

    Thank you so much. It is like a dream coming true. :)

  30. hunterpw


  31. Lola

    Awesome ! :D

  32. Arun Shanbhag

    Since you have it, can we see “by the hour” data?
    Have some more milk and cookies! :-D

  33. ajgago


  34. ericriveracooks


  35. nusantaraku

    Yeah… i just see my new blog stat.

  36. shwaldman

    Wow – I wondered why my stats changed overnight – that is cool!

  37. trollboy

    thats great news. No more head scratching trying to figure out the stats! Now if i can only do something about these darn fleas…

  38. Carleen

    Excellent update! Thanks!

  39. coolaquasilver

    cool ;)

  40. TelBitConsulting

    And I just got used to ending my day at 4 PM! ;-)

    Seriously, this is great! Thanks…

  41. richmx2

    Uh… they seem to be screwed up. I assume this is a temporary situation but on the “stats” screen there is a growing discrepancy with what’s shown on the detailed statistics screen. It was a 25 “hit” difference earlier today, and is now about 35.

    By the way, realizing that stats are not everything (and other than a rough estimate on the number of hits per month is more than enough information), is there a way to simply turn off the stats?

  42. Zaeriuraschi 11098

    AWESOME! WordPress just keeps getting better and better! :mrgreen:

  43. Ricardo Homsi

    Thank you guys for all the hours you’ve no doubt put into this. Sounds like an excellent feature, one that will make my entire blogging troupe smile contentedly. Even though our Canadian reporter might not savor it too much, since our blog is Brazil-based and thus GMT-3… :)

  44. Lisa Hill

    Well this is nice, but what I’d really like to do is to thank you for your excellent stats system anyway. Long ago when I was young and foolish I started a blog with that other crowd and I still have that blog because it has a million travel photos which are dear to my heart. That other blog doesn’t even have a built in stats thingy, you have to find one and put it in – all of which was very challenging to the aging brain – and it’s nowhere near as good as the WP stats thingy anyway. I love checking my stats, have made all kinds of helpful discoveries about how to raise my online profile by watching to see which posts get traffic etc, and have even made new online friends by tracking back some of my visitors to their own blogs.
    So thanks, gentlemen
    from Lisa in Oz

  45. Bridget Casas

    Hopefully, it will make more sense now instead of an odd time during the day!

  46. gwalter

    Thanks – the other was doable – but this is cool! Thank you!

  47. writeasrain

    Ummm for some reason…my stats stopped counting today….is that going to continue to be a problem? At the moment…the daily number of visitors has not changed for quite some time…even though…my referrer numbers are changing. Solution? (or just be patient :) )

  48. Jared

    Yeah! I’m in New Zealand and it really confused me at first that my stats were zero-ing out in the middle of the day. Well done!

  49. Isaac Milton

    I lost some hints with the update though… It says I had 283 last month, 131 this month (that’s 414 total, pitiful I know). But it says my total hits is 399, or 15 less than what it should be.

  50. silverwink

    Awesome! That is so much better. Thank you!

  51. naadhim


  52. steelbound


    Having the stats end not at midnight had always been a low grade bother for me. Behind being able to add polls to blogs, this is the best upgrade to WordPress in the 1+ year I’ve used WordPress.

  53. Ken


  54. hubman38

    I love that you’ve made this change- thanks!

    But I was wondering why the blog stats graph on my dashboard or the main blog stats page shows one value for each day, but when I navigate to the summary tables I get a different value?

  55. seaclearly

    A very welcome upgrade :)

  56. destroyer


  57. Alice Gray

    AWESOME!! I <3 WP!

  58. bigcrow

    Finally :)
    I’m in +4 timezone and my stats was reseting at 4:00 Am…

    p.s. So sweet story about cafe and milk :)

  59. ballightning

    Great upgrade! Thanks Andy!

  60. Celebes

    Perfect! Thanks!

  61. sniperk

    Nice. Now I understand why the number of visits in my blog got scrambled. But, this is a great upgrade. Thanks for the effort.

