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Have you ever wanted to fire off a post from your phone, Blackberry, Outlook at work…? Following on from Comment Reply Via Email we’re introducing our latest feature to make it even easier to publish to your blog: Post by Email.

Maybe you’re on holiday and want to show your journey. Maybe you’ve captured something with your cell phone that you just have to share. Maybe you’re at work and should be doing something else. With Post by Email you can keep everyone up-to-date without even opening a browser.

Post by Email is super simple to use. From the new My Blogs menu you can generate special email addresses:

My Blogs

You can create as many email addresses as you need, one for each blog you have access to.

Now for the fun part – send an email!


You can send email from any email client, whether in a browser, on your desktop, or from your cell phone, and as much formatting will be retained as possible.

Attachments are not left out, and your images will be included and automatically converted into thumbnails.  If you include multiple images they’ll be converted into an attractive gallery.  Now you can take photos anywhere and have them appear on your blog in moments.

iphone holiday

If you’ve purchased the Space Upgrade then MP3 attachments will be displayed using our audio player. If you’ve purchased the VideoPress upgrade then you can also include videos.

There really is no easier way to get media onto your blog.

holiday snaps

If this hasn’t whetted your appetite, here’s a quick run-down of Post by Email features:

  • Transcoding of any video files supported by the WordPress video player (mp4, mov, wmv, avi, mpg, and m4v).
  • Automatic removal of standard signature blocks, with support for manual removal of other signatures.
  • Add your email addresses directly into your address book using downloadable vCards. (You don’t even need to remember the address!)
  • Automatic notification of a published email post.
  • Conversion of YouTube URLs into embedded videos.

For advanced users wanting that little bit extra, full control of your post is possible through special shortcodes, with details provided on the Post by Email support page.

It’s time to start emailing again!

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  1. janerri

    i love it.

  2. bmmaweb


  3. BooDy

    man … wordpress rocks! :D

  4. alejna


  5. Annie


  6. mostafa farghaly

    huh every time you surprise us , great feature :D

  7. ericriveracooks


  8. debianese

    Wow! what a great new feature!! Love it already!!

  9. Margaret

    I am so impressed!!! What a wonderful means of making our lives easier while tripping. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! Your work will be appreciated by many and, hopefully, we won’t ever take it for granted. Thank everybody on the staff.

  10. Jonathan Boyko

    Sorry for being negative – it’s great we’ve got this feature now – but Blogger had it *years* before WP. Kinda weird… Still – great job, it’s very useful.

    • Matt

      Yeah I wish we had done it a long time ago, it’s one of those things that has been on the list forever we just hadn’t gotten around to before.

  11. مهاجر

    This is really great!

  12. Lora

    Hehe! Awesome, soon we’ll do everything by Email. ^^

    - Lora

  13. Mary

    This is awesome!

  14. fixator

    Wonderful to see WP take the lead by leaps and bounds!

  15. the rufus

    This sounds great – I’ll have to give it a try – definitely.

  16. darkaeon


    What’s the security on this to stop spam bots from randomising addresses and posting on behalf of people?

    Is there any way to limit it so that WordPress will only accept posts automatically from addresses that we pre-register via our consoles (and perhaps uploads sent from new/unknown addresses could be held similar to how the Spam interface works?).

    Great idea, very useful.

    • Matt

      It works just like Flickr does, it’s a secret address that it would be difficult for spambots to guess. We have the code to limit it to certain addresses, we just took it out for the first iteration.

  17. Gorm

    This was the final piece missing. WordPress is now perfect.

  18. Jim

    now THAT’S awesome!!!!!

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  20. AamirRaz

    that’s wat i’ve been waiting for. thnx for adding the feature.
    it’s a relief!

  21. apuasi


  22. La historia del dia


    Thanks :)

  23. Abbas Karimjee

    Is there a way for us to choose a specific address for the e-mail or doyou have to use the address automatically generated?

  24. John Godley

    You need to use one of the generated ones. They are designed to be semi-pronounceable, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to remember.

  25. Spamboy

    #1: cool feature — should be very useful to the masses

    #2: the link to the Post by Email support page does not work (

    #3: can the default publish status be “draft”, or are all Post by Email submissions published immedately? (this may be answered on the support page, but as you can see from #2 that’s broken)

  26. GuRpS

    really really really AMAZING!!!!

  27. John Godley

    All emails are published immediately unless you include one of the special shortcodes on the now-working support page.

  28. Jennifer

    Fan.Tas.Tic! If only I could be at WordCamp SF to buy you guys a brew to say thanks for all the things you do for us, I would! Really!

  29. Karana Krisna Mukti

    woohooo!! i really like it..

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  31. Spamboy

    @John Godley — the support page works now, thanks!

    One thing not made clear on it — to use the Category or Tag shortcodes: must these Cs or Ts already exist? Or can I add a new tag to my blog by including it in the shortcode (like I can when writing the Post online)?

  32. grantm56

    It is so cool!!But howdo you add tags or catagories?

  33. John Godley

    Categories must currently exist, but tags will be created if they do not already exist.

    Grantm56, full details can be found in the support page.

  34. trollboy

    wow that’s cool.

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  36. Ahmad . M . G

    nice thanx

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  38. art predator

    Holy Cow, MattMan! This is a way cool tool! Thanks, WordPress!

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  41. Raul S.

    Simple amazing :D is better service of blog :D

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  43. Vikas Gupta

    Wow! Better late than never! It’s raining new features on WP! :D

    I am gonna use it like anything; I often get nice email forwards and wanted to publish it. The short codes will really come in handy.