  62. arcadata

    Cool – I was wondering what happened to the stats…

  63. La historia del dia

    Thanks a lot :)

  64. Neil

    Excellent! :)

  65. b*

    Good. I always hated being reminded of just how provincial I am. Now I’m right and the rest of the world is off.

  66. eideard

    Bravo! Even though I’m surrounded by folks who think in Zulu time – pilots and proper UK football fans – this will help me sort out what’s happening with my personal blog here at WP.

    Especially since [I believe] about half my audience is outside the U.S., anyway.

    Thanks, again.

  67. samedifference1

    This is brilliant! Thanks.

  68. Rizal

    great job!

  69. art predator

    holy cow! this will be a sea change!

  70. Steamboat McGoo

    Ah-ha! That may explain an oddity I ran into just today!

    I keep an excel spreadsheet of my daily stats. Today I noticed that all of them (recent ones) have changed slightly – but that the total has not moved appreciably. if you are “re-tallying” them from a different reference point, then they would all wiggle a bit day-to-day, wouldn’t they?

    You folks do a fine job! Thank you!

  71. tanfahgarden

    So awesome Q(*_*Q)

  72. mesin kasir

    since today I feel the real time same with the stats time at my region, thanks for this update

  73. Andrew

    I was hoping for this for a long time. Thanks!

  74. Todd

    so will the detailed stats reconcile later today?

    Thanks for this….even though I had just got used to ending my day at 7, lol. Great to see it…and now my monthly wrap up will be more accurate.

  75. fandigunawan

    I think I’ve to install this to my self hosted wordpress. Great feature indeed.

  76. billbennettnz

    Ah, that explains the strange numbers I was getting this morning and overnight here in Auckland, New Zealand. The day’s traffic suddenly halved!

  77. novice9

    I’m glad that you like us. =) Yay for WP.

  78. Cyndy Otty

    Shiny! ^_^

  79. shrikrishnasamant

    A big Thank-you from me

  80. Mary

    Finally, yay! :)

  81. Vikas Gupta

    Thank you Andy for doing the needful better late than never! Both you an Matt are guilty! ;)

  82. nzglen

    billbennettnz – my traffic for the day suddenly doubled! Now I know why! Awesome work team :)

  83. Ming Wu

    I am happy with this!

  84. josekont

    Ohhhhhh thanks. This one is a good improvement. WP rulez!

  85. radityo

    very interesting..

    jakarta, indonesia

  86. musicmaiden

    I always wondered why my stats were not the correct time! Thank you! I like, very much. :)

  87. Damon Tucker

    That’s Great!

    Now how can we get the RSS feeds to come in at our correct time zones?

    On my other wordpress blog that uses feeds… It appears that articles are written in the future.

    It’s a collaboration of Hawaii Big Island Bloggers work, however, when the site takes the RSS feed from their site it posts them as being posted way in the future.

    (Hawaii is 3 hours different from even West Coast time)

  88. linuxandfriends

    Just cool.

  89. curiousillusion

    love it… helps so much!

  90. pymequitacion

    Thank you, I like you too! More every day…

  91. QC

    Ah … thanks for fixing this atypically amateurish feature of the platform. :)

  92. antonjuniorche


  93. pifflepie

    well actully there is 24 hours in the day

  94. FXSmom

    sweet beans!! And it’s ok matt (cuz we like you better anyway ;) )

  95. r8chel

    Yes! Finally! :)

  96. egomaniac

    Ahh.. At last! Thank you guys!

  97. bingoknows

    I’ve just noticed, right on!

  98. getatraveldeal

    Thanks Andy. Love the upgrade

  99. bryanens

    Thanks. Great update! I was just whining yesterday about blogs being in GMT (UTC).

  100. rjjrdq

    Keep working on it. Totally screwed up. I look at the chart and have the usual abbreviated page views, those stats that have been tanking since the “the big rollout stats project” , and the blog tables are showing no hits at all today. Can’t complain, I’m getting my moneys worth.


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