  44. soniczen

    Been doing this for years with Postie (, but it’s nice to see a native alternative. Postie isn’t the easiest thing to setup. Thanks for the new features.

  45. pochp

    This reminds me of my weblog days :-)

  46. misterclu

    really cool

  47. Qusay

    Good job, thanks for all things done, and all things to come. cheers

  48. Nolan

    Cool now all I need is a cellphone and I can post from my room other than my lousy computer! Good job WordPress team!

  49. Nibu Thomas

    Wow wow cool stuff guys.

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  52. arcadata

    Cool – I love the upgrades to WP!

  53. vjp

    Took me three tries to get it to work. The support page isn’t very clear – for example, if you capitalize the shortcode, it won’t be read properly (at least that was my experience). It also isn’t clear that the shortcodes should be placed AFTER the text.

    In any event, this is a cool feature. I can see using it a lot when I’m on the road.

    • John Godley

      I’ve clarified usage of the shortcodes on the support page. Note that shortcodes can occur anywhere in the email body, not just at the end

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  55. nickie wang

    like it so much…
    My stats looks looks different today. WordPress keeps on surprising me. Thanks.

  56. khartline

    Super excited about this. Now I can post from the road…without an iPhone. Blackberry lovers rejoice!

  57. antonjuniorche

    Great job!!!

  58. egomaniac

    Another great feature from wordpress! Can’t wait to try it! :D

  59. Tetanus

    Will you consider letting ‘Comment Reply Via Email’ also remove signature blocks automatically? My thoughts here:

    Sorry, don’t mean to hijack this comment thread, but comments for that post has been closed.

    • Matt

      Yep that’s a bad bug, I’ll pass it on to support. (Which you can also do 24 hours a day by clicking the help tab in the top right of your dashboard.)

  60. Bella

    I’ll be sure to use
    that with my photobloggie!

    Thanks! :D

  61. shekharonline

    I had wanted this feature from so long period; the only thing I found missing in WordPress as compared with Blogger and had send emails for that ;) YOU GUYS ROCK \m/


  62. mandy!

    yay! been waiting for this.

  63. llbbl

    awesome what a great feature. suck on that posterious or whatever the hell its called.

  64. Rowjie

    this is what i’m waiting for! :)

  65. iaoj

    I don’t know how to say and what to say about this new feature.. just great!!

  66. abanghyu

    Nice article. Now, I just need to save money for purchasing Blackberry. hehehe

  67. happylang

    wow…. such a great feature…… i love it…. Thanks a lot

  68. doelpelawe

    Thanx for info, this amazing

  69. Ayano Katagiri

    This is a great feature! Too bad I don’t have a good enough cellphone to use it regularly.

  70. radiocontempo

    Excelente herramienta!!!


  71. Reggie

    What a cool function – I’m going to try it out!

  72. Sadat ar Rayyan

    thanks.. makin keren aja wp :mrgreen:

  73. Benny Dewanto

    U r the best one….

  74. Sabah Hussain

    You folks are great – you keep on proving to all of us that choosing WP has been a smart call.

  75. mr91535

    great, i shuold say.

  76. barrycyrus

    this is another WPcoolness!

  77. gerrymon

    Finally~ :D

    Yeehaa~ Thx so much WordPress~

  78. Tharique Azeez

    WooT! Like it very much..

  79. refreshingfromheaven


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  81. gavin

    Very cool, I’m off to try it out now!

  82. Yasir Imran

    This is rocking feature, I am looking for this from times.

  83. udom

    Cool feature, I try once the result is good but it does not support Thai language charactor.

    see this link for detail.

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  85. Manny

    It’s about time. Way to go, WP!

  86. zorapide

    Thanks a Lot!

  87. Darmawan

    how to add – more tag?

    • John Godley

      The more tag is now enabled for emails. Thanks for pointing it out!

  88. eideard

    I probably don’t need it – but, I can’t wait to try it. And folks who are on the road should really benefit.

    Great idea.

  89. Ken

    this is just too good. I have been waiting for feature like this forever. I know blogspot does provide you feature like this. thank you wordpress team. tons of thanks.


  90. bankruptnooption

    Awesome addition. Thanks. You guys are professional in every sense of the word. The amount of dedication and effort that you put forth on WordPress improvements, has not only shown me your commitment to making WordPress number one over the competition, but has also won my confidence in a short period of time. I will not only recommend WordPress to everyone I know, but I will also be keeping my blogs here, knowing full well I wont have to transfer them to another blog site anytime soon, because of WordPress becoming outdated. There is no chance of that happening here. You Guys Rock The Blog World. I will also upgrade when I find employment again. But as far as the free features go, You Rock Again. You don’t keep people who can’t afford to upgrade because of the economic crisis, from having all the tools they need to put out a professional looking blog and for that I commend and recommend you.

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  93. Lilja

    Great feature – can come in handy at many times. Great job :)

  94. Rafaell Reboredo

    Great! WP is the best!

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  96. Gia

    i don’t have “my blogs” in my can i add it?

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  98. Fallen

    I’ve been waiting for this for ages!
    thank you so much
    wordpress is simply awesome (:

  99. Victoria

    Great stuff! Now how about allowing e-mail updates for private blogs, since FeedBlitz (recommended by WordPress here: now charge for all their services.

  100. tellaleyamma

    finally!!!!! i’m in india right now, so it’s perfect timing!


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